Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 365

“How is the movie’s viewing effect?” As people walked out of the cinema, Jung Hyuk-jae asked Han Ga-in, who was wrapped in sunglasses and was beside him. .

The movie is indeed good, but when she sees Kim Hye-soo naked and naked in the movie, she still feels a little uncomfortable. After all, when a woman This kind of nakedness. When you are naked in front of a man, it all represents a kind of temptation. Although it was for filming at the time, and in fact, there was nothing to see except nakedness, but it still felt uncomfortable to think of it.

“Not bad, Kim Hye-soo Sunbae’s performance looks perfect!” Han Ga-in said stiffly, with the word angry written on a pretty face. I have to say that she is a smart woman. Although she feels a little uncomfortable with Kim Hye-soo in her heart, she has not yet reached the point where she is eating jealousy, which makes girls with small tempers very cute, but girls who frequently eat jealousy. Definitely annoying, especially in such a bizarre and motley circle.

“What’s the matter?” Jung Hyuk-jae noticed something wrong with Ga-in next to him, and asked with concern: “Does it feel uncomfortable?”

Uncomfortable? Han Ga-in thought that he was really uncomfortable, but the culprit was the man in front of him. Hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s caring words, Han Ga-in did not answer, but instead put his arm into Jung Hyuk-jae’s With arms bent, the petite but exquisite physical contact is closer.

The premiere ceremony of “Old Thousand” was held last night. Because of some problems with the ticketing system recently, the time for counting the number of box office viewers is somewhat delayed, so this is 2nd day Yes, the number of viewers yesterday has not been counted. Nevertheless, with some details, we can still see the strength of the movie “Lao Qian”.

According to incomplete statistics, “Lao Qian” has a total of more than 500 screens painted across the country, which seems to be a bit small, but don’t forget that the source of “Lao Qian” was leaked before Incident, with such an event, it is impossible to increase the number of screens in other theaters and theaters. At least it has to wait for the three-day box office to come out before talking about the increase in the number of screens.

Although the number of screens is a bit small, the attendance rate is very high. The most popular airports in the theaters in several districts in Seoul have reached an astonishing 100%, which means that the venues are full. In the current situation, the attendance rate of popular games is also very high, almost with an average attendance rate of more than 80% per game. Of course, this situation is so terrifying in Seoul. In other cities and provinces, the attendance rate of theaters is also quite high, but because the number of shows is a bit richer than the movie fans in that area, the attendance rate is also stable. Around 60% is also a terrifying attendance rate.

“Are you the director of Jung Hyuk-jae?”

Here Jung Hyuk-jae is still talking to Han Ga-in, and suddenly there is a female voice beside him Ringing in his ears, the words revealed surprise and joy.

“You must be the director of Jung Hyuk-jae. I really like your movie. The appearance of Cho Seung-woo in the movie is really good, and Kim Hye-soo’s acting skills are very good , It fully shows the best femininity and temptation of a woman…” The pretty-looking girl and her companion buddies surrounded Jung Hyuk-jae and talked endlessly. Originally, it was the end of the movie watching. At that time, there were a lot of movie fans who came out of the movie hall. Now that she was so blocked, Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in were completely caught in the wave of the people. More and more movie fans recognized him. Came out.

“Wow, isn’t this the director of Jung Hyuk-jae? So did you come to see the film you directed? How do you feel?” This person is not so much a fan, but a fan. A reporter, the questions asked were so tricky.

“Director Jung Hyuk-jae? Wow, really!”

“I remember, when I was in the cinema just now, you were the one sitting in front of me It turned out to be the year! It’s not fate or something, Director Jung Hyuk-jae, don’t you mind taking a group photo together?”

If you say that celebrities will attract the audience’s attention, then for For Jung Hyuk-jae, who is behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, it is similar to the onlookers who have attracted so many fans like today. He has never met such crazy people, even when he was filming a TV series. Otherwise, when categorizing, movies are ranked at the top of the pyramid. Whether it is an artist or a director, the attention that can be received at this level is the highest. If this is not the case, then those who are already in the TV series TV drama actors who have reached the top will not sharpen their heads and want to mix into the movie circle.

If it’s okay to come out alone today, but with Han Ga-in’s company beside me, it seems a bit embarrassing to encounter such a situation. You said you stayed and took a photo with them? This is not a good idea. Fortunately, the audience’s focus is still on Jung Hyuk-jae himself, but Han Ga-in, who is “small and transparent” on the side, hasn’t paid much attention yet.

“Not good means, I will not accept interviews and group photos today. I just watch the movie as a normal fan.” Jung Hyuk-jae said while extending the hand arm blocking Fans who looked like crazy, while the fully armed Han Ga-in lowered his head and tightly circled Jung Hyuk-jae’s waist without raising his head, for fear that he would be recognized by these crazy fans. come out.

If anyone in the world has sharper eyes than the paparazzi, then this is the unremarkable group of people in front of you, just relying on photos, figures, walking postures, and even some jewelry , Can recognize the fully armed artists, Han Ga-in doesn’t want to be on the front page of tomorrow’s entertainment newspaper.

“Director Jung Hyuk-jae, are you suitable for your girlfriend to watch the movie together?”

Soon, the audience also discovered that Jung Hyuk-jae had been hiding The woman in her arms, yes, that’s right! That is a woman. Although she can’t see everything clearly, her petite figure and walking posture can’t be wrong. Movie fans are actually quite gossip. Regardless of whether they are male or female, like the male and female protagonists in the movie (or the male or female protagonist or the female protagonist) in the movie, if they are a little ambiguous in the movie, they will follow the crazy group CP, If It’s a little bit ambiguous outside the movie, so it’s even more serious. I can’t wait for the couple to get married on the 2nd day.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae is just a director, it is clear that his girlfriend’s identity is more interesting than the movie, especially when Han Ga-in does not want to be watched. When the action arrives, the gossip of the fans is even more rise in the mind, and they can’t wait to take off her veil directly.

“Okay, we’re leaving!” Jung Hyuk-jae grasped Han Ga-in’s hand tightly, then looked at the group of fans in front of him and suddenly shouted: “The movie “Lao Qian” Is it good-looking?”

The fans also gave special face and shouted in unison, “Good-looking!”

“Will you recommend it to your relatives, friends and colleagues after you go back? ?”

“Yes!” Naturally, the fans shouted in unison.

“Well, I hope you all have a nice weekend!” After finishing speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae ignored the curious audience behind him, and was able to get rid of it with the hard work of his body. They got back in the car.

Just getting in the car, Han Ga-in was about to take off her sunglasses, but Jung Hyuk-jae reached out to stop her, “Don’t take it off, there are reporters outside!”

Otherwise, how do you say that paparazzi are like ghosts who have never left their injustices? This is just a long time ago, and it is estimated that the reporters who collected news in the vicinity have already rushed over. But it is a pity that they can only be left behind. Although reflective films were attached to the car windows, Jung Hyuk-jae asked Han Ga-in to take off his sunglasses later to be on the safe side.

Jung Hyuk-jae started the car, and Han Ga-in turned his head to look at his face for a long time without speaking.

Perceiving Han Ga-in’s gaze on his face for a long time, Jung Hyuk-jae felt a little strange and couldn’t help touching his cheek, and asked, “What’s wrong? Is my face right? What is it on?”

Han Ga-in shook the head, reaching out and squeezing the collar that was messed up by the excited female fans just now.

A woman has many dreams in her life, but after all, many times her focus is still on the child and the family. Han Ga-in has actually thought about this problem that seems to be a little distant now. , A pair of children love each other, one or a few lovely children, plus a warm family, this is enough. I think Han Ga-in had actually imagined the appearance of his future husband. He may not be the most handsome, but he must be the person he loves the most. He will have his own career and he will be very successful.

Now that all this has been achieved, Han Ga-in hopes that the man in front of him does not need to be so handsome. Can’t wait to cling to his body.

“Are you okay?”

Han Ga-in shook the head again, “It’s okay!”

………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………

“Lao Qian” is released!

The box office is out!

Many film production companies have set their sights on this news one after another. Don’t look at it before the movie is released. “Thousands” we did not take seriously’, but when the data on the number of viewers came out, they all wanted to see the box office situation of “Lao Qian” two days after the release.

“Five hundred thousand? Are you sure you read it right?” The president of a certain film production company Ne on Chungmuru Road looked at the subordinates who came to report the box office situation with a surprised expression. The cigarette fell on the table because of surprise, accidentally lit a pile of materials on the table, and immediately a crowd of people turned around in the office, messing around.

Actually, it is almost the same as this company. When the box office came out on Friday and Saturday, many people in the movie circle saw the result of “Lao Qian” and it was quite daunting. “Lao Qian” was premiered on the day of its premiere. The box office broke 200,000. You must know that this is only the afternoon and midnight shows. On Saturday, because of the holidays, the number of movie viewers was an astonishing 300,000. It’s no wonder that the speed and results are as high as 300,000. All these people couldn’t close their mouths from ear to ear, and they were shocked.

Speaking of which these companies are really taken lightly, in fact, it is true, although JHJFilm has produced and launched “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and “The King and The Clown” two tens of millions of level Film, but who made JHJFilm just a junior in the movie circle? Many film production companies are not afraid of their strength. Jung Hyuk-jae is a new director, plus a gambling-themed movie that has never been marketed in South Korea. Don’t read this comic at the beginning, but in fact many film production companies were not optimistic about it at the beginning. The subject matter, plus the incident that the source of the film was leaked before it was about to be released, everyone thought that this movie was estimated to be like this. It is the right way to mix one hundred thousand results and then release Blu-ray DVD offline. But no one thought that this movie gave everyone a big surprise just two days after it was released.

Five hundred thousand! Breaking 500,000 in two days, doesn’t that mean that one million can be broken in four days? Although breaking one million in four days is not surprising news for the current South Korea film market, it is important to know that many film production companies have not achieved such results as “Lao Qian”, shouldn’t it be so bad? Do you want to be so hot? Do you want to be so shameless? Is the film industry for a company to play for you?

These few words are what everyone wants to say to JHJFilm.

From “Welcome to Dongmakgol” to “The King and The Clown” to the current “Old Thousand”, it seems that Jung Hyuk-jae has been giving them a’surprise’, an unexpected one The “surprise” outside, of course, for them, it is better not to have such a surprise.

“The Old Thousand” was released on the 3rd day, that is, on Sunday, the highly anticipated Hollywood movie “X-Men 3: Last Stand” opened, and many filmmakers in the circle hope this movie The movie can fiercely extinguish the spirit of “Old Thousand”, and I also hope that “X-Men 3: Last Stand” can be separated from the audience in the department, and then attracted to its own movies, but when the box office results on Sunday were released, the circle Everyone inside only felt that their eyes were dark, and they all lost their voices.

Three hundred and sixty thousand, almost breaking the four hundred thousand mark, and at the same time refreshing the 300,000 movie-watching record set by “Lao Qian” on Saturday, eight hundred and sixty thousand in three days, four It’s already a nail-biting thing to break one million in the sky, and at the same time, the premiere score of “X-Men 3: Last Stand” is not bad, reaching 190,000, but it’s still better compared to “Lao Qian”. Not much difference.

Relying on the hot box office phenomenon during the three-day weekend, “Lao Qian” in the first week with a score of 860,000 won the whole schedule and won its first week box office championship…


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