Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 386

Regarding the various rumors circulating on the Internet, JHJ Entertainment did not respond, allowing various versions of the statement to ferment on the Internet, but several media that have worked closely with JHJ Entertainment They all came forward and began to refute rumors. Relying on the current development of network technology, more and more netizens are getting news through the Internet, and the complicated news on the Internet has also distracted their attention. After that, the gradually heat also went down, which is the sorrow that belongs to the “post-Internet era”.

Although the popularity of the scandal has come down, but the discussion about the “Lao Qian” movie has started a wave of countercurrent along this wave of scandals. The original 30% attendance rate has recovered to 45%, which was originally increased. The slow momentum of the number of movie viewers has begun a new round of growth, which is nothing short of a miracle. In last week’s battle for the number of movie viewers, “Lao Qian”, as a movie that has been released for six weeks, won the weekly box office champion all around. It can be said that this result is definitely the most eye-catching among the movies that opened this year. Of course. “The King and The Clown” is not counted as this year’s, but last year’s movie.

The box office statistics released by the South Korea Film Promotion Committee on the 25th showed that the South Korea film “Lao Qian” co-starring Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo was 746 nationwide on 23-25 ​​of this month. This cinema attracts 540,529 audiences, and the cumulative number of viewers breaks through 6.5 million. It sits firmly on the box office champion this year. Because of the rebound in the number of movie viewers and the recent weak sales of a series of movies, there was not much hope. “Lao Qian” once again won the weekly box office championship, but it gave Jung Hyuk-jae a surprise.

“I can’t believe that a movie that everyone doesn’t watch can get such a high box office!”

There is a movie hobby who gave an example of the’nineteen banned movies’ According to the ranking situation, “Lao Qian”, which has already received more than 6.8 million movie viewers, is the strongest candidate recorded in the film “Friends” in which breakthrough Jang Dong-gun starred. There is no one, with nearly 700 Wan’s box office results, “Lao Qian” can be said to have been a success.

“Is it really bad? I don’t think it’s not necessarily true. People from JHJFilm and Jung Hyuk-jae should have a lot of confidence in this movie, right?”

” The key is that the source of this movie was leaked online. Isn’t this enough to cause a devastating blow to the box office of “Lao Qian”? To have such a high box office performance, I guess Jung Hyuk-jae is in Do you want to laugh out loud in your dreams?”

Netizens are full of sympathy for the experience of “Lao Qian”, but it is not that no one deliberately jumped out and sang the opposite, “You really think ” The film source of “Old Thousand” was leaked by that thief or something? Too young, this is simply a pre-planned propaganda that’s all by JHJFilm. “The comment made by some netizens also attracted many netizens. Acknowledge, after all, the box office growth of “Lao Qian” is really too bad, if you draw the box office trend of “Lao Qian” on the chart, then it is simply a line that no one can understand.

Some netizens also praised the black nature, “I think the source leak is impossible. After all, the risk of doing so is too high, but I think JHJFilm is in the case of the leak of the source of the video from the home appliance. The various recovery measures are really powerful. Not only did they trick the audience back into the cinema, but also pushed the box office of the movie to 6.8 million in one fell swoop. It was a miracle!”

In this survey, the 19 banned movies made in China over the years were filmed, and options were made for netizens to choose. In this not too rigorous survey, the netizens who chose “Lao Qian” accounted for 16.4%. Won the top of the list of adult favorite movies of the past


“The assistant over there quickly get water!”

Hearing the “cut” of director Park Kwang-hyun, the assistant who had been waiting for a long time immediately brought water over, “Sister Yazhong, give water!”

Look The little assistant who was not up to the top immediately brought water and ran over. After Kim Ah-joong took it, he didn’t care to say thank you and poured it out. He seemed to have nothing to do with the lady, just like her usual image. It’s a far cry.

With a few big mouthfuls, Kim Ah-joong put down the water bottle and felt like he was resurrected. He stretched out an arm comparable to the thigh of a little assistant, and Kim Ah-joong was embracing him. In the big chair, it looks a little funny, not to mention that her original oval face has become the current South oval face. Even though she has been used to watching, whenever she sees the appearance of Kim Ah-joong after makeup After that, everyone couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Sister Yazhong, just give me the water bottle.”

After hearing the words of the assistant, Kim Ah-joong nodded, he passed the water bottle and added the sentence “Thank you “

This is the set of “Beauty’s Troubles”. A room built on the set was arranged to look like a KTV private room. Everyone of Production crew took advantage of the break between shooting and took a break and chatted as the heroine. Kim Ah-joong was also slumped in the chair, regaining his lack of physical strength.

“Beauty’s Trouble” is adapted from a cartoon drawn by Japan’s cartoonist Yumiko Suzuki. The original famous translation is “Ugly Girl Turns Over”. This is a film about weight loss and plastic surgery that are closely related to the Korean people. Video of the story.

‘Hannah, who weighs 200 pounds and lacks innate talent, is a “faceless singer” who is responsible for providing the voice for the sexy singer Yamei. At the same time, she fell in love with Yamei’s music producer Junxiang. After she learned that Jun was kind to her just to take advantage of her, she did a full-body plastic surgery and lose weight. A year later, she returned to Jun-sang as Jenny, and was chosen as the new singer to replace Ami. However, Jenny, who has a lithe and graceful figure and an angelic face, found that she couldn’t find herself…’

This is a universal topic in South Korea, not only for women, but even Even men are very concerned about their appearance.

After buying Suzuki Yumiko’s manga adaptation rights, Jung Hyuk-jae, as one of the movie’s Screenwriters, almost completely rewrites the script of the movie, although it is not as bizarre as the original storyline. Like the female protagonist in the film, she also experienced painful full-body plastic surgery, showing the audience the essence of the story.

When receiving this movie, Park Kwang-hyun first saw the connotation of this movie. Although it is a comedy, it has a sad expression. Almost every People who have plastic surgery can find their own shadows.

If you want everyone in Production crew to choose the most difficult role among them, then most of them will choose Kim Ah-joong without the slightest hesitation. This is not to look at the face, nor is it It is said that everyone likes beautiful women, but as long as you have seen Kim Ah-joong’s makeup, you can experience the many difficulties of her role.

Because I want to play a 200-pound female fatty, Kim Ah-joong, who is a representative of slender body, has suffered a lot. Perhaps the most uncomfortable part is putting on makeup. The makeup artist enjoys it, but on the set of “Beauty’s Troubles”, makeup is a torture that lasts for up to 5 hours. Every time you put on makeup, you need to put on special fat clothes for several hours. Don’t look at the current weather. It is high, but in the shooting set, under the lighting, coupled with this piece of clothing weighing several tens of kilograms, a layer of densely packed sweat will appear on Kim Ah-joong’s face soon.

It is inconvenient to make-up and to move, not to mention putting on a layer of genuinely in person skin, and even the speech is a bit changed, the corners of the mouth cannot be opened, and the voice is at the worst, which is all kinds of trouble.

There is an anecdote about this fat shirt. It is said that after Kim Ah-joong put on fat makeup and took to the street, people even talked about her behind her back that she was about to vomit, showing that she was fat.’ charm’.

This is not the first time that South Korea movies have discussed weight and plastic surgery.

Park Cheol-soo filmed a slightly horrifying style “301302” in 1995, telling the story of two women living next to each other, one fatty and one thin. This story ended up as a thin gourmet columnist. The obese culinary expert was asked to dismember himself into cooking and ended. In 2003, Park Chanyu and other six directors co-produced a human rights-themed short film “South Korea Style Painting”, in which female director Lin Shunli’s work “Her Weight” depicts the face of a fat high school girl The pressure of employment and even survival. This short film of more than ten minutes depicts the fat girl’s psychology and the country with the supreme appearance.

These movies mentioned are all reflected in “Beauty’s Troubles”. Don’t feel how ridiculous these scenes are. Look at how many girls around you lose weight. The envious of good-looking people are already popular. In order to be beautiful, people do not hesitate to pay a huge physical price to get plastic surgery.

After taking a break, I felt that my physical strength had recovered some. Kim Ah-joong got up and went to the director Park Kwang Hyun. “Director, how was the scene just now? I want to see the effect.”

“No problem.”

Sitting behind the monitor, Park Kwang-hyun called up the scene that was shot just now. The main content of the shot this morning was in this KTV, except for what I just said. In addition to the many inconveniences, her appearance is even more unusual today. The figure after makeup and fat clothes is very scary, plus a red tight-fitting dress, which is just like pork struck by a rope, which makes people laugh.

The main story of the plot is that the male lead gave the female lead Hannah a dress and invited her to the party, and when Hannah, played by Kim Ah-joong, came to KTV in a dress and watched When we reached the female number two next to the male lead, the two of them hit their shirts…

Park Guangxian’s eyes noticed Hannah on the monitor. First of all, it must be Kim Ah-joong’s acting skills, but during the filming There are still some minor problems, such as the actor’s position and expression control. After at least another check, Park Kwang-hyun discovered that someone smiled in the group performance in the lower right corner of the screen, which means that the film just now has to be invalidated.

After a break for more than ten minutes, the film Production crew went into the intense shooting again. In fact, Park Kwang-hyun is not nervous. As the boss of the Production crew of “Beauty’s Troubles”, the entire Production crew eats everyone. , drink, shit and piss, the daily cost is a lot of money, and the filming progress of the film is naturally as fast as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality.


Hearing a small commotion behind him, Park Kwang-hyun, who was wearing a monitoring headset on his side, turned his head and saw Jung Hyuk-jae. I was about to get up, but Jung Hyuk-jae waved his hand to stop it. Jung Hyuk-jae stood quietly behind a cameraman without disturbing the other staff, watching this through his lens. The shooting of this movie.

Film shooting requires different camera positions, because different camera positions produce different film effects. For example, if you want to show that the protagonist pushes the door in, you need to look at other people’s perspectives. Shooting and camera position are the most important language forms in the film director’s style. Different directors will have different directing styles and camera positions, which will all be reflected in the movie.

In the screen, Jeong Min, played by Kim Hyun Sook, is a good friend of Hannah. Under her leadership, Hannah, who follows closely from behind, walks into the private room with her handbag.

“Hanna-ssi, sit here.” The actor Han Shangjun, played by Zhu Zhenmo, patted the seat beside him.

Kim Ah-joong showed a little chuckle on his face, showing the woman’s mentality very well, shrugging unconsciously, smiling unconsciously at the corners of his mouth, these all are the embodiment of acting skills.

“Please share your drinks,” Han Shangjun said.

Hannah struggled through the narrow gap between the people and the table, squeezed in and walked in and apologized embarrassingly: “Sorry, sorry!”

Played by Cheng Dong Il Watching Hannah’s performance, her face revealed a trace of contempt, and her tone was rather helpless, “You should come around from behind.”

Hannah glanced at the gap behind the chair, again Bent over and nodded, awkwardly smiled: “Ah!” As a gesture, he was about to go back again.

“Let’s come back!” The people around you really couldn’t stand it anymore.

Hannah came to the male protagonist with difficulty and handed over the gift that had been prepared: “I bought you something.”

Han Shangjun picks it up. Later said with a smile: “It’s so polite!” He opened the package as he said, “Oh, I like it very much, thank you.”

Although I have seen this shot several times. , But the staff on the scene couldn’t help laughing whenever they saw this place, but because they were still filming, their faces flushed flush with the laughter.

With the previous shooting experience, coupled with the stable performance of the actors this time, the shots passed over and over again, accompanied by Park Guangxian’s voice: “Cut!” The staff on the scene were all sighed in relief.

Kim Ah-joong dragged his vainly enlarged body and weight to Park Kwang-hyun’s side, and then he saw Jung Hyuk-jae who was standing aside and looking at him, and he hurriedly bent over to greet him. Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi, hello!”

“You don’t have to be so polite.” Seeing Kim Ah-joong after putting on make-up, Jung Hyuk-jae was a little concerned about the stooping motion. Can’t bear it.

After meeting for a few words, Jung Hyuk-jae talked to Park Kwang-hyun about the shooting, while Kim Ah-joong was waiting to remove his makeup, and his eyes drifted to the place not far away from time to time. People…

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