Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 384

Han Ga-in is boiling water in the small kitchen of the apartment, but the atmosphere in the living room is a little depressed. Jin Dad and Jin Ma’s eyes are all on Jung Hyuk-jae’s body. There is no weight, but it is unbearable to fall on people.

“Uncle Aunt is good!” Jung Hyuk-jae respectfully stood in front of Kim Dad and Kim Mom, while speaking, handing over the gift he had prepared, “This is on the way. I didn’t have much preparation for some things I bought in a hurry, so please forgive me.”

The gifts prepared are not particularly expensive. They are just some health gifts that you can buy at the street shop. Jung Hyuk-jae wanted to buy some expensive gifts enough to show his seriousness, but Han Ga-in stopped him now. Because it is the first official meeting, the choice of gifts is very important. Too cheap gives people the feeling of being cheap and not valued, but too expensive will leave the impression of spending a lot of money and not living a life.

If it weren’t Han Ga-in’s reminder, maybe Jung Hyuk-jae would have somersault on it.

Gifts are not too expensive, but they are very thoughtful. Whether it is the choice of matching, it is Han Ga-in’s opinion.

Jin Ma looked at the handsome and polite young man in front of him. His eyes were very clear, but at first glance, he gave people an infinite goodwill, and then looked towards Jung Hyuk-jae, and there was a trace of gaze. like.

“Don’t just stand up, sit down, sit down!” Kim mother acted very kindly. After all, she had seen her before, and Jung Hyuk-jae gave her a very good impression. When he and his girl live well together, she is naturally very pleased to be a mother. It is their greatest wish to be parents to see the happiness of their children.

However, although Mother Kim is good at talking, Dad Kim is not as good at talking as her. Jung Hyuk-jae smiles and prepares to sit down. Who would have thought of the snorted in Dad Kim’s nostrils on the side at this time, Jung Hyuk-jae’s buttocks had reached the sofa and hurriedly stood up.

Mother Kim bumped his elbow, glared at him, then turned to look at Jung Hyuk-jae and said with a smile: “Sit down, sit down!”

Papa Jin glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae on the opposite side. He didn’t continue to hold his face, but he hummed again from his nostrils. Then he looked at the young man in front of him carefully, dashing The star eyes of eyebrows, at first glance, did give a good impression, but this was not enough to offset his disgust of taking away his daughter.

“hmph, sit down.” Dad Jin said reluctantly.

Jung Hyuk-jae sat down after hearing what Jin Dad said. His waist was straight, his eyes were sharp, and his head tilted slightly to reveal a posture of listening.

From the moment he entered the door, Dad Jin had a dark face and seldom said anything, so Mother Jin took the lead in opening the door.

“Hyuk-jae~ah, I heard that the movie you made recently called “Old Thousand” was released?” Mother Kim smiled and asked, in fact, how much she knows about this movie Some, but because they want to start a topic, they pretend to be what they have just heard.

“Well, yes! It’s all around already.” Although he is the boss of JHJEntertainment and JHJFilm, when facing the future parents-in-law, Jung Hyuk-jae obviously doesn’t have his surface in his heart. It seemed so calm, just like listening to Teacher announce the results when I was a child, my heart was full of anxiety and anxiety, not knowing what kind of results they would achieve for themselves.

Jung Min-joo was snuggling next to his big brother at first, but when the two of them were talking, Kim’s mother greeted her to pass.

The two siblings of Surname Jung are very good. The big brother is handsome and the younger sister is beautiful. Although he is young, he is a beauty in the bud, just as popular as Han Ga-in when he was a child. , Kim mother fell in love with this cute and clever little missy when they first met, and now she is holding her arm and chatting in a low voice.

“Mom and dad, water!” Although he is in the kitchen, Han Ga-in actually keeps his eyes on the movement in the living room. As soon as the water boils here, Han Ga-in pours it out. The water was handed to his parents, and Jung Hyuk-jae on the side immediately got up to take it, and respectfully handed it to the future parents-in-law.

“Uncle, Aunt, water!”

Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae’s intimate behavior towards her daughter, the smile on Kim mother’s face is even brighter, taking the water gently I took a sip, feeling that the water was much sweeter than the one I had drunk before.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you today? Are you unhappy?” Han Ga-in seemed to pretend that he didn’t see it on purpose, raised a smiling face and said happily, saying that he was going to sit At Jung Hyuk-jae’s side, just at this moment, Dad Jin gave her a snorted look, and Han Ga-in got up and sat back next to his mother.

The two girls, one big and one small, are sitting next to Kim’s mother. I don’t know that she has a pair of daughters. They look very eye-catching. They didn’t say anything. Kim’s mother has already treated Jung. Min-joo treats him as a little girl, and his attitude is even more intimate. He looks like he can’t wait to take her away.

In the eyes of Dad Jin, it was this nasty kid who took away his girl, so he shouldn’t be a good face, so he had a dark face when he entered the door, and he didn’t look at him directly. The purpose of this is to give him a good start.

With the addition of Han Ga-in, the atmosphere between the three is very harmonious, except for Kim Dad, who has a black face on the side, who is pretending to be the black king. Jung Hyuk-jae talks about shooting from time to time. The Gonzo of that time even provokes Kim’s mother’s have a big laughter, especially when Jung Hyuk-jae learns that Kim’s mother also likes to watch several TV dramas he has filmed before, and the topic began to revolve around the TV dramas and the atmosphere Suddenly it seemed more harmonious.

The situation in front of him is even more irritating because of the seriousness of Dad Jin. The hateful kid in front of him kidnapped his daughter, not counting. If he goes on the posture, can it be said that he still wants to abduct his wife?

Actually, Jung Hyuk-jae was always paying attention to Dad Kim’s movements while chatting, watching him pretending to be the black king with a dark face, except that he felt a little nervous at the beginning. Later I felt a little funny, but it didn’t show it on the surface. I was chatting with Mother Kim. Naturally, I couldn’t forget Dad Kim on the side. If there is no topic, then create a topic to chat. This is for Jung Hyuk- For jae, it’s a relatively easy thing.

“Uncle, where do you work now?” Jung Hyuk-jae’s topic suddenly turned to Kim Dad, which made Kim Dad, who was’neglected’ at first, feel a little uncomfortable and heard Jung Hyuk-jae was stunned for a few seconds when he had a question.

Papa Kim came back to his senses, and the answer was very concise, still the high-cold fan, “Now in Seocho District.”

“Really? That actually counts. It’s very close.” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded said, because the office area of ​​his company JHJ Entertainment is also there. I don’t know if I don’t know, so it can bring the two people closer.

Hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Dad Jin hummed again. He had known about this nasty boy in front of him before he came. Although he didn’t want to admit it in his heart, it was true that his resume was much richer than himself. It is also much more powerful. Which youngster now can create such a large family business at the age of twenty-six or seventeen, and does not rely on external force or family at all.

Papa Kim affirmed that Jung Hyuk-jae among young people is definitely a young, talented people.

Before he came, Mother Jin also told him not to talk about his family when meeting, so Jin Dad didn’t talk about these topics, but he felt more and more that the young man in front of him was good. Up.

“Uncle Aunt, how is your health recently?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked about the physical condition of the two and asked: “Because Hyun-joo is also very busy in her normally, and I It’s more busy, so you may not be able to take care of the two elders when you are in normally. You have to pay attention to your body. When you are a child, you actually want your body to be healthy and live a long life!” At the time, Jung Hyuk-jae actually regarded himself as a junior in the family.

“I’m in good health, I’m okay, and that’s what I said. Actually, we don’t have much wish, just hope that our children can be happy.” Kim mother turned a face upon hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s words. He smiled more brilliantly, and took the hand of the girl next to him and kept stroking it, her eyes full of maternal love, “You will be happy if you are happy!”

Hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Dad Jin’s performance is very straightforward, “hmph, I can’t die!”

When he heard Dad Jin’s words, the mother Jin on the side dug him fiercely. What does old fogey say?

“Uncle Aunt, I will definitely take care of Hyun-joo…” Jung Hyuk-jae continued, but before he was finished, Dad Jin interrupted his next speech.

“Take care of her? How do you take care of her?” Dad Jin asked back. In fact, this is also a question that parents are most concerned about.

After hearing Dad Kim’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae did not immediately answer. Instead, he sorted out the language and said: “The “Lao Qian” was released recently because of the need to cooperate with the film promotion. There are more, so I am very busy…”

Speaking of which, Dad Jin interrupted him again, “What kind of business does your company operate now?” This is to start inquiring about Jung Hyuk- jae.

“The main investment is to make movies, but we are also considering issues related to film distribution.” Jung Hyuk-jae said briefly: “I just bought a movie theater some time ago, and I plan to gradually cooperate with the release. The business develops its own theater line.”

Seeing this nasty kid talking in front of him, Dad Jin’s face that was originally black at first couldn’t help but be slightly nodded at this time. Obviously, he was slightly nodded.

The words are very recognized.

Sometimes the idea of ​​parents is actually very simple, that is, as long as the children live well, it is enough, but there are certain prerequisites for a good life, that is, the man must have his own career and plan. The question that Dad Kim asked was not about how much money Jung Hyuk-jae makes in a year, but about his plan and his motivation.

The conversation between Weng and son-in-law lasted for two hours. Kim mother, Han Ga-in, and Jung Min-joo who had been on the side for a long time couldn’t stand it, and got up and left. Their topics range from family affairs to national affairs to international news. They talk about everything. The original face of Jin Dad can’t be maintained at this moment. From time to time, there will be hearty laughter from the two in the living room. , Enough to prove that the two get along well.

“Look, I said it’s okay, you’ve been worried!” In the kitchen, the golden mother who was choosing dishes hit her elbow and hit her daughter said with a smile: “I just started It must be good to see Hyuk-jae, the young man. Your dad doesn’t believe him. He always thinks you will suffer. You have to look at it!”

“Mom!” Han Ga-in was a little shy. Cross the face.

“Don’t believe me, your elder sister is already married, and you are the only one left at home. Your dad is also for your good. I want to see how Hyuk-jae is a young man. , Isn’t it nice to get along with me today!”

“-eonni is also very good to my brother.” Jung Min-joo on the side turned on the assist mode at this time, hi zi zi said.

Jin mother saw the little girl’s raised smiling face, her heart suddenly became so happy, she couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and rubbed her cheek, her face was petting, “What a beautiful little girl , How cute!”

Han Ga-in looked at the smile on his mother’s face. He couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, but he was jealous and said, “Mom, Your girl is here!”

“Yes, yes, you are all good girls!”

Mother Kim reached out and touched Jung Min- while talking. Joo’s hair, but in my heart is thinking how nice if there is such a little girl again.


In the living room, Jung Hyuk-jae is still at the same My future father-in-law was chatting about the sky, smelling the aroma from the kitchen, and then realizing that it was approaching noon. I thought of getting up and rushing to the kitchen to help, but Dad Jin stopped him.

“What are you going to do?” Dad Jin said with an’unhappy’ face.

“Isn’t it going to be noon right away? I’ll go to the kitchen to show you my second specialty. Drinking is good.” Jung Hyuk-jae explained as he rolled up his cuffs.

“Sit down!”

Jung Hyuk-jae was somewhat puzzled when he heard Dad Kim’s words. I didn’t see him speak so seriously during the chat just now.

“What kind of kitchen the big man!” Jin Dad hummed.

As a typical South Korea big man, the machismo has always stayed in his heart. In his opinion, men should not cook. The kitchen is the battlefield for women and the battlefield for men. Outside, not the three inches in the kitchen.

Papa Kim did not say too much on this topic, but asked about Jung Hyuk-jae’s alcohol volume: “Do you drink?”

Jung Hyuk -jae Didn’t hesitate after hearing what Dad Jin said, nodded, “Yes!”

When Dad Jin was overjoyed, the corners of his mouth were grinned to the back of his ears, “I will drink more with me then Cup, I think you brought a few bottles of wine today are quite good.”

“If you like it, I will go down and buy a few bottles with you later. You can take them back and drink them slowly. “

The two men in the living room laughed more freely…

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