Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 382

In 2006, more than half of the time has slipped quietly through the fingers, and the time has quickly changed into August. The performance of “Lao Qian” on the theater line is still strong. It may really be Thanks to the scandal, in the film’s “all around” movie that has been released, “Lao Qian” relied on its weak advantage to keep the box office champion of “all around” under its own buttocks, and only a few of its rival films Watching “Lao Qian” continue to show off one’s military strength in front, swallow the broken tooth into his mouth.

Compared with people from all walks of life in the movie circle focusing on the box office of “Lao Qian”, the eyes of netizens and audiences are all attracted by the love affair between Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in For some fans, this is no less than a’horrible news’. If you said that you had dreamed of your Goddess in your dream the night before, you woke up and found that the entire world has changed. Goddess of Goddess became the forbidden of others, could not help but be sad, and couldn’t help but hide his face and shed tears.

At the same time, many media entertainment reporters came to the door of JHJ Entertainment with long spear short cannons, hoping to “blind cat meets dead mouse”, and they will be lucky. I personally interviewed the parties involved in the incident, but it was a pity that they waited from 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock near noon. Except for several staff of JHJ Entertainment who were chased and intercepted by people, Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in simply did not appear.

The entertainment reporters changed their goals and aimed their cameras at the staff of JHJ Entertainment. Unfortunately, as a member of JHJ, they dare not say some gossip about their Boss and Lady Boss on this matter. , It was simply courting death, they kept silent one by one, and quickly ran past the reporter.


One big Earlier on receiving a call from his manager Hong Su-jin, Han Ga-in realized that his relationship with Jung Hyuk-jae had been caught by careful netizens, and there was a discussion about the two on the Internet. It has spread, Hong Su-jin thought that he might need to come forward and declare that Han Ga-in, as a new generation actress, as long as he sinks his heart and walks step by step, pondering his acting skills and accumulating strength, it is nothing to become a Peak actor in the circle. It’s difficult, you can’t fall back on this love scandal.

The scandal is definitely a big blow to an actress’ career. If it’s not that it’s a certain age, or that the career has reached a bottleneck period, generally no actress intends to announce herself. Han Ga-in’s future acting career is still very long. Hong Su-jin made this suggestion to her because of his managerial position.

“Ga-in, I think it’s better to let Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi issue a statement in the name of the company. There is no substantive evidence for the photos and speculations circulating on the Internet, as long as You didn’t admit it personally, so this can only be a rumor with a high degree of credibility. After the statement is issued, wait for a while, and the rumors will not be destructive!” Hong Su-jin said in a familiar way on the phone. .

This method mentioned by Hong Su-jin is also a method often used by entertainers when they encounter scandals. Time is the best weapon. After waiting for a period of time, netizens The degree of attention to this matter in my mind naturally decreased, and without the degree of attention, there would be no that many attentions. Although the netizens are not stupid, but after time passed, everyone just laughed, and will no longer be as surprised as they are now.

“Show Sister Jin, this is unnecessary.” Han Ga-in walked to the balcony, looked at Jung Hyuk-jae who was still asleep in the bedroom through the floor-to-ceiling window, and gently shook the head.

Hong Su-jin looked puzzled when he heard Han Ga-in’s words, “Why? Go tell Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, he should agree.”

Hearing Hong Su-jin’s proposal, Han Ga-in once again firmly shook the head, “Things are not -eonni as simple as you think.”

As a woman, Han Ga -in understands that he needs a career to prove himself, but now this World is a male-dominated world after all, sometimes the woman is too strong, but it is a pressure for the man, Han Ga-in has a desire to be a female A strong heart, but after meeting Jung Hyuk-jae, she realized that maybe it’s good to be a little woman, not so strong, so strong, cry when we should cry, laugh when we should laugh, and usually lie on the sofa It’s nice to have a warm embrace when watching TV.

In addition, Hong Su-jin is right on this matter. As long as he speaks himself, Jung Hyuk-jae will definitely make the company issue such a nondescript statement that no one will believe, but for Jung For Hyuk-jae, his move is to indirectly indicate that he does not want to admit the relationship between the two. This will definitely leave a grudge in Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart. Then the relationship that depends on the two for a long time will inevitably appear. A crack.

When it comes to love, neither man nor man is generous. It is possible that a small incident that seems insignificant will eventually result in an irreversible tragedy. Han Ga-in does not kill, she is in her love The performance is very smart, knowing what you can do, and those things you can’t do.

“What’s the matter with you?” Hong Su-jin noticed that Han Ga-in’s state was not right, and said with concern: “Is there something unhappy? Tell your sister. Say, sister will help you talk and solve it.”

Hearing what Hong Su-jin said, Han Ga-in paused for a few seconds to sort out his own language, and then said: “- Eonni, I think I’m really in love!”

Hong Su-jin, who thought Han Ga-in would say something amazing, was stunned for a few seconds after hearing her words, and then This lightly said with a smile: “Silly missy, you are not really in love anymore, are you still fake? Haha……”

Han Ga-in hastily heard what Hong Su-jin said. shook the head, explaining: “-eonni, not that…”

“What do you want to say?” Hong Su-jin felt a little strange.

“-eonni, do you think marriage is really beautiful?” Han Ga-in suddenly came up with this topic, which made Hong Su-jin’s thinking a little bit unable to keep up with her brain circuits.

“What…getting…marrying?” Hong Su-jin was really shocked this time.

Obviously I was in the youngest time of an actor, so personal marriage should be left behind. It is best for a woman to have her own career, Hong Su-jin Knowing that Jung Hyuk-jae and her are in love, Jung Hyuk-jae’s conditions are quite good, but this is not safe after all, and it is far better than having your own business to feel at ease. Besides, it is not that she cursed the two. Human love, but to say that in this complicated entertainment circle, sometimes a sincere love is a kind of extravagant desire.

“Yes, just get married!” Han Ga-in nodded continued: “I want to get married…”

“But…but you are only twenty-three years old, Isn’t it too early!” Hong Su-jin felt that his head was not working well at this moment. In short, every word he said from Han Ga-in at this moment was extremely shocking to him and her. It was even more shocking than the news that the two fell in love.

“-eonni, I can get married when I am sixteen with the consent of my parents.” Han Ga-in said with a smile, but the exchange is still determined by Hong Su-jin Opposed.

“No, no, it’s too risky for you to do this, no, absolutely no, tell me if Jung Hyuk-jae forced you to marry him? Tell me it’s okay, I’ll go with He talked, sister has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, he will not do me anything!” Hong Su-jin couldn’t help but wonder if there was Jung Hyuk-jae’s persecution behind it after hearing Han Ga-in’s words. .

“-eonni, you truly think too much, this is just my own thoughts, I haven’t told Hyuk-jae Oppa yet.” Han Ga-in said.

“But if you talk to him like this, he doesn’t agree?” Hong Su-jin said suddenly.

She is very aware of the temptations in this circle. Jung Hyuk-jae is not too old, and he is young, handsome and rich. Naturally, she faces a lot of temptations. It is not that she takes the sinister to go. Suspecting others, but saying that this circle is really different from other industries, and the temptation is always there.

On the balcony of the window, Han Ga-in listened to Hong Su-jin’s persuasion on the phone while holding his mobile phone, looking at the rising sun in the distance, a new day had arrived, and Everything is so beautiful.

Hearing the rustling sound of wearing clothes coming from behind him, Han Ga-in turned his head and glanced around. I don’t know when Jung Hyuk-jae has woken up. The attacker was still very tired. Jung Hyuk-jae got up and got dressed and stretched a few times. After yawning, he saw Han Ga-in standing on the balcony talking on the phone. He saw the soft sunlight in the morning. Ga-in’s back, Jung Hyuk-jae’s face couldn’t help showing a faint smile and walked over.

“-eonni, Hyuk-jae Oppa woke up, that’s the deal, let’s talk later!” Han Ga-in hung up the phone hurriedly and turned around The body came to meet Jung Hyuk-jae’s arms.

Gently embracing the woman in front of him in his arms, Jung Hyuk-jae bends down a little, and his heavy head rests gently on Han Ga-in’s shoulders, like a looking The cat that the owner played with deliberately shook the head, causing Han Ga-in to chuckle.

“Itchy like this, Oppa!”

Finding the most comfortable position, Jung Hyuk-jae closed his eyes comfortably and felt the sun shine through the eye strap The blush that came, held Ga-in in his arms tighter, and then said: “Who did you call?”

“Sujin-eonni, just now -eonni called I got the phone and said that there are important things to discuss.” Han Ga-in said truthfully.

“The important thing? What is it?” Jung Hyuk-jae straightened up his waist and looked towards Han Ga-in, “What is she looking for?”


In the face of Jung Hyuk-jae’s fierce gaze, Han Ga-in didn’t flinch, “Oppa, the news about us on the Internet has fallen out. Should we say something?”

“What?” After hearing Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae was a little surprised. He didn’t expect one night to go, and he actually boarded the first searching the Ranking List. It turned out that’Jung’ Hyuk-jae +Han Ga-in’is not as simple as 1+1=2.

“Then what do you want to do?” Jung Hyuk-jae lightly said with a smile after listening to Han Ga-in’s words, and his eyes became more gentle.

“How about making a statement in the name of a brokerage company?” Han Ga-in asked tentatively.

Without waiting for Han Ga-in to finish speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae smiled and stroked her soft hair, “I will take care of this.”

The two people on the balcony upstairs are still kissing me. Jung Min-joo downstairs has already issued a cry from a single dog: “Brother, I’m hungry, come down and cook!”

Looking at the pink lips close to him and listening to the wailing of the younger sister downstairs, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but sighed secretly in his heart, nodded quickly, pecked, and covered the lip. My own seal, “I’ll go down to cook first, and remember to go downstairs to eat later, don’t take this matter seriously, I will solve it.”

……………………… ………………………………………………………………………

About’Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in’ on the Internet The news has already been fired in a frenzy, but Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in, who are the parties, seem to sit firmly on the Diaoyutai, and none of them made a statement. This makes many fans who have a fluke mentality pause. It feels bad, because they always think that behind this incident is the hype of the movie, and if it is the hype, the two should have come out at this time to clarify the relationship between the two. This has been delayed, so many Han Ga- Fans of in feel a little scared.

“Could the two of you really be together?”

“My Goddess was just arched by a pig!”

“Floor Dare to ask if you can release a picture of yourself? Jung Hyuk-jae is a pig, do you look good with him?”

“Whether you look good or not, dare to gossip with my Goddess , Then there is only one end-death!”

“That is, I didn’t even look at who I was. I even dared to gossip with Goddess.”

“I’m so sorry, you I don’t even have a single hair of Jung Hyuk-jae!”

Netizens on the Internet are clamoring like this, and the latest news about Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in’s relationship is still missing. Just when everyone was waiting impatiently, JHJEnter publicly admitted the relationship between the two on the Internet.

“Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi and Han Ga-in -ssi are indeed in a relationship. Because of their relationship with the TV series, the two officially confirmed their relationship last year, and the photos of Seoul Tower circulated on the Internet are indeed It’s Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi and Han Ga-in -ssi. I hope everyone can support me!”

The statement issued by JHJ Entertainment is very short, but after reading it, everyone said that this is the most they have seen. A direct statement, no denial, no sappy rollover, falling in love means falling in love.

“Re-watching the “Super Rookie” tidbits again, I found that Hara Lai had already started with the two at the time!”

“I was quite angry at first , But after seeing this statement, I don’t know why I want to bless you?”

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