Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 350

“Are you really going to hold a press conference?”

On the sofa, Han Ga-in has a trace of reluctance on his face. It’s not about holding a press conference. No matter what, the press conference is also a good thing to gather popularity and occupy the news media. Maybe Jung Hyuk-jae is a bit unnoticeable as a man, but Han Ga-in feels a little awkward. I feel that the holding of this conference is a bit public and private. If the relationship between himself and him is exposed later, it may be possible that how many media are holding on to this matter and saying.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to?” Hearing the rejection in Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae looked away from the computer screen, turned and sat beside him Han Ga-in.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but…” At this point, Han Ga-in can’t say anything anymore, but Jung Hyuk-jae clearly knows the meaning of her words, in fact It’s the “self-esteem” at work!

Jung Hyuk-jae smiled lightly at the corner of his mouth, then sat up straight, sat face to face with Han Ga-in, and then reached out and took her hand and said, “You don’t need to have anything in this matter. What burden? You are a well-known figure among the actresses in the entertainment industry now. It’s just a press conference that’s all. Others won’t think too much about it. Besides, thanks to your work in several movies and TV shows. Performance, isn’t it worth a press conference?”

“In my heart, your acting skills are the best!”

Jung Hyuk-jae looked at Han abruptly Ga-in’s eyes said a word of love, and at that moment, Han Ga-in’s face was stained with a large red, from the neck to the base of the ears, a little embarrassed to free Jung Hyuk-jae’s hands. But Jung Hyuk-jae, as a big man, could not let her leave like this, head down, and soon put her own seal on the face of the person in front of her…

… …………………………………………………

“Yesterday, Han Ga-in, whose contract with his old club B.H Entertainment expired, officially issued an announcement with JHJ Entertainment , Became a member of JHJ Entertainment’s General. As a well-known figure among young actresses in today’s TV drama circle, Han Ga-in has starred in many movies and TV series since his debut. In the past two years, he has relied on the “Terms of Endearment, Super Rookie, and My Girl have successfully erected a new image in the minds of the audience. The cooperation with JHJ Entertainment will be a new starting point for its comprehensive development.

Han Ga- in starred in many popular film and television works and created many popular roles. She used her acting skills and hard work to provide the audience with a variety of rich and full screen images, no matter if it is a bright mind in “Yellow Handkerchief” The good girl Zhao Shanzhu, or the pure and lovely Jiang Yinbo in “Terms of Endearment”, or the affectionate Li Fine jade in “Super Rookie”, or the quirky and cute liar Zhou Youlin in “My Girl”, and Han Ga-in both He used his acting skills to prove the effort behind the beautiful appearance and the tension to the drama.

As a young actress in today’s entertainment industry, Han Ga-in is humble and Revered Master Chongyou, able to pursue a firm and steadfast pursuit my own the goal. The directors and actors she has worked with have appreciated her performance and character, and she is a rare actress among younger generation actors with excellent image, character and acting skills. It is precisely because of this that JHJ Entertainment has formally signed a contract with Han Ga. -in.

JHJ Entertainment is a cutting-edge film and television company in the entertainment industry that integrates film and television production, brokerage promotion, and business. It has a professional and mature brokerage team. I believe that through the company, Han Ga-in will tailor an exclusive development plan and With the all-round development platform provided, Han Ga-in is about to open a new starting point for his acting path here. ”

Just after Han Ga-in and JHJ Entertainment issued the announcement, JHJ Entertainment’s publicity side sent the announcement to various media. After all, it is a public relations draft, so there is nothing new in the content, just simple I recounted Han Ga-in’s achievements and the new company’s plans for her. Most of them just mentioned casually and couldn’t see anything at all. This made many media reporters extremely depressed. Recently, there are quite a lot of people paying attention to Han Ga-in. After all, it is Xiaohuadan born in the 80s in the TV drama circle. He has appeared in many TV shows with extremely high ratings. The audience naturally pays more attention to it, but this time I want to interview. JHJEntertainment is full of formulaic language, which makes many media reporters depressed.

Just when the media reporters were depressed, the latest news came from JHJEntertainment. The news said that tomorrow will be JHJEntertainment. A signing ceremony with Han Ga-in will be held. Han Ga-in will answer a few questions from reporters on the ceremony.

After hearing this news, many reporters started to get excited. Don’t eat anymore, go back one by one to prepare the questions and materials needed for the interview tomorrow.

May 21, for ordinary persons, this day may be as ordinary as the past hundreds of thousands of days. , But in terms of dates, it is quite suitable for young couples to confess to the hotel. If it is for Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in, this day may be more memorable.

This day Early in the morning, Jung Hyuk-jae got up to brush his teeth and wash his face. The repeated actions day after day were a bit strange today, especially when Jung Hyuk-jae stared at his face in the mirror, he almost couldn’t recognize it. Come out by yourself.

Because I have been busy shooting “Old Thousand” all day recently, there are other things in the company that he needs to deal with when I’m free. In short, the days go by. Full and busy, the beards that have been ignored for a few days all come up at this time, and stand straight like a stubborn brat, as if they are showing off one’s military strength. The beard is more like a man. Just like lipstick for women, it adds a few years of maturity and stability to men, and also brings a touch of temptation and sexy to men. The sharp and straight beard is not very comfortable to the touch, but it does not make people feel very comfortable. It’s the same.

Jung Hyuk-jae in his previous life didn’t have a very good life, either in his career or in love, especially in those episodes of p When rogram’s ratings continued to decline, Jung Hyuk-jae never shaved for several days in a row of frustration, especially when he borrowed alcohol to pour his sorrows and drink some wine, it seemed that the whole body’s nourishment was exhausted. I used it to grow a beard, and it grows quickly. What kind of face did I look like in the mirror at that time?

Jung Hyuk-jae looked at himself in the mirror in front of him suddenly somewhat absent-minded, just because apart from the melancholy and lost eyes, it’s no wonder that he couldn’t remember what he looked like at the beginning. When I see myself in the mirror, I feel so strange.

“Brother, have dinner!”

The restaurant downstairs, Jung Min-joo, has already started to call people. Jung Hyuk-jae responded, “I will come down now. “

“Where is Ga-in-eonni?” Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae walking down by the lone artist, Jung Min-joo felt a little surprised, and then glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae’s Behind him, he did not see the familiar figure coming down.

Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head, and then sat down at the table to replied: “I went back last night, and her parents cared about her, so I asked her to go back and have a look, after all Just in Seoul, I finally cancelled the contract and had some free time to go home and have a look.”

“Oh!” Jung Min-joo nodded, then lifts the head to see his Old Brother in front of him Attentive, she just noticed something different, “Brother, didn’t you shave?”

When I heard the younger sister, Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, she stretched out her hand and rubbed it around. His beard seemed quite satisfied, “How about it, isn’t it pretty? Is there such a hint of Robert Downey Jr.?” Jung Hyuk-jae pretended to show off.

For Jung Hyuk-jae’s’narcissism’, after so many years of getting along with Jung Min-joo, Jung Min-joo has long been used to it, “It’s not like you at all, it looks like Ajhussi on the street.”


Well, I accepted the name Jung Hyuk-jae with a little resistance. After all, Lori loves Ajhussi!

“Honestly, he is still a little handsome!” Jung Min-joo finally added, looking at Jung Hyuk-jae’s stubborn beard around the corner of his mouth, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand. Touched, “So hard…”


When Jung Hyuk-jae drove to the press conference, a lot of reporters and media professionals had gathered outside the hotel. The most shocking thing about being a reporter was his amazing observation and sensitivity. I don’t know who shouted. ‘Jung Hyuk-jae is here’, My God, more than a dozen reporters ran to the parking lot like death. It is estimated that they have come up with the level of the 1,000-meter long run in the school. The photographer who admires the most is the photographer. , Holding or holding a dozen kilograms of equipment in his hand, still walking like flying, it’s scary!

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, after you sign Han Ga-in -ssi, does your company intend to transform into a prime brokerage company in this respect?”

“Excuse me Jung PD, how is the shooting progress of “Old Thousand”? When is the movie’s release date?”

“May I ask Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi…”

The reporters were very enthusiastic, but Jung Hyuk-jae felt a little unbearable. Fortunately, the hotel sent a security guard to escort Jung Hyuk-jae to a Conference Hall in the hotel, and the media waiting for the launch of the conference. There are more reporters. Fortunately, everyone’s self-control ability is pretty good. Knowing that the press conference has not yet started, they all sat in their seats and discussed quietly.

Jung Hyuk-jae came to the front of the stage. Kang Jae-kyung, the director of the Performing Arts Department, had already arrived. Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae, Kang Jae-kyung immediately walked to Jung Hyuk-jae’s By my side, “President, the reporters have expired, and the preparations have been completed. Do you think the press conference will begin immediately?”

“Let’s start!” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, finished Jung Hyuk-jae found a place to sit down on the stage, and Hana sat next to him. Because there were reporters and countless cameras and cameras, Ga-in’s waist was straight and the corners of his mouth were straight. He showed a right smile, and cast his gaze to the audience. It was not a specific person and no focus. Instead, it was in a certain direction, because in this way, from the audience’s perspective, you will realize that no matter where you are looking towards, Han Ga- in The kind and kind eyes are also looked towards oneself.

“Are you nervous?” Jung Hyuk-jae gently grabbed her soft under the table, fingers playing with Han Ga-in’s flourishing jade hand, slender fingers and plump fingers The belly feels particularly comfortable.

“Not nervous!” Han Ga-in let out a sigh of relief and then said, wanting to free his hand from Jung Hyuk-jae’s claws, but how could this be possible? Not to mention that in front of the flash and the camera, Han Ga-in didn’t dare to do too much action, for fear of being spotted by the little Secret under the table.

Looking at Han Ga-in’s slightly rosy cheeks, the little devil in Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart greeted him and shook it a few more times. Fortunately, Jung Hyuk-jae also knew that the occasion and timing were inappropriate. He didn’t dare to tease anymore, feeling Jung Hyuk-jae’s hand let go of him, Han Ga-in felt so relieved in his heart, but at the same time he felt unwilling to give up.

As the director of the Performing Arts Department, Kang Jae-kyung took up the role of the host and introduced Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in. Under the crazy photos of the reporters’ flashing lights, Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in exchanged and signed a brokerage contract. Then they served champagne with the three Kang Jae-kyung, and took a photo against the background of Han Ga-in’s portrait.

Next is the favorite time for reporters to ask questions. Everyone is bombarding Han Ga-in and JHJ Entertainment.

“Excuse me, Han Ga-in -ssi, do you have any new plans after signing JHJ Entertainment?” A reporter asked in the audience.

Han Ga-in glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae inadvertently, and then said, “In terms of acting, I think I can improve a lot, and the company is also active. I’m looking for a suitable script job for me. At the moment, I will focus my attention on acting courses. Of course, if I have a suitable script, I will try it.”

“Then ask Han Ga-in- ssi, I heard that many brokerage companies in the circle wanted to sign you at the beginning, and many of them were big companies like CJ&&&E.M Entertainment. Why did you choose JHJ Entertainment?” A female reporter asked in the audience. This question is a little difficult to answer.

“I feel extremely honored to be invited by other brokerage companies, but this time I chose to sign with JHJ Entertainment is the result of careful consideration. Although JHJ Entertainment has not been established for a long time, I am very I am optimistic about the success of JHJEntertainment, and I am also very happy to be able to sign a contract with such a vibrant entertainment company!”

“Han Ga-in -ssi…” Then there are reporters who want to go to Han Ga-in asked a few questions, but because the interview time was up, Kang Jae-kyung controlled the scene and ended the reporter’s interview.

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