Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 366

If it is said that the 360,000 viewers of “Old Thousand” on the weekend gave everyone in the film circle who claim to be the old Sunbae in the film circle a big punch, then When the box office results of “Old Thousand” came out on Monday working days, everyone just felt that their heads seemed a little insufficient.

Monday, 190,000 working days!

If they say that the number of viewers of 360,000 a day on weekends is still acceptable to them, then they will be somewhat unacceptable with the number of viewers of 190,000 on Monday working days. This is not a simple comparison of numbers. If you look at the numbers alone, then the number of 360,000 people on the weekend is much more ferocious than Monday’s 190,000 people, and the data is much more beautiful, but they just can’t accept it. There are still such a high number of movie viewers on weekdays.

They were able to accept the 360,000 moviegoers at the weekend because it was the result of the previous “Lao Qian” propaganda measures in place. The 360,000 moviegoers at the weekend in the first week The high point is also high, and they can still barely accept it. After all, the fans and audiences who are attracted to the film circle at this time are all the fans and audiences who were interested in the film before.

Even they have to admit that CJ Entertainment and JHJFilm played a good hand in the promotion plan, and forcibly saved the “Lao Qian” that might have been destroyed at the movie box office. From here, it can be seen that publicity has an important influence on the box office of the movie.

As for why they can’t stand the box office of 190,000 on Monday, if you think about it carefully, the reason is also very simple. Monday to Thursday are working days. If you say that the three days on weekends are movie box office In the high-yield period, the four days of the working day will be a flat period. This is no exception for many movies. From Monday to Thursday, there are very few audiences and fans in the theater, but until the week On the evening of Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday, the number of people is full.

Don’t look at Monday’s workday “Lao Qian” knowledge achieved half of the box office results on weekends, but this result is very terrifying for a movie. If you carefully calculate a box office, the weekday With the addition of three days in the weekend, based on such results, can “Lao Qian” get 2 million box office in the second week?

This is obviously more scary!

Moreover, the focus of their attention is that they can accept the box office loss in the first week, because it can also be attributed to the fact that they did not pay enough attention to “Lao Qian” in the first week, but when they start to prepare seriously When sniping “Old Thousand”, I found that what I was doing was like blocking a car on a wall, which seemed so ridiculous and so pathetic.

Monday, the number of moviegoers on weekdays was 190,000, which means that “Lao Qian” is also as expected. The total number of moviegoers at the box office for four days is officially a breakthrough of 1 million. Off, Monday’s box office results also gave CJ Entertainment a booster. CJ Entertainment, which originally planned to reduce its promotional efforts, has re-launched a new round of publicity for “Lao Qian”, and it is also more attentive in its publicity plan.

“So, you just watched “Lao Qian” step by step and continue to occupy the position of the weekly box office champion?”

A film producer on Chungmuru Road Company Ne, the director of the company’s publishing department, slapped the table while spitting droolingly, his face was even more gloomy, and it looked particularly scary.

“Minister, our film is the same as “Lao Qian” in terms of its genre. It is a restricted-level movie, and it is forbidden to watch it under the age of 18. Because of this, the audience of our movie will inevitably be affected by “Lao Qian”. It’s been diverted.”

The subordinates standing in front of the minister in an explosive state, look at me and I look at you. No one dared to speak first because of such a silent atmosphere. The seemingly bolder male subordinates trembled and talked.

“Okay, go down first!”

“Yes!” Everyone left the office one after another, and the one who left last took the office door and followed the door’Peng The minister in the room couldn’t help being sighed with a sound of’, and he was limp on the Boss chair, and his deep eyes didn’t know what was thinking…

……………… ……………………………………

It has been a few days since the premiere ceremony of “Lao Qian”, and there has been little discussion about “Lao Qian” on the Internet. Quite a lot, but in many professional or entertaining film forums, there are a lot of film reviews about “Lao Qian”, and everyday all, there will be netizens who will summarize their watching feelings and put them on the Internet for others. Netizens refer to it.

“After watching Lao Qian, following Cho Seung-woo’s admired acting skills, I feel the growth of a man.”

On Tuesday night, there were netizens in the MOV movie forum.’ Li Mingquan 1986′ knocked down such a line of text headline.

“When I knew this movie, it was because of the trailer of the movie on the Internet. At that time, I really wanted to watch this movie. It was almost like being addicted to the fast-changing casino world in the trailer. , I don’t want to wait for a moment.

A few days ago, when I learned that “Lao Qian” had been released at the end of July by three weeks because of the leak of the film source, when I first knew When I heard this news, my first feeling turned out to be joy, yes, that’s right! It’s joy!

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