Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 374

Kang Ho Dong is about to get married. This is the news that everyone exchanged at the dinner table.

Kang Ho Dong, who was born in 1970, is really not young. He is 37 years old this year, and he is at the age to get married. After all, once a man has passed the threshold of 30 years old, he I am really anxious, not to mention that he will be forty years old in a few years, and it is time to find a wife to settle down.

Because of the previous “X-man” partnership, for Kang Ho Dong, Jung Hyuk-jae is relatively familiar. In terms of the relationship, he can’t talk about how close, it can be regarded as average. friend.

“Ho-dong hyeong is going to get married?” Jung Hyuk-jae was still a little surprised when he heard the news from Yoo Jae-seok. “Speaking of which is also Ho-dong It’s time for hyeong to find someone!”

“By the way, I haven’t met Ho-dong hyeong yet?”

When I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Yoo Jae-seok nodded, “Have you never seen her. Her name is Lee Hyojin. She is a high-achieving student in the Design Department of Sungshin Women’s University. She is ten years younger than Ho-dong Hyeong, born in 80 years!”

“Eh? No way!” Jung Min-joo, who was listening to the adult’s words, said in surprise, with a little face full of disbelief, “That lady is really pitiful, I found Ho-dong Ajhussi!”

“Yeah! You must don’t say this. If he knows about it, be careful not only not to take you to his rotisserie, but also to hug you. I’ll give you a hug to relieve your anger!” Jung Hyuk-jae immediately frightened her when she heard her younger sister’children’s words carry no harm’.

Who knows that his this move doesn’t work at all, I saw Jung Min-joo gave his big brother a disdainful look, “che, I don’t believe that Ho-dong Ajhussi would hug a girl Yeah!”

“I heard that Min-joo was also called Ajhussi to Ho-dong, and my heart became more balanced in an instant!” While talking, Yoo Jae-seok said comfortedly, it seems’ Ajhussi’This title until now is a headache for his heart.

“By the way, how did Ho-dong hyeong know Lee Hyojin-ssi? He shouldn’t be able to get in touch with him usually? I remember Ho-dong hyeong, he always goes home after work. Otherwise, I’m busy, where can I find a girlfriend?” Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but say curiously.

“So what… Didn’t you know that in the early stage of “X-man”, several hosts were known as old men and old bachelors in the entertainment industry, so there was some friendship after the off-duty , Blind date or something, I went with Ho-dong at that time…” Yoo Jae-seok said with some embarrassment.

“Ga-in -ssi, let’s go over there to talk!” When Na Kyung-eun heard this, suddenly stood up and said to Han Ga-in, without even looking aside Yoo Jae-seok, this made Yoo Jae-seok instantly dumbfounded. He seemed to have said something that shouldn’t be said just now.

“Jae-seok -hyeong, I didn’t cheat you, it was you who said it!” Jung Hyuk-jae stepped forward to make up for it, laughing a little bit irritating. I always feel that there are elements of take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“damn! You kid…” Yoo Jae-seok is walking violently…

…………………………………………………… ………

In 2006, the air was filled with a festive and peaceful smell. The older generation said that 2007 was the time when there was no spring and it was not suitable for marriage, but birth to baby was very suitable, so people It seems to squeeze the marriage to this year. 2006 was a marriage frenzy for the world! Similarly, celebrities have reached the rare wedding season. Even at a certain age, even for the parents in the family, the marriage still has to be married, and it cannot be dragged on forever. Therefore, in 2006, many celebrities in South Korea entered the wedding hall one after another. Happy and sweet life…

The first shots of marriage were Lee Jae-eun and Lee Kyung-soo, who were married on April 15, 2006. Follow closely from behind, Lee Soo-hyun married on April 22, April. Kim Min married on the 29th, Cha Tae-hyun married his girlfriend Choi Seon on June 1st, and Park Hyung-jae and Chae Ci-yeon married on July 8th of this month. The entire entertainment industry seemed to be caught in a wave of marriage, attracting a lot of viewers. We gossiping and curious eyes.

“How many guests did you say when Kang Ho Dong Sunbae got married?”

After a joyful experience, I always feel a little disappointed. Everything I have experienced now is It was like a flower in the water, with such a false feeling, but the smooth touch of the skin beside him was telling him that all of this was true. Jung Hyuk-jae turned his head and looked at Han Ga-in’s profile. He stretched out With her arms, she tightly embraced the woman in front of her into her arms, and then she heard this remark that she just said.

“What did you just say?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked again.

“You weren’t listening at all just now, right?” Han Ga-in looked like’I know you weren’t listening’, and looked towards Jung Hyuk-jae with a’contemptuous’ gaze.

Jung Hyuk-jae was laughed disapprovingly. After holding Han Ga-in with his hands that were still honest, he unconsciously slid down her sexy bumpy back, Han Ga-in She felt like another snake was twisting on her back. She was so frightened that she couldn’t help but shudder. After reaching out and patting off the big strange hand, she said again: “I mean, Kang Ho Dong Sunbae There should be a lot of guests attending this wedding, right?”

“That’s natural, after all, there are not many hosts where Gagman sits at Ho-dong hyeong this step. They are capable and well-connected. , It’s related, these all are their advantages, so there should be a lot of people invited, even if some people can’t rush to the scene for various reasons, then there will be a lot of insiders to participate.” Jung Hyuk-jae explained Tao.

Listening to Jung Hyuk-jae’s serious answer, Han Ga-in was somewhat disappointed. In fact, she didn’t want to hear this answer.

Every woman in her mind should have a “Princess dream”, and as a woman grows up, this Princess dream is gradually overwhelmed by her studies, life and career. The one who wore a Princess skirt When little girls grew up, they had to put on suits and trousers, with their hair curled up. If they asked them when their happiest moment was, it is estimated that most people answered the same, that is the moment of marriage. !

In everyone’s mind, the day of marriage is the most grand day in life. It will be remembered forever by a couple, relatives and friends, and it will be the most beautiful in a couple’s life. Memories.

I also put on a white gauze skirt and curled up my hair, but the feeling it brings to people is completely different, as if I had fulfilled my Princess dream when I was a child.

Some people say that the meaning of a wedding is a symbol, because from this day on, a boy has become a man, a girl has become a woman, and the life trajectories of the two people have been merged into one. The future ideals of the two newcomers will be weaving together; the chapters of life will be written and swayed together.

People usually think that a wedding is the end of a self-life. It is an end and a starting point. Because the two people will experience hardships, enjoy joy, wind and rain together.

The more important meaning of the wedding lies in a kind of gratitude and commitment.

“I am willing!” is not only a verbal promise, but also a sentence that a man needs to realize in his life.

The two chatted, chatting and chatting, and I don’t know how long it has passed. Ga-in beside him does not know when he has closed his eyes deeply, watching Ga-in sleep deeply. With her sleeping face, Jung Hyuk-jae was a little silly, staring blankly, without looking away for a long time.

“Oppa, will it be very lively when you say We Got Married?”

“What?” Han Ga-in’s sudden words in his sleep meant that Jung Hyuk- Jae was taken aback. When he reacted, he realized that she was talking in a dream, he couldn’t help but chuckled, turned around and looked at Ga-in’s sleeping face and said, “It will definitely give you the perfect wedding! “

Jung Hyuk-jae promised, he didn’t care whether Han Ga-in in his sleep could hear it or not. After all, this is just a promise in a man’s heart, and he doesn’t need to be on his lips all the time. On the edge.

However, what Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t notice was that the corners of Han Ga-in’s mouth quietly showed a curve in his sleep, his lying body moved, and his head got into Jung Hyuk-jae. In his arms, I sleep more soundly…



“Oppa, who do we need to invite for our wedding? Should we make a list in advance!”

Apgujeong-dong, a new house bought by Kang Ho Dong Ne, The prospective couple Kang Ho Dong is sitting at the table and discussing various matters related to wedding preparations with his fiancee Li Hyo-jin.

Although the wedding is the most sacred and beautiful moment for a woman in a song, the wedding is also tedious and complicated. The large and small things almost fill up the amateur life of the Kang Ho Dong couple, but the two It’s also fun. After all, it’s best to only have this once in a person’s life. If there are more, I might not be able to stand it.

Kang Ho Dong also recognized nodded when he heard his fiancee’s words, “I should make a list, otherwise when the time comes, I should be in a hurry.”

“Oppa I’ll remember the name for you. It’s more convenient and faster. After all, I don’t know if some people should be invited. You are more familiar than me in this respect.” Li Xiaozhen said mildly.

“Okay, for me, you just write it!” Looking at the gentle and lovely wife, the old man Kang Ho Dong couldn’t help showing a smile of relief. He was single. For many years, he finally found the feeling of home.

“As for the witness, I intend to invite Gagman’s Grand Sunbae, Lee Kyung-kyu Sunbae. I have already agreed with Sunbae, no problem.” Kang Ho Dong said: “The main wedding man is My colleague Yoo Jae-seok.”

“If you invite guests, you can write them like this, one column by column. For example, “X-man” has Kim Je-dong and Park Jinglin. Familiar guests who have appeared in “X-man”, such as Yoon Eun-hye, SJ’s Han Geng, etc.”

Speaking of this, Kang Ho Dong suddenly paused and seemed to remember something. , “By the way, there is also Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi from the segment group PD of “X-man”!”

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