Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 358

“Why, are you still worried about this?”

Although Jung Hyuk-jae’s gaze stays on the TV, Han Ga-in can He obviously felt that his mood was far less calm than on the surface.

Hearing Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae turned around and shook the head with a smile, “I’m fine.” As he said, he stretched out his hand and smoothed the hair on her cheek, lightly Waved his hand lightly, “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry.”

“But this is such a big mess, there must be someone with ulterior motives behind it!” Han Ga-in stretched out his hand and grabbed it. The big hand of Jung Hyuk-jae said with some worry, as an insider, Han Ga-in knows that some conflicts of interests are much more exciting and dangerous than those seen in TV series. After all, TV series come from life. , And life is not a TV series.

JHJFilm cannot be said to be the first-class large-scale film production company in the current film industry, but if it is said to be the most profitable film production company in the current circle, I believe that there will not be too many people to oppose it, especially After the broadcast of “The King and The Clown” and “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, too many companies have focused on JHJFilm. If South Korea’s TV Station is a three-pronged one, then it is a melee in the film industry, although everyday There are companies that have closed down and companies that are new to this profit-seeking war, but people like JHJFilm who directly grab meat from large and small film production companies have naturally attracted hostile attention from many companies.

“Is it really okay? But like they do, aren’t they afraid of being found out by the prosecutor’s office and the police?” Han Ga-in couldn’t help but pursued with worry.

In the immediately when the source leak incident occurred at this time, Jung Hyuk-jae asked the company’s security to check the recording in the editing room. It was already an hour after the source was put on the Internet. Zhang Xinhou, who was still gambling at the casino, was found, and Jung Hyuk-jae then handed over the video material of the editing room and Zhang Xinhou to the prosecutor’s office. Although Zhang Xinhou was caught, the consequences of the early stage of the film source being put on the Internet But there is no way to make up. As for who instructed him, it doesn’t matter anymore, or even if it is handed over to the prosecutor’s office to handle the case, 80% of the cases cannot be caught behind the scenes, but Jung Hyuk-jae has a general idea in his heart. After all, “The King and The Clown” and “Welcome to Dongmakgol” have too many moving cakes. As partners of CJ Entertainment and Lotte Films, they can’t afford to offend, so they have to find JHJFilm who looks weak. .

Judging from the current effect, the source leakage incident will still have a certain degree of impact on the box office of future movie releases. Some netizens have said on the Internet,’Although the leaked source does not only have no subtitles There is also no sound, but after watching it again, I don’t want to go to the cinema so much anymore. Why should I go after the spoilers? ‘Naturally, there are not a few viewers who have such thoughts, and Jung Hyuk-jae is worried about this.

However, even if he is worried, these cannot be expressed on his face. He chooses to bury these in his heart with a slight smile on his face, and then put Han Ga-in He hugged him tightly in his arms, and sighed inadvertently. This showed his sadness and worries.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae’s sigh was very slight, Han Ga-in’s ears were still keen to hear it, and turned his head to look at Jung Hyuk-jae.” What’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Han Ga-in’s gaze looked towards him, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help feeling a little strange, and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his cheek, then smiled and said:” What’s the matter? Are there any rice grains stuck on my face?”

“No!” Han Ga-in also laughed, lifting a smiling face into Jung Hyuk-jae’s chest Drill, especially like a little kitty seeking a hug from the owner, stretched his lazy waist, yawned softly, and suddenly felt that Jung Hyuk-jae’s legs were pillowed particularly comfortable.

“Okay, don’t worry about it, I can solve it by myself.” Jung Hyuk-jae gently patted Han Ga-in’s shoulder and said.

“en!” Han Ga-in nodded, then stopped speaking, resting on Jung Hyuk-jae’s lap as if she had fallen asleep gently, but the slightly moving eyelashes showed her at this moment Uneasy mood.


On June 20th, on the 2nd day when the source of “Lao Qian” was leaked, JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment strongly condemned this behavior and also stated that they had handed over the matter to the Seoul Prosecutors Office. In addition, it also appealed to netizens not to spread pirated film sources anymore and delete the downloaded pirated film sources in time.

The network is instant and open. CJ Entertainment can only tell netizens the seriousness of this matter through this life. After all, CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm cannot go to netizens through computer screens. To catch them in their homes, and the same, although South Korea’s protection of the copyright of the film and the copyright of the music is pretty good, but the occurrence of this kind of source leakage incident is far from being such a notice that can restore the lost potential audience Lost, and this loss can only be minimized through the next action.

“President Zheng, please take a look at this is the latest trailer. Please have a look.” The subordinate said with the laptop in his hand and came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s side.

Jung Hyuk-jae was watching carefully the reactions and comments of netizens on the Internet, and suddenly he heard the voice of his subordinates and then reacted, turning around and looking at him. The subordinate then said: “Has it been cut out?”

“Yes, please have a look.”

Jung Hyuk-jae nodded and said: “You put it here first , I’ll take a look at it in a while.”

“Okay!” With that, the subordinates are now ready to leave, but when he took the 1st Step, Jung Hyuk-jae suddenly stopped him.

“Wait a moment.”

When Jung Hyuk-jae called out his name, his subordinate immediately stopped and turned to look respectfully. I looked at Jung Hyuk-jae and asked, “President, is there anything else you need to order?”

“Have you seen the source of our movie leaked on the Internet? Is it?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

Hearing what Jung Hyuk-jae said, the subordinate immediately nodded and said: “I have seen it!”

“Then what do you think about this matter?” Jung Hyuk -jae asked, Jung Hyuk-jae himself had some ideas on the remedial publicity of the following film, but he did not guarantee that these ideas would be able to function as it should, so he stopped his subordinates to inquire.

“What do you think?” The subordinates suddenly became a little confused, and they didn’t understand why Jung Hyuk-jae asked him this way. He knew Jung Hyuk-jae’s mood in the last few days until now. It’s not very good, so she is still a little wary of Jung Hyuk-jae’s question. After all, no one knows whether Jung Hyuk-jae will be angered by talking about it directly.

“After seeing the pirated film source, would you still choose to go to the cinema?” Jung Hyuk-jae said directly, “Don’t say it as a company person, just as you are just a Ordinary audiences, the source of a pirated movie that they were most concerned about has been leaked. At this time, would you still choose to go to the cinema to watch this movie?”

Jung Hyuk -Jae’s question is actually to see what the average audience thinks about this movie, so he asked.

“Yes!” Before Jung Hyuk-jae’s tone barely fell, he heard the subordinates bow and bend over immediately, and then respectfully speaking of which: “We’re in this movie Although the source of the film was leaked out, but fortunately, there is no complete audio track in the movie, so the audience is actually quite enthusiastic about this movie, especially the movie you mentioned Kim Hye -soo -ssi’s appearance was not edited into it!”

The subordinates’ thoughts coincide with Jung Hyuk-jae’s. In fact, Jung Hyuk-jae thinks so too, otherwise he would not. Let the subordinates re-edit a rough preview of the trailer for the next publicity plan.

“Okay, then you go out first!” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded then said.

“Then tell me if you have anything to do!” After saying this, the subordinate walked out of the door, and then gently closed the door.

After about fifteen minutes, Jung Hyuk-jae finally turned his gaze away from the computer, and then turned his gaze to the notebook just brought by his subordinates, “Or Let’s take a look at how the trailer is edited!” Jung Hyuk-jae said in his heart.

Thinking of it in my heart, Jung Hyuk-jae clicked on the video……

………………………………………………………… ……

Later on June 20th, JHJFilm released the latest movie trailer on the Internet. Not only did it add a lot of new shots, it also intercepted some of the most attractive scenes of the movie. The other is the content that was clipped during the editing process of the movie. Unlike the pirated silent film sources that were exposed before, the trailers produced by JHJFilm are very attractive from the content, with “The King and The The basis of “Clown” and “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, JHJFilm is very good before the audience’s reputation. This time the film source of “Old Thousand” was revealed, and the audience did not realize that JHJFilm brought a little sympathy to JHJFilm. .

“Hey, look at the latest trailer for “Lao Qian”.” In the dormitory, Roommate took Park Changmin’s arm and said.

Park Changmin, who was lying on the bed playing the corpse, waved his hand, and then tried to break free of his friend’s hand, and said: “Don’t disturb me, let me sleep for a while!”

To download the pirated source of “Lao Qian” last night, the four people in the dormitory set off from the school dormitory, and then found an Internet cafe to go online. By the way, download some materials or something, but the speed and time of the download in the Internet cafe are really slow. It was too slow. The download was completed in the middle of the night, but after the download was finished, Park Changmin desperately suppressed his act of throwing the keyboard, and there was no sound from the film source.

Then Park Changmin played Dota all night at the instigation of the people in the dormitory. After returning, he lay on the bed and played the corpse, but this time he met his opponent.

“Hurry up and take a look, your favorite Kim Hye-soo has a new trailer!” Roommate shouted, not only Park Changmin, but also played the corpse on the side bed. The two guys also got up quickly and sat around in front of the Roommate computer, each with their heads, as if they were afraid that Kim Hye-soo would run away.

“Where is it? Where is it?” Everyone seemed quite impatient.

“Look at this!” With that, Roommate turned on his computer, and pointed at the person on the computer.

“Fuck, it’s really Kim Hye-soo! It looks so sexy in the movie!” Seeing the latest version of Kim Hye-soo’s trailer, everyone screamed,

“Are we going to see this movie?” After watching the video in just over two minutes, there was a suggestion.

After hearing Roommate’s question, someone immediately expressed loyalty to it: “I’m going to watch it, even if it’s to support Kim Hye-soo who strips himself off in the movie, then I’m going to watch it too. , It’s not a big deal that it’s farther away!

“What about you Changmin? “Seeing Park Changmin standing on the steps and talking on the platform, a player immediately asked.

“Me?” I want to see it too! “

“Well, when the movie is released, let’s go watch it together! “Roommate drew a mark of consummation for the two parties at this time.

………………………………………………………………………… ……………

“The trailer for the latest version of “Old Thousand” is really good! “In the comment area under the video on the Internet, someone commented, “It’s just that the nearby movie theaters are a little less. If there can be more movie theaters here, I believe that the box office of the movie will not have Jung Hyuk-jae said. So miserable. “

“That is, after watching the latest version of the movie “Old Thousand”, and then comparing the scenes in the pirated source, let’s not say whether it is good or not, at least there is nothing wrong with the translation issue. “A famous netizen said so.

“President Zheng, through investigation, the audience’s latest comments on our movie seem to be pretty good, and everything is moving towards the direction that is beneficial to us is developing and beckoning. “The subordinate came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s side, and at the same time gave Jung Hyuk-jae the comments in the article area under the video on the computer.

“Okay, I see, you go first Get busy! “Jung Hyuk-jae said so.

Here just sent his subordinates away, and then Jung Hyuk-jae’s mobile phone on the desk suddenly rang at this time, and Jung Hyuk-jae picked up the mobile phone. I took a look at the caller ID, and it showed CJ Entertainment Lee Sung-in’s phone number.

“Lee Sung-in -ssi, what happened again? “Jung Hyuk-jae said.

“Isn’t this all right?” Why can’t I call you if I’m okay? “Lee Sung-in on the other end of the phone said with a smile hehe, and then he saw the two men laughing while talking about business.

“Go ahead, what’s the matter? “Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“What do you think of moving forward the screening date of our movie?” “Lee Sung-in asked suddenly.

“What? “Jung Hyuk-jae’s four-faced stunned look…



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