Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 392

Under Lotte’s propaganda, the audience’s expectations for the film “Beauty’s Troubles” rose to the highest value, not only that version of Kim Ah-joong was transformed. The poster. One side of the poster is slender and stylish, while the other side is bloated, with big faces like a millstone, and the two of them still do the same action. The slender one is charming and charming, while the other side is It gives people a feeling of being embarrassed and can’t help but feel a little funny.

“Is this also Kim Ah-joong?”

Pedestrians passing by pointed to the poster beside the street and couldn’t help covering their mouths in awe. She didn’t know that she was marveling at the ingenious makeup technique , Still marveling at the contrast between heaven and earth on the poster.

Kim Ah-joong was born in 1982. Although she only debuted in 2004, she was the actor Lee relatively late, but she participated in the filming of the movie “Who took the record” in 2004. Elephant Belt.

In 2005, she received attention because of her role as a hero in the KBS costume drama “Poseidon”. In the same year, she also starred in the TV series “Our Posture for Parting” and “Strange Men and Strange Women” “, and participated in the filming of the film “Kwang Sik’s younger brother Kwang Tai”. It can be said that Kim Ah-joong has obtained much more resources than many newcomers since his debut at first, and it is much better. Kim Ah-joong was the first to pass Before shooting CF debut, she received long-term training in a specialized agency. Dance, song and acting skills were fully prepared before she stepped onto the stage. Initially troubled by ANTIFAN, she became more and more popular with the public and became a popular star.

“It doesn’t feel like her at all. The big face, the arms, and the chins scare me to death!” The girl pointed to the fat version of Kim Ah-joong on the poster and said bluntly. While talking, he stretched out his arms and stabbed the boyfriend on the side, and asked: “Did you say she had a plastic surgery?”

“Huh?” The boyfriend on the side was considered came back because of this elbow. to his senses, looking away from the skinny Kim Ah-joong lithe and graceful figure, with an embarrassed smile on his face, “What did you just say?”

“Look, look! Look at you! Look at the poster yourself!” The sensitive girl didn’t know what he was looking at just now, and she stomped her feet and turned and left.

“Eh, Meiling, wait for me!”

The pair of women who were originally in love, fell into the cold war because of a poster…

If you said that when the poster of “Beauty’s Troubles” was released, looking at the comparison between the fat version of’Kim Ah-joong’ and the thin version, everyone thought it was a comedy love story with inspirational weight loss, and it was the first trailer of the movie At the time of exposure, the audience’s original guesses were all wrong. Is it possible to be inspirational? Comedy is reflected in the trailer quite a lot, but what about weight loss? They didn’t tell from the notice at all. Instead, they saw the plastic surgery hospital and plastic surgeon passing by in a flash.

Is this a movie about plastic surgery?

Although everyone in the society has already let go of the topic of’plastic surgery’, but want to put it on the surface and directly use a movie to tell a story about’plastic surgery’, which is a bit irritating The audience was curious about how the director would act.

However, with the start of the movie promotion, I don’t know when a part of Kim Ah-joong’s AntiFans gathered on the Internet. There are quite a few AntiFans from Kim Ah-joong since his debut.

Don’t look at the current Kim Ah-joong’s popularity like the sun at high noon, but her heart stretched out and she was deeply troubled by the ANTIFANS problem.

Since her debut, she has been connected to make many movies and TV series. Although this has greatly helped her fame, she has also been exposed because of her father’s identity. Netizens hate, “There have been some rumors before, and ANTIFAN said,’father is also in the PD business. What is the secret of child’s success?’ Such news has been discussed repeatedly on the Internet, and it makes me feel It’s hard to feel.” Kim Ah-joong once said in an interview with the media.

Sometimes the psychology of these AntiFans is completely unpredictable, just like the identity of Kim Ah-joong father PD. Just thinking of her father’s identity, I fill up a series of’unwritten rules’ in my mind. ‘I don’t know whether to say that these netizens have big brains or that they are good at thinking.

With Kim Ah-joong, whether in TV dramas or in movies, his performance is getting better and better, and there are fewer and fewer comments like this. Everyone has started to pay attention to Regarding her acting skills, Kim Ah-joong once said in an interview with the media: “Those who do have a reason to hate me, naturally hate me. But some people have no reason, and they feel that they hate me. ‘,’annoying’. But now many people have gradually become friendly attitudes.’Ah, her success still makes sense~’ I am very happy to see others say that I seem to have really worked hard.”

In terms of counting, this can also be regarded as a kind of hardship and joy. Kim Ah-joong, who has remained strong in various malicious attacks, uses the four words “hardship and joy” to describe himself now.

However, with the promotion of “Beauty’s Troubles”, I don’t know when another rumor began to circulate on the Internet, that is, the rumor about’Kim Ah-joong plastic surgery’.

In the entertainment industry, artists and “plastic surgery” are inseparable. This includes not only female artists, but also many male artists. After a period of rest, the artists come out and run the schedule. People seem to have changed their appearance. The nose has become more and more stiff, and the face looks more and more shiny, and even the teeth that were not good-looking have been fine-tuned. Yes, these are in the eyes of the artist. All belong to fine-tuning.

‘Plastic surgery’ is like a flood of wild beasts for artists. Anyone who sees it will feel scared, and they don’t want the rumors of’plastic surgery’ to have something to do with them. However, behind the rumors of Kim Ah-joong’s plastic surgery, it seems that it is not just a group of Anti who is idle and boring.


“Kim Ah-joong plastic surgery In the previous photo, “Beauty’s Troubles” is actually playing herself!” In a certain film and television forum, a trumpet with only Level 1 posted such a post, because Lotte Films has recently promoted its own “Beauty’s Troubles”. Sincerely, most of the netizens have seen the posters and trailers, so when they saw the more attractive headline, they couldn’t help but click in. If you want to see what the host will have, click in. Netizens are waiting patiently for the poster’s posting.

“Kim Ah-joong is a big beauty, everyone should know that, but if such a beauty is a rare beast?” The host of the post took the lead to start with this, the sentence in the other hall is true or false, in short, it has aroused the attention and attention of netizens.

“Actually, speaking of which, I was also a fan of Kim Ah-joong, and I was full of praise for her acting and appearance, but when I saw Kim Ah-joong before the plastic surgery When taking the photo, I was still taken aback by her “brave”, remember that this “brave” is in single quotes. As for why, everyone will know after reading this photo.”

With that said, the host released a photo.

If the previous netizens are still planning to come in and watch a lively remark, then when the photos of Kim Ah-joong before the plastic surgery were posted, everyone was still shocked and had to say this The very good selected by the photo, the eyebrows are faintly like Kim Ah-joong, whether it’s eyebrows, eyes, or lips, they have more than 50% visibility with Kim Ah-joong, but If said Kim Ah in real life -If joong is a thin version, then the “Kim Ah-joong” in this photo is a thin version and an ugly version. It is the same as the “Hannah” played by Kim Ah-joong in “Beauty’s Trouble”, really has several points of similarity.

“Ah, No way, this is really Kim Ah-joong?”

“What about cracking a joke? How could this be Kim Ah-joong, you The key to my eyes is not good. I recommend you go to the ophthalmology department. Go out and take the 303 bus, and the final stop is the ophthalmology hospital.”

“How can I get a plastic surgery by Kim Ah-joong Goddess? Don’t use this movie to hack him. Heizi kills the whole family!”

“Kim Ah-joong is my Goddess, you all go away, who is allowed to hack my Goddess!”


The post here hasn’t reached one hundred floors. Many fans of Kim Ah-joong have already emerged in the post, and the preparatory netizens who have been waiting for a long time immediately started a network with this group of fans. The tears on the battlefield.

“I also said that the host opened his eyes and said nonsense. I think you are opening your eyes and talking nonsense. Is the ugly woman in the photo Kim Ah-joong? I think you should go to the ophthalmology department. , The host just said a fair word, look at the appearance of your fans.”

“Yes, I remember Kim Ah-joong said in an interview with the media that he did not After plastic surgery, don’t say anything now, slap your face now, right? Let your Goddess speak big words and scream!”

“Look at that, don’t sit there anymore, you are not old Do you like doing the same makeup and wearing the same clothes as your own Goddess? If you think you are not good-looking, let’s go with your Goddess for plastic surgery, maybe it will be half the price! Ah Haha…”

The atmosphere in this film and television forum is normally pretty good, but because of this Kim Ah-joong attracted a lot of sunspots and AntiFans. They teamed up, not only resisting Kim Ah-joong in real life, but On the Internet, he tried his best to start another battle with Kim Ah-joong’s fans.

“Jung Hyuk-jae, director of “Beauty’s Troubles”, isn’t a very ugly person like wield who created such a script, right?” Such remarks are fairly light, and some people say it. The words are even more lacking in quality, and it is no longer irony to speak, it is almost cyber violence.

“Everyone knows how important plastic surgery is to an actor. When I was interviewed, it seemed like I had never had plastic surgery. How is this behavior different from a scammer?”

“I see this picture as Kim Ah-joong’s true face. It turns out that “Beauty’s Troubles” is her true life story. Although I feel that the movie may not look great, but I don’t know why I suddenly I’m interested.”

The battle between Heizi Anti and fans and netizens on the Internet, the war seems to have spread from the Internet to real life. The 2nd day of the “Seoul Daily” used the “actress Kim Ah-joong” facelift. It’s a mystery, “Fans Anti-Wars Don’t Stop” as the title. It introduces in detail the internet war last night, where the media reporter wanted to interview the parties, but Kim Ah-joong who was carrying out various propaganda for “Beauty’s Troubles” There is still time to be interviewed. This time, it is even more of AntiFans’s rhetoric,’I don’t even dare to show up and apologize, what an artist’.

After a day of fermentation, the topic of whether Kim Ah-joong ever had plastic surgery has been unabated and debated on the Internet. Some netizens said that after reading the photos on the Internet about her before and after plastic surgery, it can be clearly seen The nose has been trimmed; some netizens said that in fact, they can still vaguely see her present appearance, but the makeup and weight loss have changed a little; some netizens said why bother to pursue plastic surgery, and others don’t just rely on that face to have what she is now Popularity. Look at the singing, dancing, hosting, performance, how much effort it takes to do it.

Netizens have different opinions. At this moment, Kim Ah-joong’s agency began to come forward. In an interview with the media, the manager said bluntly that the picture circulated on the Internet is not actually Kim. Ah-joong’s, the character in that photo is just a bit similar to her that’s all. With that said, he also took out a photo of Kim Ah-joong when he was in high school to explain.

“This is Kim Ah-joong Young Lady’s high school graduation photo!”

Don’t look at the manager has been interviewed at this moment, but the master has not seen everyone However, Kim Ah-joong’s refusal to accept interviews was a failure for reporters. Finally, when the reporter took the opportunity to interview Kim Ah-joong fortunately, Kim Ah-joong’s unintentional sentence caused her a lot of trouble.

“Being able to understand the mood of others for plastic surgery is actually a tactful saying that I have not had plastic surgery.” After reading the report on Kim Ah-joong, netizens have publicly criticized.


“Sister, everyone on the Internet is still discussing this matter Is it?” Ne, Kim Ah-joong in the waiting room asked, lowering his head and holding his head.

As a manager woman, nodded, when she walked to Kim Ah-joong, the comforting patted Kim Ah-joong’s shoulder then said: “What you said this time was misunderstood by the media and netizens And I deliberately exaggerated it. That’s why it attracted so many Antis. Don’t worry, the company will take care of this kind of thing.”

“Sister, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble. “Kim Ah-joong lowered his head and said respectfully.

“It’s okay!” the manager replied.

After speaking, Kim Ah-joong glanced out of the window, and “Beauty’s Troubles” is about to be released, but there is another beauty who is worrying about it!

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