Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 364

Compared with the lively scene of starlight and dazzling stars gathered at the premiere ceremony of the Seoul movie “Old Thousand” a hundred kilometers away, the premiere of Daegu Metropolitan City appears low-key It’s too much, but although there are no star red carpets to join, but also a lot of audiences, Chi Haoyu is the most common one in it, but he also takes it very seriously.

If it is said that before the movie begins, most of the male audiences are most concerned about where Kim Hye-soo is revealed, then when the movie begins, everyone’s eyes can’t help being affected by the plot. Attracted, deeply attracted by the numerous changes on the gaming table inside, reluctant to look away from above.

In the opening film of the movie, the silhouette shot of Gonny under the dim light looks particularly good. As the plot progresses, the audience knows that the man named Gonny played by Cho Seung-woo is A laoqian, the movie has officially started with him and his assistant being hunted down. The picture is also frozen at this moment. The two red characters of’Laoqian’ are like paint splashed on the screen, and the audience can’t help but do it. Shocked, everyone knew that the movie had officially started.

“You ask me why people gamble?” Ms. Zheng gently shakes off the soot, and raises her eyebrows lightly. “Who knows!”

“wa! “

Seeing this shot, most of the male audience in the theater couldn’t help crying out in surprise. If you said that when everyone’s thoughts were just immersed in the movie, then now When everyone saw Kim Hye-soo appearing, they couldn’t help their eyes widening. Don’t look at Kim Hye-soo. It’s not the popular beauty in the entertainment industry, but it’s okay. She has a big chest. ! Although her age is a bit older for many young male audiences here, it doesn’t matter, she has a big chest! Although men like smoking themselves, they don’t like the appearance of women smoking, but when they saw the slender fingers of Ms. Zheng played by Kim Hye-soo in the film, they were already excited!

Of course, there are couples among the audience here, but the boys’ position is a bit embarrassing. You can watch the big screen, but when Kim Hye-soo comes out , Will inevitably be pinched by a 360° rotation from his girlfriend next to him, and Chi Haoyu sits next to such a pair.

“Yeah! Where do you look?” The girl asked very domineeringly, saying that the status of South Korea girls is definitely slowly improved after “My Sassy Girl”, and recently The soft girls who have been in the past few years have all evolved in the direction of the female man. Otherwise, why do they all say that South Korea men hate the movie “My Sassy Girl” so much!

“I didn’t look anywhere. Isn’t this watching the big screen? Let’s watch the movie. People behind you are watching you.” Her boyfriend seemed to feel a little embarrassed and pulled gently. He pulled his girlfriend’s sleeve and said.

“Are you watching the woman Kim Hye-soo?”

The man looked helpless when he heard it. You said that you just follow the plot of the movie and look down. How could such a thing happen? “Everyone is showing up on the big screen, why don’t I watch it? Could it be that I close my eyes?”

“Yes, just close my eyes. Besides, watching a movie is just watching Movies, watching the movie while grinning silly, it’s really embarrassing!” The girl pursed her mouth as she said, her brows were tightened together, and it seemed that she was really disgusted.

When he heard his girlfriend’s words, the boy couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to touch his cheek, and thought to himself,’Did I really smirk just now? ‘.

Chi Haoyu quickly turned his gaze away from the two pairs of men and women next to him, and glanced at his friend who was concentrating on watching a movie next to him. Chi Haoyu just wanted to Looking for a girlfriend……


When the scene in the movie turns, the subtitles on it are marked with a line , Showing’Namwon two years ago’, in a warehouse full of goods, Gorny, who looks much younger in clothes and appearance, is surrounded by a few people sitting and playing cards, and everyone’s eyes follow him. Keep watching every move.

Compared to college, he hopes to have money for poverty alleviation. On this day, a group of people in a corner of the furniture factory played cards, and everyone played cards. While chatting, one person soon discovered Gorny who was hiding behind someone from the very beginning.

“Thank you for your drink!” A man grabbed a handful of money and handed it to Gorny, then said.

Gorney turned out the banknotes. Before he could speak, a man with glasses stood up and spoke, “Are you not going to go home? Are you planning to join?”

Gorney laughed Shook the head, “No, I just look at it casually.”

“Why don’t you work at first and then go to college?” At this time, the other of the four playing cards is wearing a checkered shirt. The man said while laughing and clapping.

“Education does not guarantee wealth.” Gonny said solemnly.

“You have no money?” someone asked.

“I made money!” Gonny began to retort.

“Then Gone, do you know how to play flower cards?” The man here asked Gone while gathering the cash on the table.

“Of course I know, who wouldn’t be able to play this!”

The movie actor has already begun to move the stool and is ready to sit down and play card games. As soon as the camera turned, Ms. Zheng was still in this posture with a cigarette in her hand. Although she had seen it, the men in the live theater still never tire of it.

“Flower card, what a beautiful word, the meaning is’flower of war’, do you know what makes people stupid in the flower card game?” At this point, Ms. Zheng Suddenly paused, and then the camera took a close-up shot of Ms. Zheng’s face, the corners of her mouth were fascinating, and she said a word softly, “It’s hope!”

“Wrong hope , That’s life!”

The camera turned to Gorney again. Someone took out a banknote and handed it to Gorney, “Take this little money and buy something delicious, I It’s painful to know that you’ve lost.”

The scenes of Gorny and Ms. Zheng were played alternately, and the audience who watched this movie for the first time had some understanding of the characters. For example, Ms. Zheng was the most At the beginning, the most admired Lao Qian was actually Gao Ni. Two years ago, he was just the most common employee in a furniture factory, but when he lost all his savings for three years, Gao Ni felt that he suddenly became nothing.

When the movie first began to promote, CJ Entertainment stated in the outline of the movie, “There is such a youth furniture factory who works and saves pitiful wages. Life is ordinary youth but life is gone for a moment. I have never imagined a change in direction. Everything is because of “accidental” I just want to play cards, and I have a 180° turn in my life. At the beginning, I just want to win back the lost money, but in the end I couldn’t resist the temptation to win. The result was that the young man could no longer leave the casino. No matter the Master of Enlightenment, the desire to have a woman, and a good friend, they could not stop the way to the last life and death casino because the young man had already placed a bet on his own life…’, it seems that he has already put all of the movie. The content is included, there are gambling, master, woman, plot against, life and death, but if you are not watching a movie, you never know how attractive the details are, which is why there are so many comic novels The secret of how the modified movie and TV series can still attract audiences, and the reason why many remakes of movie and TV series can still have a large market, that is, the difference between people and movies that you want to watch is different from the same.

Chi Haoyu has seen the comics of “Old Thousand” before. Although the memory of time is a bit far away, some of the main plots can still be recalled. Now I saw Jung Hyuk-jae directed the filming Although there are some major changes in the plot of the “Lao Qian” movie, it is still a pretty good gambling feast for fans. Chi Haoyu himself can’t remember how long he hasn’t watched such a delightful domestic production. It’s a movie, of course, the last time JHJFilm produced the movie “The King and The Clown”, although it is good-looking, it is not happy enough!

Twenty minutes of the film tells the story of Gone’s from being deceived by Qian to deceiving others. When Gone took the money and slapped him on the face of the man who deceived him for three years, the scene suddenly sounded. There was an exclamation and scream.

“It should be like this!”

“Haha, I wanted to do this a long time ago. I should just chop off his hand with a knife.”

“But why did That Man say that he didn’t hide the card in his pocket?” Some people still don’t understand it when they see it.

“From the very beginning, this was a scam. The card was not That Man, but Gone wanted to plant the blame on him, and the effect still looks very good!”

Although the seductive Ms. Zheng who attracted them into the cinema did not have many chances to show up in the first 20 minutes, the audience had obviously forgotten that their’original intention’ was to come to Kim Hye-soo. Naked. The rapid changes on the gaming table are definitely something that can stimulate the adrenal glands of men, just like men like guns for no reason.

In the first 20 minutes of the film, it did not introduce how Gonny learned the old tricks of this body. It was not mentioned until later. It turned out that Gonny had lost the elder sister’s compensation. Later, he knew that there were many old people playing cards in his factory, and when he went to find those old people theories, he ran into the legendary expert Ping Jing, and Gao Ni learned from him. It is guaranteed that if you win and lose 5 times, you will no longer gamble.

When teaching Gao Ni, Chang Hing Jing taught him four principles, and also four pieces of advice.

1. To become a wild beast

2. Pay attention to your own back

3. Don’t be too selfish

4. No eternal Friends also have no eternal enemies.

After this memorable plot is over, Ms. Zheng, who excited the audience in the trailer, is finally online. ,

Ping Jing brought the pair of master and disciple Goni to Seoul. He came here to find the most famous’beauty snake’, Ms. Zheng. If said Ms. Zheng was in the previous scenes with If she is in a charming state, then Ms. Zheng on the big screen can be said to be showing off her most attractive weapon as a woman all the time.

Ms. Zheng, played by Kim Hye-soo, has a fatal magic in itself. She opens her lips lightly and has a sultry tone. Even the woman hears it as if hard to avoid calamity. In a few shots In that deliberately backlit silhouette, looking back gently in the smoke, flaming red lips, the whole person is like a blooming poppy, you know that sinking under her skirt is an inevitable death, but it still looks like moth flies into the flame usually flies to her side.

The slight smile at the corner of Ms. Zheng’s mouth, the bright red color matches the ambition of ****, but you know, she is lonely. She vividly and thoroughly interpret the thousands of styles hidden in this red lipstick. Every woman desires a lipstick that is as red and glaring as blood, just as every woman lives in a bloodthirsty fairy. She is quiet and reserved on the surface, or sexy and seductive.

Maybe before this, Ms. Zheng didn’t know the number one person like Gorny, but the gambling skills of people who can be brought by the three major gambling kings Pingjing will naturally not be bad.

“Gorny, is the best old man I have ever seen!” Perhaps this is the legendary’love at first sight’.

While Ms. Zheng was discussing Lao Qian’s secret code with Mr. Ping Jing, she only saw Ms. Zheng sitting on the table behind her with one hand supporting her body and crossing her legs. Swinging gently, like two paddling boats, Krystal high heels paired with white feet, Gonny, who played cards on the side, had already been stunned.

In fact, it is not just Gorny, but even the male audience in the movie theater. See which one is not stared wide-eyed, mouth opened wide, all of them are almost like bus idiots, if it’s not a screen Blocked by the Dimensional Wall, it is estimated that the group of men in the movie hall would like to walk through the screen and fall under Ms. Zheng’s pomegranate skirt.

Actually, not only the men in the theater, but the women are not much better. They all said that Ms. Zheng played by Kim Hye-soo reveals a fatal charm that makes people take a breath. I couldn’t help but be attracted by her. My eyes were staring at her tightly, and I couldn’t bear to look away from her. Kim Hye-soo is such a woman, with the magic of taking both sexes.

From Seoul to Daegu Metropolitan City, to Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju, etc., all the fans and audiences who are watching the movie “Old Thousand” at this moment are all Was overwhelmed by the charm of Kim Hye-soo.

Goni, who had already left, finally went back to find Ms. Zheng.

Knocked on her door gently, Gonnie looked at the words of Ms. Zheng who walked out and stuttered, “Why don’t we…”

” Nothing?”

“Why don’t you have a drink?” Goney said again.

“Wait a minute!” Hearing Gonny’s words, Ms. Zheng asked her little hand and said, by the way, she closed the door, leaving everyone infinite reverie.

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