Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 355

JHJFilm’s filming plan for this year “Lao Qian” is ahead, “The Host” follows closely from behind, and then there is a comedy movie “Beauty’s Trouble”, which can be said to be produced by JHJFilm this year The films of “have completely occupied the second half of 2006, and this year’s film circle has been deeply imprinted by Jung Hyuk-jae.

As the film quota system cuts down on the screening time of domestic films, this is a big impact on the film industry. Although the original Small Accomplishment of this film production company is difficult to survive, it is still OK. Struggling to survive in this circle, but facing the mutual exclusion and squeeze between peers, as well as the impact of foreign films, especially Hollywood films, survival becomes more and more difficult.

Starting from the first year of 2006, the number of box office viewers created by South Korea movies in the past six months has reached 27 million, of which only the box office created by “The King and The Clown” The number of viewers accounted for half of the total number of movie viewers. If you eat a lot of such a big cake, naturally there will be less for me. As a dark horse in the box office in the first half of this year, “The King and The “eating phase” of “The Clown” is a bit ugly to some filmmakers. Although the ability to obtain such a high box office is closely related to the quality of the film, they don’t think so in their hearts. They don’t think about the film itself. Looking for the reason, they think “The King and The Clown” is blocking their way. Sometimes people are like this.

This circle will never be as glamorous as the entertainment industry on the surface. In private, it is also accompanied by an undercurrent surging. What Jung Hyuk-jae does not know is that it is against him and JHJFilm. The storm is brewing…


“Brother Song , Are you off work?”

Song Xinrong came out of the editing room and met an acquaintance in the company. Actually, it’s not very familiar, but after all, he was in the same company. Yes, naturally the more times I meet, I will gradually become familiar with it.

“Xinhou? You haven’t returned?” Seeing Zhang Xinhou in front of him, Song Xinrong frowned then asked.

Since the establishment of JHJFilm, Song Xinrong joined Jung Hyuk-jae’s company and became a member of JHJFilm. It can almost be regarded as the Sunbae in the company. Besides, it is also more important in terms of age. Zhang Xinhou in front of me is two years older. He is 30 years old this year. Because he needs to face the computer screen all day, he has a pair of black framed eyes on his nose, and because the editing time is tight, he needs to stay all day. In the editing room Ne, I haven’t spent the night there, so my hair looks greasy, but it’s acceptable. The facial features are very good. The first impression seems to be very good, and I am a very good person.

Because Song Xinrong worked as an editor in other film production companies before, under the reduction of the film quota system and the impact of domestic films and Hollywood films, the small film production company he worked for soon He couldn’t do it anymore. After the company went bankrupt, he found JHJFilm. Don’t look at it as a newly established company, but the benefits and benefits are not mentioned.

The Zhang Xinhou in front of me is a member of the company’s recently established propaganda department. Zhang Xinhou also joined the company half a year ago. I have met several people before, and after I have been familiar with it, he is right. Song Xinrong is always yelling from brother to brother, and Song Xinrong readily accepts this title.

“Brother, you also know that in order to cooperate with CJ Entertainment for publicity recently, our publicity department is too busy to stop, so where there is time, it is quite early for this movie to get off work today.” Zhang Xinhou looked towards Song Xinrong’s gaze in front of him was unpredictable. Seeing Song Xinrong meeting his own eyes, he hurriedly glanced towards the other side, a little afraid to meet Song Xinrong.

Song Xinrong felt a little puzzled, and seized the opportunity to ask: “Is it busy? Isn’t it a newly established department? Where can I be busy no matter how busy it is?”

Listen By Zhang Xinhou’s words, Song Xinrong felt a hundred disbelief, thinking that he was joking, and the editor who was busy till 12 o’clock had not complained yet. He was just a member of the propaganda department. How could he compare with himself!

“Brother Xinrong, I’m really serious, don’t you know that our company is going to launch the film distribution business? So recently we have to be busy not only training, but also cooperating with CJ Entertainment for publicity. It’s like a spinning top all day long, and you have to know that it was our department who left the company in the last few days and locked the door!” When he said this, Zhang Xinhou lowered his head and continued to say: “Brother Xinrong, Shall we go for a drink? Anyway, it’s too late. I guess the sister-in-law would have fallen asleep when I go home now. When we go back, we have to cook by ourselves. Let’s drink a while and eat a little bit. It’s not too late to go back! Isn’t it?”

Zhang Xinhou suggested that Song Xinrong thought about his idea and agreed, “But let’s say it first, just drink a little. , Don’t come that many like last time, we can only drink it for two of us, and you also know your sister-in-law temper, maybe I will go and smell the alcohol on my body, and I will go to sleep in the living room again Song Xinrong, who has been married for two years, has entered his thirties and has become more fond of children. There is no problem in directing the body of himself and his wife, so he naturally chose to seize every opportunity to create a child. , I will not let it go today.

“Well, well, let’s drink a little, and later we will eat more vegetables and drink less.” Zhang Xinhou nodded.

Not far from the company, there is a snack street. In addition to the delicious snacks on both sides of the street, there are also special restaurants, each with its own specialties, and the company opens in Not to mention other things here, but the female subordinates in the company generally report that they have gained five or six catties after being here for two months. Everything is the pot here.

At the table, Song Xinrong and Zhang Xinhou sat down separately, Lady Boss brought two bottles of white wine, Song Xinrong immediately waved his hands when she saw this posture, “Huh! What did you say to you? It’s said that you should drink less and drink less. You can see why you brought two more bottles. The two of us can’t drink. One and a half bottles will be fine. Let Lady Boss put the other bottle back!”

“Brother, let’s put it here first, and we can drink it later, if we can’t drink it, let’s talk about it.” Zhang Xinhou persuaded, and under his persuasion, Song Xinrong reluctantly agreed to nodded.

“Then, let’s go one first!” Zhang Xinhou poured the wine, and the two of them poured a small glass of “Gudong Gudong” before they had eaten. After drinking the hot liquor, Song Xinrong was busy. I picked up the chopsticks and took a few bites of the food to ease my drinking spirit.

“Brother, let’s have one more…”

Seeing Zhang Xinhou holding up the cup again, Song Xinrong waved his hand and refused: “Drink later, let’s eat food first. , Otherwise the dishes will not taste good when they are cold for a while.”

Heard Song Xinrong’s words, Zhang Xinhou secretly sighed, and then raised a smile, “Well, let’s eat the vegetables first.”


The two of them were eating vegetables and chatting. As they talked, the topic turned to women. This is one of the topics that men must talk about, “Where is your girlfriend?”

“It’s divided!” Zhang Xinhou didn’t hesitate at all.

“Divided?!” Song Xinrong was a little surprised, “Isn’t your relationship very good? How could you be divided?”

“The concept of love is different, so naturally Can’t go on anymore!” Song Xinrong felt a little bored by the silly tone of Zhang Xinhou’s words, which was why he was unwilling to have a deep friendship with Zhang Xinhou.

“I remember seeing that girl once. Isn’t she a good girl? How do you say that you broke up after breaking up?” Song Xinrong still feels a little surprised. The gossip of deep in one’s heart is in the fire. The feeling of burning, can’t stop at all.

“Brother Xinrong, in fact, you also know that I usually spend a lot of money and didn’t save much money. An employee of an internationally renowned company naturally looks down on me. Oh!” Zhang Xinhou explained with a’wry smile’.

Hearing Zhang Xinhou’s explanation, Song Xinrong felt a little more vigilant in her heart. She didn’t mean any vigilance, but doubted the authenticity of his words. He said, “No money was saved.” I do believe it, but he doesn’t believe in “normally spending money on his feet” or something. Zhang Xinhou is actually OK, but one thing that’s not so good is that he likes to gamble. The first thing he pays is to gamble. Regardless of whether the amount of the bet is large or small, Song Xinrong is displeased by this behavior alone. I heard that he still owes a lot of loan sharks outside. It is estimated that this is the main reason why his girlfriend broke up with him. After all, no one wants to. With an insecure man.

“Brother, let’s not talk about these unhappy things, drink!”

Zhang Xinhou held up the wine glass, raised his neck and drank it, while sitting opposite him Song Xinrong also drank it in one shot. After a few glasses of wine, a blush appeared on Song Xinrong’s face, which showed that the drink was a little high.

“Brother, let’s not have a bottle again?”

“Come on! Hah!”

Half an hour later, Song Xinrong had already drunk it at the dinner table After falling asleep, Zhang Xinhou was unconscious, and Zhang Xinhou, who should have drunk a lot, was full of spirit. He didn’t even have a slight blush on his face. It seemed like a person who had been drinking too much.

“Brother Xinrong? Brother Xinrong?” Zhang Xinhou quietly stood up and came to Song Xinrong’s side. After yelling a few words in his ear, he found that he did not move because he had just drunk. The reason was that he still slept very hard. Zhang Xinhou felt relieved a lot. He stretched out his hand and gently flipped Song Xinrong’s briefcase to find his wallet, and then called Lady Boss to checkout.

“Lady Boss checkout!” Zhang Xin shouted.


It didn’t cost much for two people to eat and drink. Zhang Xinhou took the change from Lady Boss and stuffed it into his pocket. Then he pointed to Song Xinrong, who had fallen asleep on the table, and said, “Lady Boss, the situation is like this. We came by driving a car, but the car parked under the office building in the vicinity. I will drive first, and I will pick him up later. Go back, let him sleep here for a while now?”

Lady Boss glanced at Song Xinrong on the table, and after some thoughts, she was nodded, “But you have to come back soon.”

“Okay, I’ll be back in a while.”

After Lady Boss went out, Zhang Xinhou took out a bunch of keys from Song Xinrong’s briefcase, and if he remembered correctly If so, there should be a bunch of keys to the editing room.

“Brother, I’m sorry, I borrow your key to use it, and I will return it to you immediately!” Zhang Xinhou said, regardless of whether Song Xinrong was asleep or not.


“Also Didn’t you go back?”

Walk into the company’s building, because it is the company’s employees in the building. As a security guard, it is natural to know the appearance and characteristics of these people. Although many people don’t know their names, they don’t. It does not hinder the communication between them, just like Zhang Xinhou passing by in a hurry. He played cards with the security guards in the building several times, and this was discovered by the security guards not just after entering.

Hiding in the elevator, Zhang Xinhou only felt that his heart was about to jump out. The first time he did this kind of thing, his heart would inevitably be a little nervous, and his heart was also thinking about how to deal with it. What just happened, when he came here and was discovered, he wanted to give up halfway, but he also thought of the 80 million usury on his body, and this number is still growing.

“MD, I’ve been fighting this time for’Wealth and Risks’!” Zhang Xinhou gritted his teeth and said secretly.

The corridor in the middle of the night is very quiet, especially as it is now, when I walked out of the elevator, only the dim lights in the corridor accompanied me, and I felt an indescribable feeling when I walked on the ground with my heels. It feels special, and the sound of shoes rubbing against the ground is very loud at this moment, even if he is a big man, he can’t stand it.

“Where is it? Where is it?”

In the editing room, Zhang Xinhou tossed over and over to find what he wanted, but it was like he was going to play hide and seek with him The game is the same, I can’t find it no matter how to find it.

“Is it this?”

Through the dim light on the phone screen, Zhang Xinhou finally found what he wanted in the unlocked safe in the editing room Something, and at this moment a smile appeared on his face. This thing may not be so valuable in his hands, but as long as you put it on the Internet, or personally send it to that difficult person In the hands, it can bring a lot of income to oneself, enough to live a good life after paying off the usury.

When I think of this, the smile on Zhang Xinhou’s face can no longer stop…

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