Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 383

“What are you doing? Dilly-dallying in the back?”

Park the car, and Dad Jin walks in the forefront, with a serious face without a smile Shang is full of anger. Normally, he doesn’t pay much attention to the news. He still catches the entertainment news while watching TV. As the father of Han Ga-in, he knows the pearl in the palm that he cherishes most. He was taken away by a man he didn’t know, and he didn’t know that he was a dad!

“Hurry up! It’s sluggish from behind. Who can I call with my mobile phone?” Dad Jin saw his wife quietly picked up the mobile phone, and seemed to be preparing to inform. His face became even more ugly.

“What reminders, I don’t want to call our girl first and ask if she is at home? Let’s go on an errand for nothing.” Kim mother gave her husband a white look, and she didn’t Put away the phone patiently.

“Not at home? hmph! If she is not at home, she has to come back to me. Can a girl’s house break the sky?” After hearing his wife’s words, Jin Dad snorted heavily and stomped his feet. He continued to walk in front of his neck, his face continued to be stern, in fact, he was more anxious than anyone else.

as the saying goes, “Daughter is a sweet little cotton jacket of the father”, but the girl here has just grown up, and the guy who didn’t know where she came from took her away Now, this makes Dad Jin feel a heartache. If he is not controlled by reason, it is estimated that he will directly find Jung Hyuk-jae’s company JHJ Entertainment. If it really arrives, then it will be lively, here Jung The relationship between Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in just came to light, and the father of Han Ga-in on the other side came to the door angrily. This is definitely big news.

“Don’t go so fast, slow down…” The mother Kim followed behind Dad Kim gasping for breath, but her man’s steps were too wide, so she couldn’t chase him soon. It’s on, so she yelled.

“Can you go faster?” Dad Jin stopped helplessly and looked at his wife behind his back. Although Nagging on his lips, he said that her daughter is in love. I told him that she was blaming her for walking slowly, but she still waited patiently until her wife followed up and then started. This time he walked much less.

“Make your mouth hard!” Following her husband, Jin mother said softly with a smile, with a happy smile on her face.

She has met someone who is suitable for her in her life. She has a pair of daughters. The eldest daughter is already married and has a very happy life. The only thing she is worried about now is her youngest daughter. This is Han Ga-in. As a parent, I don’t really have a high desire. As long as my children live a happy life, it doesn’t matter if they are bland. After all, the old saying goes, “Blandness is true.” It’s just a pity that because her little girl’s industry is really special, she hopes her daughter can find her own happiness even more.

If it’s not because of shooting Natong commercials to enter the entertainment industry, maybe my daughter entered an ordinary company after college, met an ordinary man, talked about an ordinary love, and then lived a plain life. A happy life, she thinks so until now, but it is a pity that her own girl is getting more and more famous, and more and more men are met. How can it be so easy to talk about an ordinary love.

Thinking of this, Kim’s mother suddenly remembered his daughter’s boyfriend, the young man named Jung Hyuk-jae…

“You haven’t seen that man How is he? How is he?” Standing downstairs from his own girl, Dad Jin suddenly stopped, a little hesitated not to take his own steps, and then saw him turn his head to his wife. Asked.

“Which man?”

Seeing that his wife didn’t pay attention to what he said, Dad Jin immediately began to blow his beard and stare again, spitting stars everywhere. Which one? It’s the bad guy who tricked our girl away!”

Kim mother immediately began to refute when he heard what he said, “What kind of bad guy, after a while, you don’t want to Say this, don’t let our girl hate you.”

“She dare!” Dad Jin stared, but in my heart he seemed to think of the cold war that Little Girl fought with herself during the rebellious period, Dad Jin. After a few seconds, his face gradually softened.

“Let’s go!” Dad Jin slightly sighed and said, this sigh seemed to contain some other things…

The community where the two came to is still Han Ga -In the community where I lived before, although the brokerage company has been changed, Jung Hyuk-jae once said that living here is not convenient, and the surrounding environment and facilities are not up to date, but Han Ga-in said that he is here. I’m used to it, and it’s good to have a small nest that belongs only to me, so I just gave up on moving.

The previous brokerage company also rented a house, so the renting was done without too much trouble.

Papa and Mom Jin took the elevator up. The elevator door opened and saw an Old Lady waiting at the elevator door. She looked much older than herself. Mom and Dad Kim politely bowed slightly The old man was invited to go up the elevator, but Old Lady stopped Kim mother and looked up and down with her old but not muddy eyes.

“Are you the mother of the girl next door?” Old Lady said with a smile, and she asked for sure, who knew countless people.

“Yes, what are you?” Mother Kim was surprised when she heard Old Lady’s words. Something not quite clear. The situation in front of her was not quite clear. Could it be that the Old Lady in front of her knew herself?

Actually, the reason is very simple. Jin mother and his daughter are somewhat similar to their own girl in outline and appearance, and Old Lady dares to come to a conclusion.

“What’s wrong? Looking for your girl?” Old Lady said gossiping, “She’s not at home today.”

“Not at home?” Jin Dad and Jin mother were both stunned. At the same place, “Then what did she do?”

“I don’t know about this.” After Old Lady got on the elevator, moved towards The two waved their hands and went downstairs.

Papa Jin paced to the door of his daughter’s apartment. After pressing the doorbell for a long time, there was no response from someone inside. A face that was gentle just now went dark again, “This missy Why did you go?”

“Maybe you went downstairs to buy something, right?” Mother Kim was also a little unsure.

“Call her and let her come back!” Dad Jin said, pacing in front of the door, seemingly impatient, and then he suddenly remembered something, “Also let that guy come over, I Take a good look at him!”

“What is that guy, that guy’s called, other people also have a name, don’t they?” Mother Kim took out his mobile phone and corrected her husband’s name problem.

Who knows that Dad Jin has no intention of correcting this problem, “Just call him that guy, what’s the matter? Dare to grab my daughter…” The next words were not said, but Mother Jin also knew He was cursing now, and he didn’t look like an elder at all.


Because there is no itinerary at the villa, and if you go out now, you will definitely be surrounded by reporters, so Han Ga-in didn’t go out. With Jung Min-joo one big and one small, the two girls were happily in the living room. Watching TV, from time to time Jung Min-joo will be mischievously tuned to the entertainment news station to watch news reports about his future sister-in-law, and then Han Ga-in will blush and quickly turn away. , Two people playing this game is called a great joy.

While the two of them were playing games, Han Ga-in’s mobile phone on the table rang suddenly. Han Ga-in raised his hand to surrender and picked up the mobile phone on the table. Seeing the caller ID, it was his mother’s phone call, and there was nothing in his heart. Watching the scandal news about him and Hyuk-jae Oppa on TV, Han Ga-in suddenly felt bad.

Actually, Kim’s mother is quite talkative. You can get through with a little bit of acting like a baby, but what Han Ga-in is most afraid of is his father’s reaction when he learns about his love relationship, so He hesitated for a few seconds without answering the phone.


“Why? No one answered?” Dad Jin saw There was a beep after a beep from the phone, and the face immediately became gloomy again, “Call me and I will call her!” Dad Jin grabbed the phone from his wife and pressed it. Press the replay button and put the phone close to my ear. After a while, I heard a soft voice from the other end of the phone: “Mom?”

Han Ga-in felt a little bit after saying what he said. It’s not quite right, because the other party was silent and didn’t say anything, only the slightly thick breathing sounded that someone was listening. Han Ga-in seemed to understand, there was a little trembling in his voice and an unbelievable question. : “Dad?”

“Where are you now?”

“Am I outside now?” Han Ga-in hesitated.

“Outside? Where is it?” Dad Jin asked.

Han Ga-in said vaguely, trying to fool the past, “It’s just outside.”

“I don’t care where you are now, give me right now. Come back!”

“Go back? Where are you going back?” Han Ga-in was still a little confused about the current state.

“Your mom and I are at the door of your apartment, and you will be back right now!” Dad Kim shouted on the phone, “You can also call me Jung Hyuk-jae.”

Wait for Han Ga-in to explain that he had hung up the phone angrily, Han Ga-in’s white face looked paler when he heard the beep from the microphone. It’s like being sick.

“-eonni, what’s wrong with you?” Jung Min-joo on the side keenly noticed that Han Ga-in was abnormal after receiving this call. When she saw that Han Ga-in was abnormal After his complexion, he became more worried and concerned: “-eonni, are you okay? Shall we go to the hospital to see?”

“I’m okay.” Han Ga-in explained, talking about Han Ga-in got up and moved towards the stairs, because his father said on the phone to let Jung Hyuk-jae pass, Han Ga-in really don’t dare disagree, but I don’t know if Jung Hyuk-jae can be free. It’s time for free, so Han Ga-in behaves very carefully.

Jung Hyuk-jae did not go out on this day. After handing over the scandal related matters to the company’s public relations department, Jung Hyuk-jae only needs to check the box office results of “Lao Qian” every day and handle it at home. Some affairs are enough, so today he did not go out, but chose to study the script at home and polish the next script.

“Oppa?” Han Ga-in came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s study door and knocked gently, “Oppa, are you still busy now?”

Hearing Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae turned to look at Han Ga-in with a sad face and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Oppa, my dad just called Called, I told us to go back.” Han Ga-in said briefly about his father.

“Where to go back?” Jung Hyuk-jae also felt a little confused after hearing Han Ga-in’s words.

“Go back to where I live, my dad and my mom have been waiting there for a while now.” Han Ga-in said.

Listening to the parents in Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae feels that he has a fierce battle to fight.


Downstairs in the apartment, Jung Hyuk-jae carried some of the gifts he prepared in a hurry from the trunk of the car, and his younger sister helped to carry them a little bit. Standing under the apartment building, I don’t know why. Jung Hyuk-jae always thinks he has a kind It feels like entering the dungeon to fight the boss, and I am just a nobody who has not been transferred yet. Want to fight a big boss of hundreds of levels? This is how to do?

“Oppa, my dad might be a little unpleasant later…” Han Ga-in explained to Jung Hyuk-jae while standing downstairs and taking a deep breath.

Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, it’s the missy Jung Min-joo who is the most calm here. After all, she is still a little child and doesn’t know anything. At the forefront, I am not afraid of a fall.

The three of them sat in the elevator, Jung Hyuk-jae took a deep breath, and all around the smooth metal surface of the elevator shining his own meter, and he stood up straight again without any major problems. Body.

It’s not too hot in the elevator, but Jung Hyuk-jae feels a little bit out of breath. Thinking of this, Jung Hyuk-jae can’t help but loosen his neck and untie his tie. some. Because I was going to see Han Ga-in’s parents today, Jung Hyuk-jae also put on a suit and tie that he only wore for awards when he went out.

“Oppa, what are you doing?” Han Ga-in became angry when he saw Jung Hyuk-jae’s behavior, and extended the hand to help him organize his tie. “I’ll see you soon My dad and my mom, don’t untie the tie.”

Just as Jung Hyuk-jae bends down slightly and Han Ga-in stands on tiptoes to help re-tie his tie, I feel that the elevator is finally over. It stopped, and when the elevator door opened, there were two shocked faces outside the door.

Han Ga-in quickly lowered his head when he saw it, blushing, and muttered: “Dad, mom!”

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