Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 385

At the dinner table, Dad Kim no longer entangled in the personal affairs between his daughter and Jung Hyuk-jae, the two youngsters. After all, it is different from the youngster’s affairs at the time they were back then. The children still need the youngsters to solve them by themselves. I don’t think I and the wife came here in the same way. Parents can’t stay with their children forever. Some things have to be experienced by them to understand.

“Come on, have a drink!”

Papa Kim pulls Jung Hyuk-jae’s continuously drinking wine, it seems like he’s been held back for most of his life, but he hasn’t drunk alcohol before. The actual situation is not much different even if there is a difference. Because of the age and the illness last year, Kim mother completely controls the right of Dad’s drinking in terms of drinking. If you count it carefully, he It should have been more than a month since I had been drunk. It is really rare to have such a good opportunity like today. At least I can drink it without looking at my mother-in-law’s face. Although it is likely to be miserable afterwards, the most important thing to be a human being is to catch. Live in the moment.

“Yeah! Don’t drink anymore, why are you drinking so much?” The golden mother on the side gradually couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing that these two people continued to drink, the golden mother slapped him. I slapped Dad Jin on the shoulder and prepared to stop him, but Dad Jin would naturally not give up because he was on his strength.

“Leave me alone, I’m happy today!” Jin Dad said with a smile hehe with a wine glass in his hand. Don’t look at his blushing face, but his head is very grateful, “Today I saw Hyuk-jae and followed I’m so happy to see my nephews! Hyuk-jae~ah, drink!”

The Kim dad here couldn’t persuade him, so Kim’s mother turned his attention to Jung Hyuk-jae aside. “Hyuk-jae~ah, just have a drink, don’t drink that many, you can’t continue working tomorrow?”

“Aunt, I am very happy to see Uncle today. Uncle told me to drink me Must be with you?” Jung Hyuk-jae also blushed, while freeing his hands to help Dad Jin fill a cup, “Uncle, I did it, you are free!”

” Whatever you want, Hah! “

The two big men in the living room are drinking and stuffing oneself with food. By the way, they talk about major events in their home country. People who don’t know will think it is. Which country’s leaders are in a meeting? It doesn’t matter what generations are when two people drink their heads. This is called brother and the other is called brother. When two people call each other, the brothers almost sit together and put their arms around their shoulders in the living room. The three women saw that they wanted to laugh and couldn’t laugh, and their drunken strength was the reason to pull them away.

“What are you doing? I want to continue drinking with my brother? What are you doing?” Dad Jin was helped by someone and left the dining table, staggering under his feet, still muttering in his mouth. “What are you doing? What about my brother?”

“Look at your dad. After drinking two catties of horse urine, you don’t know what you are. I don’t want to think that the doctor had been with him last year. I said try not to drink, don’t drink, how much do you drink today?” Mother Jin helped her husband to leave the dining table, while coaxing Dad Jin like a child, telling him that his brother hadn’t left.

“Maybe I was also happy today, so my dad drank a little more.” Han Ga-in and his mother Jin helped Dad Jin back to the bedroom, and said.

“I think Hyuk-jae drank a lot today?” Mother Kim glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae who was lying on the sofa, showing some concern in his eyes, “Okay. I’m all right here, you go to see Hyuk-jae, don’t let him catch the cold with that blanket.”

Han Ga-in answered nodded, took a blanket from the bedroom and returned to the living room.

Jung Hyuk-jae’s alcohol volume is actually not large, but because today is suitable for the future father-in-law to meet for the first time, and Kim Dad is particularly excited, naturally Jung Hyuk-jae has to accompany him no matter how much he drinks. Up.

On the sofa in the living room, Jung Hyuk-jae’s tall man is actually curled up on the small sofa. The wine is good, not the kind of person who scolds people casually after getting drunk, and is crazy about drinking.

“Oppa?” Han Ga-in came to Jung Hyuk-jae and yelled softly, but he didn’t get a response from Jung Hyuk-jae. He wanted to come and drank that many wine. You must be very tired.

Jung Min-joo at the side was very sensible and helped tidy up the dining table. Han Ga-in got up and helped tidy it up as soon as she saw it, “Min-joo, you go watch TV, here I Just come and clean up.”

Jung Min-joo shook his little head when he heard Han Ga-in’s words, a smile appeared on his pretty face, “I won’t even sleep with Oppa. Excuse me, I always ask Oppa to say that I don’t know how to do housework, and I have to learn to do it in the future, otherwise, according to my brother, no one will want me in the future.”

I heard Jung Min-joo If, Han Ga-in’s Lian Shan couldn’t help showing a smile, “How come, our Min-joo is so beautiful, there will definitely be a handsome boy who will like you in the future.”

“-eonni…” Jung Min-joo was a little shy after hearing Han Ga-in’s words.

After setting up Dad Jin, Mother Jin walked out of the bedroom and saw one big and one small busy in the kitchen. Two lovely girls, Mother Jin, showed a gratified smile on their faces.” Min-joo~ah, let’s go to the living room and have fun. I’ll be there.”

“Aunt, I’ll be fine.” Jung Min-joo raised a smile, which touched the golden mother even more. The string in my heart is broken.

“What a cute little girl!”

Cleaning up the mess on the table is a very simple thing for the golden mother who is used to doing labor.” Okay, Min-joo has nothing to do with you. Go to the living room and see if your big brother needs water? Pour him a glass and set it aside.” Kim mother said, and Jung Min-joo said After running out, only Kim and Han Ga-in were left in the kitchen. Kim mother finally found time to talk to her daughter.

Mother Kim was standing by the pool and washing the bowl, her eyes gradually fell on her daughter, “Hyun-joo?”

I heard my mother call herself, Han Ga-in Turning his head to look at her, “What’s wrong, mom?”

“Hyuk-jae…” Kim mother hesitated for a moment and then said, “Hyuk-jae, how is he treating you?”

Han Ga-in felt a little strange when he heard what his mother said, “How about what?”

“Is he good to you?” Kim mother said.

“Oppa is naturally good to me. You don’t have to worry about this mom.” Han Ga-in said shyly, “Mom, don’t think about it, today you also saw Hyuk- Jae Oppa, what’s going on with others.”

“I’m not worried, now you’re at home, you’re uneasy. Your elder sister is also married. Mom doesn’t worry about you now. Whose?” The mother Kim glared at the daughter of “cannot tell good from bad” in front of her, her tone was a bit savory, and her heart turned to the man before she got married.

“What are you two planning?” Mother Kim couldn’t help but ask.

Han Ga-in’s hand movement was paused, and then feigning ignorance asked, “What’s your plan?”

“Don’t pretend to be confused, you two will get married in the future. , Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it?” Mother Kim glared at her and said.

“Isn’t it still early, I’m only twenty-four this year…”

Mother Kim interrupted her daughter, and the words were full of anger.” It’s twenty-four. It’s still early, isn’t it? You’re almost twenty-five. How long have women been young? I don’t know how to cherish it!”

” During the rising period, it is not suitable to talk about these things now…” Han Ga-in explained that she could not even deceive herself, let alone deceive the mature Jin mother.

In the kitchen, Mother Kim kept talking about these things, while Han Ga-in glanced at Jung Hyuk-jae on the sofa in the living room, nodded from time to time.

“By the way, do you remember the hangover soup I taught you last time?” Mother Kim felt a headache when he thought of the two drunk guys in the bedroom and the living room, but one of them was himself Husband, the other is his prospective son-in-law.

Han Ga-in nodded, “Remember.”

“Then I will teach you two more today.”

………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………

Be Jung Hyuk After the news of -jae and Han Ga-in began to be swiped on the Internet, all kinds of news about Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in appeared, and the various versions of them were dazzling. The last one The version is still talking about the entire process of development between Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in. The next gossip will focus on Han Ga-in.

“Han Ga-in is pregnant or pregnant after three months of not showing up for the event?”

“Han Ga-in is pregnant, and the wedding date is suspected to be approaching”

“Another pair of Golden Couples in the entertainment industry will be released soon. The second-generation baby of the star is fascinating.”

The previous media without morals began to hype the news of Han Ga-in’s pregnancy, and other media followed I started to keep up with the idiom’repeated rumor becomes a fact’. Everyone knows that before JHJ Entertainment responds, netizens have already believed in the news on the Internet, and this has attracted many Han Ga-in fans to anguish. The wound that had just been relieved now cracked again, and it was a magical patch, and he was not going to leave them a way for fans to survive.

Because Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in are both the focus of recent news media attention, these two people are naturally followed by many gossip media and paparazzi, while Han Ga-in’s The apartment is not a secret. Although everyone doesn’t know when Han Ga-in will go home, because there is no other way to get the news, he naturally has to rely on such a stupid way to stay.

The media reporters from all walks of life with long spear cannons erected in the low apartments, flower beds, and trees are all keenly observing all around movements.

Because they came late, they didn’t know that the hero and heroine they wanted to interview at this moment was upstairs, and the spontaneous combustion of the car that had been parked for a long time did not attract their attention. But when someone came down from the apartment, and Han Ga-in followed them downstairs, everyone was energetic.

“Who are those two people?” Everyone is not quite clear. The identities of these two people in front of them, only to see Han Ga-in talking to the two people intimately, and the man seems The appearance of drinking.

“Is it Jung Hyuk-jae’s parents?” A young reporter who had just entered the industry jumped out excitedly.

With a sound of “Pa”, Sunbae’s slap fell on his head, “hmph, you have not studied Jung Hyuk-jae’s information carefully. His parents have passed away, Jung Hyuk -jae now has only one younger sister.”

But the reporter’s words remind everyone that they are not Jung Hyuk-jae’s parents, so Han Ga-in chatted with them so intimately, is it possible that are Han Ga-in’s parents? As soon as I thought of everyone here, they immediately started to take action, and none of the photos and videos were left behind.

“Huh? The younger sister of Jung Hyuk-jae is the one who followed, right?”

“Could it be that Jung Hyuk-jae is also upstairs now?”

Thinking of this probability, everyone presses the shutter of the camera faster, and while taking the picture, they have already thought about the news headline in their hearts.

“Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in sees his parents, or something is coming”……

……………………………………………… …………

When Jung Hyuk-jae felt the sunlight outside the window, it was already night. The deep black sky outside the window seemed to have been splashed with paint, and the stars dotted it flickered. Flashing his eyes, the night breeze blew into the bedroom along the window, blowing away the only faint smell of wine in the house. Jung Hyuk-jae sat up straight and shook his head because he was still aching after being drunk. , I found out that I didn’t know when to return to the villa.

Get dressed and go downstairs, and there is a scent of smell from the kitchen.

“Oppa, are you awake?” Han Ga-in leaned out of the kitchen when he heard the movement of the stairs. He saw Jung Hyuk-jae’s smile on his face. “There should be some Headache, right? It’s like this when I’m drunk. I’ll make some hangover soup later, and it’ll be fine in a while.”

“Where is Uncle Aunt?” When he woke up, Jung Hyuk-jae felt like he was The jet lag has been reversed. He clearly remembered that it was still the day after he was drunk. It was already night?

“My mom went back with my dad.” Han Ga-in said.

“How did Uncle Aunt go back?” Jung Hyuk-jae came to the restaurant and moved a chair to sit down and asked while rubbing his temples.

“My mother drove back, speaking of which is the same, Oppa, why did you drink that many with my dad today, and even took my mom back to me.” Han Ga-in felt a little bit in his heart. Said unhappily.

“Uncle, I’m very happy today. The elders told me to drink, I can’t refuse!” Jung Hyuk-jae explained.

“Only this time, next time you can’t do this, my dad’s body can’t drink that many wine.”

“I know, only this time, next time for sure Not anymore!” Jung Hyuk-jae immediately raised his hand to surrender when he heard Han Ga-in’s instructions.

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