Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 388

When the filming of “Beauty’s Troubles” started again, another person appeared behind the monitor on the set. Jung Hyuk-jae sat beside Park Kwang Hyun and stared at the surveillance. In many cases, Park Kwang-hyun is directing the operation and shooting of the Production crew, and Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t say anything, just watching it quietly.

The existence of Jung Hyuk-jae will not bring pressure to Park Kwang-hyun. He still shoots at his own pace, but in terms of plot selection and shooting focus, Park Kwang-hyun listens carefully to Jung Hyuk -Jae’s opinion, more focused on comedy, after all, “Beauty’s Troubles” is still a comedy in the final analysis, there is no need to instill that many views and meanings into the audience behind the plot, audiences Come to the cinema to seek happiness, and relax watching a movie. At this point, you can’t put the cart before the horse.

“I’m leaving now!” After watching the set for almost an hour, Jung Hyuk-jae got up and patted Park Kwang Hyun’s shoulder, saying nothing but saying goodbye.


Park Guangxian felt the force pressing on his shoulders and couldn’t help but lifts the head to see the man in front of him, a few years younger than himself He acted as steady as a middle age person in his thirties. Even though this was not the first time I saw him, he was still surprised.

Because of taking a break during filming, Kim Ah-joong, who took advantage of the break for a while, looked at Park Kwang-hyun from time to time, but her gaze was not on Park Kwang-hyun’s body. Then her goal is naturally obvious.

“Sister Yazhong?”

The little assistant on the side looked at Kim Ah-joong and stared at somewhere dreamily, and couldn’t help but whispered in her ear.

Kim Ah-joong came back to his senses, laughed awkwardly, and raised his head: “What’s the matter?”

The little assistant shook the head desperately, saying that he has everything I don’t know, she just realized it just now. The meaning of Kim Ah-joong’s eyes just now, if you have to use one word to describe it, admire? Admiration? Admiration? In short, none of this can be guessed at will by her little assistant.


Jung Hyuk-jae I drove away from the studio in the center of Seoul, and drove to the company again.

JHJ Entertainment, as the company originally founded by Jung Hyuk-jae, has an unusual position in Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart. Don’t look at JHJ Entertainment’s profit for Jung Hyuk-jae, which is far inferior to JHJFilm, but in Jung Hyuk-jae In Hyuk-jae’s vision, JHJ Entertainment has unlimited possibilities in the future.

Relying on memory to acquire the copyright of novels, comics and even stories, although JHJEntertainment needs to pay a lot of copyright money for this, all of this is worth it, as long as this sum of money can be appreciated in the future With the IP in hand, Jung Hyuk-jae is not worried about the future of JHJEntertainment, not to mention that JHJEntertainment can transfer the copyright to JHJFilm, and can witness one movie after another on the big screen. Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart is also full excitement.

As one of the projects operated by JHJ Entertainment, Kang Jae-kyung’s performance in terms of artists is still certain. Although there are not many contracted artists in the company, after Han Ga-in signed JHJ Entertainment, It’s a live advertisement for my company, not to mention the two big movable signboards Lee Joon-ki and Yoon Eun-hye. Naturally, it also attracted many brokerage companies that have not yet signed contracts, or they have terminated their contracts or contracts with brokerage companies. Artist of the period.

JHJEntertainment adheres to the principle of’Never lack of abuse’ in this respect, which means that when signing a newcomer, it is more to look at his future development prospects. If there is not much development prospects, then It won’t delay people’s future, after all, it’s not suitable for this business, and it’s okay to change one while still young.

Kang Jae-kyung once again mentioned during dinner with Jung Hyuk-jae that he had the idea to develop the company’s business into the music industry, but his proposal was rejected by Jung Hyuk-jae No, it’s not that Jung Hyuk-jae looks down on the music industry or the singer industry, but that the investment rate and return on it are far lower than those of actors. As a brokerage company specializing in the music industry, from the early stage of trainees The investment in the later stage is not a small sum, and the elimination rate in the ballad industry is too fast. It is also necessary to examine the needs of the fans in the market, which is more difficult to predict than the tastes of the movie audiences.

Another important reason is that the competition in the music industry is more fierce than the film industry. The large and small music company row upon row almost surrounds the city of Seoul. From SM to YG to DSP and JYP, the big heads of music companies in the music industry stand in great numbers. In an era when the mountain is king, it’s more difficult to eat from their mouths than in the movie circles, and it’s also because Without this experience, Jung Hyuk-jae is not willing to develop the company’s business in this area.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae does not intend to develop his business in the field of music, as a future man, Jung Hyuk-jae knows that there will be many models in the entertainment circle in the future, and they are still mixed With this idea, Jung Hyuk-jae told Kang Jae-kyung to pay attention to the newcomers in the model circle when recruiting people.

Don’t say it, if you said that you were still feeling that there is a gap in the connection between the old, middle and young actors in the entertainment industry, then Kang Jae-kyung discovered in the modeling circle that many people have innate talent in performance. Newcomer.

There is a saying in South Korea’s entertainment industry that “modeling is the cultivation field for actors” is not a joke. In this age of justice, models are naturally devastatingly beautiful. Some audiences It doesn’t matter if his focus is low or even poor acting skills, as long as he has a face.

Because of discovering such a group of newcomers with good looks and acting skills, Kang Jae-kyung is more attentive to model management, and his management is becoming more and more vivid.


Jung Hyuk-jae came to the company, and the two receptionists at the front desk, Young Lady, saw their big boss coming, and immediately got up and bowed respectfully He said, “Hello, President.”

“en.” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded.

Looking at the back of Jung Hyuk-jae’s departure, the two reception Young Lady whispered together and chatted about the gossip they had heard.

“The president looks so tall, should it be a meter eight?” The woman with long curly hair looked at Jung Hyuk-jae’s back and couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s a meter eight, or else it won’t give people such a big impact!” On the other side, the cute girl with short hair smiled and said, “You didn’t know just now, President Zheng stood by me. When I was in front of me, I felt scared in my heart.”

“But the That Man who entered just now is taller. It should be 1.9 meters tall. There are legs under the neck.” Beautiful woman with long hair. Thinking of That Man’s figure who walked into the company before Jung Hyuk-jae, she felt that her mouth couldn’t close. As she was only 1.63 meters tall, she usually walked on a high heel of seven or eight centimeters. One meter and seven meters. That Man was one meter and nine meters earlier, which is even more scary when I think of it.

“I heard that the president is as old as us?” Because not long after coming to the company, the long-haired beauty still doesn’t know much about some basic news about Jung Hyuk-jae, and when she heard her questions, The short-haired girl on the side stood up naturally at this moment, explaining as a person who came by.

“The president of our company is twenty-six this year. Of course he can be counted as twenty-seven. He is unmarried, but has a girlfriend. If you come to our company with the idea of ​​his girlfriend, I I advise you to dispel this idea as soon as possible!” said the short-haired girl.

“Why?” The long-haired beauty lowered her head and glanced at a ditch on her chest, stretched out her hand and gently supported it, the already bottomless ditch is deeply attracted to men. Eyeballs, the kind that can’t get out after getting in.

Hearing Sunbae’s advice to her, the long-haired beauty felt a little disdainful in her heart. Although she knew that the scandals between her president and Han Ga-in were the most talked about on the Internet recently, In this age when you don’t necessarily get married when you’re in bed, even if you’re married, there will be all kinds of cheating news, let alone those who are not married yet. She is very realistic and knows that her beauty is a weapon for herself. Since it is a weapon, she should naturally aim at the biggest prey, and in her mind, Jung Hyuk-jae is the biggest prey.

“Do you know why you can enter JHJ?” The short-haired girl said.

“Why?” The long-haired beauty was a little confused.

“Because the last stupid woman who had the same idea as you has been fired!”

Jung Hyuk-jae who walked in front naturally couldn’t hear the two women behind him. Their own evaluations, but these evaluations are not that important to him, as long as they can do their job well.


“Hello, president!”

When Jung Hyuk-jae came to the company, he walked by the employees, whether he was idle The one who was still busy couldn’t help but stand up and greet him with a respectful attitude.

Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t show up, smiled hehe and greeted everyone, “Hello everyone.”

I came to the door of Kang Jae-kyung’s office, Jung Hyuk- Jae glanced at his secretary and asked, “Is Chief Kang supervised?”

Hearing some familiar voices, the secretary who was busy entering data just now stood up and bent down respectfully. : “President, Chief Kang is in charge!”

“I have something to find him.” Jung Hyuk-jae said.

secretary looked at the watch on his wrist, and a new model just came here. He is 1.9 meters tall. Kang Jae-kyung is talking to him in the office about treatment. Generally speaking, things like this are not needed. Kang Jae-kyung came to do it, but there are some exceptions today. It seems that Kang Jae-kyung cares about this newcomer very much.

“President, Chief Kang is discussing with a newcomer about the benefits of signing the contract. Do you think I will let Chief Kang look for you after discussing the matter for a while?” The secretary thought. I want to suggest in a low voice.

Jung Hyuk-jae heard the secretary’s suggestion to hook the head, “No, I will go in and have a look. I also want to see this newcomer who can be watched by Chief Kang!”

While speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae came forward and knocked on the door a few times before pushing directly away and walking in…

………………………… ………………………………………………

“This is the treatment of our company. There may be a little bit of subsidy, but the company treats everyone who wants to be in acting Newcomers who are improving will be taught carefully. You also know that the company has its own film production company JHJFilm, so there are more opportunities for actual acting. Some supporting roles and even the protagonists will tend to the company’s artists.”Kang Jae- Kyung was sitting on the sofa facing the new model, speaking in a vivid tone like a scammer, and the contract held in his hand was more like a deed, it was like a’devil’.

“Uh…this, I want to go back and think about…” Maybe it was Kang Jae-kyung’s words that made him feel that the content was not as true as his words, so he said now.

“Think about it!”

Kang Jae-kyung knows that there are some things not to be anxious, so he said generously, and he got up and wanted to send him out. Stance, and then he heard someone knock on the door of his office.


Two clear knocks on the door, before Kang Jae-kyung could speak, the door had been pushed open from the outside, and Kang Jae-kyung saw it. The queen greeted him immediately, “President, why did you come here today?”

“Come to the company to see the preparatory work of the issuance department. I heard that you have new contractors here, don’t you want to take a look? !” After Jung Hyuk-jae and Kang Jae-kyung had a chat with a smile, his eyes noticed the tall man standing next to Kang Jae-kyung, who was exactly ten tenths taller than him. For a centimeter’man’, the young man is more appropriate. The more you look at it, the more familiar you will be. His short and messy fluffy hair, coupled with that ugly and handsome face, can be said to be a stylish face in the model circle. There is a tall man with a height of 1.9 meters, which is simply the number one in the entertainment industry, and it is difficult to know him or not.

Hearing what Jung Hyuk-jae said, Kang Jae-kyung immediately reacted, turned around and pointed at the tall young man beside him and said, “This is the president of our company, Jung Hyuk- Jae -ssi, today he came here to see you specifically. Let me introduce yourself.”

The tall young man bowed his head and introduced himself seriously, looking towards Jung Hyuk-jae There was a faint excitement in his eyes, “Jung PD, hello, my name is Lee Kwang-soo, and I am your fan.”

The tall young man is naturally called the “Asian Little Man” a few years later. Prince’s giraffe-Lee Kwang-soo, with his funny reaction and performance in “RunningMan”, attracted a lot of fans.

Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae, the future Asian Prince is very excited. As a model who wants to become an actor, although Jung Hyuk-jae’s resume can’t bring him any substantial help , But Jung Hyuk-jae’s experience has always been his driving force. Even after going to university, he resolutely went to military service because of Jung Hyuk-jae. It can be said that Jung Hyuk-jae is his idol.

“Hello!” Looking at the young Lee Kwang-soo in front of him, Jung Hyuk-jae felt the magic of Fate.

“Do you know Song Joong Ki?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked suddenly and thoughtlessly.

“Huh?” Lee Kwang-soo got caught in lose one’s head out of fear. Facing the problem suddenly mentioned by Jung Hyuk-jae, he was obviously lost and frowned tightly. Thinking hard about who is’Song Joong Ki’? Is this person an artist in the circle?

“It’s nothing, sit down!” Jung Hyuk-jae laughed, without further explanation…

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