Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 389

Compared with Jung Hyuk-jae in 1980, Lee Kwang-soo, who was born in 1985, is obviously much younger, although he was already 17 when he was in high school. Became a signed model, but after all, he lacked experience and experience, so when he saw Jung Hyuk-jae, he was obviously a little nervous.

“Have you discussed the treatment and everything?” Jung Hyuk-jae glanced at Lee Kwang-soo, who was a little stiff beside him, and asked with a smile.

Perhaps the smile on the corner of Jung Hyuk-jae’s mouth eased the tension in Lee Kwang-soo’s heart, and he will not be as restrained as he was just now.

“The treatment has already been told to him, because he was also a contracted model of KTM model agency before, so the contract given to him is also a model contract.” Kang Jae-kyung explained.

The agency has different signing standards and treatments for different artists. Although Lee Kwang-soo has become a signed model when he was seventeen, he never won in the modeling circle. There are significant awards. Secondly, I have not taken any major domestic or international brands. Therefore, the treatment of the contract can only be said to be good. If you want to improve the treatment, you can only improve your professional level, and you cannot have less advertising.

Speaking of which Lee Kwang-soo has already become a contract model in the circle at the age of seventeen early, but in Seoul alone, the number of contract models is not a small number, a lot of height Oppa with long legs and the girls walking on the street are likely to encounter weird people handing out business cards, calling something “some model agency”, and she was able to become a contract model at the beginning, which also took advantage of her height.

Becoming a contracted model does not mean that he will be able to make a commercial debut. As a newcomer in the modeling circle at the beginning, Lee Kwang-soo also has to receive professional model training, from body shape to professional T-stage skills, how can they be perfectly displayed on the T-stage without strong professional skills and comprehensive professional qualities. It takes a lot of time and hard training to achieve the goal of the stage.

From becoming a contract model at the age of seventeen to this year, Lee Kwang-soo has participated in most of the advertisements for food or beverages, except for the work of taking on the catwalk. Characters in the background of the advertisement appear. For example, in the latest advertisement launched by Sprite last year, he is actually the skateboarder behind the protagonist of the advertisement. Although there are not many opportunities to shoot the advertisement, he cherishes every photogenic work. After all, According to the shooting content of the advertisement, these can also be regarded as acting training.

Yes, his dream is to become an actor, so when he was admitted to university, he majored in broadcasting and acting, but he didn’t get a good chance until now.

“Lee Kwang-soo -ssi, I am looking forward to your joining.” Then, Jung Hyuk-jae extended his right hand.

Lee Kwang-soo faced Jung Hyuk-jae’s enthusiasm and was a little surprised that he couldn’t touch East, South, West, North, but fortunately, he reacted. Now it’s not the time for surprises, I just saw him Stretching out his hands, “Thank you!”

“Then I won’t bother you.” Lee Kwang-soo turned and left.

Jung Hyuk-jae watched him leave, smiled and turned around to look at Kang Jae-kyung, and asked: “How did you find such a newcomer?”

Kang Jae-kyung came to the water dispenser and poured two glasses of water and handed it to Jung Hyuk-jae. Then he said, “It was also accidental. On the rest day, I went shopping with my wife and saw him. Out of professional sense, I handed him a business card of mine, didn’t expect that he had already become a KTM contract model when he was seventeen years old.”

“Really? Then? Is he a freelance model now?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“Yes, I asked him this question too. After graduating from high school and going to college, he majored in broadcasting and performing arts. Maybe he wanted to develop into the entertainment industry. He said that he was in college. Participated in many TV Station selections, but was not accepted, so I decided to go to military service during the university. After completing 2 years of military service, now I’m back to school and continue to complete my studies. It’s also quite good. Youngster has his own ideas and goals.”

When talking about this, Kang Jae-kyung said nodded, as if he had a high evaluation of Lee Kwang-soo in his mind.

As the company’s artiste director, Kang Jae-kyung discovered when interviewing newcomers that most youngsters nowadays are in a confused state after graduation. They don’t know what to do and graduate by themselves. What should they do in the future? They didn’t make a good plan when they were in college, and then they were kicked out of the school gate by the university and stumbled into this dangerous society. Some people may have to spend about a year. Understand it, and some people have already set goals for their lives early in college, so they won’t get lost and blame the gods and accuse others, because they know that they only need to follow this goal. Then they are getting closer and closer to it on the way to achieve their goals.

Lee Kwang-soo is such a young man, so Kang Jae-kyung appreciates such a youngster with his own plan.

“It’s pretty good, I have my own ideas and plans.”

Jung Hyuk-jae was nodded affirmed after listening, although he had never had a relationship with Lee Kwang-soo in his previous life. Contact, but from the words of others, he also sketched the image of a hard-working young man in his mind. It is no wonder that his previous life was only considered popular in Asia after he debuted for many years, and he has the title of “Asian Prince”. This is the case with accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.

On this topic, the two did not talk for too long. Then Jung Hyuk-jae shifted the topic to the next deployment of the company’s artists, as well as the work arrangement of the company’s brokerage operations. .

At the beginning of this year, Lee Joon-ki, who became popular with “The King and The Clown”, became the cash cow of JHJ Entertainment. There are too many commercial advertisements and business cooperations. There are too many domestic and international brands. It’s just like crazy to spend money, in order to let Lee Joon-ki star in the advertisement of his company’s products, and Lee Joon-ki also lived up to expectations. According to surveys by many advertising media, because of the influence of Lee Joon-ki’s advertising, The product sales of many companies have more than doubled compared to the previous ones. With these surveys, more businesses want to come to Lee Joon-ki to sign contracts.

In addition to the commercial boom, TV drama movie scripts are also full of tables. Among these scripts, Kang Jae-kyung chose him a fairly good movie script “Flying “Ah, father”, as a work written and directed by Choi Tae-woo, the combination of veteran entertainers like Lee Joon-ki and Li Wenzhi is still very interesting. As a warm comedy, Kang Jae-kyung also hopes This movie can bring Lee Joon-ki the honor of awards, which will naturally make more money.

In terms of artists, Jung Hyuk-jae did not overly intervene in the specific matters of the artists. Because of the management of Kang Jae-kyung, Jung Hyuk-jae only needs to control the general direction, but When he heard about the movie queen that Lee Joon-ki took over, he still felt that something shouldn’t be done. It’s not because of other reasons, but the movie’s reputation and box office were not very good. Furthermore, I heard about this movie. The screening time of the film is selected in August. Before, there was the Yuwei of “Old Thousand”, and after “The Troubles of Beauty”, plus other film companies’ hard work, “Fly, Father!” “It’s difficult for this movie to make a splash.

In addition to Lee Joon-ki, another actor in the company, Yoon Eun-hye’s work is a bit leisurely. On the 24th of last month, the “Grapes” starring Yoon Eun-hye “The Boy in the Garden” began to be aired on KBSTV Station. After two episodes, the ratings compared to the previous “Princess Hours”, which was 20% and 30%, can only be said to be a passing line. Above, 10% of the ratings are like chicken ribs. It is a pity that the food is tasteless and discarded, and I can only watch the follow-up plot to give it power.


“Have you come back?”

Nearing evening Lee Kwang-soo returned home from Seoul. In the kitchen, Mother Lee was preparing the ingredients for dinner. In the living room, the younger sister, who was Mistress-year-old than Lee Kwang-soo, was lying on the sofa watching TV and hearing the doorway. Only then did the movement lifts the head, “Brother, are you back?”

“en.” Lee Kwang-soo nodded, and then sat down on the sofa, because the sofa space is small and there is nowhere. The long legs that were placed had to be curled up together.

The younger sister saw her big brother’s long legs and felt a little jealous. In Lee Family, father and mother Lee were not tall, but Lee Kwang-soo was born. Just like taking hormones, even if Lee Kwang-soo was quite tall among children of the same age when he was in elementary school, he sprang up even more violently when he was in junior high school. The tallest one in his family was only a little over 1.7 meters. , But there is a son of 1.9 meters, and people have to sigh the magic of genes.

As a baby girl in the family, Lee Kwang-soo’s younger sister is not as tall as her big brother. It can only be said to be the height of an ordinary girl, especially after high school. It’s a stereotype, and there won’t be much change, which makes her very jealous of the big long legs of her big brother.

“Oppa, mom and dad are eccentric, just kiss you or me!” The younger sister said for no reason, and Lee Kwang-soo, who heard his younger sister’s words, was obviously embarrassed. It reflected the meaning of her words.

Looking at normally shrewd, but today I don’t know why Lee Kwang-soo is a little stupid. The younger sister kicked him up and said, “Brother, why don’t you lend me your long legs? How about centimeters?”

“Huh?” Lee Kwang-soo looked towards her younger sister as if she looked towards her, “Are you an idiot? You just borrowed your legs? Did you borrow it?”

The younger sister sat up straight up dissatisfied, “What? It happens that you grow so tall at home, and parents must give you nutrition when they are pregnant. Now! Eccentric!”

Mother Li, who was cooking in the kitchen, leaned out when he heard the two siblings in the living room, “Yah!! What are you talking about? I am eccentric, right? “

As a good daughter in the eyes of her parents, she panicked, and immediately put on her shoes and ran to her mother, coquettishly like a little girl who never grew up, “Mom, I didn’t say you!” She saw her with her hands wrapped around Mother Li’s neck, her body writhing incessantly.

“Okay, okay, stop acting, I should go cooking!” Mother Li gently pushed her daughter, such a big girl hanging on her neck, her neck It’s sour too!

“By the way, Kwang-soo, where did you go today?” Mother Li looked at the son who was in a daze in the living room and couldn’t help but care. When he was young, this child never let the family home. People worry, although the grades are not as good as most male children, but after becoming a contract model in high school, he never asked for money from the family again. This made Li mother and Li father feel very comforted, especially It was when he got the first money he got on the catwalk to buy gifts for his family. Mother Li felt that he had grown up as a child.

“Oh, I went to Seoul.” Lee Kwang-soo replied.

Mother Li felt a little strange when he heard what his son said. Now that the university has not yet started, what is his son doing in Seoul? Could it be that he was looking for a girlfriend?

Not only did she have this idea, even the younger sister on the side jumped to Lee Kwang-soo’s side, “Brother, why are you going to Seoul? Does Seoul have my future sister- In-law?”

Lee Kwang-soo didn’t explain. Anyway, he didn’t explain this matter, nor did he explain it.

The younger sister who had not succeeded in molesting was so bored that she jumped onto the sofa and watched Lee Kwang-soo asked seriously, “Brother, what did you do in Seoul?”

Lee Kwang-soo glanced at the younger sister replied in front of him: “I went to negotiate a contract with the brokerage company.”

The younger sister was very interested when she heard this, and as a girl, she wanted to go too. On the catwalk, I walked to the camera, but because I don’t have the advantage of height, I am still yearning for this circle, especially when there is a big brother who is a model at home.

“Talk about the contract? Models? Contract?”

Seeing that my big brother is nodded, the younger sister is even more puzzled at this time.

“Brother, didn’t you study broadcasting and acting in college? How come you talk about model contracts?”

“Ah! Do you think it’s so easy to be an actor? “Lee Kwang-soo’s explosive chest hit the younger sister’s head, curl one’s lip explained.

The younger sister frowned while covering her head, but she encouraged her: “Brother, I believe you will become an actor!”

Lee Kwang-soo heard the younger The sister’s words of comforting herself seemed a little touched. Seeing that she was still holding the painful place where she had just tapped, she would be embarrassed if Lee Kwang-soo coughed a few times and didn’t speak any more, and the younger sister on the side did not speak any more. All my attention is on the TV.

The replay of “X-man” is being played on the TV. As the main MC, Yoo Jae-seok is hosting an artist in the program to play the game. Suddenly she turned her head to look at Lee Kwang-soo.

“What do you want to do?” Lee Kwang-soo was a little puzzled looking at the younger sister’s sudden bright gaze.

“Brother, if you are not an actor, how about being a Gagman? Like Yoo Jae-seok?” I don’t know if it was to anger him deliberately. Anyway, the expression on her face revealed There was a trace of banter.

“What did you say? Yah!! Come here!”

The inspirational model of acting as an actor can’t escape Gagman in the end…

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