Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 391

“Brother Hyuk-jae!”

JHJ Entertainment Company, Lee Joon-ki opened the office door, slightly bowed and greeted.

Jung Hyuk-jae sat on the Boss chair and heard the movement at the door. Lifts the head and said, “Come on? Sit down!” As he said, Jung Hyuk-jae pointed to the sofa in front of him. “Drink water?”

Lee Joon-ki sat on the sofa and waved his hands. “Brother Hyuk-jae, no need.”

After Jung Hyuk-jae heard his words Smiled and stood up, “Sit down, it seems that we haven’t been sitting and chatting together in a few months?”

Lee Joon-ki laughed embarrassedly, “The most recent schedule is too much Too much.”

“What’s wrong? Do you want to take a break with me?” Jung Hyuk-jae Haha smiled, and then said: “I heard that “Fly, Father!” will be released soon Now? After participating in a series of promotional activities after the movie is released, I will give you a few days of rest. It’s okay to have a good rest.”

Lee Joon-ki nodded.

The movie “Fly, Father” starring Lee Joon-ki is a novel of the same name that was adapted and adapted from the Japanese and Korean writer Kaneshiro Ichiki. The novel was sold five times in three months. Manben’s success, and the Japanese movie “Fly, Father, Fly”, which was also adapted from this novel, did not perform well. Japan once filmed the movie last year, but did not get too Dae-sung credit. The reason is that the characterization of the characters is not in place, and the relationship between high school students and the atmosphere of high school students are too complicated.

Basically, Japan’s comics are all related to high school students, without exception, many social factors have been added to the high school atmosphere. After all, the consumer group they are facing is those high school students who have spare time to read comics. In addition, how many people have not lived in high school? But it’s okay to put these in cartoons, but it would be ugly to show reality in the form of movies.

The above these all are Jung Hyuk-jae inquired about Lee Joon-ki’s take on the filming of “Fly, Father”. For the media, perhaps the biggest gimmick of this movie is Lee Joon-ki’s transformation.

The “The King and The Clown”, a joking about history, has created an amazing box office record in the history of South Korea movies, and also put the young Lee Joon-ki on the throne of a popular star. After successfully shaping “a man who is more beautiful than a woman”, Lee Joon-ki’s transformation is imperative, although “The King and The Clown” has become his famous work, and “Kong Ji” has also become Lee Joon-ki However, he is still young and can’t fix his role. This is also the script selected by Kang Jae-kyung for Lee Joon-ki in order to become Lee Joon-ki’s transformation.

“I heard that you are playing a’fight expert’ in the movie?”

Lee Joon-ki nodded with a smile,” “Fly, Father” tells 19 The fighting expert gave cruel special training to the 39-year-old middle-aged man who was in a family crisis. The important thing was not the process of special training but the happiness of life recovered during the special training.”

“Have you worked hard?”

Lee Joon-ki gently shook the head, “I can’t talk about hard work.”

In fact, the real answer is the same as what Lee Joon-ki said. On the contrary, in order to interpret the role of Gao Shengxi in the film, Lee Joon-ki took great pains. Not only did he read the original novel many times, he carefully understood the character of the characters, but also challenged the rock climbing scene that he had never tried in the movie. There will be fear in high places.” Lee Joon-ki concentrated on rock climbing for more than a month and finally overcame his fear of heights. Therefore, the difficult rock climbing scene in the special training in the film was completely played by himself, without any substitute participation.

Lee Joon-ki himself is Taekwondo three, and he spent three months learning boxing to make the fighting scenes in the film more perfect, especially the 1VS17 fighting scene, without any substitutes. in one go.

” “Fly, Father” is the premiere ceremony tonight?”

Lee Joon-ki nodded, “The premiere ceremony is sure to be tonight.” Lee Joon-ki As he said, there was a trace of expectation on his face.

Although he didn’t have much to do with him after the filming was completed, the higher the box office score of the movie, naturally his worth will rise as the tide rises, the boat floats, who doesn’t want What I have on my head is the number one “box office spiritual medicine”, not a “box office poison”.

“After the movie promotion is over, the company will give you a period of vacation for you to rest, and the endorsement related matters will also be slowed down.” Jung Hyuk-jae said.

Lee Joon-ki was a little surprised after hearing what Jung Hyuk-jae said. Although he knew that he was attracted to the contract at the beginning because of the generous treatment, but he didn’t expect Jung Hyuk-jae to do so. Generous, different from those vampire bosses.

“Why? Don’t you want it?” Jung Hyuk-jae smiled at Jung Hyuk-jae and said, “If you don’t want to, there will be no rest days!”

Lee Joon -ki shook his head hurriedly when he heard it.

“Also, don’t fall behind in acting. Don’t expect too much from the box office of this movie.” Jung Hyuk-jae said bluntly before leaving.


The box office results of “Fly, Father” are really bad?

Is Jung Hyuk-jae’s prediction right?

When Lee Joon-ki left with full of doubts, at the premiere ceremony of the movie, the place where Lee Joon-ki appeared was the sea of ​​flashes, but even now it’s half the sky and it appears in the media. Lee Joon-ki in front of him is still humble and polite. A “The King and The Clown” made Lee Joon-ki quickly become popular, and the boy with neutral beauty was firmly bound by a handsome and delicate image. This time the new film “Fly, Father” finally Provided him with a stage to show the tough temperament of a man.

When I woke up, the data on the number of viewers in the midnight show of “Fly, Father” was out. On the day of the premiere, more than 90,000 fans bought tickets, which is more than 500 yuan for a movie. It is definitely a pretty good result for the warm and affectionate movies on the screen.

For a time, many media published articles to praise “Flying Father”, and the distribution company of this film also invited many media to publish various public relations drafts, which almost blew their own movies to the sky, and the media They also paid close attention to Lee Joon-ki’s performance in this transitional movie, and they praised his performance in the movie, saying that his film’s high box office is absolutely inseparable from Lee Joon-ki’s performance.

“Brother, didn’t you say that the results of “Fly, Father” are not too high?”

Jung Hyuk-jae turned around in the kitchen and looked at younger sister Jung Min- Joo, “What are you looking at?”

Jung Min-joo raised the newspaper in his hand and said, “Of course it is the newspaper. It says that the box office of “Fly, Father” reached midnight last night. There are more than 90,000 people. The media predicts that there will be almost 100,000 people in the midnight show, and the total box office may exceed 4 million…”

Before Jung Min-joo reads the newspaper report in his hand, Jung Hyuk- Jae couldn’t help laughing. “Do you see the identity of the 90,000 people in the newspaper?”

“Identity?” Jung Min-joo was stunned, could it mean watching a movie? Still need to check the identity of the fans?

Jung Hyuk-jae watched the little mess in the restaurant walk out with a plate, “I dare say that more than 60% of these 90,000 people are Lee Joon-ki fans. “

“That’s it!” Jung Min-joo then reacted, “Does Jun Ki Oppa have so many fans?”

“Otherwise you think “The King and The Clown” Is the box office of tens of millions of people blown out?” Jung Hyuk-jae laughed and boasted.

While the producer and distributor of “Fly, Father” were still complacent with the box office of more than 90,000 people at midnight on the premiere day, the box office results of the first day after the premiere ceremony came out But the glasses burst, and the box office in a single day is worth more than 10,000. It can be said that the publisher and the producer can really experience the feeling of going from heaven to hell, but these are not finished, “Fly, Father” The box office trend of Jung Hyuk-jae was the same as predicted by Jung Hyuk-jae, and it fell into a trough like a roller coaster.

On the 7th day of the show, there were only more than 180,000 visitors. On average, less than 30,000 box-office visitors a day. You must know that 90,000 people out of these 180,000 people were in the premiere ceremony. Lee Joon Contributed by fans of -ki.

The results of “Fly, Father” are indeed a bit beyond everyone’s expectations, especially after the performance of the premiere ceremony at midnight, the faces of many media touting the movie were swollen. But the media is too lazy to pick it up if it’s fucked up. Anyway, they are justified. After the weekly box office results of “Fly, Father” came out, many media began to look for trouble with this movie. All in all, The actor’s highlights are not much, and the narration is not very smooth.


Although it was only at the end of August 2006, The box office summary of the first half of 2006 has been released.

This year, despite many efforts, South Korea filmmakers finally lost in the movement against the quota system. However, they did not wait to die as a tragic hero. Instead, they chose to use their works to resist and save themselves, and to see the truth in the box office with Hollywood blockbusters. . Counting the South Korea movie box office in the first half of 2006, Hollywood movies did not get a bargain here. The real winners are still South Korea movies.

For both the South Korea film industry and South Korea audiences, 2006 was a good year. Despite the unanimous opposition of the South Korea film industry, the new quota system is still passed. South Korea cinemas will show their home country every year. The minimum number of days for the film has been halved from 146 to 73 days, but South Korea’s local movies, whose skeleton is already very strong, have the upper hand in the competition with Hollywood as they did in the previous year, and the market share is still higher than in 2005. Up. . The box office performance of “The King and The Clown” broke through 12 million viewers, breaking the South Korea box office record and becoming a rarely seen spectacular sight.

Also produced by JHJFilm, although the final box office score of “Lao Qian” released by CJ Entertainment failed to break through the ten million mark, the number of viewers of 8.9 million movies still became the third in South Korea. . Class movie box office top.

In 2005, South Korea’s total box office was close to 1 billion U.S. dollars. After the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and France, South Korea became the world’s fifth largest screening market. In 2006, driven by local films such as “The King and The Clown” and “Old Thousand”, the total box office is likely to exceed the previous year in one fell swoop, setting a new annual box office record.

It can be said that in 2006, the total revenue of South Korea’s screening industry reached a new high relying on the good performance of local films. South Korea films appeared in 2004 after the two films “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War” and “Silmi Island” with a total audience of more than 10 million. They thought they would perform better in 2005, but they were expected to perform better. The results of films such as “Typhoon” were disappointing. The 2006 blockbuster films mentioned above gave a magical painkiller. On the one hand, the South Korea film industry was lifted up from doubts, and on the other hand, it also restored the audience’s confidence in local films.

In general, in 2006, South Korea produced more than 100 movies, which is 20% more than in 2005. Among them are super-productions such as “Monster”, as well as dark horse films such as “The King and The Clown” and “Old Thousand”. Of course, there are also promising, but the final results are not as good as “Korean Peninsula” and “Daisy”. Such a movie.

As Lee Joon-ki’s transformational work “Fly, Father”, the media has been expecting it before it was released, but the results after the release were not so ideal, especially in many domestic films and Hollywood Under the double impact of the movie, the box office of “Fly, Father” is declining.

The film will sign a screening contract with the theater before its release. The midnight show on the day of the premiere ceremony can be said to give the theater a surprise, but the subsequent performance did break this expectation. At the top of the box office, the theaters can’t give “fly, father” in vain. The lower the box office, the fewer screens. This is a fixed ratio series, plus the collision of domestic movies and Hollywood. For “fly, father” It can be said to be a blow to 3rd-layer.

At the end of the summer, Hollywood movies such as “The Da Vinci Code (blog)” (blog), “Poseidon”, “X-Men 3: The Last Battle”, “Superman Returns”, “Caribbean Robber 2: Gathering Soul Coffin and Mission Impossible 3 movies have already been offline, and the movies generally speaking at the end of the summer are all of the kind of Small Accomplishment. This movie does not dare to follow the blockbuster anal front, so it will Choose such a time period.

Film fans have no good movies to watch, and the theaters are also worried about the lack of high-quality movies recently. They are worried about whether they have to select a few classic movies to come back. When the audience fans While waiting boringly for Chuseok’s files, JHJFilm and Lotte Entertainment jointly started the promotion of their movie “Beauty’s Troubles”.

In the promotional video, the audience gradually learned that this is a romantic comedy movie. Among the domestic romantic comedies in South Korea, the box office Peak work so far was created by Kim Ha-neul and Kwon Sang- “My Barbarian Girl Teacher” starring woo, when the film was released in 2003, it scored 4.93 million and 7573 people. Jeon Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun’s “My Sassy Girl”, which swept the Asian film scene, had a cumulative total of 4.87 million viewers that year, ranking second in the box office chart of romantic comedies. Considering that the film was released in 2001 when the South Korea film industry was in a slump, it is a record-breaking box office Shinhwa. At the same time, the film also blows the “savage whirlwind” to Asian countries, and is very popular in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Because this is a movie produced by JHJFilm, everyone is full of expectations for this romantic comedy.

Because of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, because of “The King and The Clown”, because of “Old Thousand”, JHJFilm, as the producer, has become synonymous with many fans in mind “conscience”, that sentence How do you say it?

Produced by JHJ, it must be a boutique!

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