Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 369

When the younger sister found Jung Hyuk-jae in the study with the phone, he was still a little surprised by the phone call. During this time, he was busy with movie releases and publicity related matters. And Yoo Jae-seok is getting more and more popular in the variety show host circle. It seems that there is more limelight than the others, so the two of them are very busy, so that they have not seen each other most recently. At MBCTV Station by program, so the number of meetings was quite a lot at that time, but now it is very few.

A call from Jae-seok -hyeong?

Jung Hyuk-jae was puzzled and took the call from the younger sister, “Hey, Jae-seok -hyeong?”

“Yah!! Hyuk-jae~ah, I heard Min-joo say that you are writing a script? A movie? Or a TV series?”

The conversation at first Yoo Jae-seok did not blunt to explain his own purpose, “I said yesterday that “Lao Qian” I went to see it some time, and the shot was very good!”

“Thank you Jae-seok -hyeong!” Jung Hyuk-jae said with a smile, changing the topic, “Jae-seok -hyeong , Do you have something to do? How about let’s come out and sit down and get together?”

“Get together and say, I just want to ask if you have time tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? I have time tomorrow.” Jung Hyuk-jae thought about it and said.

“So, didn’t you know that I have a late Monday night conversation program in MBCTV Station?” Yoo Jae-seok explained.

“”Come To Play”?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked rhetorically.

“Eh…? You know, have you seen this program?” Yoo Jae-seok was surprised when he heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s answer, but it was not that his program was not well-known. But it’s a late Monday night. Generally speaking, PDs of TV dramas like Jung Hyuk-jae don’t have time to see that point in time. Normally, filming is already tiring enough. When I get home, I often just lie on the bed and don’t bother. Moving again, there is no time and energy to watch late-night variety shows.

“Oh, I have watched “Come To Play”, Jae-seok -hyeong and Kim Won-hee -ssi’s hosting style I like very much, and the program is also very good. I heard about this program. PD is Shin Jung-soo-ssi. I wanted to meet him very early, but I don’t have time until now.” After Jung Hyuk-jae finished speaking, there was no sound on the other end of the phone, and then it took a few more seconds to listen. When someone spoke, but the voice was obviously changed to another person, not Yoo Jae-seok.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, hello, I am Shin Jeong-soo, the chief PD of “Come To Play”, I am honored that you have seen my program!” The person on the phone introduced himself, speaking There was a sense of excitement.

Jung Hyuk-jae was stunned for a second, and he quickly understood the whole sequence of events in an instant, “Oh, Shin Jung-soo Sunbae, hello , I like your program very much.”

Shin Jung-soo, born in 1978, is much older than Jung Hyuk-jae, but their identities are a little different, so when they talked It’s an equal conversation, and Shin Jeong-soo’s words are particularly solemn, “Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, don’t you know if you have time tomorrow? “Come To Play” hopes to be a front and backstage about “Lao Qian” If time permits, we would like to invite you to participate in the recording of “Come To Play” tomorrow.”

After listening to Shin Jung-soo’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, and what I think It’s not bad. When I used to be the PD of a variety show program, I wanted to invite some artists to come to my program. I wanted to invite some artists to my program, just for the ratings that were less than double digits, don’t look at the ratings. It was less than double digits, but at that time, that was all he had, so when he heard Shin Jeong-soo’s words, he thought about it a little and agreed.

“Okay!” After Jung Hyuk-jae finished speaking, Shin Jung-soo on the other end of the phone didn’t seem to respond, and he was still explaining each minding their own business, as if he was afraid that Jung Hyuk-jae would refuse same.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, we will definitely not occupy your time too much in terms of time. In addition, we will treat you with the highest treatment fee…” So, Jung just now Hyuk-jae’s answer seems to have just been conveyed to Shin Jung-soo’s head, only to hear Shin Jung-soo’s voice on the phone is astonished, “What did you just say?”

“Tomorrow I have Time.”

“Thank you, thank you! Thank you very much!” Shin Jeong-soo didn’t expect all this will go so smoothly on the phone. I originally thought I would close the door, didn’t expect Jung Hyuk-jae is so approachable, he didn’t expect from a long distance before making this call.

“In addition, did the “Old Thousand” feature only invite me? I mean, Kim Hye-soo -ssi and other leading actors, do you plan to invite?” Jung Hyuk-jae calls There was a word in it.

“Uh… we have this plan for this, but…” Shin Jung-soo did not finish his words, but the meaning has been clearly expressed. To a large extent, film actors do not need to be like this. To increase their popularity, a few movies each year are enough for them to eat and drink. Coupled with endorsements, film actors can be said to live much better than other artists in the entertainment industry. Although Shin Jeong-soo wants to invite Several leading actors of “Old Thousand” came to participate in their own program, but the weight of the program is not enough, I guess the hope is not particularly big.

“Let’s do this, I’ll make a point with Kim Hye-soo -ssi, Cho Seung-woo -ssi and ask about their schedule. If you can, you can change this to “Old Thousands” Production crew special.” Jung Hyuk-jae suggested on the phone.

After listening to Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Shin Jeong-soo was sluggish. He who had never bought a lottery ticket before felt that he should buy a lottery ticket and try it out today. He didn’t have any hope to invite Jung Hyuk. -jae, didn’t expect not only invited her, but also may invite Kim Hye-soo and Cao Seung-woo, several leading actors of “Lao Qian” to participate in their program, this is not stepping on **** What is it? Could it be that you really want to transfer?

After hanging up the phone, Shin Jung-soo still looked sluggish, and he still didn’t wake up from the shock just now.

“How, how? Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi what did he say?” Seeing Shin Jeong-soo hung up the phone, colleagues and subordinates who had already stood by and watched shuaa~ Now, everyone talking at once wants to inquire about the information on the phone just from Shin Jeong-soo’s mouth.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi did he agree to participate in our program?”

“Yes, yes, will Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi have no time tomorrow? “

Everyone looked at the expression on Shin Jung-soo’s face. Originally, because Jung Hyuk-jae is Yoo Jae-seok’s friend, everyone who thought it was quite hopeful, they couldn’t help but fall to the bottom. Look at Shin Jung-soo. Everyone also thinks that Jung Hyuk-jae may have declined the invitation to participate. After all, he is now a major director in the film industry. Normally, the work in the film industry must be busy. A conversational variety program with a rating of only 10% is naturally. Look down on it.

Looking at Shin Jung-soo’s expression, everyone could not help but start to comfort themselves in their hearts, but in their hearts Du Jung Hyuk-jae’s evaluation dropped a bit, so many times in the process of interacting with people, A thing that seems small to oneself may not think so to others.

Looking at Shin Jeong-soo’s expression, Yoo Jae-seok is obviously also a little worried, “Shin PD, what did Hyuk-jae say on the phone?”

Yoo Jae-seok He came to Shin Jeong-su and pushed him. Hearing Yoo Jae-seok’s words, Shin Jeong-su woke up from his thoughts. He looked up and saw the big guy next to him. Shin Jeong-su felt a little bit It’s strange, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Shin PD, Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi, don’t you have time to come over? Then we must not be able to do the subject of “Lao Qian”, then let’s Hurry up and think about the next topic, or else the shooting and recording will start tomorrow, and the time will definitely not be able to keep up.”

“What’s wrong with you? Who told you that Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi did not Time to come over to participate in the program?” Shin Jung-soo looked puzzled when he heard the words of his subordinates.

“Isn’t this what you told us about your expression? After the call, I hang up in a daze, and then didn’t say a word. Isn’t this rejected?”

Although all said so, Yoo Jae-seok will not believe that Jung Hyuk-jae will refuse, unless he has something to do and cannot come over tomorrow. Under normal circumstances, his personality will definitely not refuse. This is the conclusion drawn by Yoo Jae-seok for a long time.

Everyone says, “People gather together, and things are divided into groups.” Although Jung Hyuk-jae is much younger than himself in terms of age, he can be regarded as his younger brother, but in some things Yoo Jae-seok has to admit that his eyesight and eyesight are definitely better than his own, and his personality and character are not bad. Such people are not common in the entertainment circle, but they are the most popular type of people.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, he agreed to our invitation…” Before Shin Jung-soo had finished speaking, he only heard the subordinates and colleagues in the office cuddling together in excitement. Sharing their joy, as if they had won the grand prize, everyone seemed elated, and Shin Jeong-soo couldn’t tell everyone the more amazing news below.

After everyone’s mood calmed down for a while, Shin Jung-soo said in a stern face, before he started talking, he coughed a few times to attract everyone’s attention, “cough cough, there is another news. , Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi said on the phone that he was trying to invite several leading actors of “Old Thousand” and asked if they had time…”


“I heard it right?”

“Is Kim Hye-soo -ssi coming, she is the Goddess of my in mind!”

“This is me The best news I’ve heard this year!”

I just talked about Jung Hyuk-jae here. Yoo Jae-seok’s phone rang again, and Yoo Jae-seok glanced at the phone. The caller ID showed that Shin Jeong-soo, who was next to him, was a call from Jung Hyuk-jae. When I heard that it was a call from Jung Hyuk-jae, all the big guys who were still celebrating did not dare to say anything. I’m afraid I’ll disturb Jung Hyuk-jae on the other end of the phone.

“Hyuk-jae~ah?” Yoo Jae-seok said.

“Jae-seok -hyeong, is PD Shin by your side?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“Here, here!” Yoo Jae-seok handed the phone to the expectant Shin Jeong-soo, and whispered to him, “It’s Jung Hyuk-jae’s call.”

Shin Jung-soo answered the phone, smiling at the corners of his mouth, “Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi.”

“Well, I called to inquire about everyone’s itinerary, Cho Seung-woo- ssi Because there will be a foreign itinerary tomorrow, we need to prepare a plane for the evening today, so we can’t participate in the recording tomorrow. The others are like Kim Hye-soo -ssi, Baek Yun-shik -ssi, Lee Soo -kyung -ssi has time to wait, and they all agreed.”

Jung Hyuk-jae told the surprise news on the phone, and Shin Jeong-soo’s mouth was curved when he heard the news. As he got bigger and bigger, the corners of his mouth almost turned behind his ears. Obviously, this surprise was a bit unexpected. Not to mention the two leading actors of Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo, even Baek Yun-shik. Waiting for a few supporting actors, it is an honor to be able to invite, not to mention Kim Hye-soo, who has the most attention in the “Old Thousand” movie. It can be said that Kim Hye-soo can be invited to the program’s ratings. 100% stable.

“Thank you, thank you! Really thank you so much!”

I don’t know how many thanks he has said, but no amount of thanks is enough. To express his mood at the moment.

Hung up the phone, and shuaa next to them~ The people who were in a circle, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Shin Jung-soo, they wanted to get the latest news from him, although Shin Jung-soo just now The smile on the corner of the mouth had already told them the answer, but only by knowing the correct answer from Shin Jeong-soo’s mouth could their hearts be truly put down.

Because of this surprise, Shin Jung-soo slowed down and then said: “Just now Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi said on the phone, he invited several starring actors from “Lao Qian” Except for Cho Seung-woo -ssi’s overseas itinerary, several others agreed to participate in tomorrow’s program recording, and Kim Hye-soo -ssi also agreed!”

“What? Me Did you hear me wrong?”

“Kim Hye-soo also agreed?”

“My favorite Goddess in mind!”

Listen By Shin Jeong-soo, the men at the scene were crazy, and the ladies on the side cast their contemptuous eyes on the group of’smelly men’ who saw the ignorance, but they knew in their hearts, If tomorrow Cho Seung-woo If they can also come over, their performance at this moment may not necessarily be calm for these men, and it is estimated that they would have been happy for a long time.

“Let’s go, let’s continue the meeting. Next, let’s discuss the issues that need to be noticed for tomorrow’s recording and shooting!” With confidence, Shin Jeong-soo felt a lot harder when he spoke. Everyone heard After Shin Jung-soo’s words, they walked into the Conference Hall one after another, and Yoo Jae-seok was at the end.

“Jae-seok -hyeong, thank you!” Shin Jeongsu said solemnly.

“It’s okay, you go in first, and I’ll talk to Hyuk-jae again.” Yoo Jae-seok smiled and waved his hand.

“Okay, you are busy, I will go in first.”

Yoo Jae-seok came to a clean corner of the corridor and pressed a bunch of familiar ones Number, a few seconds later, the call was answered, “Jae-seok -hyeong?”

“Hyuk-jae~ah, thank you!” Yoo Jae-seok said solemnly.

“It’s okay!”

“I mean really thank you.”

Jung Hyuk-jae laughed, “I heard you Hooked up with my junior sister? If you really want to thank me, then be kind to her. In addition, you should get married soon. I would like to sing a wish song for you at the wedding!”

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