Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 378

“Jung Hyuk-jae actually has a girlfriend? Why hasn’t any news been revealed before?”

“After all, he is just a director. It’s good if he doesn’t have the slightest attention. If his other half is an ordinary person, where would anyone like to expose his private life.”

“What ordinary person, in the TV program Jung Hyuk-jae I confessed in person that his girlfriend is an insider, probably a certain female celebrity, or she wouldn’t be so secretive, and it would be like an underground romance.” A netizen blunt said.

“Although I don’t know who his girlfriend is, but from his words, I can feel that he really loves his girlfriend, otherwise he would not be so tightly protected. When I think of his girlfriend, he feels so happy and sweet. Why is that person not me?” The female netizen pretended to be a nymphomaniac, and her expression was 3,000 feet straight, so she just wrote a sentence directly on the expression. Say “I love Jung Hyuk-jae”.

“Don’t be nymphomaniac upstairs, I forgot to tell everyone that the woman is actually me…”

Seeing that the flower in the hearts of the netizens here is called’Gossip The little flame of” has already burned more and more intense, and their hearts are as uncomfortable as a hundred cats scratching their hearts. There is only one doubt in their hearts, that is, who is the woman in the photo?

“Jung Hyuk-jae actually has a girlfriend, and I don’t feel like he will love it anymore!”

“A director I really like, he has a girlfriend too, can it be said? Didn’t you plan to be single for a lifetime?”

The above two comments that were obviously female netizens immediately attracted the attention of many single dogs in many forums, “Lady, I’m single now, I don’t know. Are you interested in rescuing my single dog? I have been to college, can warm the bed, repair the computer, and support the family!”

“You guys are all too superficial. I love it, isn’t it because he looks handsome in the director’s circle. If he looks like Kim Tae-ho from MBCTV Station, would you still cry and cry like this?” Some people say about them. Expressing his disdain, and by the way, I also took out the PDKim Tae-ho of MBCTV Station “Unreasonable Challenge” for comparison. As the revised version of “Unreasonable Challenge” has attracted more and more attention from the audience, Kim Tae -ho’s reputation among netizens is also getting higher and higher.

“Who said that we are superficial, we actually value his talents. Of course, we look at his face by the way! Well, that’s it…” Someone retorted, but what about the last sentence I don’t think it is convincing anyhow, and Kim Tae-ho, who is on the side of the contrast, is used as the background, lying silently with the gun.

In the program, after Jung Hyuk-jae answered Yoo Jae-seok’s question, he was very clever and did not continue on this question, and the host Yoo Jae-seok on the side obviously did not intend to do it anymore. This problem is entangled, and the problem about Jung Hyuk-jae’s girlfriend is just over.

“Eh, what’s this? I’m still going to watch it. It’s a confession of a relationship, but is there any difference from not acknowledging it? Don’t you still know nothing? Me? I just want to know who that woman is!”

“That’s right, I can skip it if I can’t make people up. It’s not okay. These “Come To Play” column dramas are definitely worth it. Take the main responsibility!”

Netizens on the Internet started the crazy ridicule mode, from the program to the host to the guest ridicule, and the most miserable was the editor of “Come To Play”. Yes, they are sure that Jung Hyuk-jae also answered other questions here, but the damning editor picked up the scissors and gave a knife to’ka-cha’, and who on earth was Jung Hyuk-jae’s girlfriend became in this program. Of a mystery.

At the same time, major websites and media have also paid attention to this issue of “Come To Play”. The main reason is that the program effect of this issue is too explosive, whether it is Yoo Jae- Seok’s love partner is still Jung Hyuk-jae’s public confession of the relationship. Even the three assistant MCs who play harlequins in the program also brushed their faces in front of the netizens with their “Lao Qian” costumes.

The title of the entertainment version of “Chosun Ilbo”, “Who is Jung Hyuk-jae’s girlfriend?”

The title of the “National Daily” reads: “New director of the film industry Jung Hyuk-jae publicly admitted his love affair, and the identity of his girlfriend in the circle has become a mystery!”

However, among these news, the title of “The Dong-a Ilbo” is still simple, and it is still the victim. I took a photo of walking out of the movie theater. In the photo, the mysterious woman is snuggling in the arms of Jung Hyuk-jae, and Jung Hyuk-jae is reaching out to block the crowd. The simple title has been summarized in three words, “Who is she ?”

“Who is she?” A seemingly ordinary title, but it has caused quite a stir among netizens, especially when netizens who are idle and fine are going to start a When the item was called “Finding Her”…

……………………………………………………………………………… ……

“Husband, have our photos been washed out yet?”

In the living room, the woman’s eyes were staring at the TV closely, she was watching her suddenly remembered What, turned around and asked the boyfriend who was still writing and painting in the study.

“It’s washed out, and the photos are on the table.” The boyfriend in the study did not lift his head and then replied.

The woman got up and looked around on the table in the living room. While looking around, she said, “Is there any good movie released most recently? Let’s go to the movies tonight. Last time we went together. Did you watch “Old Thousand”? Are there any good movies lately?”

Hearing what his wife said, the man in the study obediently opened the search page of the computer browser and looked up the most recent movies. In the screening schedule, the man shook the head a little, “Except for a few Hollywood movies that are worth looking forward to and watching, then there are really no movies to watch this month…”

“Ah…that’s it. Ah!” Hearing her husband’s words, the expression on the woman’s face in the living room was obviously not as excited as before, but when she found the photo of her husband on the table, her face was much better, especially when she looked at it. When I got to the picture of myself, I couldn’t hide the smile on my face.

As a new generation of young couples, the photos they took out this time are not a commemoration of where to travel, nor are they a good memory of their honeymoon. In fact, these photos are what they normally live in. Some ordinary memories look shabby, but everyone knows that these are the most precious things in life.

“This is not bad, we took it when we bought the tickets together in front of the subway station!” The woman picked and picked in the photos and commented on it from time to time.

“When did we take this picture?” The woman couldn’t help asking when she saw some unfamiliar pictures.

The stack of photos in front of me, the time span from last year to the first half of this year, has a huge amount of work, and it is excusable if you don’t remember it. After all, after so long time has passed, you can Some impressions are already very good. When the human brain remembers an event, it is mainly divided into three types: instantaneous memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. Seeing the location of some photos in front of her, she can vaguely remember the events of that day, and then the detailed content I just forgot.

“Eh? When was this photo of us at the Seoul Tower taken?” The woman suddenly couldn’t remember the background of the photo when she saw the photo in her hand, but she was brilliant in the photo The bright smile Yong-hwa The bright and colorful fireworks in the sky overlap each other, and the photos taken are extremely beautiful.

The man took the photo and glanced at it, and then gave his “stupid” wife a blank look. A thump hit her forehead with a crisp sound, which successfully aroused his wife’s anger His gaze, and then he said.

“You are also stupid enough. Have you seen the fireworks in the sky? Isn’t this when we went to the Seoul Tower to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve? The people on the Seoul Tower were special that day There are so many, don’t you know if you remember?” The man said, pointing at the fireworks in the sky and familiar buildings on the ground in the photo.

“Didn’t I not see it just now? Hehe……” The woman explained as she said.

As the man said, except for the two of them closest to the camera in the photo, the most impressive is of course the pedestrians and lovers in the background with people coming, people going.

The woman picked up another photo, her gaze shifted from her body to behind her involuntarily in the photo, her gaze could not help but was attracted to the past, it seemed that they were also a couple, the man’s side Looking at her girlfriend, although the picture is not so clear, as a fan of Jung Hyuk-jae, she asked herself to recognize Jung Hyuk-jae at a glance.

“Isn’t this Jung Hyuk-jae?” The woman said suddenly, and the man who ran back when she heard her girlfriend’s words was also stunned and shocked.

“Really?” The man looked at the photo in his hand closely, nodded from time to time. If you look carefully, there seems to be some similarity.

“The point is not Jung Hyuk-jae, but the woman next to him!” The woman reminded again, “Do you feel familiar looking at her clothes?”

Man Shook the head, her question is as difficult to answer as the woman’s question:’Do you see any changes in me today? ‘

She always admits that she can’t recognize it, but that doesn’t mean she can’t recognize it. While talking, she found a piece of news about Jung Hyuk-jae and her girlfriend on her phone, “Look at this picture Is this jacket worn by this woman in my phone exactly the same as the jacket of the woman in the photo on my phone?”

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