Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 354

How to turn a woman into a fool? She fell in love.

So how to turn a arrogant and shrewd woman into a fool? Let her fall in love with a poisonous man hopelessly.

“Lao Qian” is a gambling film, but if you say that it is only a gambling film, then this is a bit too certain. Among them, Ms. Zheng and Gaoni only saw that the section was like a poppy. The ******** dotted the entire movie, and also made the viewing of the movie to a higher level.

Almost three hours of viewing time, Lee Sung-in in the Conference Hall and the senior leaders of the CJ Entertainment Film Department who he brought with him took it very seriously because they were in this circle. , So everyone has a certain level of closing. Although the rough cut version still has certain problems, it is undoubtedly a very good movie in terms of plot, and this “Old Thousand” as Jung Hyuk-jae The Debut Work product made Lee Sung-in looked towards Jung Hyuk-jae a little higher. In the past, Lee Sung-in paid more attention to his identity as the Boss of JHJFilm when he was with Jung Hyuk-jae, rather than his identity as a director. After all, Jung Hyuk-jae has never had a work to prove himself in the film. But after the movie “Old Thousand” Lee Sung-in has completely convinced Jung Hyuk-jae’s directing level.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, this is a rare and outstanding work!” Lee Sung-in came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s body, and several people behind him The middle-level CJ Entertainment film couldn’t help but be nodded when he heard what the leader said. They obviously agreed with Lee Sung-in’s this remark.

“Where, where! It’s just a temporary itchy hand, how can I bear the praise!” Jung Hyuk-jae said modestly while waving his hand.

“Hyuk-jae -ssi, if you are so humble, then we will not be happy.” Lee Sung-in’s words are hard to distinguish between true and false, looking at Jung Hyuk-jae, his face No matter how you smile, you can’t hide it.

“When shooting this movie, there were still some ideas that could not be shown on the screen due to various reasons. Now I watched the rough cut again and felt that the effect might be better if I shot it like that. Better.” Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head as he talked. Although he is not a Virgo, as a director, he is inevitably a little perfectionist.

For what Jung Hyuk-jae mentioned, Lee Sung-in, who has experienced a lot of things, sees it very openly. “There is never a movie that has the best of both worlds, just like this one of nearly three. Hours of film, did you say that some of the shots are completely useless? That’s not true, but in the end it can be presented on the screen, and what the audience can see is only about two hours. The quality of the film is not good. Said, it’s just that you need to pay more attention when you cut it carefully later.”

Lee Sung-in warned repeatedly. After all, the editing of a movie is also very important. Don’t look at the coherent plot and character depiction now. It’s also very full. That’s because the length of the movie is long enough to explain the relationship between the characters and the plot to the audience, but if the time needs to be controlled within two hours Ne, this is a test of the director and editor’s skills. It’s not that a movie was cut off when there was no fine cut. The plot is not coherent, and even the characters are not clearly introduced in two hours. This is the reason for the director’s ability.

When I heard Lee Sung-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, he is also very clear about what he said about Jung Hyuk-jae, “I will pay attention to this in the later editing.”

In short, the two parties will never take these interest-related issues lightly because of the relationship of interest, and Jung Hyuk-jae also does not allow his first work to be a joke in the circle, in the promotion of this matter. , CJ Entertainment will definitely pay attention, and all Jung Hyuk-jae needs to do is to edit the movie. The rest is what CJ Entertainment needs to worry about.


“Fortunately to watch “Old The rough cut version of “Thousands”, I have some feelings I want to say!”

It is still the lively movie forum, but the poster this time is a’newcomer’, in fact, it is a newcomer. Not entirely. Judging from his information, the time of registration is also a veteran of the forum, but he has never published a post or replied to any topic. He belongs to the kind of unknown person who dives and visits the forum.

“The landlord is here to pretend to be forced, everyone, run!”

For the title of this person’s post, netizens who came in and glanced roughly expressed disbelief, at least for this The name’Newcomer’, their suspicion is a bit heavy.

“I also said that I have already watched the cut version of “Lao Qian”, who believes it!”

“That is, I have read “Lao Qian” several times “Comic version, why do you come to the forum to pretend to be forced?”

Of course, in addition to these netizens who expressed disbelief, some people also responded to the original poster urging him to introduce the plot quickly, as to whether what he said was right? Really, they don’t really care, the main reason is that they haven’t read the comics of “Lao Qian” at all, and recently the topic of “Lao Qian” on the Internet is that many, if you don’t know about it, it’s estimated to be chatting. At that time, I don’t know what to talk about with my friends.

“The host, I’ll wait for you.”

“The speed is updated.”

“After identification, the host is already TJ!”

It took about ten minutes before the original poster of the post began to describe the trial screening of the entire movie.

“JHJFilm held a preview of “Old Thousand” in its company today. As a small staff member of CJ Entertainment, I was fortunate to come to JHJ Entertainment, a company that has been popular with everyone recently. Although I am an employee of CJ Entertainment, the treatment of JHJ Entertainment is no worse than that of our company. Everyone thinks that I have come to the wrong place!”

When it comes to this, I seem to be afraid that other netizens will pay. Believe it or not, the host also uploaded a few secretly taken photos. The background of the photos is naturally JHJEntertainment, and one of the photos is focused on the two lovely front desk Young Lady. The sneak shot technology is very good, absolutely. The innate talent who is a great photographer, just because of such a photo, the netizens on the forum are instantly like a climax.

“Is this really JHJEntertainment? No, I’m going to be a floor cleaner here. I polish the floor brightly every day, and then I can peek at the bottoms of the girls’ skirts in the summer. ……Hehe!”

“You guys, one is more nasty than the other, I won’t do this. I just want to ask the host, do you have the contact information for the two of them? Do you sell it?”

“Although I am not that kind of wretched person, why do you post pictures of my girlfriends everywhere? I want to sue you…”

Because of one The photo, the building at the back doesn’t know where it’s crooked. Now, where does the netizens remember the topic that the post originally intended to discuss, only the childlike beauty of the two lovely girls at the front desk.

“I’m going to work at JHJ Entertainment. No salary is okay. Just let me go to the station!”

“The team upstairs has a group, and I am going to go.”

Fortunately, although there are many netizens watching the hilarious ridicule, many netizens want to see the following content, so while refreshing the post, they posted a post urging.

“I’m really sorry, I just sorted out the secret photos, among them is the Jung Hyuk-jae Jung PD that everyone cares about most, absolute close-up photos, super close-up photos!” The netizen’s post also Exclaimed: “The first time I saw Jung PD alive, he was really tall, almost one and a half meters tall. Anyway, he and I can be one and a half heads away from him, and he is handsome. Shouldn’t he be handsome? At least according to my aesthetic standards, he is a handsome guy.”

“One and a half heads? Isn’t that more than one meter and five? The host is so short and doesn’t have a girlfriend?” Someone couldn’t help taking pleasure. in other people’s misfortune said.

This movie forum is known as a club for single men. Many people in the house like movies, and because they are too house, many people are the legendary “single nobles”, so as long as they can When ridiculing’single dogs’, people never show mercy, and don’t think that they are actually a’single dog’, so they say,’Single dog, why bother for a single dog’!

“Don’t you see what he said according to his standards? This is actually a crook!”

“Why do you think that’he’ must be a man? Must find a girlfriend, instead of thinking that maybe’he’ is actually a petite and soft girl with a little over 1.5 meter?”

“Talk nonsense, I have been in the forum for more than two years, and I have never seen it before A girl, that kind of girl dressed up as a girl, I have met a lot.”

Well, when it comes to this, the building can’t help but crooked… (this is actually a gay building), just look at it. The floor is getting more and more crooked. Fortunately, in the back, a few candid video screenshots were revealed, once again proving the identity of this person. He is definitely a great god in the forum. Even the unexposed images of “Lao Qian” can be taken. By the time, many people immediately followed the host when they saw it, only to see the number of his fans’cengceng’ rising.

Whenever this kind of summer file, Spring Festival file, the forum is always lively, especially this kind of topical posts are naturally more popular with netizens, just half an hour to check and More than 60,000 people have responded, and this number is still growing. But the strange thing is that this post, which hasn’t been updated, suddenly disappeared in the middle of the post, which made many netizens with OCD feel uncomfortable.

“Original, where are you, come back soon!”

“I have thanked all the flowers I’ve been waiting for. The original poster will come back and update soon. I’m still waiting to see the content below. !”

Maybe everyone’s call played a role, and the original poster soon appeared, but this time he brought not a photo, but a cruel message to netizens.

“I’m really sorry, this post can’t be updated anymore, I just received a call from the company just now, a colleague has already recognized who took the screenshot of the video, and the leader is very angry , After all, these are confidential content, and they have signed a confidentiality agreement. The leader just gave me a training meal for Fiercely, so I’m really embarrassed!”

Post in this post Not long after he went out, many photos and controversial comments in the original post were also deleted. This sudden move scared everyone, and listening to the meaning of his words, it seemed that the consequences caused by this time were very special. It’s serious, but what use are words of comfort and encouragement at this time?


“Do you think this is fine?” CJ Entertainment The staff of the propaganda department stood in front of Lee Sung-in and asked cautiously.

Lee Sung-in sat in front of the computer and looked at the topics of netizens in the forum. It was obvious from the popularity of the forum that “Lao Qian” successfully gained the upper hand this time. It is the power of propaganda. Of course, all of this is planned by CJ Entertainment, and the purpose is naturally to create momentum for the next movie.

For two consecutive days, the domestic search hotspots have been “Lao Qian” first. This is already very difficult to deal with. It is enough to see how much CJ Entertainment cares about this movie. From the publicity Shang is sincere and sincere.

Jung Hyuk-jae is not particularly concerned about these things made by CJ Entertainment. In fact, all means can’t be considered, and the most important effect is enough. It is the effect of publicity. , Jung Hyuk-jae is quite satisfied.

“You can handle the publicity matters. I am only responsible for strictly controlling the quality of the film. As for the rest, you can take care of it!”

Lee Sung-in There was another call, Jung Hyuk-jae was replied on the phone, and hung up, Jung Hyuk-jae turned around again and plunged into the next editing.


It is also a film production company on Chungmuru Road, Because of Jung Hyuk-jae, most recently insiders love and hate Jung Hyuk-jae, and of course, they hate more and love less. Unfortunately, the boss of this film production company is in front of me. Belongs to the latter.

“How are the things scheduled?” The middle-aged man standing at the window asked without turning his head.

The subordinates straightened up and looked a little nervous and did not dare to relax. The muscles on their legs were tight. It seemed as if it was difficult for the boss to be himself, “President, the things you arranged have been arranged. It’s just that the other party has temporarily changed his mind and wants to add another 50 million on the basis of 100 million Korean Won!” At this point, the subordinates seem to feel that this person is a bit greedy, but it’s just a’no effort at all’ that’s all. Now I want to change my mind and want money, where is such a cheap thing, besides, my Boss is not taking a lot of money.

“One hundred and fifty million? Haha… really dare to ask for it!” middle-aged man Haha said with a smile, “but since he dares to ask for it, then I dare to give it!”

“Go back and tell him, just say 150 million. If you want to do it, you have to do the work beautifully. If you don’t want to do it, don’t talk in front of Jung Hyuk-jae. Be careful if you dare to say it. Walk the night at night.”

Speaking of this, the middle-aged man turned around, with an indescribable smile on his face, with an evil spirit…

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