Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 381

“My Goddess, why do you want to fall in love with others, we are just seven years old, wait for me for seven years, no! Just wait for me for four years, wait I am an adult, we can get married!”

Late night, it was already a little bit in the early morning, and the male child in the bed almost broke this line with tears in his eyes. It was not everyone who got it. On the contrary, many netizens have kindly “ridiculed”, “little brother, you also like Han Ga-in ~ah, but I’m sorry he has been taken away by the guy named Jung Hyuk-jae Haha…”

“Little brother, do you need the arms of Elder Sister with big breasts and kindness? Although I am not Elder Sister, I have big breasts…”

“This little brother named’Lost Bean’, don’t cry, sleep at night, and in your dreams you can marry your Ga-in-noona, how about it? My proposal is not bad, right?”

To say that the Internet is a place for everyone to speak freely, and to base their happiness on the pain of others. These netizens are playing better than anyone else. They are all demons with little black wings flashing. One sentence after another is almost like a knife, and one after another is stuck in the heart of this young man under the age of sixteen, or how to say’Girls’ minds are always poetry’, uh, no, it’s a teenager! It’s not much difference anyway.

It’s late at night. The teenager who had been on the bed was normally asleep, but he couldn’t fall asleep at all this night. Tossing over and over again always felt heavy, as long as I thought of what I admired in mind for a long time. Goddess announced his love affair in this way, and he felt that his heart was so painful, it was like the pain of being dug a hole in his life.

Adolescents who have just entered puberty, each of them has their own Goddess in mind. She may be at the same table, Goddess of the same grade, or of course the gentleness of previous time. Elder Sister, in a word, in this age group that only belongs to youth, the teenager grows up with his Goddess, and every growth is an opportunity for the teenager to transform into a butterfly.

“Hee Sung, why are you still up to sleep? Are you still playing on the computer?”

Maybe I heard a strange noise coming from my son’s room, and my uneasy mother left. When he reached the door of his son’s room, he knocked on the door lightly, and then asked.

The young man named Hee Sung gently wiped away the tears that had filled his eyes for some time, sorted out his emotions, and then said: “Mom, I’m fine, I didn’t play. The computer just woke up suddenly, and immediately I continued to sleep…”

“It’s so late, do you know how to rest early?” The worried mother was still warned repeatedly outside the door, from the bedroom After hearing her son’s answer, she turned and left.

The young man in the bedroom rolled the quilt tightly on himself, staring at the roof, and regarded the waiting on the roof as his love rival. I don’t know how long it took before the young man fell asleep. Go, in his sleep, he still yelled’Ga-in -noona’ in his mouth…


“Hee Sung, have breakfast!”

Early in the morning, Cai Jiner, a housewife, stood downstairs and shouted. At this time in the past, her son would immediately go downstairs. But today, I don’t know why more than ten minutes have passed, and I haven’t seen him come down. Now my mother’s heart is naturally a little anxious.

“Hee Sung? What’s wrong with you?”

Cai Jiner was going to go upstairs, and then she saw her son rubbing his eyes and walking down the stairs, dark circles are enough to see It turned out that his sleep quality last night was not ideal.

“Hee Sung, what’s the matter with you?” The mother felt sorry for her child. After Cai Zhener saw her son’s dark circles, she immediately went to the kitchen and started to boil the eggs.

Li Xicheng feels a lot more energetic after washing, but a face that can’t hide his heart still reveals his heart, and the four characters “I’m not happy” are clearly written on the face. !

“Hee Sung, what’s the matter with you?” Cai Zhener came to her son, handed the egg, and asked with concern.

Perhaps it was the strong maternal love on Cai Zhener’s face that moved Li Xicheng. He had been holding back his mind all night, and now he finally found a catharsis.

“Mom, Han Ga-in is in love!” Li Xicheng said sadly. It was like a toy that once belonged to him was suddenly taken away by someone else. Li Xicheng, who was already old-fashioned This time I felt even more sad.

“And when I was watching the news last night, there was news that they were getting married soon!”

“Ga-in -noona…Mom, it must be Is the hype right? It’s been said on the Internet that Jung Hyuk-jae’s movie has been released all around recently. In order to achieve higher box office results, the news that Jung Hyuk-jae and Ga-in-noona are dating must be hype. “Lee Hee Sung suddenly said very energetic, because he thought of this reason, Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in’s love affair must be hype, everything is fake, thinking of this, Lee Hee Sung feels a little better, but he is looking forward to it. He still stared at his mother, waiting for the answer from her mouth.

When Cai Zhener heard her son’s words, she was shocked by the expression. When she understood these words in her heart, she felt like she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, what is this? ! I originally thought that my son had something to worry about. Didn’t expect it because of this? Thinking of this, Cai Zhener glanced at her son. Could it be that he was adolescent?

“Mom…” Li Xicheng has been waiting for too long. He hasn’t heard her answer for a long time, and Li Xicheng is a little anxious.

“What’s the matter, son? Do you like Han Ga-in?” Cai Zhener asked.

As a housewife who takes care of her husband and son at home all the year round, Cai Jiner is also a loyal hobbyist of soap operas. The actor Han Ga-in naturally understands that, although she said that good-looking actresses in the entertainment industry are not Few, but the actress who can leave a good impression at first glance, Han Ga-in is indeed the first. The exquisite features and feminine temperament really deserve the title of beauty, but didn’t expect his own son. Actually like her.

“When I become an adult, I originally planned to marry Han Ga-in!” Li Xicheng said sadly.

Hearing this, Cai Zhener couldn’t help her laugh anymore. Haha laughed, not caring about her son’s darker and darker face. This is my mother!

“Haha, how old are you, Han Ga-in is already how old are you, people are already in love in public, what good can you do if you are depressed?”

“Furthermore, you are no longer a little boy this year, but you are only sixteen years old, sixteen! You and Ga-in are seven years apart. Could you tell her to wait for you to grow up? “Cai Zhen’er said silently.

“It’s not that bad. I don’t need to wait for seven years or another four years. When I reach the age of 20, I will be able to marry her!” Li Xicheng looked serious. Said.

Although it is said that a child is still a child no matter how long he has been in front of his parents, but looking at the son who looks like an adult in normally, today shows a little-known “childish” side, Cai Zhener always Can’t help but want to laugh.

“Okay! Let’s fall in love with you, My Hee Sung will definitely find a beautiful wife in the future!” Cai Jiner is comforted, but he never thought that Lee Hee Sung is still immersed in his world. The sadness flows upstream.


“Aunt, is Hee Sung there?”

After breakfast, Li Xicheng’s friend Zhao Leyuan came to play with him. After all, it was time to have fun in the summer vacation.

“Le Yuan, Chun-hee is a little sad today. You will stay with him for a while!” Cai Zhener asked while talking, “Where do you go to play in the US in the past few years? Huh? Is there enough money, if I don’t have enough money, I still have…”

“Aunt, we just go out for a while, and we will be back soon. We don’t need to bring that many money.” Zhao Leyuan explained Dao, saying that he came to Li Xicheng’s side and pulled him up, saying: “Heecheng, let’s go!”

“Do you know if you come back earlier?”

Zhao Leyuan turned his head and said, “I see, Aunt.”

Young girls always play together. Soon after they leave the house, the team has grown to seven people, and everyone is chatting enthusiastically. God, only Li Xicheng on the side is immersed in his own world, unable to extricate himself.

“Xicheng, what’s the matter with you today?” Zhao Leyuan was really curious and puzzled. How long has it been, Li Xicheng still looks like this, which is worrying.

Hearing what Zhao Leyuan said, Li Xicheng reacted, because the other party is his best friend and long-time friend and neighbor, so many times he likes to tell him what he hid, “Leyuan, Han Ga-in has a boyfriend again!”

“Han Ga-in has a boyfriend, does it have anything to do with me?” Zhao Leyuan looked puzzled, and then he reacted with a face. He looked at Lee Hee Sung in surprise, “You shouldn’t be sad all night because of this incident?”

“Because Han Ga-in and Jung Hyuk-jae are in love, the two seem to be getting married Now, are you like this?” Zhao Leyuan asked silently.

When the remaining friends on the side heard what Zhao Leyuan said, they were in an uproar. Everyone cast a sympathetic look at Li Xicheng. It was really pitiful. It turns out that the woman Li Xicheng likes was Jung Hyuk- Jae was snatched away.


This is also mixed with other people’s chuckles, not malicious, but it sounds so’piercing’ to Li Xicheng, His Goddess was snatched away by others in this way, and the people around him not only did not comfort him, but hit his “young” mind again and again. Li Xicheng walked in despair at the end, muttering Han Ga in his mouth. -in’s name.

That is, in this brief moment, the young man finally understands that his first love hasn’t started before he is already broken…

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