Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 367

Whenever a hot enough movie appears in the movie circle, then the movie that was released at the same time seems a bit tragic, and it is inevitably ignored by people and becomes transparent Human existence.

This is the case with “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, so is “The King and The Clown”, and today is “Lao Qian”, in addition to being able to maintain a certain number of games under the pressure of “Lao Qian” With the exception of “X-Men 3: Last Stand”, other movies released at the same time, the number of scenes and the number of screens seem to be much poorer. The number of scenes and screens of several movies can only be reached. The one third of “Lao Qian”.

If it is said that the leak of the source of “Lao Qian” caused reservations on the number of theaters and theaters and the number of screens, then when the “Lao Qian” box office results in the first week After the release, the attitude of the theaters and the theaters immediately came to a 360° reversal. After seeing Jung Hyuk-jae, it was the same as seeing their relatives. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. After all, I could sit with them. In this position, he hasn’t done anything like the situation that he has encountered today, bending a little for his own benefit.

In this circle, although there has never been a lack of inspirational stories, the word “interest” is the eternal topic, the one that will never fade.

Although this week’s movie box office statistics have not been fully released, there shouldn’t be any major problems with the movie “Lao Qian” directed by Jung Hyuk-jae who won the second week’s box office championship. The film won the first round in the summer film war. Moreover, statistics from the Film Promotion Committee show that “Lao Qian”, which was only released on July 8th, had a total of more than two million box offices in nine days until yesterday, and it also won the box office rankings last weekend. The throne of one.

Summer files have always been the most competitive time for blockbuster films. This year there are also “Broadcast Stars”, “Nine-tailed Fox Family”, “Our Happy Time”, “Family Resurrection” and other masterpieces will be released one after another. . “Old Thousand” has sprung up with a wonderful storyline, with a 48.8% box office share.

“Lao Qian” is classified as a movie level that can only be watched at the age of 18 years old. At the beginning of the screening, many relevant people and audiences generally believed that this would affect the “Lao Qian” box office, plus before the screening After such a thing, the source of the film was leaked out, but with the wonderful interpretation of Cao Chengyu, Kim Hye-soo and others, the film won the praise of the audience, and the box office results have also achieved good results. .

Last week’s movie box office rankings were followed by “Lao Qian”, “The Resurrection of the Family” starring Shin Hyun Joon, “Our Happy Time” directed by Song Hae-sung, Park**** “Broadcast Star” and “Baby Project” starring Jackie Chan (blog), Hollywood movies are also made by “X-Men 3: Last Stand”, which is really a “Last Stand”, although it has the bonus of the “Hollywood” halo, “X The number of viewers of “Men’s” after three days of popularity on the weekend was quickly treated by the cold. At this time, I can only say “unacceptable” with emotion.

The position of “X-Men 3: Last Stand” is a bit embarrassing, but the results of “Lao Qian” are getting more and more amazing.

The film “Lao Qian” directed by Jung Hyuk-jae has a breakthrough of 2 million viewers on the 9th day of its release, which is faster than the highest grossing movie “Friends” in history. The achievement of 2 million.

Compared with the fact that it took 14 days for “Friends” to reach 2 million viewers in 2001, “Lao Qian” can be said to show a faster rate of box office growth. Moreover, “Lao Qian” is currently being played in more than 400 theaters in South Korea, and the ticket reservations of “Lao Qian” are also far ahead on major movie ticket pre-sale websites. If this trend continues, then “Lao Qian” “Thousands” has entered the TOP10 movie history of South Korea and has become a settlement, and it is expected to challenge “Friends”‘s highest box office record for the **** movie

…………………………………… ……………………………………………………………

“Quick, quick, quick! The news of the main page of the new week is sorted out. It will be sent to the printing plant collectively in a while.”

The entertainment editorial room of the Asia Daily, Ne, everyone is in a hurry at the moment, and it will be delivered to the printing plant to start work. , But the news on the main page has just been finalized, and even the typos have not had time to check.

“Who is looking for this news?” The entertainment editor suddenly pointed to the above item about a certain star attending a certain movie event.

Hearing what the editor-in-chief said, a timid person raised his hands, “Editor-in-chief, this is what I found.”

Heard the subordinates, the editor-in-chief said this Then he turned his head, and there was no other extra words, a simple word, but it expressed his true thoughts about deep in one’s heart, “Change!”

“Change the headline news on the main page They were all changed to “Lao Qian” related news…”

When hearing the proposal from the editor-in-chief, everyone was a little surprised, “Is this too aggressive? Recently, the media have been paying attention to “Lao Qian”. “The trend of the box office, although the audience’s attention is quite high, it can’t stand the diversion of newspapers and online media!”

“No problem!”

Since the editor-in-chief Having said that, everyone will understand that it is not one or two times if you want to be the editor-in-chief. Everyone laughed, and then hurry up and devote your time to the next typesetting work.

Soon the re-arranged layout was delivered. The editor-in-chief didn’t say anything at this time, but just made a small request, that is, the original “Old Thousand” male and female starring Cho The photos of Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo were replaced. Instead, the photos of Jung Hyuk-jae were uploaded. After seeing this change, everyone felt a little strange. After all, from the familiarity of the audience, the whole In the movie, the male and female protagonists are still more concerned. Why not put them on the front page, but put the picture of Jung Hyuk-jae on the top?

I heard that some of his subordinates didn’t understand what he was doing. As the editor-in-chief, he explained: “Don’t look at him as a director, but he wants to Speaking of the audience’s curiosity about him, Jung Hyuk-jae is definitely the first. Many star artists have all their big and small things public, and the news reports are bad, and Jung Hyuk-jae is what everyone wants. To understand.”

“But, we don’t have much about Jung Hyuk-jae’s private life, right?” A subordinate immediately asked this question.

It’s okay to put Jung Hyuk-jae’s photo on the front page, but it can’t be done just by putting a photo, right? There must be some news or scandals about Jung Hyuk-jae, right?

This is indeed a problem. As the editor-in-chief, he just wanted to say something. At this time, the door of his department was suddenly pushed open from the outside, and a colleague ran into the office. He found a drinking fountain, and after taking a few sips of water, he seemed to come back to life. He looked up and saw that the editor-in-chief he was looking for was right in front of him. He immediately trot all the way to Kulai, standing by the editor-in-chief and several colleagues. In front of him, panting heavily while showing everyone the camera in his hand, “This…this is a photo taken in front of a theater…Jung…Jung Hyuk-jae and his girlfriend ?”


Hearing this news, everyone’s interest came up. As a behind-the-scenes staff, the director’s identity seemed to make Jung Hyuk-jae scandal. It doesn’t seem to attract so much attention, but it’s different now. The audience is interested in “Lao Qian”. All news about “Lao Qian” can get the most attention. At this time, as the director Jung Hyuk-jae has been revealed as a girlfriend. What is this not a godsend opportunity?

“Are you sure you are a girlfriend?”

“If you are not a girlfriend, can you still die a boyfriend? It doesn’t look the same when you look at it!”

He just wanted to find some things about Jung Hyuk-jae when he was in college, but he doesn’t need it now because of this scandal!

After listening to the subordinate’s gasping for breath, the editor-in-chief told me, “Here is the news, please sort out the content carefully and show me the sample manuscript. We must do this on this matter. For the first release, we must not let other newspapers take the lead!”

After hearing the editor’s instructions, everyone immediately replied: “Yes!”

The editor turned and left, such a thing Just leave it to his hand to do it. All he has to do is to grasp the general direction instead of doing everything by himself. After he turned around, their yelling and discussion came from the horse behind him, and he heard After everyone’s discussion, there was a slight smile on his mouth. What he wanted was such an effect. As a media person, he couldn’t help but want to know the identity of this woman, not to mention gossip audiences and fans.

“The package is really tight!” Everyone’s eyes were cast on the few photos taken at the scene, and the pixels were not particularly high. While watching, everyone’s ridicule fell again. The reporter who captured these photos on the side stared straight at him, and said, “You took these photos? Isn’t your photo hormone very good? How did you take these photos? It’s so blurry and the pixels are still so low?”

Seeing everyone concentrating on “attack” himself, his dignity as a photographer was immediately activated, and he immediately explained: “This is not a shot. I mean I didn’t take these photos. Jung Hyuk-jae and his rumored girlfriend had already left when I arrived at the scene. Jiner bought these photos and took a few more photos. If Jung Hyuk-jae and his rumored girlfriend were still there when I arrived, I would definitely be able to give him eyelashes. It’s very clear!”

Speaking of which, he just remembered a particularly important thing, “Eh… Then I can’t reimburse the newspaper for the money I bought these photos. ?”

Everyone pretended to look like an’ostrich’, saying that they had not heard what he said just now…

…………………………………… …………………………………………………………

“New director Jung Hyuk-jae fell in love with drinking, his girlfriend is a mystery?” This is “Seoul” The headline of the Daily News was seen by that many people in the theater yesterday. Not only did Asia Daily get the photos, the Seoul Daily also bought the original photos from the fans, and it was drafted on the front page of the entertainment page. title.

In contrast, the title of “Asia Daily” is much simpler, with only three words, “Who is she?”

“When everyone’s eyes are When the movie “Old Thousand” was attracted, Jung Hyuk-jae, who was a director, rarely appeared in front of the camera. As a young director born in 1980, born in 1980, he was only 27 years old this year. -jae always looks like an old town. Although being a director is a behind-the-scenes job, you rarely see him appearing in some programs or being interviewed by some media even during the promotion period. Like some other directors, they talk a lot about their films and explain a lot.

I remember that when I was honored to interview director Jung Hyuk-jae, I asked such a question. At that time, “My Lovely Sam “-soon” is currently in theaters, and it has aroused a lot of heated discussion among the audience, “What do you want to say about your TV series?” At that time, I only remember director Jung Hyuk-jae laughed, It was just that moment of smile, I realized that he was only in his twenties, and compared to my old woman, he was just a youngster.

I remember what he said so far. ‘The TV series is finished, only the audience in front of the TV have the right to comment!’

At that time, I asked the reporter again:’Then can I talk about my feelings?’ Then I saw him slightly crooked I got my head a little bit, and smiled faintly, “Yes!”

To be honest, if it’s not that I am more than a round older than Jung Hyuk-jae, I was just like a nymphomaniac. Going up, because one sentence is not to be dismissed by others, I have always warned myself that it is only a male child and cannot be counted as a man. In the next interview, I said that I have watched “My Lovely Some of the feelings of “Sam-soon”, Director Jung Hyuk-jae is always listening very seriously, and he is not that perfunctory. He looks at people with gentle eyes, and when you talk, the corners of your mouth are always hanging. If there is a slight smile, the whole person will look warm, just like the sun in the early spring.

Although everyone always talks about Jung Hyuk-jae His work, but I want to talk more about him, just like when he was photographed watching a movie with a woman in a movie theater this week, I just want to ask for everyone, the one in the photo was held in his arms Who is a happy woman?”

A report that could not be regarded as a report was published in the “Asia Daily”, but it attracted the attention of a wide range of netizens, and the identity of that woman was also the first time that she appeared on Naver. Search Rank ing List on…

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