Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 377

“MBCTV Station’s “Come To Play” has been aired, everyone will go home and watch TV soon!”

Because of “Lao Qian”, ” The production crew member of “Old Thousand” appeared in the variety show program for the first time, which naturally attracted the attention of countless netizens and movie fans. In addition to the original audience base of the late-night version of “Come To Play”, the program has just started broadcasting. The topics of Come To Play and Lao Qian have already rushed into Naver’s Ranking List, especially the searches related to “Lao Qian”. Most recently ranked among the top ten searches on the Ranking List of the month, which is simply stable. Such as poi.

“I just got home and watched TV while browsing forums, it was amazing!” Some netizens said.

“The members of the Production crew of “Old Thousand” have appeared. Now, director Jung Hyuk-jae, heroine Kim Hye-soo, etc…” I have to say that the Internet has enriched everyone’s lives, even if Some netizens failed to go home to watch TV, but enthusiastic netizens posted pictures and texts in the forum, which also satisfied their curiosity.

“However, why didn’t you see the male protagonist Cho Seung-woo in today’s program?” Some netizens wondered.

“Cho Seung-woo had an overseas trip on the day of recording the program, so he failed to appear in “Come To Play”. This is also the regret of the program group…”

“Actually I I really want to see Cho Seung-woo on TV. What a pity!”

Everyone here is still discussing the members of “Lao Qian” Production Crew, which is called “Come To Play: Old” on TV. “Thousands” movie protagonists have also appeared one after another, from the low-profile version of Gorny played by Cho Seung-woo’s Noh Hong-chul in the movie to a pair of Jo Hye- Ryun, and Park Myeong-su, who is as ugly as the Gao Guanglie played by Yoo Hae-jin in the movie, was forcibly ruined by these three people, and most of the netizens and fans watched it. Some people who have watched the “Lao Qian” movie have watched it more than once. When they saw the appearance of these three people on TV, they couldn’t help but start to replace the protagonists in the original movie. The more they watched, the more they became funny. , Not only the host on the TV laughed so hard that he couldn’t get enough energy, but even the audience in front of the TV laughed so hard that they were holding their stomachs, and their laughter was almost exhausted.

“This issue of “Come To Play” is the most exciting one I have ever watched. Didn’t expect it was so funny, especially Park Myeong-su. Oops, it’s not working. Thinking back to Park Myeong-su’s face, it was simply’horrible’!” Some netizens made expressions of’laughing and crying’ while expressing their feelings in online forums.

“Park Myeong-su can be as ugly as the highlight column played by Yoo Hae-jin in the movie, and it is not easy…”

“Upstairs, you are actually wrong , Where is the same ugly, it is obviously ugly that the new realm is ugly. I don’t think If has already chosen the role before the filming of the movie, if then let Director Jung Hyuk-jae choose an artist to play the highlight. Park Myeong-su is absolutely qualified to be selected, and he is the one with the greatest hope!”

In short, everyone spread out a fierce ridicule around these three people’s appearances, which is like a feast for netizens. Similarly, a lot of expression packages with screenshots of these three as the main force have appeared on the Internet. South Korea netizens did not use the straws of this expression package, but it did not prevent them from taking screenshots for publicity, accompanied by the spread of pictures. More and more netizens have turned on their own TVs and tuned their channels to MBCTV Station.


“Go to sleep! “

Looking at Jung Min-joo who is not going back on the sofa in the living room, Jung Hyuk-jae said with a straight face.

“I don’t want it! Oppa, this is your first time in a variety show. I want to stay and watch the big brother’s performance in the program. Can I cheer for you by the way?” Jung Min-joo Pouting, feeling a little unconvinced and said.

“Go back to bed and see what time it is. It’s almost 12 o’clock at eleven. If you don’t go back to sleep, don’t you want to grow longer?”

A sixteen-year-old girl with a height of 1.65 meters is definitely not short among peers, but Jung Min-joo and her Meng Xian have a pair of model legs in each department, so she seems a little extra concerned about her height. The big brothers are all over 1.8 meters tall. They are a little bit unreasonable when they are less than 1.8 meters. People who don’t know think they are not siblings!

However, in the situation before Heavenly Eye today, even if Jung Hyuk-jae scares her again, she will not go back. She still wants to see how her big brother performs in the program. How could it be that way? go back!

What, you said there is a replay? Watching TV is the first broadcast, what’s the point of rebroadcasting?

“-eonni, I want to go to sleep later today, you see, my brother always asks me to go back to sleep now!” On the sofa, Jung Min-joo ran up barefoot By the side of Hana, the little girl and the aunt mother hugged closely, giving a feeling of’under Brokeback Mountain, lilies blooming’, and then they saw the two glaring at Jung Hyuk- Jae, the two people join hands to fight the “bad guy” in front of them.

“Oppa, sit down and watch, anyway, it’s already summer vacation, and there will be nothing to go to bed for a night tonight!” Han Ga-in said with a smile, Blinking his eyes while talking, looking at Jung Hyuk-jae with a pair of watery as if talking eyes, forcibly suffocated what he had already said in his mouth.

“Forget it, forget it! Just watch it if you want, but say it, go back to sleep after reading this!” Jung Hyuk-jae stared instructed.

“I know, I know!”

The eyes of the two girls, both big and small, fell on the TV. The living Jung Hyuk-jae on the side was ignored by them. , I only think of him when I need snacks.

“Oppa, help us get a bag of potato chips!”

“Brother, I want to drink a drink.”

“Oppa, do you have ice cream?” Han Ga-in asked.

“What kind of ice cream to eat at night!”

“But people just want to eat it!”

“Brother, I’m hungry, do you have a supper? “

“Do it yourself!”

Jung Hyuk-jae on the side only feels that his head is about to explode. Looking at the two unperturbed in front of him, I feel depressed. Endlessly, when did his status fall to this point?

“Brother, didn’t expect you are quite photogenic!” Jung Min-joo glanced at the big brother beside him, then glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae on the TV, nodded affirmed.

After all, it’s a TV program. Even if Jung Hyuk-jae normally doesn’t like makeup, he must not be unyielding under the makeup artist’s “yin. prestige”. TV programs always show the best to the audience. On the other hand, there is usually no makeup or makeup in daily life, but it’s not possible to do this in the TV program. The main reason is that after passing through the lens and the signal, some small flaws on people’s body will be infinitely magnified. This All need makeup to cover up.

“Haha…Park Ajhussi is so funny!” On the sofa, the big little girl who was still cuddling tightly together, when I see Noh Hong-chul and Jo Hye-ryun in the picture, I remember the most When the eye-catching Park Myeong-su appeared, Jung Min-joo was already laughing on the sofa.

Han Ga-in also shakes his shoulders. Obviously, he wants to laugh but dare not laugh out loud. A pretty face is even more flushed. Obviously, he has endured to the limit, and finally got over it. I got a lot of energy, and then I saw the three people uttering the “famous lines” of their respective characters. Well, I just laughed enough just now, and it’s about to start again.

“Haha Haha…Park Ajhussi is the most funny.”

Jung Hyuk-jae hadn’t been on TV before, but later saw the big little girl laugh so happy. , Cast his eyes on the TV, and also watched with keen interest pleasure.

If he really wants to speak of which, this is the first time he watched himself on TV and talked. As a director and a low-key silent young director, Jung Hyuk-jae and other TV program This is the first time.

Watching TV programs like my younger sister is for fun, while for insiders like Han Ga-in, watching variety programs is mainly to look at one person’s speech and behavior and what’s behind them. The meaning, combined with some rumors in the circle, some rumors are self-defeating, such as whether XX and XX are a boyfriend or girlfriend, and some subtle actions on the program are also reflected.

In addition to the above two, then there is Jung Hyuk-jae. Watching a TV program has long been more than just watching the program, from the programming of the program to the shooting to the post-editing and dubbing subtitles. Wait, Jung Hyuk-jae’s focus is different from everyone’s.

“Hyuk-jae~ah, do you have a girlfriend?” Yoo Jae-seok suddenly asked on TV, perhaps in order to avenge the trap that Jung Hyuk-jae dug by him, Yoo Jae- Seok also digs a hole for Jung Hyuk-jae with a’smirk’ on his face, and waits for Jung Hyuk-jae to fall by himself.

Hearing this question from Yoo Jae-seok, Han Ga-in raised his ears in the living room, staring straight at the TV screen without blinking, waiting for Jung Hyuk- jae’s next answer.

If you are an artist, facing this kind of problem, you must be continuously shaking your head and denying it. After all, what they eat is youth rice and idol rice, as long as they are not captured by someone taking pictures of themselves , Even if you have a girlfriend, you will say that you are single when you meet people. It is not uncommon for you to be single from your teens to over 30.

As for Jung Hyuk-jae, I don’t have so many worries. As a director, I don’t need any fans. I naturally answered this question with no difficulty, but before Jung Hyuk-jae spoke, Han Ga-in was still a little worried, for fear that he would shake his head and deny it on TV.


Jung Hyuk-jae on the TV did not hesitate to admit it. Seeing this, Han Ga-in has a hanging heart. After putting it down, he glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae who was aside, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth…

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