Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 360

Because of the leak of the film source, “Lao Qian” adjusted its original planned strategy in publicity, while the media reporters were still concerned about the secret behind the source of “Lao Qian” However, CJ Entertainment quietly advanced the release time of “Lao Qian”. The reporters who received the news were stunned for a few seconds before the reaction was considered, thinking what kind of situation is this? Could it be that CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm are ready to bow their heads and surrender?

The reporters who are still crouching in front of the prosecutor’s office immediately split into two groups, and continue to stay here, waiting for the recent nervousness of the source leak incident, while the other wave is going to CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm, if I want to try my luck, can I directly interview the Chief-In-Charge of the two companies to get the latest internal news, but what makes them feel depressed is that they came to CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm to get a unified tone. ,’The premiere ceremony of the movie will be held at Chungmuru Road JHJ Cinema, and media reporters will not be interviewed for the time being! ‘.

Although I couldn’t interview the Chief-In-Charge of these two companies, Jung Hyuk-jae seems to be outraged this time through some rumors and news circulating inside the two companies. It is also said that in his office, Jung Hyuk-jae has dropped a few cups because of the leak of the film source.

Readers don’t care about the truth. What they value is just gossip and gossip that they are interested in. Many times the entertainment industry is playing a role as a playful and funny person, and the readers and the TV The audiences in front are the spectators in the audience, and waves of stars appear in turn to interpret their lives.

“Jung Hyuk-jae lacks confidence. To avoid many Hollywood movies, “Lao Qian” was released three weeks in advance!”

The title of Chosun Ilbo is simple, but short In just three short sentences, the whole thing was explained clearly. “Due to the leak of the film source of “Lao Qian” a few days ago, CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm both claimed that they would severely punish the perpetrators. Although they said so, according to our current According to the news, if the charges are true, Zhang Xinhou, who stole the source of the film, can only be punished for the crime of theft, and the impact of the source leak on the total box office of “Lao Qian” is irreparable.

It was in July. Many excellent movie works will be on the big screen. Among them, not only domestic movies, but also many Hollywood movies have made a strong debut in the summer. Among them is the long-awaited racing movie “Fast and Furious Three: Tokyo Drift”. There is also “X-Men 3: Last Stand” with the leading actors of Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry to bring everyone into the world of super-power movies. “Mission Impossible 3”, Tom will continue to pursue and kill. Zhonghuashuai plays cool girls, Hollywood action movies will definitely give everyone the most direct sensory enjoyment. Of course, in the end, we must not forget “Superman Returns”, the superman who has made countless women feel ashamed.

Through the above several Hollywood movies to be released, it can be expected that the next July and August will be the main battlefield for many Hollywood movies. What will they be during this period, and the movies chosen to be released during this period will not only affect themselves In addition to great self-confidence, there is also the impact from them. If there is not enough strength, then waiting for them must be a miserable end.

CJ Entertainment chose to play “Lao Qian” at this time. The release time is three weeks ahead of schedule. In addition to avoiding the impact of Hollywood movies, the source leak may also be one of the main reasons for its decision. Although it looks a little bit scary, it is far more self-aware than those arrogant movies. , It is also a good strategy……”


The building Ne of The Dong-a Ilbo, the departments responsible for the content of different sections of the newspaper, divided the entire spacious office area into several parts, and the department as an important subsidiary entertainment section of The Dong-a Ilbo occupies A good location by the window, every afternoon when the sun shines into the window and falls on the desk, in addition to making people sleep a little more accidentally, it also brings a little bit of brightness to the entire office area, making people feel unreasonable. It’s a bit better.

The target of the entertainment section is the entertainment industry. As an old traditional newspaper media that was launched on April 1, 1920, the entertainment journalists of “The Dong-a Ilbo” are very capable in the entertainment industry. There are a lot of people, and many exclusive reports are immediately exposed by “The Dong-a Ilbo”, such as news and scandals about the relationship between XX and XX, “The Dong-a Ilbo” can definitely be counted. As the wind ear of the entertainment industry.

In the afternoon of this day, there were not many staff left in the office area of ​​the entertainment section. Like the summer vacation, it was when the entertainment journalists were busiest. From the premiere to the gossip scandal, they rushed around. On the way, they are vying for first-hand information. Although July and August are the most tiring time for them, it is also the time when they make the most money. Just like the premiere, the film crew has to show it no matter what. Isn’t it? The money earned by going here is much higher than his own dead salary, which is why Yu Ji wants to participate in the film’s premiere ceremony.

Most of the Sunbae in Yuji are out today, and the staff left behind are also newcomers. They mainly do secretly filming work like squatting. Normally, it’s okay to help Sunbae move equipment or something. , Or just stay in the newspaper when I’m free, publish some news on the official website of my own newspaper, or search for the latest gossip from the Internet. This is what Quan Jae Qing, who just joined last month, does this job. .

I have been in Qing for a few years, but I’m in my early twenties, with a neat short hair and wide-framed eyes. It’s not a handsome one, but it’s definitely a small one in “The Dong-a Ilbo”. Fresh meat. But don’t think about the privileges that Xiao Xianrou will have in the newspaper. As the youngest maknae, he normally has to do some heavy work in the entertainment department by himself, even when he buys coffee. Sunbae told him so.

No, someone just happened to be behind Quan Zaiqing instructed: “In Qing, go and buy some coffee for a few Sunbae!” While instructing, he said his request, “Hey I want a latte!”

“I want an American coffee.”

“I want a cappuccino.”


When I heard the words of several Sunbae, I didn’t dare to care about it, so I quickly got up from the seat and said respectfully while nodded. A young face was full of restraint, “Okay, you See if there is anything else you need?”

“No, it’s enough for you to buy these.” The man who just ordered said again: “Right, come back in a while and make me a form. , The request is…” The man wants to say something more, but after watching Quan Jaeqing think about it, he finally waved his hand, “Forget it, you go first, come back later, I will tell you the request again!”


When he heard Sunbae’s words, Quan Jae-King said goodbye and then turned and left. He had already returned before ten minutes. The speed was absolutely Quickly, I didn’t see that the back of his shirt was partly wet. It seemed that he was running back all the way.

“Sunbae, did you just say what kind of form do you want to make?” Quan Jae Kyung asked quietly, standing in front of the man.

The man’s gaze began to divert from the small game displayed on the computer screen, and seeing Jung Hyuk-jae standing in front of him, the man seemed a little confused, “Just put the coffee here, what else do you have? Is it something?”

“Didn’t you just ask me to come and find you? You said there was something to tell me.” Quan Jiqing dare not relax at all, and replied solemnly. .

“Oh, isn’t it?” The man seemed to be unable to remember, but he still pretended to think a little bit, and then extended the hand and pointed to Quan Zaiqing’s desk. “Well, you go and send these materials back to the data room first, and then after you come back, you can check some news on the Internet. It was just not that I heard the news that “Lao Qian” was released in advance, and the pre-sale of movie tickets also started. Yes, then you can check its pre-sale status, and then you can write a news announcement based on the pre-sale status of movie tickets. If the quality is good, I can ask our editor-in-chief to help you push the manuscript up, and then You can see yourself in the next issue of the newspaper.”

The man said with a smile, and by the way, he stood up and patted Jung Hyuk-jae’s shoulder with a look of comfort.

“Okay!” Although I don’t understand what the man means, but since Sunbae has already ordered, it’s better to obey and do it well. After thinking of this, Qing bends down and thanked him. After returning the information to the data room, Quan Zaiqing went back to his desk and opened a certain movie pre-sale website. When he clicked on the sub-column “Lao Qian”, Quan Zaiqing suddenly covered it. Stopping Zizi’s mouth, some couldn’t believe what they saw in front of them.

The screen is full of red. It is estimated that if investors see this page, they will be very happy.

I finally saw a green one. Quan Zaiqing took the mouse and clicked a few times, and the page immediately jumped to the new payment page. But what surprised him was that it was still green. When he paid for the order, he was cut off by the middleman.

“What’s the situation?” Quan Zaiqing felt a little strange.

This movie ticket pre-sale platform covers mainly theaters and theaters in Seoul, and some cities around Seoul also include them. The farther places are not included in the calculation, although Everyone says that the pre-sale results are not the same as the final box office results of the movie, but from the pre-sale results we can see the potential of the film, as well as the film’s influence and attention in the minds of the audience, so the pre-sale results Increasingly, it has become a key factor for movie box office prediction.

As a newcomer’s entertainer, many things are still being studied in Qing, but as a former science student, he is sensitive to numbers. This is on the pre-sale of “Lao Qian”. The numbers still tell him a lot of information.

“The weekend shows are all booked out?” Quan Zaiqing looked at a few movie ticket pre-sale websites with some disbelief, and came to the conclusion that he even felt a little bit unbelievable.” There is still a balance in the games on Monday and Tuesday, but there is not much to do.”

Looking at the numbers and information recorded in his notebook, Quan Zaiqing suddenly felt a little confused, “This is really Was it the movie whose source was leaked?”

“Sunbae! Sunbae!” came to this amazing conclusion, Jeon Jae Qing did not dare to neglect, and immediately told Sunbae who was aside, “Sunbae, The pre-sale box office of “Old Thousand” has come out…”

Without waiting for Quan Zaiqing to finish, the Sunbae who was immersed in the online game did not pay much attention to him, “Is it particularly bleak? You look at the previous box office manuscripts and sort out a new one by yourself. Don’t just call me if you’re all right. I’m your Sunbae, not your nanny!”

In celebrating this’newcomer’, the man seemed particularly impatient.

“Sunbae, it’s not as bleak as you think. The tickets for the main theaters in Seoul on the day of the premiere of “Old Thousand” and on weekends are all sold out, and only a small number of tickets have a balance.” Simply explain the situation, in exchange for the shock revealed in the man’s eyes, and even the words tremble.

“You…what did you just say?” The man immediately got up and came to Quan Zaiqing’s side. “You show me the movie ticket pre-sale website.”

I heard it. Quan Jae-ching, the man who was honest still felt a little surprised, because according to what he said, how could it be like a movie that was released in advance because of the leak of the source? It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a big production and big publicity movie. Otherwise, how can there be such a good pre-sale performance for Fairy?

Seoul’s main theaters have all been booked out. It seems to be stimulated by the current pre-sale results. Many large theaters in Seoul chose to increase the number of “Lao Qian” before the movie was released, and The movie tickets were also sold out in just a few minutes, which stimulated other theaters even more.

“Zeqing, you did a good job this time!” The man stretched out his hand and said patted Quan Jaeqing’s shoulder.

“Sunbae taught well.” Quan Jaeqing said respectfully.

When the man heard Quan Jae-ching’s words, he shook the head, and then continued: “You found the news. You should write this article. After I write it, I will help you to read it. If the content is If possible, the newspaper publication is probably pretty close.”

When he heard Sunbae’s words, Quan Jae-ching seemed a little excited, only seeing him continuously nodded.

After the man left, Quan Jae-ching devoted all his energy to the writing of the next press release. The more I watched it, the more I felt the movie “Lao Qian” was magical, like “Lao Qian” “Before the release of the film, the source of the film was leaked, and the pre-sale results were so good. I have almost never seen a movie, as if it had not been affected at all.

Seeing this, Quan Zaiqing’s hands quickly tapped on the keyboard, and soon a press release about the box office pre-sale of “Lao Qian” was typed…

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