Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 390

Even if the audience is reluctant to give up the world in the movie, and the lively and vivid characters in the movie, the screening of “Old Thousand” after ten weeks After the online screening, I finally bid farewell to the theater.

Film distribution companies generally sign film distribution contracts with movie theaters, and movie releases are basically one month long. If the attendance rate of a movie is quite low within a week or three weeks, movie theaters and theater chains can release the movie on their own initiative. Because the theater company is the active party, the movie will be released even if the movie theater is less than a month away. The issuer will not say anything.

Generally speaking, the release schedule for a new movie is 20-35 days. The first week of the movie’s box office is enough to see the quality of the movie and the market prospects, but this is theoretical If the box office is not good, the movie theaters will show fewer screenings or even not show according to their own arrangements. However, some movies are of the slow-heat type. Perhaps its opening rate is not high, and the movie’s first week box office is not high. , The attendance rate is still poor, but it has a kind of magic. When some movie theaters are closed, this type of film may be re-released by many theaters due to its strong stamina, and because the attendance rate is getting higher and higher, it is The show time has been continuously extended.

In the movie circle, there is a movie that belongs to the category of Small Accomplishment, which is basically a “three-day theater tour”. It will be removed as soon as it goes online. It should be carried out reasonably according to the audience’s love of the film. The schedule of screenings, of course, may also be because the film is unexpectedly eye-catching. It may be originally only released for 4 weeks and it may be extended to 7 or 8 weeks due to too many audiences. Normal movies will generally be released in 2 weeks -3 Zhou, but the fewer games you get later.

“Old Thousand” does not belong to any of the above, because when it first started to promote, because of the attention of many comic fans, plus CJ Entertainment and JHJ Entertainment spent a lot of effort on promotion The number of viewers in the first week of “Lao Qian” has set a new record of 19 banned movies, and after ten weeks of screening, the final number of viewers of “Lao Qian” has been fixed at 8.93 million Three hundred and twenty-one people, surpassing the highest-grossing third-level film “Friends” in history. This movie starring Jang Dong-gun finally received 8.2 million viewers. It is the successful general of “Lao Qian”. This record has risen to 8.93 million people, which is actually only one step away from tens of thousands of miracles, but unfortunately it still lost in the subject matter.

With the end of the movie, the attention of many media once again focused on the “Lao Qian” movie itself.

“After ten weeks of screenings, “Lao Qian” is finally over. Director Jung Hyuk-jae created a real and virtual world for us, where there is a superb Gauni There is Ms. Zheng who has sexy bearing and charming temperament, and there is a Chief Ping Jing who always wears a gentleman hat… The reporter was fortunate to go to the premiere scene when the movie was first released. When the movie ended, the lights in the theater were on. The audience and many media people still failed to get out of the world created for us by the movie, and the lively characters are as if they lived by our side.

The movie was just released for a week. At that time, I once wrote an evaluation draft for this movie. At the time, I gave it a score of 8.0. From now on, maybe this score can be higher. After seeing this movie, I also understand the director. The meaning of the lens language used by Jung Hyuk-jae in the film.”

“It may be because of the first directing of the film. In terms of the quality of the film, the film “Lao Qian” cannot Ranked in the top class, but despite this, the language of the screen created by director Jung Hyuk-jae is full of persuasiveness. Many gambling scenes in the film are filmed extremely tense, but they are not muddled. Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye -soo’s passionate performance is full of temptation and beauty. The character position and camera angle are ideal. In the film, a small number of action scenes are shot to the point and the effect is very good.

Of course, the picture is also There is indeed a little irritability. Some areas that need to be expressed in detail are not particularly satisfactory. At least in dark scenes, the detail is not satisfactory, which makes the overall picture quality at a medium level. Except for the color In addition to the imperfect processing of black, other places are remarkable. The accurate color temperature setting makes the image show a clearer texture, and the color design of the clothing is full of fashion flavor. Every time Kim Hye-soo makes his appearance. It’s amazing.

There are not many big dynamic scenes in this film, so it’s a past without a DTS soundtrack. The Korean pronunciation of Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo sounds very moving, Cho Seung-woo His lines and dialogues give people a lazily feeling, which is very consistent with the character’s personality. The voice of the characters is more obvious in South Korea actresses. Kim Hye-soo’s voice is full of magnetism and appeal, and her narration is very profound. Impressions, expressing a rich and authentic character. The detailed sound effects are also very rich, such as some slight movements of the characters in the details, and the background sounds in the distance of the picture, etc., are better reflected. The use of music also creates Very strong story atmosphere.”

“If you are not the first Once you see this type of movie, you may think of those familiar segments in the movie. As a gambling film, most of the elements in the comic plot of “Lao Qian” are copied from the old Hongkong gambling film, and the story is based on it. There is nothing new for people who are used to watching Hong Kong movies. But sometimes, the vulgar must be vulgar enough. In this film, director Jung Hyuk-jae cleverly focused on Gonny’s desire, revealing the true face of human nature. At the gaming table, interests come first.

On the gambling table, I talk about gambling skills and more psychologically. “

Part of the media’s attention is on the movie “Old Thousand”, and more media are more concerned about the actors who add flesh and blood to this movie. “Joseon Sports” wrote an article: “The screening of “Old Thousand” came to an end and successfully ranked first among the 19 banned movies. The audience received rave reviews. Kim Hye-soo has unparalleled credit. “

The title is a bit long, but it summarizes the main content of the article very well.

Media reports focus more on Jin Hye-soo, who was born in 1970 In 1988, the beauty who is known for her sexy performance was controversial for her breakthrough-scale bold performance in “Faceless Beauty”. What’s interesting is that although she performed boldly, she has never had scandals or scandals since her debut, and she is still South Korea. The oldest prestigious university, Sungkyunkwan University graduated with a master’s degree.

Some media claimed that Kim Hye-soo only appeared in a **** scene and performed the “femme beauty” Zheng Lady Boss. The scene of Seung-woo (playing Gao Ni)’s dialogue is sighing, “It really is Kim Hye-soo.” More media bluntly praised: “Among the 8.9 million viewers of “Old Thousand”, it’s because of Kim Hye- It can be said that more than half of the fans attracted by soo, as the director, Jung Hyuk-jae must give Kim Hye-soo a red envelope in private.” And so on.

There are also some comments.

The media wrote that-“Lao Qian” can become the first box office film in the history of the 19th ban in South Korea. Director Jung Hyuk-jae should first thank the manga author and bow.

Thanks for bowing, in fact, it is not necessary. , But the red envelopes are naturally indispensable. The total number of viewers of “Lao Qian” can exceed “Friends” starring Jang Dong-gun. This also surprised CJ Entertainment. Originally, the source of the film was leaked. It’s enough for them to be excited that the number of viewers can break through three million. Didn’t expect this number to increase to 8.9 million, which is almost three times the original expectation! What else can they be dissatisfied with? After all, the larger the number of movie viewers, the more CJ Entertainment’s share as the publisher will be. No wonder Lee Sung-in smiles so happily when he sees Jung Hyuk-jae. He made no mistakes in this step of the game, which is considered the right investment. Only potential stocks.

The only thing he feels a bit regretful is that the two films “Beauty’s Trouble” and “The Host”, regardless of the release or investment, CJ Entertainment has not been able to intervene. For Lee Sung-in, who has seen the script of “Beauty’s Troubles”, after reading countless films, he was sure that this is a pretty good comedy movie, but it was snatched by Lotte Film and Television, which made Lee Sung -in is very upset, just like the pearls that I found only were valued by others, I feel particularly depressed.

As for the movie “The Host”, Lee Sung-in is willing to invest , And Bo Many films that ng Joon-woo has directed before have a good reputation and box office. According to reason, investing in this film is certainly not wrong, but the only thing that makes Lee Sung-in hesitate is that “The Host” belongs to The rare beast movie, which makes him a little bit unable to understand the prospect of the movie, especially the budget of this movie is not generally high, and the investment of up to 100 2 billion is not a small amount, plus post-propaganda. Lee Sung-in hesitated, and this hesitation caused him many years of regret…

……………………………………………………………… …

The number of viewers of “Old Thousand” has reached 8.9 million, and the celebration banquet is naturally inevitable.

The celebration banquet is open to the media and fans. Due to the large number of fans, it is naturally impossible to put all of them on the fans. After the lottery, one hundred and fifty lucky fans came to the celebration banquet. At the scene, we had close contact with the production crew and the leading actors of “Old Thousand”, and the media reporters at the scene even pointed the long spear short cannons at the leading creators and the leading actors on the stage.

The celebration banquet was held at Lotte Hotel in Myeongdong, downtown Seoul. The host of the celebration banquet was Yoo Jae-seok, Gagman’s famous representative, because of the “Come To Play” issue of “Lao Qian” “Special, the audience just learned about the relationship between Jung Hyuk-jae and Yoo Jae-seok. Many fans were even more excited about seeing Yoo Jae-seok’s truly in person live. Obviously this is still a Fans of the Great God Church.

“Thank you fans and many media people for being able to attend the “Lao Qian” Production crew celebration banquet. Let us welcome the “Lao Qian” creators and starring actors to the stage with warm applause!” Yoo Jae-seok Holding the teleprompter card in hand, they were the first to applaud and welcome them, and the main creators who had been waiting for a long time, you and the actors also appeared on the stage in the expectation of fans and media people. They were greeted with a warm welcome from the audience. applause.

“Let’s welcome the screenwriter and director Jung Hyuk-jae -ssi of “Old Thousand”, Cho Seung-woo -ssi as Goney in the film, Kim Hye-soo -ssi as Ms. Cheng… …”

Along with Yoo Jae-seok’s name, the audience in the audience responded with warm applause and cheers in a timely manner. The atmosphere of the celebration party from the very beginning came to a climax. Although this is not the first time Yoo Jae-seok has hosted a celebration banquet, it is rare to see such a lively atmosphere as it is today.

Jung Hyuk-jae took the microphone handed by Yoo Jae-seok and responded with a smile to the fans who waved to him in the audience. Then he said: “Today is the celebration of “Lao Qian” , Didn’t expect will attract so many fans to come to participate. It is also the fans who we did not consider before and are still waiting outside the hotel. I am really sorry!”

Jung Hyuk-jae at first I apologized first: “Later, I will ask the staff to go outside and count the number of fans on and off the venue today and their contact details. After the “Lao Qian” DVD is released, we will personally deliver the “Lao Qian” DVD. In your home.”



This is actually just a plan that Jung Hyuk-jae thought of after he came to power. Although the cost seems to be a lot, it is also equivalent to pre-warm up the launch of the “Lao Qian” DVD in a few months in advance. Naturally, these fans are all regular DVDs. If it is a luxury limited edition, Jung Hyuk-jae was not willing, but even so, the fans on the scene were still very excited, giving him applause and cheers for more than ten seconds.

After Jung Hyuk-jae finished speaking, he passed the microphone in his hand to Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo and the others. Under the ingenious words of Yoo Jae-seok, they celebrated their success. The atmosphere of the banquet has always been very good. The actors on the stage talked about the interesting things they encountered during the filming, and the atmosphere was very happy. The fans at the scene listened to with keen interest pleasure, and the media reporters couldn’t stand still. The camera in their hands couldn’t stop at all, either taking photos of the creators or starring actors, and never missed any details.

With a few sounds of “Peng”, Jung Hyuk-jae, together with Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo, opened the champagne in their hands, and laughed and poured the champagne into the goblet that was set in a pyramid .

After this session, I immediately entered the interview session of the live media. In fact, not only fans, but the media are also paying attention to a problem, that is, as the follow-up to the first half of this year, “The King and After The Clown, another phenomenon-level work, “Old Thousand”, will there be a sequel?

For this question from fans, Jung Hyuk-jae answered this: “For the sequel of “Old Thousand”, although there are no plans yet, it is very possible to shoot a sequel.”

Another question that is of great concern to the audience is whether Jung Hyuk-jae will direct the sequel of “Lao Qian” again?

Faced with this problem, Jung Hyuk-jae said half seriously and half jokingly: “Because the plot of the comics is very exciting, so directly making the comics into a movie will be a very exciting movie. But I watched too many games when I was filming the first part, so even if I shoot a sequel, I won’t be a director anymore.”

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