Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 379

In the Internet era, there is almost no secret, especially for celebrities and celebrities. Inadvertently taken photos may reveal themselves, not to mention that there is no human flesh on the Internet. Popular, but it is quite easy to rely on the power of netizens to find someone.

After the intense discussion on the Internet caused by the broadcast of the “Come To Play” program, netizens began to pay attention to the incident of Jung Hyuk-jae’mysterious girlfriend’, which is like It is a puzzle that Jung Hyuk-jae presented to the audience in front of the TV and on the Internet. It has attracted extensive discussion and speculation. There are all kinds of speculations, from female singers to Girl Group members, females Actors all expressed their opinions in forum posts, but there was no convincing result.

The one that everyone agrees with is Jung Hyuk-jae or the team behind him is hyping this thing. After all, the release time of “Lao Qian” is almost all around, as a movie After the release of all around, there is bound to be a decline in the number of movie viewers, especially when major domestic film production companies and distributors are preparing to attack “Lao Qian”, from the intense popcorn movies made in Hollywood to the domestic stars. It can be said that “Old Thousand” has entered a stage where there are chasing soldiers before and an ambush in the back. The good situation of early management will collapse if you are not careful.

There are many cases like this in the movie circle. Originally a good hand, because of the publisher’s mistakes, this is a movie that could have surpassed 5 million viewers. The final box office result However, there are only more than 3 million “Poor Baba”, which is a double eye for its results compared with the movies of the same period, but you must know that the potential of this movie is not only the box office score of more than 3 million, the potential of sitting five and watching six. Yes, any film that can break five million dollars is enough to be considered a success, but this low-hanging success was ultimately unsuccessful under the attack of other film production companies.

“The publisher of “Lao Qian” is CJ Entertainment. As a domestic great and famous publishing and production company, Jung Hyuk-jae and their cooperation have already begun, from “Welcome to Dongmakgol” to At the beginning of this year, “The King and The Clown” has the shadow of CJ Entertainment behind it. As the publisher of “Old Thousand”, CJ Entertainment’s intention to use Jung Hyuk-jae’s scandal to hype the box office can be described as revealing. !”

For the above speculation, some netizens believe it, and naturally some do not believe it.

“Why did Jung Hyuk-jae agree to the hype of CJ Entertainment, he is not an artist, and a person like him wants to come here many times without wanting his private life to be exposed, right?” Yes Netizens pointed out.

“Why? Naturally for the benefit, as long as “Lao Qian” can stay on the theater for one more day, then he will earn one more day’s movie ticket money. I want to say that you women like it What is he? In terms of looks, yes, I admit that he is a little handsome, but there are many people handsome than him in the entertainment circle. As for talent, there are more capable people in the entertainment circle. Where is he? Good point?”

“There are looks and talents, it is enough to account for both points! Hehe……” A netizen’s words clearly represent the inner views of this group of people.

But just as everyone was discussing this, the program of “Come To Play” was about to end. At this time, a few pictures sent by netizens on a forum aroused everyone’s widespread Attention, for no other reason, the identity of Jung Hyuk-jae’s’mysterious girlfriend’ was exposed in this post!

“Put a few photos to explain in detail the identity of Jung Hyuk-jae’s girlfriend, many pictures!” A very simple title, but it attracts everyone’s desire to read it. Netizens are all paying attention to this topic just like worrying about their own affairs. A slightly more reliable post will attract many netizens to watch and discuss.

“Zhanlou, I have read a lot of speculations and posts, but none of them feel reliable. Let’s take a look at what the poster says! Zhan a building…”

“If the sofa is gone, let’s floor it. I remember that I know the original poster and read several of her film reviews. It feels pretty reliable. I hope I can have a more novel speculation on this matter. Come on!”

The host hasn’t started to paste the map yet, but there have been a lot of people who come to watch the melon eaters not understanding the complete truth under the post. They are either under the banner of experience, or Swipe up a row of pictures, or come in and glance and leave, all of which add a lot of popularity to this post. More and more netizens in the forum are also beginning to pay attention to this post which is as aggressive as riding a rocket. Up.

“The experience of entering the water!”

“Look at what the host said…”

But I don’t know what’s wrong, it’s fast to be netizens After scanning more than two hundred floors, the host who inspired the curiosity of netizens had not updated this post, which made the netizens in the forum feel a little’unhappy’.

“Where is the original poster? Where did the original poster go? Why haven’t I updated yet? The flowers I’m waiting for are almost fading…”

“That’s right, knock on the pot and bowl for updates. , I’m still going to see what the host says about this!”

“Please update, ask for update, ask for update!”

“If you don’t update anymore, I will give the host incense !”

Many netizens are almost the same as the “deep boudoir woman”, and unified made a sad voice in the post. Maybe it is pitiful in the sky, or the conscience of the original poster found it and refreshed it on netizens. After browsing the webpage, I finally saw the post updated by the host.

“I’m really sorry. I just prepared the photos. It took a long time, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s start updating today’s post immediately!”

Seeing the update, netizens couldn’t help but Sending out expressions of’exclamation’ one after another, and they were updated under their own pleading? So obedient? It’s flattering!

“The host is finally more detailed. If I don’t update anymore, I’m going to follow the network cable to find the host!”

“Long live the update, we don’t have much request. As long as it is not Court Eunuch!”

For the above remarks, the host did not pay too much attention to it. Instead, he devoted himself to typing and posting in the forum and expressing his own opinions.

“This year’s New Year’s Eve, my boyfriend and I went to the Seoul Tower to watch the fireworks show. Normally, the Seoul Tower, which is not less crowded, had more pedestrians and tourists that night. At that time, my boyfriend and I took a lot of pictures for souvenirs, and in these pictures there are clues that I didn’t find at the time!”

These words from the original poster were quite fascinating, but because there are netizens Our various misunderstandings and troubles, the building below the post is even crooked to nowhere.

“Want to go to Seoul Tower with my boyfriend? The host actually has a boyfriend, and I immediately feel that this World will no longer be in love!” A netizen said with a sad expression.

“What? I went to Seoul Tower to watch the fireworks show with my boyfriend during the New Year’s Eve? No Mercy. Tell your boyfriend’s name and offer, let us criticize him. How can a man who is indomitable be captured by a woman?”

“We don’t plan to look at your boyfriend’s photos, but I still want to see the photo of the host. The tone of the host should be Isn’t she a cute and cute girl?”

Of course, there are also deliberate disturbances, such as this: “Upstairs, what makes you think that the hostess is a woman? Can’t it be said that she is a woman? Cute blue child?”

“pu! My eyes feel frightened…”

“Why is the effect of such a simple sentence so terrifying What?”

“Hello auntie, I am your son’s boyfriend…”

“I only serve you in the entire forum upstairs!”

This post is full of ridicule.

If you ask for a photo, if you ask for a pee, if you ask for a mobile phone number, you can treat this post as a friend post. Everyone’s topic is not related to the title of the post at all. .

“Seeing everyone saying so, I actually wanted to post photos, after all, only these photos have clues that everyone is paying attention to!” The host of the post said while uploading it. The netizens who had been waiting for a long time downstairs quickly refreshed the page, ready to appreciate the host’s face. It’s a pity that the men and women in these photos have been mosaicked, and they simply can’t see her clearly. Face.

“Isn’t this a pitfall! Mosaic is really frantic. If you can recognize who it is, you are already a god-like character. Anyway, I can’t recognize it at all!”

“As a short-sighted eye, I will give you a magical award. This is a trick that people with good eyesight can’t master. That is to look at these mosaic-in-picture photos. Take off your eyes, squint your eyes to see a little light, and then you will find that the original mosaic photo has become clear!”

One netizen said, At the beginning, some netizens questioned the actual effect of this method, but the next few netizens who tried it again immediately admired the prostrate oneself in admiration, “The one upstairs is absolutely amazing, I can see the appearance of the original poster clearly, and I guessed it. That’s right, she’s a pretty cute girl!”

“I also tried it, and I really saw it clearly. Didn’t expect myopia and such benefits. I will encounter mosaic movies in the future. What…hehehe!”

“Why can’t I see clearly? You are discriminating against us with normal eyesight!”

Except for this group of people who have nothing to do, old It was the guys who made trouble in the post, and there were also netizens who were watching the post seriously. When they saw these photos, their attention was attracted by the mosaic host and her boyfriend. After a few seconds, They all turned their eyes to other places in the photo, such as the pedestrians in their background.

“Am I right? I saw Jung Hyuk-jae in the photo?” The sharp-eyed netizen immediately pointed out the man in the background of the photo.

“I watched it carefully just now, it was really him?”

The post poster continued to recall: “We only found these photos when we were sorting out the photos today. Perhaps everyone has seen the difference in the photos. The man in black casual clothes is Jung Hyuk-jae. I did not recognize him that day. After all, there were quite a lot of tourists in Seoul Tower that night. I said at that time I really couldn’t recognize Jung Hyuk-jae, even if we two met each other, we couldn’t recognize Jung Hyuk-jae!”

“Jung Hyuk-jae was not recognized by Jung Hyuk-jae on the Internet today. My’mysterious girlfriend’ has been screened, and then when I looked at these photos, I thought that maybe these photos have the results I want, because that day is the New Year’s Eve Party, I watched it on the Seoul Tower The effect of the fireworks display is the best, and the most people on the Seoul Tower that day are couples, so I thought, maybe Jung Hyuk-jae and his girlfriend were in the photos we took!”

When I talked about this, the netizens were already not in making trouble. They were listening to the story told by the original poster very seriously, and it was a’detective’ story.

“Knock the bowl and ask for photos!”

“Knock the bowl and ask for follow-up! The host will update it soon. After the update is completed, I will take it to other forums to install Fortunately!”

Fortunately, this time, the host of the post did not let them wait for long. Not long after that, a freshly baked photo with mosaics was uploaded to the forum with a red circle in the background. Of the two people circled, one is only showing his side face, obviously Jung Hyuk-jae, while the other is facing away from the camera, it can only be seen from the figure and hair that it is a female, as for the others, I don’t know. Up.

Netizens originally thought she had taken a photo of the front face of Jung Hyuk-jae’s girlfriend. Didn’t expect it was just a back view that’s all, which made the netizens who were looking forward to it suddenly feel Somewhat discouraged.

“What? I thought there was such a hot news. The photo taken by didn’t expect turned out to be this. It was not equal to me to look at the photo taken on News Hill. At least it’s easier to recognize than this!”

“Disappointed, didn’t expect the final result of the award turned out to be just such a picture, I am very disappointed!”

“Quickly, the host Come out and admit your mistakes, didn’t expect you to be such a grandstanding person!”

“Yes, come out and admit your mistakes, the original poster!”

There are netizens here shouting for the original poster to come out and admit their mistakes. , There are already careful-eyed netizens who have found the similarities between this photo and the news photo, just like finding the difference between the two photos, and the similarities between this photo and the news photo are easy to be seen. , The similarity lies in the clothes worn by the two.

Perhaps for men, they are far less sensitive to clothes than women, not to mention autumn and winter models, brands, and fabrics, but for women, these can only be counted as The most basic thing is that their sensitivity to clothes and cosmetics is simply against the sky.

“Her dress seems to be Valentino’s new double-breasted waist trench coat just released this year?”

“Yes, the one upstairs is right, I was also I want to buy this one, but it’s too expensive. It costs more than 4 million yuan for one piece. It’s more fierce than grabbing money!” A netizen said with lingering fear, but there was a hint of envy in the words.

“Why not expensive the style just released this year? If I bite my teeth, I can still buy it with a salary of one and a half months, but…”

This is my turn. Many male netizens have started to get caught up in circles, Valentino? What is this? Listen to them, is it the brand of the clothes? Is it famous? Why haven’t I heard of it?

“Valentino is a well-known Italian high-end fashion brand. Its products include: haute couture, ready-to-wear and a series of accessories. Exquisite luxury, the pursuit of the integration of fashion and classics, is the brand’s belief in design. This I copied it from the entry. All you need to know is that this dress is expensive, and this brand is very difficult to deal with!” Seeing that many men don’t know this brand, someone posted it on Encyclopedia The entry helps them understand.

“But what does this mean? These two people are the same person, and then? The identity of this woman is still a mystery!” Some netizens witty point out what everyone ignores until now, then That is to say, now everyone seems to be still spinning around, the identity of this woman is still the biggest mystery.

Just when everyone felt blocked, the host of the post immediately reminded everyone, “Look for the news about the opening of the Mengzhuang new store in March this year.” At this point, she did not continue. Going on, instead, I set aside time for everyone to check it. It seems that as long as you check this news, all the truth will be revealed!

As for her words, everyone was a little bit skeptical. Although they felt a little puzzled in their hearts, they still searched for the news about the opening of Mengzhuang’s new store in March in the search bar of their web pages, and the news about Mengzhuang in March. There is not much news. The news of the opening of this new store has attracted a lot of media attention because of the appearance of its endorsement stars.

“Who is this?”

Before opening the webpage, everyone saw the female artist on the small picture and felt familiar, when they clicked on the big picture At the time, all of them were stunned. The identity of this woman…

Mengzhuang, as the main brand of South Korea’s largest cosmetics company Amorepacific Group, has been listed in South Korea since 1991. Mamonde dream makeup has become one of the largest sales brands under the Amorepacific Group. The dream makeup targeted at female consumer groups also chooses famous and good-looking female artists in the circle of spokesperson. This spokesperson is not an artist. Unfamiliar, it is Han Ga-in!

Although the eyes of the male netizen are not good, it can be seen from these photos that Han Ga-in’s trench coat was the same style in the news photos at the ceremony of the opening of the Mengzhuang new store. .

“But this doesn’t mean anything, right? Valentino’s trench coat is a bit more expensive, but for female artists in the circle, there should be many that can afford it. It does not mean that it is Han Ga. -in right?” Some netizens pointed out this.

“The windbreaker may be the same style of others, but the ring on your hand cannot be wrong!”

Just click on these two news photos, regardless of the ring on the left middle finger Whether it is from the style or the position it is worn, they are all very similar. If you look at the two photos carefully, the sharp-eyed netizens also feel that the hands of the two are very consistent.

“Wearing a ring on the left middle finger means’in love’, right?”

“Sure enough…”

Less hard-mouthed netizens, at this time, they still don’t believe that Goddess in their hearts is actually in love, biting their lips and not believing everyone’s conclusions.

“Isn’t it just the same style ring, this kind of ring is not uncommon, you can find the same style ring in a small shop!”

“That’s my Ga -in Goddess How can you fall in love! She should wait for me to grow up, and then I will marry her!”

“How old is the little brother upstairs?”

Although the conclusion is drawn, everyone is clearly divided into two factions for this result. One thinks that the identity of this woman is Han Ga-in, while the other faction categorically denies that most of them are Han. Ga-in fans are obviously unacceptable to the news about Goddess’ love. They were arguing one by one, so they almost covered their ears and said a few words, “I don’t listen, I don’t listen, I don’t listen”!

In order to make them realize the cruel reality, the host who has not spoken for a long time posted a link to the news. He didn’t say anything, but posted the link quietly.

Some curious netizens clicked on the link, and then the webpage went to a news in May, “On May 20th, Han Ga-in announced to join JHJ Entertainment Brokerage Company, JHJ Entertainment Company said:’In the future, Han Ga-in announced to join JHJ Entertainment Brokerage Company. On the path of Ga-in’s performing arts, JHJ will take a more serious and responsible attitude to protect its artists…'”.

Many fans of Han Ga-in froze for a few seconds before reacting, secretly resenting: Routine, this is all routine… My Goddess!

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