Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 375

The latest issue of “Old Thousand” Production crew recorded by the “Come To Play” segment group hastened to edit, and finally arrived on Monday night. There is no time for the one. How to say it’s particularly overwhelming. It was originally a program recorded on Sunday. After the recording, it was already 11 o’clock on Saturday night. The staff in the editing room of the “Come To Play” segment group were all as silly as they were. , I started the intense and busy editing work without a moment, from the time I set up the topic and started to promote it, and then to the intense and busy publicity for two days on the weekend, and then there was a Monday night program.

If it’s another special or a special topic, Shin Jeong-soo and others don’t need to be so nervous, but because this is a special “Lao Qian”, there is a little rush in time.

In the post-network era, there is a proper term called “Come To Play”. All this done by “Come To Play” can be called “Come To Play”.

The popularity of “Old Thousand” has remained high since it was released. Don’t watch it as a restricted movie, but these can’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm for watching the movie. It has been in theaters for three weeks. “Lao Qian” even won three weeks of film weekly box office champions, stacking his total number of movie viewers to a staggering 4.18 million, successfully surpassing the original second-placed most-selling third-level film, “Color is empty.” “, became the second best-selling third-level film. “Lose is Empty” had a gross box office score of 4.08 million, while “Lao Qian” reached it in only three weeks. This shows that “Lao Qian” has Not to mention that the movie ticket pre-sale rate of “Old Thousand” is still the highest in the country in the same period.

In South Korea, the best-selling pornographic film in history is “Friends” starring Jang Dong-gun, with 8.2 million viewers. According to the predictions of film critics and film professionals, ” It’s only a matter of time before Lao Qian surpasses “Friends”. Another record can be said to be in front of us, depending on whether JHJFilm and CJ Entertainment can catch it.


Huang Deyu, 18 years old, a student of Seoul First High School Although they are tall and mammoth, the actual age is not an adult. In South Korea, the regulations for minors are very broad, covering almost all aspects of life. For example, drinking alcohol is absolutely prohibited for minors. It is also forbidden to sell tobacco and alcohol to minors, and there are also bars such as bars that do not allow minors to enter. However, there are policies and naturally there are countermeasures. Find an adult or a precocious buddy to buy a few bottles of alcohol. It is not a major event.

The only thing that makes him feel a little depressed recently is because of his age, because he is still underage, so he can’t feast his eyes on the movie “Lao Qian” which is currently being released in theaters. In school, there are a few senior hyeongs in the squatting class. Because they have reached their age, after going to the movies, they always come back to tell their virgin boys how sexy Kim Hye-soo is in the movie, and how she is seduced. People, how good the movie is, makes Huang Deyu want to grow up quickly, and feel depressed every time he sees his ID card.

“Deyu, Yah!! You brat come here!”

Walking on the way to school, Huang Deyu suddenly heard a familiar voice and stopped him, he turned his head to look Behind me is the Senior who is on duty in my class. If speaking of his age, he is two years older than himself.

“Brother Junhao!”

Huang Deyu obediently came to this man named Lee-kun Hao, and then saw that Lee-kun Hao was a little affectionate with his arms Putting it on his shoulders, with his mouth attached to his ears, he said: “Yah!! You brat did you come out with money today?”

Hearing this, Huang Deyu’s body was abrupt. Shaking, the hand that was originally in the sleeve of his sleeve quietly pressed his pocket, and said with a bitter face: “Brother Junhao, I didn’t bring money today!”

“No money? “Lee-kun Hao just didn’t believe him when he heard what he said. This kid has been learning fine after a long time with him, and he didn’t bring money? This sentence deceives others is that’s all. If you want to deceive yourself, you should save your heart earlier!

Lee -kun Hao didn’t do anything when he heard what he said. Nunu mouthed and motioned him to flip through his pocket, “Deyu Yah!! Take that pocket of your shirt, yes, that’s that, let’s Let me take a look!”

“Brother Junhao, I really didn’t lie to you!” Huang Deyu took out his jacket pocket and turned it over from inside to outside, indeed No money.

“You brat!” Lee -kun glared at him, quickly put his hand into the inner pocket of his clothes, and unexpectedly found 10,000 yuan, “you brat is not honest! “

Seeing Lee -kun glaring at him, Huang Deyu couldn’t help but smile, “Brother Junhao, didn’t I forget this?”

“you brat! “Looking at Huang Deyu who was frivolous in front of him, Lee-kun Hao couldn’t help but laughed, “I borrowed this money from you, and I will pay you back when I look back!”

“No, Brother Junhao, what are we still talking about, but what are you going to do with the money?” Huang Deyu was a little confused. Ten thousand yuan is not much, that is, he has a lunch at noon. The money for meals is a lot less, and you can always buy something. As a harmonious insect in the eyes of the Teacher in the class, Lee-kun Hao has an intersection with some social idlers outside the school. Huang De is afraid that he is going to take the money. Buying some knives or something, when the time comes, it won’t end well.

“Go to the movies!” Hearing Huang Deyu’s question, Lee-kun Hao smiled and put the money into his pocket, and then explained.

“Movie? What movie?” Huang Deyu seemed even more puzzled.

“”Lao Qian”!”

“Brother Junhao, haven’t you watched this movie twice, why, are you still going to watch the third time? After hearing Lee-kun Hao’s answer, Huang Deyu looked surprised and dumbfounded, and felt a little jealous in his heart. This is the benefit of adulthood. You can watch movies like “Lao Qian” as you want. No one would check their ID, so I really want to grow up quickly!

“What’s wrong, no?” Lee-kun Hao put one hand on his shoulder, while saying said with a smile.

“Kim Hye-soo is the Goddess of my dream. There is nothing wrong with going to the cinema to watch it a few more times. A good movie is good to watch!” Lee-kun Ho also explained that he won’t be killed. I would say that I actually went to the cinema to watch the 34th minute plot, but he is definitely not the only one who dares to have similar thoughts with him.

“Brother Junhao, you take this money first, and you don’t need to change it to me, but I have a small request!” Huang Deyu suddenly said, this sentence is actually Lee-kun Hao on the side was surprised.

“What? What the hell is you brat thinking?” Lee -kun Hao suddenly felt that Huang Deyu seemed to have some other purpose in front of him.

“Brother, don’t you have a few brothers? I remember the one named Liu Junda, Brother Junda, he and I have several points of similarity. Please help me to borrow my ID card. Me!” Huang Deyu said with a shy face.

“What are you brat doing?” Lee-kun Hao suddenly couldn’t react. The ID card is not something to borrow casually.

“What else can I do!” Huang Deyu said with a smile: “It’s not that you are always by my side to say how good “Lao Qian” is, how charming is Kim Hye-soo, that section How tempting the plot, can I want to borrow Junta’s ID card?”

“You brat broke your studies!” Lee-kun slapped him on the shoulder, “Little things , I’ll just tell Junda.”

“What’s bad? Didn’t you learn from Jun Hao?” Huang Deyu laughed, with a shrewd look on his face…


After school, the cinema, Huang Deyu followed Lee-kun Hao and seemed a little nervous. It was not the first time for him to come to the cinema, but it was the first time he had used someone else’s identity. Zhengsheng was afraid of being recognized, so Huang Deyu’s inner world was very nervous.

“How do I feel that bringing you here today is an obvious wrong decision?” Lee-kun Hao looked at the couples around him, and then looked at himself and Huang Deyu The combination of these two people, how awkward to look at it, would it be better to come alone if you knew it earlier?

But when he saw a man next to him who was taking the movie ticket by himself, he suddenly felt a little lucky. Fortunately, he is not alone. If there is really no friend , That is the saddest moment.

“Yeah! You brat, buy water!” Lee-kun Hao looked at Huang Deyu, who was sitting on the sofa and was motionless, and was a little bit angry. After kicking him, he was instructed.

Huang Deyu stood up and walked a few steps to the movie theater selling popcorn, then turned back, walked in front of Lee-kun Hao and stretched out his hand and said, “Brother, I didn’t It’s money!”

“Yah!! You brat won’t you bring 10,000 yuan to go out today, right?” Lee-kun Hao looked at him in shock, only feeling cheated in his heart.

“Yes, I didn’t even have time to bring my wallet when I came out today!” Huang Deyu was not ashamed but proud of it, laughed, showing a slight smile on his face.

“Damn!” Lee-kun Hao only felt that he was deceived by this kid. He deliberately cheated me today. Lee-kun Hao gave him a fiercely look and dumped his wallet. I went out, “Buy water quickly, and come back sooner if you buy it!”

Since the money is about to be spent, Lee-kun Hao has to enjoy the service no matter how uncomfortable he feels, he raises his foot and prepares to kick it over. , But seeing Huang Deyu swiftly avoiding his attack, he happily bought water.

“This kid!” Lee-kun laughed arrogantly. Not only did he get money, but also the movie ticket money. Why is it so bad luck? Lee -kun Hao couldn’t help but think…

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