Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 353

Because of the success of “The King and The Clown”, CJ Entertainment has an unusual focus on the movie “Lao Qian” under the bombardment of the serial publicity of “Lao Qian” in June. Don’t mention that with the Kim Hye-soo version of the trailer, the audience is full of curiosity about the movie that will be released in July, especially the many men who are intoxicated by Kim Hye-soo’s white ******, support them The only motivation to keep paying attention is Kim Hye-soo.

Although CJ Entertainment has scheduled the movie’s schedule on the 29th in July, the production of the movie is actually nearing its end, and the special effects are also handed over to a domestic company. Special effects companies, such as the production of special effects such as crash scenes in movies, do not actually need many special effects, they can be seen in the past. JHJFilm is a bit tight in terms of production costs, but it still needs to be tightened if it can save production costs. Take a trouser belt, but the quality of the movie will not relax.

At the end of June, after all the shots were taken, with the efforts of Jung Hyuk-jae and the editing team, it took two consecutive weeks to cut out a rough cut version. The soundtrack and special effects were not yet available. In place, but these do not affect the performance of the movie plot, but it’s all weaker in terms of expressiveness.

The rough cut version is different from the version shown in the cinema. The version shown in the cinema generally speaks for about one and a half hours to two hours, but now this rough cut version is more than two hours and nearly three hours The content can definitely be called a feature film, which is the result of the rough cut. In the post-editing process, you need to cut off some side details and content that has nothing to do with the main storyline, and strive to control the length of the film to two hours Ne, which is also the most popular length in movie theaters. After all, the longer the time, the more it needs to be occupied. The longer the theater resources, the disadvantages for the theater, after all, the theater is of the kind that the more games it opens, the more money it earns.

After the rough cut of the film was completed, Jung Hyuk-jae instructed the special effects company to hurry up and complete the final special effects production. In addition, he also urged the soundtrack team to complete the film’s soundtrack work as soon as possible. To achieve the best effect of the movie, Jung Hyuk-jae also asked a domestic music academy, because “Lao Qian” is a movie that describes the 90s of the last century, so Jung Hyuk-jae hopes that it can be reflected as much as possible in the soundtrack. In this regard, the music Academy is the best choice. It is a propositional composition based on the Academy’s music library to capture the 90s style. So Jung Hyuk-jae is not worried about this.

After asking for the next work, Jung Hyuk-jae’s mind suddenly came up with an idea, that is to create a special effects company, the only thing that makes Jung Hyuk-jae feel a little entangled is to create a It’s okay to say what special effects company equipment is. I feel that the difficulty lies in the talents. After all, several special effects companies in Seoul in South Korea have all these talents, and the outstanding students in special effects that are newly graduated every year are also attracted by them. The division is clean, and one is uglier than one. Some of the saved ones go to small companies, and some abandon their majors and become members of Seoul’s tens of thousands of ordinary persons.

“Forget it, I don’t want to, let’s go one step at a time.” Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head and put the thought in his mind behind him.

This idea also came out abruptly. After all, from now on the South Korea film industry should be considered to be bigger and bigger, although the film industry has been affected by the reduction of the film quota system. The impact of foreign movies, especially Hollywood movies, but this is also a kind of competition. After all, no matter which industry it is, it is survival of the fittest, and the uncomfortable are eliminated. Under the impact of Hollywood movies, the industry cake of South Korea movies is getting bigger and bigger. The market is getting bigger and bigger, so don’t look at the more and more companies involved in film production in the future, but the opportunities that belong to everyone have not decreased, but have increased a lot.

It is precisely because more and more companies are engaged in film production, and special effects companies are becoming more and more popular, so he will think of setting up a special effects company by himself. It may require a lot of investment in the early stage. But after several years of steady development, with the support of the company’s film business, plus some outsourcing orders, it can always develop. Then when the big wave of movies comes, it is also when the special effects company starts to make strides. .

“Let’s talk about it…” Jung Hyuk-jae meditated in his heart. Now he has too many ideas in his mind and too complicated. If you want to do too many things, you will encounter this situation. , But his own ability is not enough. If you force the stall to open up too much, then Jung Hyuk-jae must be the one who suffers. As the saying goes,’the steps are too big to get the egg,’ thinking of this, Jung Hyuk-jae feels that he needs to take time out Think carefully about the future development.

“Okay, everyone has worked hard today. In a while, everyone packs up things and we go to dinner. I have a treat!” It’s ten o’clock in the evening to read the message. I’ve been patronizing the editing, and I just worked overtime until now. , It’s okay to focus on work, but now I feel hungry when I’m free, Jung Hyuk-jae patted said to everyone with his hand.


“Long live Jung PD!”

“Jung PD is the best!”

Although the editing team’s The big guys are all against the dark circles, but when they hear that they are eating, they are full of energy. After all, people are iron rice or steel, and they are hungry without eating, so this conclusion can be reached. The editing team is all a group Food…

“You guys will pack up and go down. I will drive downstairs to wait for everyone.” Jung Hyuk-jae said.

“Okay! Let’s go down in a while…” Everyone smiled.


“What time is it?” Bewildered Jung Hyuk-jae opened his eyes and reached out to the alarm clock on the bedside to touch the hair that was struck. Jung Hyuk-jae, who was still a little confused, suddenly woke up.

I only remember that after eating and drinking last night, the editing team was a group of big men. Normally they were nestled in a small editing room, and they didn’t touch the girl. The time, so the overwhelming majority are still playing bachelors. In the impression of Jung Hyuk-jae, I only remembered that he waved his hand and said something very proudly, “There is no virgin who has opened buds yet, today, my big brother, please go. KTV, it costs me! ‘, MD, shouldn’t you fall asleep while drunk?

Thinking of this, Jung Hyuk-jae woke up suddenly, the woman on the bed had a face drowned under her long hair, and couldn’t see her appearance for a while, Jung Hyuk-jae gently stretched out her hand I want to lift the hair on her cheeks. It is estimated that her hand awakened her. She moved her body slightly and woke up leisurely, “Oppa?”

Hearing the voice, Jung Hyuk- Jae’s hanging heart finally let go, and when he fixed his eyes to see if this wasn’t his bedroom, he was really shocked just now.

“Oppa, what’s the matter with you?” Han Ga-in got up and stretched out and asked. His beautiful and slender body was displayed in front of Jung Hyuk-jae. At first, Han Ga-in was not yet Knowing why Jung Hyuk-jae has been staring at herself this morning, when she came back to his senses, the upper body shown in the air has already been seen by Jung Hyuk-jae, well, in fact, it has already been seen before. I have seen it many times.

“Oppa!” With a shy shout, Han Ga-in got into the bed again, his cheeks had already been stained with a halo like Caixia, which was really beautiful.

The sound of’Oppa’ also called Jung Hyuk-jae came back to his senses. Upon seeing it, he touched the tip of his nose with some embarrassment, then lay down again, and put his hands around underneath. Han Ga-in’s slender waist, a little rough, his fingertips touched his flat belly from time to time, causing Han Ga-in to twist his waist like a beauty snake.

“Oppa, don’t do it, it’s itchy!” Han Ga-in reached out to grasp the big strange hands, but how strong is Jung Hyuk-jae’s hands? , The two began to play around on the bed. Although they were playing around, they were getting closer and closer.

The two played around for a while before Jung Hyuk-jae asked about what happened last night.

“How did I come back last night? Why did you come here?” Jung Hyuk-jae was very puzzled. Yesterday, because the rough cut version of the movie came out, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit happy. A group of big guys in the same editing group drank too much, and they couldn’t remember how they came back last night after they drank the clips.

When I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s question, Han Ga-in was okay just now, and couldn’t help throwing Jung Hyuk-jae a cold face with a pair of white eyes, “You are so embarrassed to say, recently isn’t it? Have you always lived in Production crew? You can leave Min-joo alone at home every day, don’t you worry?”

Han Ga-in couldn’t help but count down Jung Hyuk-jae when he thought of this.” Last night Min-joo called me and said that it was raining and she was afraid, and asked me to come and accompany her. This is what you do for your big brother all day long?” After speaking, he rolled his eyes again.

I heard Han Ga-in say this, Jung Hyuk-jae discovered that the slightly opened window, the breeze sent moist, it seems that the rain last night was not small, and I was a little embarrassed. I grabbed a handful of hair and slept in a daze for a long night. The hairstyle is definitely not good-looking. I grabbed a handful and it became even more ugly. It seems that I was surprised by Jung Hyuk-jae’s hairstyle. Live chuckles out loud.

“Yeah! Do you dare to laugh at me?” Jung Hyuk-jae was still reflecting on himself, but Han Ga-in’s success caused Jung Hyuk-jae’s face to blush and a little embarrassing.

“Haha…Oppa, I am not…laughing…Haha ha…you!” The more Jung Hyuk-jae said that, the happier Han Ga-in smiled.

So in Jung Min-joo’s pouting and Han Ga-in’s staring eyes, Jung Min-joo ran out of the gate and escaped the terrifying gaze of these two women…


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