Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 357

Although it is already two o’clock in the morning on the 2nd day, the CJ Entertainment and Film Department is still brightly lit. The staff in the office area lowered their heads and stared at the computer screens from time to time. Record something in the notebook. The air pressure in the office area is very low. No one dares to speak loudly. Even walking is tiptoe. Especially when passing by the entrance of the Conference Hall, everyone does not even dare to breathe. Alarmed the great gods in the Conference Hall.

“Mi-yeon, why are you going?”

I heard that a woman named Mi-yeon was paused, and then I was a little embarrassed. With a blushing face, he explained in a low voice: “I’m here, go to the bathroom.”

“Then you go early, and don’t be caught by our boss!” Mi-yeon gently held her belly, and reminded her kindly out of concern.

“Ok! I see!” Mi-yeon reached out and made an’Ok’ gesture, then walked on tiptoe to the bathroom.

The design of the entire office area of ​​the CJ Entertainment and Film Department is quite reasonable. The restroom is at the entrance of the hallway, but you must pass through the entrance of the Conference Hall. Because of the unexpected situation today, Mi- Yeon, it’s been a long time since she saw her project department as facing the enemy as it is today. After all, CJ Entertainment’s film distribution business and entertainment industry belong to Peak in the industry. Under normal circumstances, no other company dares to face it. CJ Entertainment’s muzzle is angry, but today the situation has changed a bit.

Thinking about the before and after development of the whole incident, Mi-yeon cautiously passed through the front of the Conference Hall. Before she could relax, he heard a message from the door behind her. The door opened with a click, and then I heard someone yell to myself.

“Eh, whoever you go and get some water!”

Mi-yeon stopped and turned his head to look behind him, and pointed his finger at him. “Are you calling me?”

“Yes, hurry up!” It may be because of this incident that the manager’s face is not particularly good-looking, and the words he ordered are also tough Yes, but Mi-yeon still nodded.

“Okay, I’m going now, please wait a moment!”

Mi-yeon watched the cold noodle supervisor walk into the Conference Hall with a hanging Only then did her heart finally recover to her chest. Just now, she really didn’t dare to show up at all.

The supervisor walked into the Conference Hall, took the door and returned to his seat, looked around the Conference Hall, everyone sitting here today are all people with names, surnames and faces in the movie circle. , If you’re really interested, you can find their names from the list of producers before the opening of many movies, whether it’s the producer or the producer who is very busy. It can be said that all the people sitting here are The main force of CJ Entertainment Film Division.

The Conference Hall is quite big, but today the space here seems narrow. The rising smoke envelopes the entire Conference Hall. There is an inexplicable sense of depression in the room. Everyone is smoking cigarettes. , While lowering his head thinking about something, no one spoke first at this moment, mainly because the matter was too much trouble.

“Tell me about the current developments on the Internet!” Finally, Lee Sung-in, who was sitting on the right, put out the cigarette in his hand, looked around the crowd for a week, and then said in a low voice, “Introduction Let’s take a look at the current situation.”

“Okay!” The assistant sitting on the side of Lee Sung-in held a folder in his hand, then stood up and said, “After our investigation, this time The first forum where the source was leaked was the Movies forum, and then the entire leak showed an explosive growth, from the first film and television forum and then spread to various types of forum sections, and although the entire source of the leak was not in time It’s easy to be sure, but what is certain is that someone planned behind the whole incident, and all the posting accounts were registered yesterday!”

“This is the case on the Internet, Section Head Li!”


Speaking of this, the assistant looked up at Jung Hyuk-jae across from him, and then heard Lee Sung-in say: “Speaking of how the source is leaked, everyone should listen to JHJFilm’s Jung Hyuk. -jae, what did the president say!”

When someone said his name, Jung Hyuk-jae lifts the head and looked at Lee Sung-in through the hazy smoke. The cigarette did not die, so he flicked the ashes and said: “Since Minister Lee Sung-in asked me to introduce it, then I will talk about the results of our company’s investigation of the source leak.”

“I have seen the source of the film leaked on the Internet, and the matter is not as serious as everyone thinks.” When Jung Hyuk-jae said this, he paused for a while, and then glanced at the people around the circle. A trace of luck was revealed in their eyes, and then they continued: “The source and the reason for the leak was due to problems in the management of our company. I will give you an explanation after the incident. What I want to say is that the entire source leak incident: one: not as serious as everyone thought; two: there are behind the scenes behind this incident!”

I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s statement about this People who don’t know much about the source leaks could not help but ask: “President Zheng, why do you say that?”

After listening to Jung Hyuk-jae, he started to make the leaked source. Explained, “Before the entire film source leak incident, in order to correct the sound track to make the audio sound track of the entire movie more compatible with the movie, the movie and the sound track were processed separately, and now the leaked information on the Internet The source of the film is actually a silent film with no soundtrack or radio, so the impact of remote leaks on future film releases is not as serious as everyone thinks!”

“However, the leak of the film source is bound to cause the loss of potential audiences to a certain extent. This is for sure. Will the loss of this part of the audience have no effect on the box office of the movie? “Someone raised this question, and when they heard this person’s question, other Chinese nodded their heads affirmatively. This question is indeed asking the point. Even if everyone is noble, it’s a coincidence that everyone is facing the box office performance. I can’t calm down.

Seeing everyone’s unanimous nodded, Jung Hyuk-jae also made his own explanation of this issue, “I understand everyone’s concerns, but I don’t know that everyone is concerned about the Internet promotion. Regarding the publicity of the leaked film source, have you paid attention to the discussion about “Lao Qian” that has been on the top of the ranking list this week, and the terms of the monthly list are also rapidly improving. What does this mean? “

“What? “

Most of the people here are in their forties. Even the young are already over 30. Jung Hyuk-jae is the youngest among these people, because they are in their forties. Now, their understanding of the Internet is definitely not as much as Jung Hyuk-jae’s youngster, just like in this matter, Jung Hyuk-jae is not the same as these people’s considerations.

“Follow, promote! “Jung Hyuk-jae said these two words.

Everyone here is not stupid. After all, after so many years in the movie circle, I have experienced a lot of things. I just think about it. Come here.

Jung Hyuk-jae did not stop and continue to explain, “The leak of the source of “Lao Qian” will cause a certain degree of loss of potential audiences, but out of curiosity, There must be a lot of people who didn’t intend to watch this movie. Besides, it’s the same as the statement I just said. A movie without audio looks like a silent movie. Unless everyone knows lip language, then it’s right. The disaster of “Old Thousand” extinction! “

Jung Hyuk-jae continues to say: “Of course, there is also a very important point, why the audience pays so much attention to “Lao Qian”? After the Kim Hye-soo version of the trailer is released, everyone should know that although the whole movie is said to be a gambling film, everyone is more concerned about the nineteen banned content in the movie. However, this section is not in the movie. Not reflected! “

“What? “

After hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s explanation, everyone was a little surprised, because everyone didn’t think about it.

“President Zheng, what is going on? “

For everyone’s doubts, Jung Hyuk-jae still intends to explain it to everyone, “After all the shots of the movie are finished, because this section is the last shot, I haven’t had time to This paragraph is edited into the feature film…”

“It turned out to be like this? “

“Then I feel more relieved, the impact of the movie is indeed not as severe as previously thought. “

As for Jung Hyuk-jae’s explanation, everyone really didn’t think about it. Now that we have already said this, we need to consider how to minimize the impact of the entire incident after the explanation is over. .

“I would like to say a few points about my own views on the entire incident and the focus of subsequent publicity. “As Jung Hyuk-jae said, his eyes swept toward the crowd. Don’t look at the youngest of the crowd present, but his calm and calm personality doesn’t look like a twenty-five-six-six young at all. man, if you say that you’re an adult in your thirties, that’s okay.

“The first point is to contact the Chief-In-Charge of these forums to check the relevant download link posts. Blocking and banning, in addition to screening new users who registered yesterday and today, and resolutely investigating and banning suspects. The second and most important point is publicity! “

Jung Hyuk-jae’s gaze looked towards Chief-In-Charge, who is now in charge of film distribution and promotion at CJ Entertainment, and then continued to say at this point: “The source of the film must have been leaked. Major event, not only the potential viewers of this movie will be interested in it, even passersby and viewers who are not very interested in this movie will also pay attention to the development of the whole event, these all are we in the near future Can be used in publicity. “

“If the leaked film is a finished film, then we can only pray to God that the box office will not be so pitiful, but this time it is only a silent film with no language introduction, even if Even after watching the whole movie, I don’t know what the whole movie is about. For such movies, apart from being curious, the audience is left with curiosity. The audience is particularly interested in such things. “

Speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae suddenly felt his fingers hot, and he was so frightened that he quickly threw it away. It turned out that the cigarette between his fingers burned to the tip of Jung Hyuk at this moment. -jae’s attention was drawn back and put out the cigarette in the ashtray. Jung Hyuk-jae went on to say: “I’m not very good at publicity, so this requires CJ Entertainment to publicize by your side. Our company The propaganda department will also give maximum support! “

The meeting lasted until three o’clock in the morning. The war on this meeting had just ended, and the real thing confrontation on the propaganda battlefield had just begun.

………… ………………………………………………

“At around nine o’clock last night, the source of the movie “Lao Qian” that attracted the attention of the audience today was released on the Internet. According to the previous exposure, the reason for the entire leak is still unclear, but the impact of the entire incident has made the publisher’s CJ Entertainment a big enemy. Although the source is a version without audio, CJ Entertainment also said, The person responsible for the leak of the film source will be investigated for legal responsibility, and a lawsuit will also be filed for the morning multi-party forum website on the Internet!

Although the source of “Lao Qian” leaked on the Internet is only an incomplete film that has not yet completed the editing and soundtrack, this incident will cause the box office of “Lao Qian” to be released in the future. The loss is difficult to estimate, and according to what we learned from the relevant filmmakers, the outflow of “Lao Qian” in this matter may lose as many as one million potential viewers. JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment can be described as a loss this time. heavy! “

“Chosun Ilbo” also pays attention to the development of the whole thing. From the original film source disclosed on the Internet to the rapid increase in search popularity of “Lao Qian”, none of them have fallen, but The focus of “Chosun Ilbo” is still on the impact of piracy on the film industry. The discourse is also a variety of Mandarin idioms, which is worthy of the mouthpiece of conquest. The leak of the film source of “Lao Qian” just happened to catch up with that’s all.

“Oh, the source of “Lao Qian” was leaked out? “I went to bed early last night. People who got up early this morning saw the newspaper and realized what happened in the entertainment industry last night. From JHJFilm to CJ Entertainment to the leaked film source, everyone clearly missed the best of last night. A scene I watched.

But although they missed the good show last night, when they saw the source of “Lao Qian” leaked out, they suddenly became more excited than each one. What about the download link? “

“Let’s go download it and see what is going on with “Lao Qian”? “

But before they started searching on the Internet, all the websites and webpages related to movie sources were blocked. When everyone saw this place, they were dumbfounded. Last night’s good show did not catch up. , Now I don’t even want to download a movie source…

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