Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 352

The trailer of “Old Thousand” not only caused an uproar on the Internet, there are many Kim Hye-soo fans in real life, and this is the first time Kim Hye-soo has appeared in a movie. Zhongda showed off his figure, and it seemed to be particularly exposed. This wolves-like otaku fans instantly rose up. This movie must go to the cinema to support it, even for Kim Hye-soo. Brush it at least once, but if it is still possible, you won’t be careful!

These passerby fans are certainly important, but Jung Hyuk-jae actually attaches great importance to the feelings of the old fans of “Lao Qian”. After all, so many years have passed, and it can evoke the comics of their memories at that time. “Lao Qian”, sometimes feelings are also a word of mouth, so after the release of the first trailer of the “Lao Qian” Kim Hye-soo version, Jung Hyuk-jae asked the marketing department to collect information from all parties. There are also various questionnaires, just to look at the audience’s evaluation of this trailer. The survey results show that the audience’s opinions are quite unified in the end. “Lao Qian” may not be the best comic film, but it must It is the comic film with the most accurate character positioning. This is the first feeling of countless fans and audiences after watching the trailer.

Kim Hye-soo’s -ssi ong is so big! Well, this is actually the first impression.

When they were young young man reading comics, there was no Ms. Zheng who had never imagined that she was charming and charming. It can be said that Ms. Zheng is the enlightenment tutor of many young man. In various senses . When Kim Hye-soo’s first trailer was broadcast, these former teenagers and today’s Ajhussi would still think of the time when they acted together as idiots, and the Ms. Zheng who accompanied countless young men into their dreamland.

“The audience’s expectations are high, so in the next shooting, we must work harder to live up to the audience’s high expectations. Do you have the confidence to make an excellent movie?” Jung Hyuk-jae stood in front of the crowd and shouted, which is considered to be the pre-war mobilization meeting filmed today.


“We are confident!”

“That’s good.” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, followed by a few more words After encouraging words, Jung Hyuk-jae disbanded everyone. It can be said that with the filming of “Old Thousand”, at the beginning, Jung Hyuk-jae controlled the entire Production crew when it was still unable to do what they wanted, but now in Production crew All the staff of Jung Hyuk-jae are very convinced, and Jung Hyuk-jae’s prestige in Production crew is also very high.

The time has entered into June, and the shooting of “Old Thousand” has also come to an end. The next shooting will be easier, but relaxation does not mean relaxation. In the control of film quality On the above, Jung Hyuk-jae is still doing a good job. The overall style and narrative language of the film is not like a novice at all. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a veteran of film directors. At least many people in Production crew are Think so.


On Chungmuru Road Art theaters have been scarce. In recent years, comprehensive theaters have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. The original art theaters have been affected by this, and their performance has declined greatly. The few art theaters have been closed some time ago. After two families, it seems that they can’t stick to it. After all, without bread and milk, it is difficult for anyone to stick to it even if it is a big and beautiful ideal.

“Is this Daehan theater going to be closed? I guess there is no place to watch art films.”

Looking at the historic one on Chungmuru Road. The art theater, which is often heard in the mouths of literary and artistic youths in the film circle, also fell under the temptation of’money’, and they still felt a little heartache.

Because of the refurbishment, from the outside, there is still a big difference between the original Daehan Theater and the current JHJ Theater. The most notable feature is that the JHJ Theater does not matter. Both the logo and the appearance are more modern. To make an analogy, the original Daehan theater can be regarded as a man in his forties. Perhaps he can be called’Ajhussi’, but his The golden age has long passed, and JHJ Cinema is different. The two eighteen-nineteen-year-olds are both naughty and funny as young people, and mature and stable as 30-year-old Ajhussi, more modern, and closer to ordinary audiences. .

The renovation of Daehan Theater is only the 1st Step on the board of Jung Hyuk-jae theater. As long as the follow-up funds are in place, there will be everything from Cheongdam-dong to Apgujeong and Dongdaemun University Town. The establishment of JHJ theater is a long chess move, which is almost impatience. The only advantage may be stability.

In late June, Chungmuru Road, the first theater of JHJ Cinemas, officially opened. Jung Hyuk-jae specially pushed the editing of the day and took time to participate in the opening ceremony of the theater.

The opening ceremony is an economic entity, the 1st Step of image advertising! Therefore, Jung Hyuk-jae spent a lot of thought on the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony marked the establishment of an economic entity, showing that it is already on the starting line of the economic competition.

The opening ceremony is not a simple programmatic activity. The opening ceremony tells people that a living cell has been added to this economic body. The opening ceremony is not a programmatic activity. It is the best publicity opportunity. Jung Hyuk-jae will naturally not let it go. What JHJ Cinema wants is an instant success!

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, long time no see, I really miss it!” Kang Sung-sin said while holding Jung Hyuk-jae’s hand, the smile on his face couldn’t be stopped. .

Lotte Film and Television won the distribution rights of “Beauty’s Trouble” produced by JHJFilm. As the distributor, Kang Sung-sin is naturally aware of the filming progress of “Beauty’s Trouble”, and the main plot is also Understand, in Kang Sung-sin’s view, this is definitely the funniest comedy movie in recent years, and it is not that kind of particularly vulgar comedy movie. The investment this time is definitely a bet.

In fact, there is another person who has the same idea as Kang Sung-sin, and that is Lee Sung-in. The popular Lee Sung-in of the “Old Thousand” trailer is all in my eyes. The comic that caused countless waves of the year launched its ruthless offensive. Many films that were originally planned to be released at the same time as “Lao Qian” have all changed their schedules to avoid the indiscriminate attacks of “Lao Qian”.

“Kang Sung-sin -ssi’s eyesight is really sharp!” Lee Sung-in, who walked slowly and slowly not far away, said a pun. The eyesight here is not only It’s because he can recognize Jung Hyuk-jae in the crowd at a glance, and more importantly, Kang Sung-sin’s gaze at the movies. If “Beauty’s Trouble” is also won by himself, how good would it be? Lee Sung-in couldn’t help thinking like this in his heart.

“Lee Sung-in -ssi also has a good vision. Now the audience discusses the most about “Lao Qian”!” Kang Sung-sin modestly said.

Today is the opening day of the theater. Naturally, at such an important time, we need to invite a few guests who can hold the scene, such as Lee Sung-in of CJ Entertainment, or Lotte. The Kang Sung-sin of film and television, who said he is not a well-known master in the film industry, is able to come over today because of Jung Hyuk-jae’s face.

“Let’s go, the opening ceremony is about to begin.” As the host, Jung Hyuk-jae reached out and invited.

A wall of signatures was erected in front of the cinema, and guests and participants who can come here today can sign and take photos here. In addition, the red carpet is standard, and it is also responsible for security. The guards, the beautiful etiquette Young Lady, in short, today’s opening ceremony highlights a word-trench!

“Jung Hyuk-jae is a director I like very much. Although he doesn’t make TV series very much now, whenever he revisits those classics, apart from the songs that echo in my mind, I miss most It’s Jung Hyuk-jae, after all, TV series must be Jung Hyuk-jae.”

A fan interviewed randomly on the street was also full of praise.

“Thank you for being able to participate in the opening ceremony of JHJ Cinema’s first comprehensive theater in your busy schedule. Our commitment to you is to “synchronize with the times and pursue quality life”, so that you can enjoy 5 -The impact of the Star level theater.”

On the stage, Jung Hyuk-jae talked freely, and Lee Sung-in and Kang Sung-sin stood together again and looked at Jung Hyuk. -jae can’t help but sigh in his heart, with such a typhoon and temperament, who can imagine that he is only twenty-six years old this year?

Normally, there are a lot of people who come to Chungmuru Road to shop, and today because of the opening of JHJ Cinema, obviously more people came here on purpose, accompanied by Jung Hyuk-jae’s “Best Opening” , The fireworks burst, in the sky a few small balls with small parachutes fell down, some lucky ones picked up the balls, they thought it was just a small gift that’s all, who ever thought of these fireworks bombs There are all’Half-Year Membership Cards’ inside. Therefore, the smiles on the faces of the lucky ones who picked up the balls stretched to the corners of their mouths, and their hearts were already blooming with joy.

In Jung Hyuk-jae and the many guests who came to the ceremony, pulled down the red cloth that was originally covered on the JHJ cinema 3D icon. The moment the red cloth was opened, it was transformed into a redesigned one. The font looks very handsome, and those interested have already seen the following line of small words: “TheNextNewEntertainmentWord!” (the next new entertainment world)!

The expressions of everyone present couldn’t help but change. This line of small prints is nothing but crude products, but after careful consideration, this Jung Hyuk-jae’s ambition is not small!

The people in the scene are all the old people who have been in the movie circle for more than ten years, even several decades. If there is any clue, this group of people can definitely be called people. The old-fashioned one is just a short sentence of English, but it’s a bit interesting to savor the meaning in it carefully.

You can say that the’next new entertainment world’ means that this cinema can bring an extraordinary movie-watching experience to the audience, but everyone does not think so, the’new entertainment world’ is fine No, this is clearly a goal set by CJ Entertainment.

Because it is the opening ceremony, after the ceremony, JHJ Cinema also held various mini games and small events for the audience who came here today. The biggest award should be a year of VIP viewing. Qualified. In addition to mini games, there are also free movie watching activities. Among them is “The King and The Clown” that has become the center of countless topics some time ago. Of course, this is not the biggest surprise. After the death of the intermission, Ben A new round of trailers for upcoming films began on the big screen where the advertisement should be played. However, there are some exceptions today. There is only one trailer for the movie played in loops in each hall, and that is “Old Thousand”!

When the audience saw the trailer of “Old Thousand” on the big screen, the surprise on everyone’s faces couldn’t be erased. Although there were still a group of people, it was really true on the big screen. It’s different from watching in front of the computer, especially when the audience found that there are a lot of new clips in this trailer, the cheers in the theater are getting louder and louder, and everyone is chatting with their friends around ” The plot content of “Old Thousand”, talking about the characters in the play, talking about Kim Hye-soo’s big-ssi ong, is almost like the most devout believer.


“Chungmuru Road JHJ Theater opened grandly and welcomed more than a thousand spectators on the opening day.”

“The Death of Art Theater: Exploring the Difficult Transformation Road of Art Theater Behind Economic Society”

“Art, or at the box office?”

Because of the opening of JHJ Cinema, everyone from the media, or reporters, all set their sights on the JHJ company again. Just like all companies have Secret behind it, as the first large theater in the transformation of an art theater, reporters want to know the story behind it, so they turned their attention to Jung Hyuk-jae.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, will JHJ choose to build a new theater next?” A reporter asked.

“This is a plan in this regard, if there is a suitable house in Myeongdong.” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded said.

After Jung Hyuk-jae answered, a reporter immediately raised his hand eagerly, “When will “Lao Qian” be released?”

“July, July It will be screened on the 29th. I hope everyone can support me when the time comes!”

“Then I would like to ask Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi, does the phrase “TheNextNewEntertainmentWord” have any meaning?” The reporter asked everyone One of the most concerned issues.

“In fact, it means’the next beautiful new entertainment world’ on the surface. I hope everyone can experience the best movie watching experience here and enjoy the best movie watching service.”

I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s explanation. Some reporters were nodded, and some people shook the head. They don’t seem to believe Jung Hyuk-jae’s speech just now, and some people have started to follow Jung. The meaning of Hyuk-jae began to creatively interpret this English.

Perhaps, Jung Hyuk-jae’s ambitions are far greater than we thought?

Someone in the audience thought so…

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