Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 361

“The pre-sale of “Lao Qian” is open. In just one hour, 60% of the ticket sales on the day of the premiere have gone. Ticket sources in popular areas are very tight, and the entire “Lao Qian” The film arrangement plan of the movie “Lao Qian” has been scheduled until late on the weekend, and the theaters have urgently added multiple shows to meet the needs of the audience…”

“After the source leak incident, the movie “Lao Qian” Sales have not been affected by this incident, and it ranks among the best in ticket pre-sales, ranking first in the new film pre-sales list, accounting for more than 65% of the pre-sales. As a 19th banned movie, it has experienced film It’s incredible that countless people can still achieve such high pre-sale results even after the source is leaked!”

“The pre-sale of “Lao Qian” is so prestigious, and the movies give way to “Lao Qian”…”

There are not many movies that have been released most recently. The movie that is still on the box office weekly chart is still the movie that was released two weeks ago. It is said that the new is not new, and the old is not old. In short, the audience is very concerned about this The attention and popularity of the film has dropped a lot. If the pre-sale and release time of “Lao Qian” has not been pushed forward, then it is estimated that this movie can still occupy the box office weekly chart for one or two weeks, but when “Lao Qian” As soon as the pre-sale results of the movie were released, many film production companies that had been wary of broadcasting before were completely stunned. This result is a bit against the heavens!

The film pre-sale system has not been in the South Korea movie circle for a long time. If you want to see the influence of the film “Lao Qian” from the results of the film pre-sale, you only need Just look at the ticket sales of many movies in recent years. For example, last year’s popular movie “The King and The Clown” was also produced by JHJFilm. As many as 430,000, and the number of viewers of “The King and The Clown” broke the one million mark within five days. It can be said that online pre-sales account for almost 45% of “The King and The Clown” , Which means that half of the people chose to pre-purchase movie tickets on the Internet, which is almost equal to the audience buying tickets in offline theaters.

With such a concept in my mind, then when I look at the pre-sale results of “Lao Qian”, I will understand why so many film production companies are completely stunned, not to blame their vision Children are young, but JHJFilm is too evil!

On the day of the premiere plus the two days of weekends, the number of online pre-sales reached a staggering 300,000, which may be a gap of more than 100,000 with the 400,000 pre-sales of “The King and The Clown” , But one thing to understand is that the audience of “The King and The Clown” is audiences over fifteen years old, and what about “Lao Qian”? As a 19th banned movie that can’t be watched by teenagers and can only be watched at the age of 18 years old ), the online pre-sale of 300,000 has broken the record of 19 banned movies. It seems that it has not been affected by the leak of the film source at all, and the audience and fans are also very face-saving, only to obtain the best online pre-sale this year. Achievement.

However, although there are a lot of positive news about JHJFilm and “Lao Qian”, there are also many negative news that arouse resentment because of their outstanding performance. Among these negative news, the most attractive In fact, it is still a piece of news about JHJFilm’s pre-sale results on the Internet. The front-foot media has just praised JHJFilm, and the back-foot media immediately took the news and started to hype.

The news about the falsification of online pre-sale results here hasn’t waited to sink, and there is another reporter who came up and shouted something: Some exclusive gossip, “Everyone, don’t Watching “Old Thousand”, this will definitely be a movie that you will regret after watching it. There is no need to say that the online pre-sale results are falsified, and the hype of mercenaries, news and hype, etc., don’t say anything, If Jung If Hyuk-jae has such a mentality in filming in the future, it is estimated that he will not produce any good works in the future!”

Jung Hyuk-jae roughly glanced at the newspaper and mainly talked about himself Then a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then he put the newspaper back on the dining table without reading any more.

“Min-joo, we have dinner!” Jung Hyuk-jae shouted upstairs while sitting at the dining table.


After speaking, I felt a breeze and changed into cool clothes. Jung Min-joo looked youthful and lively. For a few minutes, she jumped up briskly even as she walked, and then threw herself into Han Ga-in’s arms like’Nursing Swallow Going to the Forest’, and left Jung Hyuk-jae, who had already opened his arms, to the air. One side.


One big and one small two beautiful girls hugging each other, how can they feel a little pleasing to the eye?

“Oppa, what did the newspaper say?” Jung Min-joo sat down beside Han Ga-in, then lifts the head to look at Jung Hyuk-jae and asked.

As a younger sister Jung Min-joo, she knows her big brother’s habit of getting up in the morning. Generally speaking, she will order several morning papers at home, and the pre-sale of “Lao Qian” started yesterday. , There should be news in the newspapers, and it is precisely because of this that Jung Min-joo asked so anxiously.

“Not bad!” Jung Hyuk-jae has already known about the situation and results of the pre-sale yesterday, and this number is much higher than the number known by reporters. It is estimated that it was yesterday. The number of people added in the evening.

“It’s not bad how good is it?” Jung Min-joo was a little hard to understand what it meant. While talking about Jung Min-joo, he picked up the newspaper on the table and scanned the headline. It just looked good. When I arrived at the newspaper that scolded the production crew of “Lao Qian” from top to bottom, I glanced at Jung Min-joo’s face and showed a trace of anger. For this media that only talks about his big brother, Jung Min -joo is like does not raise from the bottom of my heart. The other newspapers on the table are different from this one. They are all compliments, and they have made a very detailed analysis of the pre-sale results of “Lao Qian”. According to the analysis, Jung Min-joo likes to read such reports, and the smile on his face is getting brighter after reading a few copies.

“Oppa, everyone’s evaluation of “Old Thousand” seems to be pretty good.”

Jung Hyuk-jae immediately responded with nodded after hearing what his younger sister said, but His mind was not completely on this, but picked up the bowls and chopsticks on the table, and said softly: “Okay, don’t read it, it’s time to eat!”

… ………………………………………………………

“Book me a ticket for the movie “Lao Qian” on the day of its premiere on the 8th!” The man took his girlfriend by the hand and came to the cinema. After asking his girlfriend to wait for him, the man came to the front desk of the cinema and said to the waiter.

“Not good, we have sold out the tickets on the 8th premiere day…” The front desk clerk said apologetically.

After hearing this, the man couldn’t believe it, “has been sold out?”

“Yes, our theater has already added two shows, but the ticket source is still a little nervous “While the waiter was talking, he refreshed the theater’s ticket source system with the mouse in his hand. He was talking, and then he heard her cry out in surprise, and then the waiter lifts the head to look at the man in front of him and said: “Huh! This gentleman, a ticket has been sold just now, but the audience has chosen to refund the ticket, do you think you need it?”

The man looked at the waiter in front of him and asked Said: “Is there only one?” Then I saw the waiter nodded.

“There is only this one now!”

After listening to the waiter’s words, the man shook the head and chose to leave.

In fact, not only online pre-sales, but also offline theaters “Lao Qian” also carried out numerous publicity activities. The publicity plans of each theater are different, and after yesterday’s crazy pre-sales According to the sales situation, all theaters also hope that “Lao Qian” can achieve a good result. After all, the higher the box office of “Lao Qian”, the more benefits they can get from it. That’s why they are like this movie. Heart.

The man chose to leave in the end. The waiter at the theater’s front desk looked at That Man’s leaving back, and then bent down and looked at the ticketing system of his theater, only to see the seat that was vacant. I was selected again. How long has it been since then? The waiter read silently in his heart for a while, and it is estimated that less than twenty seconds have just passed, and the tickets for the show on the day of the premiere have once again been sold out.

“Is it really that good-looking?” The waiter looked unbelievable. As an active college student, her job is normally part-time in the theater that’s all, and most recently she always has classmates in her own What did you say in your ears, “Let’s go see it together after the movie “Lao Qian” is released? In addition to curiosity, there are more doubts and incomprehensions in her heart.

Although she has not worked long in ticketing, she has been working in this theater for more than a year. She still understands some things. The film source was leaked in advance. Although she has not personally experienced it, she still knows the box office of some movies whose source has been leaked. She thought that when the source of “Lao Qian” was leaked, it would affect the pre-sale of “Lao Qian”, but with the current In terms of the situation, not only has “Lao Qian” been unaffected, pre-sales have become more and more popular.


“JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment It’s a good hand!”

As an ally of JHJFilm, Lotte Film’s Kang Sung-sin is actually always following a series of news about “Lao Qian” from the movie From the pre-sale of the box office to the plot and characters of the movie, Kang Sung-sin treats all this as an ordinary audience, but when he is still worried about the box office performance of “Lao Qian”, “Lao Qian” As soon as the box office pre-sale results came out, Kang Sung-sin was also a little confused.

“The reaction of JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment this time is really too keen. It’s obviously a bad hand, but it can also make such a good shot. It’s really not simple!” While watching the relevant information on the Internet “Lao Qian” news, Kang Sung-sin kept sighing.

Obviously, the situation is so unfavorable for CJ Entertainment, and in the end they were moved back to a city. As a competitor of CJ Entertainment, Kang Sung-sin couldn’t help but want to watch CJ Entertainment’s jokes. But didn’t expect was accidentally resolved by CJ Entertainment.

“It’s true. Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi this time’s publicity is really too successful, and it firmly captures the part of the movie that the audience cares about most. It is estimated that this time’s movie The promotion will enter the university marketing courses in the future. This is the most classic film marketing case!”

“Yes!” Kang Sung-sin couldn’t help but sighed, but such talents cannot be used for themselves , Kang Sung-sin sighed like this, although the two sides are allies, because the latest partnership is pretty good, and then continued: “How is our electronic filming?”

“The final post-editing is already in progress, this time “Lao Qian” chose to be released three weeks in advance, leaving us with more time!” said the subordinate.

“Let the editing side be closed, and the source will be watched well. If there is any source leak this time, don’t blame me for firing you directly!” Kang Sung-sin told his subordinates. “When the time comes If what degree of loss has been caused to the film, then it is up to you to compensate!”

“Yes, I must check it off!” Hearing Kang Sung-sin’s advice , The female subordinate’s body was trembling constantly, and then desperately nodded, the plump **** was also constantly trembling, the peach-shaped collar showed a piece of white blossoms, because the **** trembling formed a white complexion The halo made people’s eyes hurt.

“Okay, you go out first!” Kang Sung-sin said.

The subordinate immediately replied. The moment she bent down and lowered her waist, she exposed her chest. It seemed that it was accidentally, “Okay!”

The subordinate left, Kang Sung-sin Then he drew a cigarette out of his mouth and lit a fire. A face was faintly discernible in the smoke. Only the red flames of the smoke flickered together at the corners of the mouth, which looked very beautiful.

“CJ Entertainment? JHJFilm? If not a competitor, but how good a partner is…” Although he is an ally, Kang Sung-sin still says this lightly.


The waiting time always seems to be very long. Since the beginning of July, the topic of “Lao Qian” has been screened on the Internet in various ways, because of the leak of the film source and the popular pre-sale, and also because of Later, CJ Entertainment launched various publicity campaigns against “Lao Qian”. The “Lao Qian” secretly ranked by JHJFilm was definitely the most anticipated domestic movie in July. Compared with several foreign Hollywood movies, “Lao Qian” The ones below are more attractive…

On the afternoon of July 8th, the sun was still slanting in the sky, and the fans who had been waiting for a long time outside the Chungmuru Road JHJ cinema spontaneously gathered together and waited. The moment the celebrity I support comes…

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