Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 362

“Is this the original Daehan Theater?”

The many fans and fans waiting outside the JHJ theater waited anxiously while working with their friends and partners. , Or just a stranger who I only met today chatting about Tianer, it’s not a private topic, I mainly found someone who is the same hobby as myself, and the sentence of’things gather in groups, people are divided into groups’ is not just nothing serious. , The reason why many people see it right away is’birds of a feather’.

“Yes, I’ve heard of this theater before, but didn’t expect such a big change!” The person on the side nodded, and then replied affirmatively, “The Daehan Theater turned out to be Although some commercial films are usually shown in the places where art films are shown, the atmosphere and atmosphere here are far inferior to those of other cinemas. Of course, it may also be due to the decoration.”

“My home is here. Near the edge, didn’t expect that the original Daehan Theater has become a JHJ ​​Theater, and it looks no worse than Lotte Theater and CJ Theater. It’s a little closer to my house. If the viewing effect is good, then I will I decided to come here to watch a movie next time.”

There are no few people who have the same idea as this man. Chungmuru Road, as a street closely related to movies, will naturally attract countless people. Movie hobbyists, if they give them a good experience in watching movies here, then even if they can’t become regulars here, they will come and watch a movie from time to time when the movie is released. Don’t underestimate it. The premiere ceremony of a movie is nothing but the effect it produces is far more direct and efficient than the advertisement. This is the reason why Jung Hyuk-jae puts the premiere ceremony of several movies shot by his company here. Don’t underestimate this premiere ceremony. Jung Hyuk-jae did this to create momentum for JHJ cinema. It would be a fool if there are free advertisements not to do it.

“I don’t know who will be at today’s premiere ceremony?”

Because of the problem of fans nearby, the big guys nearby started a new round around this issue. “Who’s your favorite star? I’m talking about movie stars.” When he said his own question, perhaps fearing that everyone would misunderstand him, the man immediately explained that it’s not a star in the ordinary sense, not those TV stars. Stars who hop on and sing, or those who call them idols, the stars in their mouths are all movie stars.

“Son Ye-jin -eonni, Ye-jin -eonni’s movie is very beautiful, she is my favorite person!” A male fan excitedly said his favorite artist .

“Son Ye-jin? She’s pretty good, she has good acting skills and she is young and has potential. The award-winning “Drunk Painting Fairy” was the first time I learned about her, and she starred in her After the two works of “The Classic” and “A Moment to Remember”, I like Son Ye-jin more.”

Not only men, but even female fans have heard of Son Ye When -jin was named, everyone jumped up in excitement, wishing to see her immediately. People who don’t know would think that today is the handshake meeting of’Son Ye-jin’!

“Speaking of stars, I don’t know who your favorite director is?” Another question was raised. “Directors can also be regarded as stars? Of course, some of them look too bad. It’s also a star, but…you know it!”

Although you are also in public in this entertainment industry, if you are not successful in a certain area or in a certain field, it is similar to the behind-the-scenes work of a director. It’s really difficult for people to impress the audience and fans in mind. Of course, whether it’s from variety shows, TV series, or movies, what Jung Hyuk-jae has done is far beyond praise. It was too successful. I haven’t won all the awards for the TV series. I have just started to direct and shoot movies. Perhaps the only thing that impresses audiences and fans is his age and handsomeness much higher than that of film and television directors. Up.

“The most favorite director is Jung Hyuk-jae, but he just feels that he is so young that he can be at the bottom of our younger generation’s chart style!” Among the fans, male fans have replied.

In addition to him, many female fans also expressed their views on the director, “I can make variety shows, write TV shows, and make movies. If God gave me such a boyfriend, how much Okay!” He looked at the reporters in front of him with resentment, as if they had robbed his future’husband’.

“I don’t know why, I want Jung Hyuk-jae to collaborate with Son Ye-jin once, whether it’s a TV series or a movie…” In the corner of the crowd, I don’t know who it is. So replied, everyone was taken aback when they heard such a statement, and then they started nodding their heads inexplicably. It seemed that it made people feel pretty good. The inexplicable two matched a little, although they couldn’t tell. Where to take it.

The results of the subsequent discussions are nothing new. Everyone, you say one sentence by one sentence. By the way, you will kill some time. The waiting time is a bit too long, but this group of lovely fans and fans Reluctantly, as if my legs were not my own after standing for more than an hour, each of my heads was held, staring straight at the far end of the red carpet, where the movie premiere ceremony star will appear. The red carpet is very long, leaving enough time for reporters and media to take pictures and video.

“Come on!”

I don’t know who suddenly shouted, and then I only saw everyone’s heads as if they were being pulled by some mysterious force, all together. Looking towards the end of the red carpet, for almost ten seconds, no one appeared on the red carpet.

‘Cut! ‘, someone murmured disapprovingly. He has watched a lot of tricks like this, thinking so in his heart, with a look of’coldness’ and no strangers on his face, and then set the pose.

“Come, come! This time it is really here, it’s Kim Hye-soo’s managerial van!” This time I don’t know who suddenly shouted such a sentence, and then everyone’s heads The same turned around in unison. When they really saw Kim Hye-soo in a little black dress stepping out of the car with slender and straight thighs, the cheers on the scene had already resounded through the sky, everyone Involuntarily shouting the name of’Kim Hye-soo’, waving his hands in the air unconsciously.

“Kim Hye-soo -eonni!”

“Kim Hye-soo -ssi, your clothes are so beautiful today!” black sexy little dress, low collar design Exposing a large piece of white skin on his chest, coupled with the thought-provoking and wanting ditch in the middle of the ****, at today’s premiere ceremony, Kim Hye-soo was a bit simple to put it on, but it brought The effect is quite good. Although the clothes are simple, they are very good at the level of care. The small accessories on the wrist and the necklace on the neck all add a bit of vivid beauty to this dress.

This little black dress is considered a long skirt, but the slits are opened from the side, which is somewhat similar to a cheongsam, but it does not look like it when you look closely. In any case, it is Kim Hye-soo When I opened my legs, the slits of the skirt showed slender and straight long legs, which seemed to be particularly attractive no matter how you looked at it.

Fans can’t wait to have a pair of 360-degree eyes without blind spots, just to see the most tempting scene between Kim Hye-soo’s swinging legs, and the various reporters and media who wait and see on the sidelines Setting up their own long spear cannon is no exception. They are not aiming at Kim Hye-soo’s whole body, but instead focusing on the bottom road and shooting themselves around the skirts of their legs.

“-eonni, marry me, okay!”

Although the fans and movie fans on the scene are big, but they are all pretty good, plus because they are on Chungmuru Road Because of the special reasons, the flow of people is also very high, coupled with the human’gathering crowd’ and’watching the excitement’ effect, it is estimated that there will be a lot of audiences who don’t know anything and come to watch the show, so on the scene In terms of security, you can rest assured that the specially invited security members are holding hands to block the turbulent crowd. Although these security personnel are strong and powerful, one person or several people is just like in front of the masses. Like a small boat sailing in a rainstorm, it floats in the crowd. Fortunately, the physical fitness is quite good, and it will not be washed away by the crowd.

“Kim Hye-soo -ssi, please accept an interview here, right?” At the end of the red carpet, in front of an advertising board, the hostess dressed very bold and avant-garde said and called in the movie Among them, Ms. Zheng’s actor Kim Hye-soo, if said that Kim Hye-soo is in a small black dress and the low-neck design leaks out, if it gives people a natural sexiness and temptation, then this hostess in front of you It is a kind of pretentious sexiness that is exposed on the surface. If she is not young, she occupies the advantage of age, it is estimated that the first side will be forcibly defeated by Kim Hye-soo.

“Kim Hye-soo -ssi, I heard that you gave Production crew a photo of yourself at the end of the shooting, didn’t you?” The hostess who looks like a big brainless hostess The first question asked was a bit unexpected by Kim Hye-soo.

“How did you know?” Kim Hye-soo looked particularly surprised. After all, this is just a matter of spreading in a small area. I can’t believe that someone can dig it out.

“Excuse me, what kind of photos you gave to Production crew members?” The hostess asked again.

“In fact, it’s nothing, it’s just the photos I took when I was on the set when everyone was working hard, because I most recently liked photography, so in my free time shooting by Production crew, I’m fine. When I was a child, I always liked to run around with a camera, taking pictures of these, and then I thought, why not take pictures of what everyone looks like when they work hard?”

Kim Hye-soo seriously Said, “When I was in Production Crew, I occasionally had the opportunity to watch other actors perform or watch the employees work, so I took the opportunity to take pictures of their serious work. Whenever the actors immersed themselves in studying the script, You can’t imagine how cute they look like.”

“After spending a long time with so many outstanding actors, there are thousands of people in my heart when we separate. Reluctant. In order to make everyone forget the sadness of breaking up, so I prepared a gift for the big guys in Production Crew, and took photos of my favorite photos and gave them to them. At first, it was just an unintentional act. Later, I saw that everyone likes others so much. After I was working hard on the camera, I had this idea.”

“Because the shooting scene was very harmonious, everyone was reluctant to leave when they were separated. In the future acting career, I can meet There may not be many opportunities to get such a good staff and actors. Of course, I may work with a few of them again, but the chances of the actors of “Old Thousand” getting together again to act together are not great. . Because I know that this kind of happiness will not last forever, so it’s worth cherishing. At the end of the shooting, a staff member wanted to hug me. When I hugged him, I felt warm and reluctant to give up.”

The hostess seemed to know the behind-the-scenes of this matter very well, and asked again: “Then which photos do you like best in this?”

Kim Hye-soo thought for a while, and then replied: “It should be Baek Yun-shik Teacher who took off his leather shoes and read the script hard!” Thinking of this, Kim Hye-soo couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course the picture looks a little funny.”

“Are there any more?”

“The picture of Jung Hyuk-jae Jung PD falling asleep with his legs on the table is also good…”

“Then, What do you think about the leaked source of “Old Thousand”?”

After asking a few more questions, the hostess let off Kim Hye-soo. Time is running out. It’s short, and there will be a few more starring actors to come on stage. The one who follows closely from behind is Cho Seung-woo, the actor of Gorny.

After interviewing the main actors of “Old Thousand”, the reporters outside the theater remained unmoved, waiting patiently in place one by one.

As for Jung Hyuk-jae, as the film director, he was already late and he was at the end of a few leading actors. I thought that when he came outside the theater, he should greet him The lonely red carpet and the lonely crowd, but what made him didn’t expect is that everyone is still waiting for him.

“Jung PD, you are here!”

When the hostess in front of the advertising board saw Jung Hyuk-jae, she smiled and said hello, “Please talk to the fans at the scene Let’s say hello!”

Hearing the hostess’s words and looking at the expectant eyes under the stage, Jung Hyuk-jae suddenly felt guilty and saw him holding it in his hand. The microphone looked at the audience, fans, and film fans in front of them and said: “Thank you for being able to come outside the JHJ cinema today. Thank you very much for supporting the movie “Old Thousand”. I hope everyone can make a point after watching it. For your comments…Thank you!”

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