Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 387

Jung Hyuk-jae and Park Kwang-hyun came to the side of the set, and the two began to talk about some of the problems encountered during the filming of the movie “Beauty’s Troubles”.

As a famous new director representative in the movie circle, after finishing the filming of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, the film received enviable box office results, Park Guangxian received many well-known film production companies in the circle. The invitation, whether it was the script or the actors, was given to him directly, and the film budget also gave a great promise. It can be said that he trusts him completely. However, with a good start to cooperation with “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, Park Kwang-hyun finally chose to sign JHJ Entertainment, becoming a solid member of Jung Hyuk-jae’s huge film business empire.

“How is the progress of the movie?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked about the progress of the movie.

In Jung Hyuk-jae’s initial expectation, “Lao Qian” was the first to be screened as a pioneer, “Beauty’s Troubles” followed closely from behind, with the largest investment, the most special effects production, and the same difficulty in shooting The biggest “The Host” is to be screened at the end of the year. This is Jung Hyuk-jae’s original expectation. In this way, there is no need to consider the schedule. When the popularity of “Lao Qian” drops, “Beauty’s Troubles” will be screened to the end. You can start the promotion.

His purpose is to seize the South Korea film market in the second half of the year. Jung Hyuk-jae’s idea. How many people doubt that the box office performance of “Lao Qian” is already very close to the box office record of “Friends”, and the record may be broken within two weeks.

At least eight million viewers of electronic music, this is what a new director should have? It may be said how many people will not believe it, but this is actually happening in real life.

When Park Guangxian heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, he thought about it, and then he replied: “The progress is not too slow. There is a tacit understanding between the hero and the protagonist. What the production crew staff said They are all pretty good too.”

Jung Hyuk-jae raised his eyebrows by Park Guangxian’s words, “Where is the current progress?”

“If there is another one, you can complete everything. Shot with the camera.” Park Kwang Hyun said.

Don’t look at the shots taken on today’s set are very close to the front of the film, almost the content of the first 20 minutes, but in fact some of the subsequent shots and content have been shot, the filming After all, different from domestic TV drama shooting, movie shooting generally involves arranging shots of the same scene together for shooting, such as parking lots, restaurants, etc., or arranging shots in the same environment for shooting together, such as dark night ,rain.

“I want to take a look at the finished shots.” Jung Hyuk-jae ordered. Park Kwang-hyun was a little surprised when he heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words. After all, when he was filming “Welcome to Dongmakgol” He did not directly intervene in the filming process like this.

The biggest leader in Production Crew is the director, but there is another person whose name is the investor, and Jung Hyuk-jae is not only the investor in the movie “Beauty’s Troubles”, but also in the movie. With the title of producer hung up, his request is not excessive.


Because the director of Production Crew and the big head are going to discuss things So, Park Guangxian arranged for the Assistant Director to take over his baton to continue the next shot. From here, you can see the role of the Assistant Director. Usually it is the director who handles chores and bad things when the director is away. Take the’mess’ and continue shooting. In short, this location is more like a firefighter, where it needs to be moved.

Kim Ah-joong is barely lying on the recliner, mainly because of the fat clothes on her body that has increased her body by more than two circles out of thin air, and the whole person is like a piece of pork belly embedded in the chair. The whole person looked extremely funny, but she was unconsciously big-hearted, mainly because she was too tired.

Reluctantly lying flat on the chair, Kim Ah-joong allowed the Production crew special effects makeup artist specially invited from the United States to apply smears on his face. It may be a touch-up. In short, compared to General makeup looks much more troublesome. In order to have the best effect in front of the camera and not look so fake, it takes 20 to 40 minutes to touch up the makeup alone, which is enough to show Kim Ah-joong’s difficulty. .

“Did Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi talk to Park PD?” Kim Ah-joong couldn’t help but ask aloud as they walked out of the set.

At this time, the assistant nodded, who was standing by and waiting for her with a handbag, said: “This is not quite clear, but the two of them look familiar.”

“Can you Familiar? Have you seen the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol”?” Kim Ah-joong said, lying flat on the chair.

The little assistant nodded, as the box office champion last year, how could he have not watched “Welcome to Dongmakgol”. He also contributed five movie tickets out of the more than 10 million viewers. My family went to the cinema to watch a movie together.

“I must have watched it. How could I have never watched such a beautiful movie!” The assistant said with a smile.

“The film’s director was directed by Park Kwang-hyun, and one of the investors was Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi.” As a member of the entertainment industry, Kim Ah-joong still knows a lot of secrets. Things.

“So amazing?” The little assistant couldn’t help showing a’so amazing’ expression on his face when he heard Kim Ah-joong’s words.

Kim Ah-joong has a few black lines on his face. The little assistant in front of him should really make up some knowledge of the entertainment industry. After all, she is the newly recruited assistant of the company, and everything is still Not on track.

Kim Ah-joong was lying on a chair and enjoying the service of an American beard and make-up artist. Perhaps it was because the recent filming was so tired that he closed his eyes soon, and he will be there in a few minutes. There was a soft snoring, and it seemed that he was already asleep.

The little assistant held the handbag and looked at Kim Ah-joong who had gone to sleep. Suddenly there was some not knowing what to do, and neither was waking up, nor was it not waking up.

As a newcomer, she has suffered a lot with Kim Ah-joong recently. It is almost common to get up early and return late, not to mention the need to worry about the scene. It’s up, even with Sunbae taking herself, she still feels a little powerless. For example, she doesn’t know whether she should wake up Kim Ah-joong or not, because she also knows that Kim Ah-joong’s recent itinerary and filming are really true. She was too tired, but Production crew was waiting for her again. After a few minutes of entanglement, the little assistant walked to Kim Ah-joong’s side and stretched out her arms and shook her body gently.

“Sister Ya, wake up, I have put on makeup, let’s shoot in this area!” The little assistant said softly, with a hint of tension in his words, as if he was afraid of Kim Ah-joong Wake up and talk to yourself.

Because it hasn’t been a long time since I just slept, Kim Ah-joong opened his eyes and looked at the close assistant who was a little embarrassed and laughed, “I didn’t expect that I just fell asleep. Haha……”

Seeing Kim Ah-joong’s mouth and laughed, the assistant is not so nervous now, “Sister Ya, you should have a good rest for a while.”

“What to rest? Now is the time to work hard.” Kim Ah-joong said with a smile, but the smile that bloomed at the corner of her mouth seemed a little fragile, after all, she was still a woman after all.

“Okay, let’s take a break when we’re ready!” Kim Ah-joong sat up from the chair with the help of the assistant, and looked at himself in the mirror with a big face. It is more than twice the size of her own face in reality. She couldn’t help but show a bitter smile at the corner of her mouth. For this movie, she simply gave up her original image. It can be said that she bet half of her star journey here. Movie.


Just as Kim Ah-joong was about to leave the dressing room, he heard this sentence suddenly popped out of the beard dressing room from Hollywood behind him. I was pleasantly surprised. Still turned around and said “Thank you”, but soon I remembered that the man in front of me could not speak Korean, and immediately replied in English: “Thankyou!” After finishing this sentence, Kim Ah-joong lifts the head. I also saw the beard makeup artist giving himself a thumbs up.

Walking out of the dressing room, the gossip little assistant kept yelling beside Kim Ah-joong: “Sister, what does the beard makeup artist mean? It’s hard for him to see you?”

“Go go go, go, what nonsense!” Kim Ah-joong gave his assistant a thump with his finger and then said, “Where am I beautiful?” Looking down at Kim Ah-joong, he looked down at his toes. As expected, he couldn’t see anything. This is the trouble that belongs to the fatty. You can’t see your feet when you lower your head.

“Then, maybe people said -eonni before putting on makeup?”

…………………………………………………… ………………

The completed shots of “Beauty’s Troubles” are mainly stored in the safe on the set side, and some of the pre-editing has begun. Jung Hyuk-jae is in Park Kwang Hyun. Under the leadership of Jung Hyuk-jae, I checked the completion of the main plots of several movies. After watching Jung Hyuk-jae, his brows were frowned. The purpose of his visit this time was not to find the problem, but after watching these paragraphs He really found a bigger problem.

Park Kwang-hyun has been paying attention to Jung Hyuk-jae’s expression when playing these clips. When he saw Jung Hyuk-jae’s browse tightly knit together, Park Kwang-hyun was also a little worried, no Knowing where I hit Jung Hyuk-jae’s bottom line.

Park Kwang-hyun is an excellent director, and he has had very impressive achievements, but an excellent director does not mean that all the films he produces can meet the tastes of the audience like “Welcome to Dongmakgol” At this point, even Jung Hyuk-jae can’t guarantee with full confidence.

In the few shots I just watched, Jung Hyuk-jae affirmed that Park Kwang-hyun is a very good director, whether it’s the character’s modeling and the use of lens language, to the change of tone and the actor’s The position is impeccable, but on the most critical point, he made a mistake, that is, the positioning of “Beauty’s Troubles” is comedy and love!

The term “Welcome to Dongmakgol” also contains the term comedy, but the most attractive thing about “Welcome to Dongmakgol” is its plot and war elements. It can be said that Park Kwang-hyun is smart in grasping these points. , But it’s not very applicable when applied to “Beauty’s Worries”.

When it was adapted into the script, Jung Hyuk-jae focused on depicting the comedy elements, but he was not a director after all. In the actual filming, Park Kwang-hyun was not very good at adapting the script, but From what you saw, you can know that he probably cut some funny clips. It seems that he wants to focus on the extremely controversial topic of’plastic surgery’, and deeply dig out the deep reasons behind the’plastic surgery’. What is this not putting the cart before the horse?

“Beauty’s Trouble” is a comedy movie, not a documentary or a feature film. It is absolutely undesirable to instill a certain kind of thought into the audience in a lot of comedy films, not only the comic effect will be The decline will also arouse the boredom of the audience.

“President, is there any problem?” Park Guangxian’s attitude is not bad. Although he is a little unhappy, he still asks sincerely.

Jung Hyuk-jae glanced at Park Kwang-hyun in front of him, and then said, “Then I’ll talk straight.”

Park Kwang-hyun was nodded, and Jung Hyuk-jae continued, “I don’t know. What is your positioning for the movie “Beauty’s Troubles”? When I wrote the script, I positioned it as a comedy, a comedy for the whole family. Maybe there are some ideas in the plot that are not desirable, but Comedy factors will obscure this content.”

Seeing Park Kwang-hyun listen carefully, Jung Hyuk-jae continued: “What is the meaning of comedy films? Maybe you don’t need me to say that you also know that. Just to make the audience laugh in the theater and get rid of the worries for a week. Our responsibility is to be responsible for entertainment.”

“This is why I use that many pens and inks on the comedy factor! “

Listening to Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Park Kwang-hyun couldn’t help but fell into deep thought. Perhaps after the filming of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, his mind has fallen into a misunderstanding, that is, no matter what he faces All kinds of film works want to delve into the meaning behind the film, and delve into these but forget the film itself. The film is originally used to entertain the public. Where do you need that many preaching and meaning.

“It’s me!” After thinking about this, Park Guangxian couldn’t help showing a smile on his face.

“Now it’s just the two of us. I don’t hide anything.” Jung Hyuk-jae continued, “The kind of profound movies are used to win prizes, and this kind of movie is I usually look at it for making money.”

Jung Hyuk-jae said bluntly without concealing his inner thoughts.

Park Kwang-hyun is nodded, and he is nodded after turning around. He seems to agree with Jung Hyuk-jae’s view…

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