Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 359

The release time of “Old Thousand” was originally scheduled to be at the end of July. In addition to giving “Old Thousand” sufficient publicity time, it was also for the next two movies ” The time between “The Host” and “Beauty’s Troubles” is more compact. After all, the effect of combining the three together to promote is far more than 1+1+1=3!

Although the leak of the source of “Lao Qian” will have an impact on the box office of “Lao Qian” in the future, the next series of publicity moves by JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment will The eyes of countless audiences have reverted back to the movie itself.

In the past ten years or so, although there are not many incidents of film source leaks in the past, this kind of situation definitely exists, and the results of these films have nothing common with each other. There are two releases. Zhou was hurriedly taken off the shelves by the theaters due to poor box office results. There were also films that successfully got rid of the Fate on the street after subsequent publicity. Perhaps the final box office results were a little worse than expected, but they could be leaked in the film source. Under such influence, it is still possible to profit from the box office, which is already a success.

When the audience pays attention to the quality of the film, the film critics in the newspaper media and the ratings of various film information websites, the film distribution company has already shifted its focus to the film distribution battlefield after the film production is completed. Above, once the filming is completed, its quality is closely related to the level of directors and actors. After the filming is completed, the film and television cannot be changed, but publicity can affect the final box office of a film. This is already in the circle. The consensus of all issuing companies.

There are a lot of good movies at the box office, and there are also many movies with the same high box office. This is nothing new in the movie circle. It can be seen from here. Promote the importance of distribution to the box office of a movie after filming.

It can be said that ten years ago, the focus of movie promotion was the combination of traditional paper media and ground-based print advertising and TV advertising. Today in the 21st century, online publicity has been Distribution companies are paying more and more attention. The combination of “tradition and modernity” has played an important role in the distribution of movies, and at the same time, it has enriched the means of movie publicity and spread the publicity of movies on multiple platforms and aspects.

In the past, the distribution of movies has been cumbersome, and the construction of distribution channels cannot be built in one or two days. Just like the box office of “The King and The Clown” with tens of millions of people, it is only being released. The expenditure on the cost is a huge sum. Doesn’t Jung Hyuk-jae want to release his own movies? But the reality is that, from the construction of movie promotion channels to the selection of distributors, and the roll out of the distribution business, not only the time is long, but the investment cost is also a staggering figure. CJ Entertainment is a well-known figure in the distribution company. , But its distribution channel was not built in one or two days. From here, it is not difficult to understand why Jung Hyuk-jae only grabbed the distribution rights of “The Host”, perhaps because of the publicity. The immature box office performance may be worse than the performance of the previous life, but compared with the huge issuance cost, it is still profitable.


Become a “Lao Qian” film When the heat of the source leakage incident just dropped a little, a new message from the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office brought “Lao Qian” back to the netizens.

“According to the reporters in front, twenty-four hours after the leak of “Lao Qian” film source broke out, Zhang Xinhou, the suspect in the crime, was witnessed by JHJFilm in an underground casino in Seoul, and According to what we have learned, Zhang Xinhou has borrowed as many as 100 million Korean Won loans for gambling in the past year, and this number is still growing. At the same time, according to the situation we interviewed, he Said that the reason why I would do such a thing was because a mysterious person contacted her and said that as long as he completed this thing, he would get 200 million yuan in remuneration. Who is this mysterious person and what is his purpose? We are still investigating further!”

“The real version of “Lao Qian” is not about gambling, but it seems that sometimes in casinos, people’s hearts are even more unpredictable!” Many netizens commented because of this news on the Internet.

“Didn’t expect that a young man on TV turned out to be a gambler.’Ten gambles and nine breaks the family’ is not fun. I hope everyone will not touch these things. Maybe In your opinion, it is fun, but in fact, it is the most dangerous. A little carelessness is the end of family ruin!” Some netizens replied earnestly, maybe he is the victim of’gambling’.

Those who are concerned about the “Old Thousand” movie also have netizens who pay attention to the hidden secrets behind this incident. For them, the most interesting news is the story behind the incident, and conspiracy theories have always been What they are good at, “Don’t be deceived by CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm. In fact, behind this is JHJFilm hyping that’s all for its own movies. “Lao Qian” is a gambling theme, and it broke out. The employees of his company take risks for the sake of gambling and loan usury. In fact, it is just JHJFilm’s trick that’s all!”

In addition to the above remarks, there are different opinions, 1 but in the end they are inseparable from’this is but It’s the conspiracy of JHJFilm.

“Why do you think someone broke the film source? Why did the movie have a silent version? Why did Jung Hyuk-jae’s first film have such a problem? Are you really Thought it was the source that was stolen by That Man on TV? Anyway, as far as I know, the source of the movie will never be stolen like this with no difficulty, and I guess it’s just Jung Hyuk-jae’s guilty conscience that’s all !”

The netizen continued to talk about his unfounded’guess’, “I was fortunate enough to see the source of the silent version of “Lao Qian”, which can be said to be very disappointing, and I believe I am not the only one who is as disappointed as I am. Perhaps this is why Jung Hyuk-jae is humbly. The quality of the movie is so low that the box office after the release will definitely be upset. It is better to be ridiculed by the newspaper when the time comes. When the film source was leaked, when the time comes, there were also reasons to shirk and dump the pot, “Look, the box office number is not our fault. I can only complain about the impact of the film source leak on the total box office at that time”! Jung Hyuk- Jae really has a good calculation!”

“This friend has such a big brain!”

“After reading so many comments on the Internet, I only take you!”

The opinions of netizens on these comments have nothing common with each other, and CJ Entertainment, as the publisher, never pays attention to these claims, as if they have never heard of them, they only care about The topic and popularity of the movie have become more and more popular. As long as the popularity of the movie is maintained, it will be a success to persist until it is released!

Time soon arrived at the most competitive battlefield in the summer file. In July, with the warm-up in May and June and the rotation of many movies, the war scene of the summer file has been completely opened. Domestic movies and overseas imported movies are all real things in the competition. It depends on who can beat who. When the situation on the battlefield was the most stalemate, CJ Entertainment announced that the pre-sale of “Lao Qian” had started ahead of schedule, and it was officially released. The time has also been advanced to July 8th, a full three weeks ahead of schedule, completely mixing up the water in the film circle in July and getting more and more muddy.


“I heard that “Lao Qian” is opened today Is it pre-sale?” In KangJeGyuFilm, a middle-aged man wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses sat on the Boss chair and looked at the folder in his hand, then lifts the head to look at the subordinate in front of him, and said aloud Asked.

“Yes, we officially started accepting reservations at ten o’clock this morning.” The subordinates replied respectfully.

“Always pay attention to his box office pre-sale situation, do you know?” The middle-aged man warned repeatedly.

Xia Hu Soo immediately responded nodded, “Yes, the president!”

The KangJeGyuFilm film company on Chungmuru Road may not be the largest film production company here, but it is A film production company with a long history established in 1993, and also a well-known company in the film circle. In fact, his Boss and its director is the famous Jiang Digui. Although the award-winning and production works are not many, just tell me a few. I have definitely heard of the names of these movies, such as “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War” and “The Spy of Life” directed by Jiang Digui, Ding Chuxin’s “Dream of Dreams”, etc., especially “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War “was even more enthusiastic at the time, compared to “The King and The Clown”.

The global success of “Life and Death Disc Change” enabled KangJeGyuFilms to expand its business from film production to other fields. In 2000, KangJeGyuFilms acquired the Z00002 multifunctional cinema. Jiang Digui established iCBN (the next generation Internet Broadcasting Corporation), broaden the channel platform except for film production and distribution.

“You go down first!” Jiang Digui raised his head and glanced at his subordinates and then said, so scared that his subordinates trembled all over, then he bowed respectfully and said “goodbye” before carefully closing the door. Give it a look, and then leave.

After seeing his subordinates leave, Jiang Digui gently leaned his body on the Boss chair, and at the same time took out a cigarette and took a deep breath, slowly exhaling smoke.

Jiang Di Kyu’s addiction to cigarettes is very high. This may be a common problem of those who are directors. Just like Jung Hyuk-jae originally planned to quit smoking in this life, but because of the leak of the film source of “Lao Qian,” Coupled with a lot of business, started smoking again. Jiang Di Kyu’s smoking habit was “cultivated” when he was a Screenwriter. At that time, he did not kill his brain cells because of script problems. Because of the deadline for the completion of the script and various reasons, he became infected at that time. After he became a director, he became more and more addicted to smoking, especially when Ai founded KangJeGyuFilm film company and became the boss of KangJeGyuFilm film company. After he became the boss of KangJeGyuFilm film company, he never left his cigarette. It is already at least three packs a day. The old smoker of the smoke.

Jiang Digui’s eyes were submerged behind the lenses and smoke, and he didn’t know what he was thinking in his twinkling eyes.


“Changmin, ” The movie of “Lao Qian” is already available, did you know that?”

Park Changmin did not have class in the morning, but although he did not have class, he was not at school either, but gave out to a small child Being a teacher as a tutor, the task is not heavy and easy. During the break between the two children, Park Changmin received a call from Roommate to tell him the good news.

“What? What did you just say?” Hearing Roommate’s words, Park Changmin still seemed a little unsure. After repeated questions, this was confirmed. “You mean “Lao Qian” And the movie’s release time has been advanced?”

“Yes, I could only see it at the end of this month. If you count it now, you can see Kim Hye-soo in the cinema in six days. With the attractive carcass, aren’t you excited?” On the phone, Roommate felt that Park Changmin’s mood seemed a little wrong, and immediately asked loudly.

“Yeah! You have to keep your voice down, there are still two children on my side!” Because of Roommate’s roar, Park Changmin hurriedly covered the phone’s microphone.

“I know, I know! Do you want to make a reservation? Did I make the reservation for you, or wait till you get back?”

“Wait for me to go back, you Don’t worry about me for now,” Park Changmin said.

“Well, I don’t care about you. I’ll go online and book the tickets for the latest show after ten o’clock.”

Here I hung up the phone and answered During the time I came down, although he was still helping the two children with lectures, it was obvious that his attention was not completely on the books, and he seemed a little absent-minded. The two radish-headed children looked out and asked, “What’s wrong with you Teacher?” ‘, very polite.

“Teacher is okay!” Park Changmin said with a smile. He seemed a little regretful after saying this. He glanced at the watch in the living room, and the pointer had already pointed to nine fifty. Then he asked about two small carrot heads, “Do you have a computer at home? Teacher needs to check something!” When he said this remark, Park Changmin seemed extraordinarily confident.

“The computer is here!” Otherwise, I would say that the kid is best to cheat. After hearing what Park Changmin said, the little carrot head led him to the study, and then I saw a computer on the desk.

“Thank you!” As Park Changmin said, he sat down and turned on the computer, and then logged on to the online movie ticket reservation platform. He chose the movie theater closest to his school. Little Turnip was talking while refreshing the web page. When the seat on the web page displayed green, Park Changmin immediately chose a seat to make payment, but when he entered the payment page, he was prompted that he had been selected by others Up.

“What the hell is going on?” Park Changmin thought it was a problem with the computer webpage, but when he returned, all of Green’s seats had already turned red, and they had been booked by others. ?

Park Changmin just couldn’t believe it. When I clicked on the next one, it was still red, and the next one was still…not only this one, but Seoul theaters almost all sold out. Call to inquire I took a look at the theater staff. It was three days later that there were seats available. After listening to the theater staff’s words, Park Changmin opened wide and he couldn’t believe it…

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