Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 363

“Damn, why is there a traffic jam at this time?”

Chi Haoyu slapped the steering wheel horn, slowly lying The car on the road made an untimely piercing sound, which aroused the angry eyes of everyone outside the car window, but at this moment, Chi Haoyu also has no son Aunt. At the moment, he just wants to rush to the cinema earlier. Don’t delay the premiere of “Old Thousand”.

Yes, I’m talking about the “premiere” here, not the star-studded “premiere ceremony”. The reason is that his current geographic location is not that of an international big Metropolis-Seoul, he is now on the blocked road in Daegu Metropolitan City, overlooking this city dominated by the textile fiber industry from the air, after the development of the textile industry in the 1980s and 1990s, plus With the development of the machinery, chemical, and electronic industries, and the transition to high-value-added cutting-edge industries such as precision machinery, automobiles, and information communicator materials, Daegu Metropolitan City has gradually entered the city like all major cities. In the dilemma of’increasingly congested’, especially during peak hours.

“Yeah! Are you here yet?”

The car stuck on the road here is still moving forward slowly like a snail, just now he puts it The phone in the passenger seat suddenly rang. Chi Haoyu pressed the answer button of the phone, and then he heard a man’s voice on the phone.

“I’m still on the road right now, wait a while, I’ll be over in a while.” Hearing the words of a friend, Chi Haoyu was also very depressed. Friends and colleagues watch a movie together and relax. Whoever thought that he was stuck in the middle of the road, looking at the long caravan outside the car window and the tailless caravan, Chi Haoyu’s mood at this moment is single The word’bad’ is indescribable.

“There is a traffic jam on the road?” My friend on the phone was cry out in surprise, “Then you ask for more blessings, don’t you know the traffic here, although it is far behind Seoul , But if you talk about the road conditions during the rush hour, I don’t think I need to explain it to you, Haha!” At the end, he even taunted the situation, causing Chi Haoyu to take a photo. The more I think about it, the more I feel depressed.

“Then what, I’m waiting for you in the outdoor parking lot of LotteMLLEsiapolis store. Call me when you almost arrive. If it’s almost the screening time, then I’ll go in first, you follow See me for the seat number.” At last, my friend exhorted, Chi Haoyu hung up the phone, and watched the longer and longer traffic flow, he understood that bye-bye losing his temper would not change the situation at the scene, so he had to sit in his seat and wait for the traffic flow. At the moment of being dredged, only the depression on his face can’t be blocked by a smile.


Outside the LotteMLLEsiapolis store, after almost half an hour, Chi Haoyu hurried to catch up Before the movie was shown, he rushed to the cinema and drove the car to the outside of the outdoor parking lot. Then he saw at a glance the friend waiting for his in the parking lot.

Seeing Chi Haoyu’s car coming, his friend was also very excited. If it wasn’t the phone call he just called, he would have gone in long ago. The ticket check-in for “Thousands” has already started, so before Chi Haoyu stopped the car, my friend ran to Chi Haoyu’s car, urging him as he said, “Why did you come here so late? If you come again? It is estimated that the movie will start to be shown at a later date.”

Hearing what his friends said, Chi Haoyu also looked depressed. The most depressing situation in driving is the traffic jam. The feeling of powerlessness from the bottom of my heart is really annoying. I got out of the car and locked the door. After hearing two beeps, Chi Haoyu came to my friend’s ridicule. The city’s road conditions came, “You said on the phone what was happening on the road at this moment. I’m pretty good. Don’t you know that when I walked out of the traffic jam, there was still a long slip behind me. Er’s car is still stuck in the middle of the road. It is estimated that the road conditions on that road will not get better before ten o’clock in the evening. If we go back in a while, we have to make a detour first.”

“Okay. , Okay! I know, let’s go in quickly, or the screening will begin in a while.” My friend did not respond, and directly pushed Chi Haoyu, and the two began to trot and ran into the LotteMLLEsiapolis store.

LotteMLLEsiapolis store is the first new concept lifestyle center LOTTEMALL proposed, and it is also a new family shopping theme park centered on shopping culture that customers in Qiu and Gyeongbuk have never encountered before. There are not only shopping malls, children’s theme parks, FlowerGarden, customer lounges, but also a cinema (CGV) and other cultural consumption spaces. It is a fun and colorful One-day life for the whole family to enjoy the fun of life. space.

Chi Haoyu came here with friends this time to watch a newly released movie-“Old Thousand”, like almost all male fans, the most important reason for attracting them It’s Kim Hye-soo ****’s figure and inadvertently seductive eyes in the movie.

After the two parked the car, they rushed into the store Ne, and then took the elevator to the Lotte Cinema in 6-Layer. During this time, there was a little fun, in the Lotte mall. All of the elevators can bear at least one ton of weight. Chi Haoyu and his friends just caught up with the elevator that was going to go up when they ran into the mall. The elevator was already full of people. After the two got on, there was another person. I was ready to board, but I never thought that the toes just hit, the elevator sirens sounded at this moment, and then the elevator wrinkled up in the enviable eyes of others carrying a full cabin, all the way up, in the middle The floor did not stop once, and then the people in this compartment were sent to the 6-Layer cinema.

In the elevator just now, Chi Haoyu was about to sigh that there are so many people watching movies, but when the elevator door opens, when his eyes see the lotte theater in front of him, there are as many as three hundred numbers. When he was a person, he couldn’t say what he was stuck in his throat.

Where is the movie theater? Is this clearly a vegetable market?

No, there are not so many people in front of a stall in the vegetable market. Looking at the poor conductor behind the ticket counter, Chi Haoyu and his friends felt very lucky in their hearts. I feel a little bit happy. As those who grabbed the pre-sale tickets, they don’t need to squeeze like they did. They only need to take the ticket and go directly in. Chi Haoyu feels a little refreshed when he thinks of this place. The mood that was bad because of the traffic jam on the road has also improved a lot in an instant.

“ID, ID number!” The two came to the ticket office. Although there were only a few minutes before the movie began, the staff at the ticket office still meticulously checked the two. The person’s ID card and ID number, and by the way, matched the appearance with the photo on the ID card. Only when there was nothing wrong with it, the two of them were put in.

South Korea has established a movie classification system in 1998. The system stipulates that movies are divided into five levels: all people, over 12 years old, over 15 years old, and over 18 years old can watch and restricted screenings, because there are some nude scenes and gambling scenes in the film of “Lao Qian” , So in the final rating, “Lao Qian” was rated as an eighteenth banned movie by the Video Object Rating Committee, which means that it is only suitable for watching over 18 years old (adult viewing is acceptable).

There is a natural need for the classification system to be implemented. In South Korea, the screening of such restricted-level movies requires the ticket inspector to personally ask the viewer’s ID and driver’s license, and also to observe the person. Can it match the ID card? The most important thing is that this conversation also needs to be recorded in order to be checked in the future.

Of course, in general, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. The people’s Ji-hye is endless. In the middle of the movie screening, you can go to other theaters to play together. After all There is no ticket checking in the small hall, so you can deliberately watch a few movies if you are not careful.

Chi Haoyu, who has already entered the society as an adult, didn’t worry about his ID issue at all. After some checks, the two finally walked into the theater, and they were greeted by There were more than a hundred lords looking directly at him.

I haven’t been so touched when I was outside, but three-fifths of the people who came into the movie hall to choose to watch this movie were big men, enough to see “Old Thousands’ attraction to men.

“Where are our seats?” Chi Haoyu glanced at the small ticket in his hand, sat down against the seats, and waited for the opening moment of the movie.

My friend looked at the fans who were almost full in front of them, and whispered to Chi Haoyu: “There are a lot of people watching this film!”

“Of course, Didn’t you see the most men?”

“Yes, why do all such men choose to watch this movie?” While talking, Chi Haoyu’s friend deliberately pretended The appearance of innocence who doesn’t understand anything directly provokes Chi Haoyu’s expression of disgust.

“It’s you? But you are still pure? I don’t know who was watching the trailer while at work and was caught by the boss! Ha…” When it comes to this, Chi Haoyu It was funny. When the trailer for “Old Thousand” was just released, the friend in front of me was caught watching the trailer while at work, and the trailer stopped just after Kim Hye-soo was revealed. When you recite, did you say that it was embarrassing at the time?

What Chi Haoyu said made his friend blush for a while, but fortunately, the lights in the theater were already dimmed at this time, and no one could see the embarrassment.

When the lights are dimmed and the sound rang, everyone’s voices in the theater are also gradually lowered until no one speaks any more, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the big screen, watching CJ Entertainment on the big screen The logo flashed by, and then the “JHJFilm” logo lights up again. It is still a particularly concise squiggly logo. If you want to say the only difference, it may be in the bottom line of’JHJFilm’ There is a line of small characters, that is’TheNextNewEntertainmentWord! ‘(The next entertainment New World).

Some people saw it, and some people didn’t care about it. Before these people thought about the meaning of this sentence, when the picture came on again, they only saw a man walking alone on a street with dim lights. On the streets of, because of the light, the appearance of the man is not clear at all. There is only a black silhouette carrying a bag in his left hand, and the right hand is inserted in his pocket Ne, with the right soundtrack at the moment. , The man walked up to the camera to show his face, and then took out a lighter and lit a cigarette.

Don’t look at just a short award-winning shot, but the fans and the audience in the audience have begun to discuss in a low voice, “I downloaded the disc source leaked from “Lao Qian” before. It’s just that such a simple lens that didn’t expect was shot so charming, and matched with a suitable BGM, for the hobbyists of this type of movie, it’s a horror to their heart, and they are especially appetizing. .

“Sure enough, the leaked film source couldn’t be seen at all, especially the one without the soundtrack. “

The audience in the audience was discussing quietly, and on the big screen, the plot was still in progress. On the taxi, Gorny played by Cho Seung-woo was still with the people around him. While speaking, the camera turned to a lithe and graceful woman who looked from behind and gently held a slender lady’s cigarette in her left hand. Smoke came out of her mouth, don’t look at it. It’s just a back view. The woman hasn’t even started to speak, but the audience in the audience already knows the identity of this woman-Ms. Zheng.

“Do I know Gorny? “

“He is the best man I have ever seen! “While speaking, Kim Hye-soo turned his head slightly and turned his face sideways. This single shot has already made the fans in the theater climax.

…………………… …………………………………………………………

At the same time, the premiere of “Old Thousand” also began in Seoul, various ways The presence of the stars is for such a movie, and the words in the heart of the starring actors are false, and even Jung Hyuk-jae, who was full of confidence, was worried in his heart for no reason, but When the movie began to show, Jung Hyuk-jae, who was standing next to the big screen, watched that the audience had devoted themselves to the movie itself. Someone chatted with his friends around the scenes just now, Jung Hyuk-jae’No Be careful.’ After hearing their conversation, he was still a little worried and can finally put his heart in his stomach.

“The scene just now looks pretty good! “

“Yes, I think so too. How could the silhouette of a man in the dim light look handsome.” “

“At present, the quality of the movie seems to be pretty good. I give it 85 points, a full 100 points. “

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