Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 368

“In recent issues, our ratings are not as good as before. As the person in charge of this aspect, I also know that everyone must work hard on the program, but the ratings issue Everyone still needs to figure out a way to solve it, otherwise it’s not easy to explain to the above, is it?” As the deputy director of the Bureau of Comprehensive Arts and Entertainment in the MBCTV Station main hall, Yuan Gaojun said solemnly, and stretched out his hand while talking. Knocked on the table as a reminder.

“Director Yuan, we all understand what you said, isn’t this also busy with new topics and topics recently, and changes to programs can’t be achieved overnight.” As a MBCTV Station conversation class Shin Jeong-soo, the general PD of the variety program “Come To Play”, explained it carefully.

“Come To Play”, as a variety show that has been on the air for nearly three years, has undergone three revisions so far, and the effect is not bad, but recently due to the other two TV Stations, especially KBSTV Station The schedules on the variety show collided, and the ratings inevitably went down. So I was thinking of producing several programs with explosive spots to bring back the attention of the audience, but the results were very low. This is why Shin Jeong-soo will be accepted by the Bureau of Comprehensive today. The reason why Yuan Gaojun, deputy director of Arts and Entertainment, called him here.

Don’t watch “Come To Play” is just a late-night talk program, but it is also a must-see for the three major TV stations during the late night of Monday. From the day of its premiere, “Come To Play” The ratings have been stable at more than 10%. This number is not high or low. When you encounter special episodes that are of interest to audiences or special episodes featuring big-name stars, the ratings will even soar to more than 15%, directly reaching the top. The top ratings in the late night segment on Monday.

However, due to the large amount of effort invested by KBSTV Station and SBSTV Station in the middle of the night on Monday, the ratings of recent issues of “Come To Play” have been significantly lower than those in the previous period, and there are even several programs. The ratings dropped below 10%, discounting that Shin Jeong-soo, who is the total PD of the program, feels a little bit unsatisfactory on his face. After all, it’s the program in his own hands. The ratings are equivalent to his own continuous, and the ratings are low. Naturally a little bit embarrassed.

“I heard that KBSTV Station is also planning to make a talk program. Although it may not conflict with our program schedule, but with comparison and comparison, the differences and shortcomings in the program will naturally lose some parts. Audiences, this is what you need to focus on next!” Yuan Gaojun warned repeatedly.

Shin Jung-soo nodded said that he understood, and then he got up and planned to say goodbye to him, “Director Won, if there is nothing more to do, then I will leave first.”

” Go, go back and report the program revision plan to me as soon as possible. In addition, some new ideas are needed in the program content of the last few issues, such as what viewers in front of the TV like to watch, and what they are paying attention to recently. It can be used as the subject of the program. This aspect is your specialty, so when you go back, you need to put some thought on this aspect.”

“Yes!” Shin Jeong-soo nodded vigorously, as if not. Such words are simply not enough to show one’s determination.

“Okay, let’s go back soon.”

In the voice of Won Gojoon’s supervision, Shin Jeong-soo left the office and reached out and closed the door when he left. .

……………………………………………………………………………………………… …

Back to the office area of ​​their program, everyone saw that their big boss was back, and they hurried forward to inquire about the situation. As soon as they went to work this morning, they heard that their big boss was in charge of variety shows. Director Yuan of “Come To Play” was called away. As a staff member of the segment group of “Come To Play”, how can they rest assured that as members of the segment group, they naturally know the ratings of their programs in the last few issues. Use one word if To sum it up, it may be the legendary’miserable’.

The ratings of program are not good. The big boss was called away by the director of Bureau of Comprehensive Arts and Entertainment. No matter how you look at it, you think it is a bad thing. The worst result is naturally that the program is hacked, but Everyone still holds a glimmer of expectation in their hearts. After all, the audience of “Come To Play” is still quite large. Although the ratings of recent issues have been somewhat sluggish, no one can guarantee that the ratings of the next few issues will not rise. !

“Brother Jeongsu! Are you back? What did Chief Won say?” Seeing Shin Jeongsu from a distance, everyone immediately greeted him, before Shin Jeongsu came to him. Everyone asked with concern.

“It’s okay, it’s okay! Everyone, please go back to your seats.” Shin Jung-soo can’t help but feel a little moved when he sees the many colleagues who are worried about him, how can he care about cracking a Joke, “Director Yuan just asked me to go over and learn about the recent program and segment group situation. He didn’t talk about the issue of ratings too much, so what everyone needs is to settle down and do the program well. Other chores are not. I need to think more.”

“Brother Jeong-soo, the theme of our recording tomorrow has not been finalized yet. Do we need to discuss tomorrow’s program?” Someone reminded.

After hearing the words of his subordinates, Shin Jung-soo just remembered, and he was patronizing the issue of program revision. Tomorrow, the latest issue of the program needs to be recorded, but he hasn’t decided on the theme yet. , This is a bit sad, when he thinks of this, Shin Jeong-soo only feels that his head is getting bigger and bigger.

“Well, everyone, stop your work first and come to the 1Conference Hall for a meeting!” Shin Jeong-soo gave an order, and everyone hurriedly picked up pens and books and followed Shin Jung-soo to the Conference. Hall sat down, and it was the time for “brainstorming” that everyone was most familiar with.

Each issue of “Come To Play” has a different theme, and according to different themes, different guests will be invited. For example, the previous issue was called “Autumn Special”. The opening remarks are straightforward. It’s “We and those 30-year-old stars who have finally reached the peak of vocals after 10 years of fickleness and 20-year-old young and energetic youth gather together”, and the program invited to the 30-year-old transnational The star entertainer of the threshold.

So this time is no exception. The segment group must first select the subject area of ​​the program, and then select the guests based on the subject of the program. This is also for the recording of the program. The moderator has room to play, just like propositional composition and divergent composition, it must be easier to write propositional composition.

“Brother Jeongsoo, how about the theme of young artists of the 20th generation?” Someone raised their hands soon, “Recently, there have been several popular combinations in the circle, we dare not say all of them. All are invited, but is it okay to invite four or five to do a program, right?”

However, after hearing this proposal, before Shin Jeong-soo said that, there were others who expressed the final presentation of this program. The effect is doubtful. “Although young viewers definitely love to watch this special, we are responsible for the presentation of the program. Since we are a newcomer, we must not have too much contact with the arts, although the two of our program Master MCYoo Jae-seok -ssi and Kim Won-hee -ssi have very good on-the-spot reaction abilities, but such an interview program can’t be made into a rescue program, right? Then when the time comes program, it is not for the artist to score points. It’s just for brushing Anti. It’s definitely not possible to do this!”

After listening to this explanation, Shin Jeong-soo nodded. After all, the purpose of the artist’s agency is to let the artist participate in the program to promote the artist. , And if a program like this cannot serve the purpose of promoting artists, then this kind of program is definitely not that’s all, Shin Jeong-soo still doesn’t want the sign of “Come To Play” to be destroyed in his own hands.

“Do you have any other good ideas?” Shin Jung-soo looked at everyone’s expressions while talking, but everyone’s expressions seemed a bit solemn. It seems that it’s because of the recent downturn in program ratings. Everyone has been cautious a lot. The new feature is naturally good, but everyone really can’t guarantee the ratings.

“Then, do you know what news the audience is following recently?” Shin Jeong-soo asked again.

“News you are following?” It seems that Shin Jeong-soo’s remarks opened the breakthrough for everyone, only to see a few writers immediately plunged into contemplation, “How about doing a weight loss special? Recently? Everyone on the Internet is talking about the magical weight loss tea? Weight loss until now is the point that ladies are most concerned about, especially the female artists in the circle. The weight loss special will definitely attract the attention of the audience.”

“I think it’s great to do a spring special. Doesn’t it mean that spring has arrived? Ask some handsome men and women to talk about their first love, or about their ideal type, this kind of gossip program The effect of the special feature is certainly good.” Someone immediately came up with different ideas. This is the benefit of brainstorming. You can think of so many things based on one point. Shin Jeong-soo on the side is focused on his notebook. These novel and interesting ideas are recorded on it.

“Are there any more?” Shin Jeong-soo asked again.

“Isn’t “Lao Qian” very popular recently? The number of viewers has exceeded 3 million. If we can invite the production crew of “Lao Qian” to our studio, then the ratings will be sure High, especially Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi, the director of “Old Thousand”, isn’t he still the director of our MBCTV Station TV drama department? As the so-called “a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first”, such a topical movie, definitely Let’s go to our talk program!”

The idea of ​​one of the subordinates immediately caught the attention of Shin Jeong-soo, right! Why didn’t I think of it? The movie “Old Thousand” is definitely the most talked about movie by the audience recently, from the various characters in the movie to Kim Hye-soo’s naked body and the ending of the movie, and even the rumored girlfriend of the film director. It is on the front page of the entertainment page. In short, the topic of this movie is absolutely super high. If you can invite the production crew of “Old Thousand”, then the ratings of this issue will definitely not be worrying.

If the production crew of “Old Thousand” decides to appear, then Shin Jeong-soo even dares to bet that the ratings will definitely be the top spot.

It’s just that, although the dream is beautiful, the reality is a bit cruel. At present, there is a moat in front of them, that is, they don’t know TV Station’s colleague Jung Hyuk-jae!

“Jae-seok -hyeong, are you here?” When everyone was thinking about how to solve this matter, Yoo Jae-seok, one of the main MCs of “Come To Play”, came When I arrived at the Conference Hall, I sat down in a seat in a familiar way, only to see the depressed color on everyone’s face.

“What happened to you?” As the main MC of the program, Yoo Jae-seok often attributed the failure of the program’s ratings to himself, just like most recently “Come To Play” The ratings are sluggish, and Yoo Jae-seok is also trying to make changes. In the production of the program, he can help as much as possible. Just like the seminar before the program starts recording, Yoo Jae-seok is always spontaneous. Came.

“We are discussing the topic of the new issue of the program tomorrow!” one person explained.

“What’s wrong? Have you encountered any problems?” Yoo Jae-seok said curiously, the theme of the program should have been prepared before the start of the recording. The theme is decided, and the writer needs to write the theme There are a few processes out, and most of the rest is to rely on the host to perform.

“Everyone would like to invite the production crew of “Old Thousand” to participate in our program. Don’t ask for too much. Just one or two leading actors and supporting roles. The most important thing is the director of “Old Thousand” Jung Hyuk- jae -ssi needs to be there. The recent discussion about Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi’s rumored girlfriend is also very enthusiastic. I just want to invite it to increase the ratings, but we don’t even know Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi. He doesn’t have any phone calls.” As he said, the young writer couldn’t help but frowned.

“You mean Jung Hyuk-jae?” Yoo Jae-seok opened wide after hearing what everyone said.

“Yeah! Do you know Jae-seok-hyeong?” After saying this, everyone reacted. Just now Yoo Jae-seok called Jung Hyuk-jae’s name At that time, they seemed to be very close, and it was not a respectful language. This clearly means that they know each other.

“He is a very close younger brother of mine.” Yoo Jae-seok replied truthfully.

“That’s really good!” Shin Jung-soo on the side listened to Yoo Jae-seok’s answer and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Then can you call him?” Shin Jung-soo Some asked not embarrassedly.

“Okay, I will try.” Yoo Jae-seok didn’t dare to speak big words on this one. In the eyes of everyone, Yoo Jae-seok took out his mobile phone. Then I pressed a series of numbers, and after a few seconds of busy tone, I heard the sound of being picked up by someone.

“Hey, who are you?”

The voice of the woman who answered the phone was very young. Before waiting for something to say over there, I only heard Yoo Jae-seok right away. I heard it out, “Min-joo~ah, I am you Jae-seok Oppa, where is your brother?”

“Jae-seok Oppa, my brother is writing the script in the study!”

“Give the phone to your brother, I have something I want to tell him…”


Yoo Jae-seok put it down first The phone in the ear explained to everyone, “The younger sister of Hyuk-jae who answered the call just now, Hyuk-jae will be here soon.”

Everyone stared at Yoo Jae- seok, it seems to be the first time I saw him like this……

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