Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 393

With the launch of “Beauty’s Troubles”, a series of negative reports about Kim Ah-joong have also begun to appear in the newspapers, and there is a tendency to go out to discredit Kim Ah-joong. .

If the celebrities and the media are serious about speaking of which, they can actually be regarded as a family, just like a biological brother in the family. Usually, the artists need to promote, and the new drama is about to be released. Married and have a child, it needs hype. These all are the places where artists trouble the media.

What about the media? They also need celebrities’ lace news scandals for their own newspapers or magazines to increase income and attention. Therefore, artists and celebrities are more often in a mutually beneficial relationship. No one will break this. balance.

However, on the other hand, the media has no ethics. Don’t think that sometimes some media are very close to artists. They should cooperate with propaganda and propaganda when it is hot. These are all routines. You give me money to do things, it’s as simple as that. Once you encounter some big news, such as a series of negative reports such as celebrities cheating, the media can fall out to become hostile, and whoever cares for the news click rate.

So, the artists and the media say they are like two brothers in the same family, but the biological brother has to settle the accounts, right?

The media slander Kim Ah-joong is a little unclear, except that Kim Ah-joong’s brokerage company normally has a good relationship with the media circle, and other media are not distinguished. Let’s talk about the black history of’Kim Ah-joong’ since his debut.

In the beginning, Kim Ah-joong’s brokerage company also thought it was offending who, but with the slightest news from the cooperative media, it seems that this discredited incident is far from them. It was so simple at first.


“President Zheng, hello!”

“You Good!” Because there was an appointment before, when Jung Hyuk-jae saw someone coming, he stood up and walked to his side, “President Bian, is this the second time we met?”

“Yes It’s the second time. I didn’t have time to sit down and talk for a while when we met last time. President Zheng young and promising is really a role model for the younger generation. How good it would be to get to know President Zheng early!” Bian Douxie said regretfully.

“President Bian praised the prize, Xiaoli is not enough, Xiao Liu pours water.” Jung Hyuk-jae turned to look at his secretary and opened his mouth instructed, “President Bian, please sit down!”


Bian Doo-seop sat on the sofa, while Jung Hyuk-jae sat opposite him. The secretary poured two glasses of water over and gently placed it on the side of Bian Doo-seop and Jung Hyuk-jae, and then he became interested. Nudged the door and left.

Bian Douxie, now 47 years old, is the boss of Yitang Entertainment, which is the boss of Kim Ah-joong’s agency.

If you count Bian Douxie’s life experience, it is also a big inspirational story. In the 1980s, Bian Douxie first started as a nightclub DJ and entered the music industry. He successively discovered Choi Sung. -Soo, Yang Soo Kyung and the others became the most influential music producer in South Korea at the time. After South Korea’s recording industry was hit by digital music in 2000, Bian Du-seop expanded the company’s business scope to TV dramas and games. Produced, and successively introduced Choi Ji-woo, Kim Ha-neul, Choi Soo Jong and the others star stars, bringing Yitang Entertainment into its second heyday.

Speaking of Yitang Entertainment Company in the entertainment circle, everyone can give thumbs up. Bian Douxie is indeed a talent in this field.

“President Zheng, you should know what happened on the Internet, right?” Bian Douxie lifted the quilt in front of him and said with a sip.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t pay much attention to online news, he was reminded by the secretary that Kim Ah-joong was suffering from media turmoil. After hearing Bian Douxup’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae nodded,” I heard that some netizens scolded it as ugly.”

“It’s ugly? More than ugly!” Bian Douxie said with a little excitement, “Kim Ah-joong as “The Troubles of Beauty” The movie heroine, her reputation is also a bad blow to the movie? In this matter, I still hope that President Zheng can come forward and clarify.”

Let’s not talk about an artist’s star. If the reputation of an artist is ruined by Kuroko, then the artist’s career will end early. Kim Ah-joong, the star of the future he discovered, is still looking forward to her future. , He also wants to know where Kim Ah-joong can go on this path of the actor.

“This is for sure!” Jung Hyuk-jae blunt was nodded when he heard Bian Douxie’s words.

As the heroine of “Beauty’s Troubles”, Kim Ah-joong’s fame is the driving force for audiences to come to the cinema to watch movies. Once Kim Ah-joong gets involved in scandals and dark history, go If it doesn’t come down, this is a huge crisis for the box office of the unreleased “Beauty’s Trouble”.

“President Bian, I’m sorry, I’ll make a call!” Jung Hyuk-jae said embarrassedly after listening to Bian Douxie’s explanation.

“Please.” Bian Douxie said.

Jung Hyuk-jae got up and came to the floor-to-ceiling window on the side. Although the scenery outside the window was good, Jung Hyuk-jae had no intention of appreciating it. He looked down at the bustling traffic and people downstairs and took I made a call with my mobile phone.

“Hey, hello, this is “Culture Daily”!” There was a clear female voice on the other end of the phone, and Jung Hyuk-jae initially thought that he had made the wrong call.

South Korea “Culture Daily” was first published on November 1, 1991. At that time, it was a cultural rather than a comprehensive newspaper. In 1995, cultural newspapers gradually became marginalized, so they transformed into a comprehensive category. The readers of “Culture Daily” are the leaders of public opinion in South Korea, such as intellectuals, higher-income groups, civil servants, entrepreneurs, etc. Although “Culture Daily” is not comparable to “Chosun Ilbo” and “The Dong-a Ilbo” “, but it still has its own channels and strengths in the media.

“Excuse me, President Park, is there?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“Excuse me, do you have an appointment?” the female voice asked hesitantly.

“I’m JHJFilm, my surname is Zheng. There is an appointment for this. Please tell your president and let him answer the phone.”

“Then please wait a moment… …”

Jung Hyuk-jae said in his mouth, and then he heard a soft voice over there, “President, call! ‘.

“Hello, is this President Park?”

“Yes, I am…”……………………

In After inquiring with President Park of “Culture Daily”, Jung Hyuk-jae set his goal at “Cine21 Magazine”. The film magazine “Cine21” is a professional film magazine. The founder of the magazine also belongs to the circle. Own channels and contacts, the magazine is published once a week, mainly introducing film premieres, filmmaker interviews, film reviews and other related reports. In addition, it also has a special database of film works and filmmakers, which can be said to be a high level of professionalism. Movie website.

JHJFilm’s previous collaborations were promoted with “CINE21 Magazine”. It can be said that the two parties have a close cooperative relationship, and the news they learned from their mouths seems to be more accurate.

“President Jeong, how is it?” Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae hung up the phone, Bian Doo-seop, who was waiting on the sidelines, immediately asked.

“President Bian, as you said, behind this incident is not only the group of media fanning the flames, there are others behind them too!” Jung Hyuk-jae directly concluded.

“Others?” Bian Douxie thought about it, and he couldn’t help but mention a piece of Stonehead in his heart.

He knew that the reason behind this incident was not that simple, but looking at Jung Hyuk-jae’s posture, it seemed that this group of people were not so easy to provoke, and Bian Douxie fell into entanglement for a while.

People are definitely not that easy to mess with. Can many film production companies in the film industry be easy to mess with? Although this is just Jung Hyuk-jae’s guess, it should be said to be pretty close. The main reason behind this incident is the box office.


“Kim Ah-joong is addicted to plastic surgery, unplasticized photos broke out on the Internet, scary! 》

In the Internet cafe late at night, a man looked boredly at the news. When he saw the latest entertainment news, he could not help but click on the homepage under the control of curiosity. In the photo, the face of a woman with six points similar to Kim Ah-joong was still taken aback.

“Is this Kim Ah-joong?”

I opened several webpages in a row. There are many news about Kim Ah-joong, most of which are about her plastic surgery. The content is much the same, and apart from this even the photos are the same.

After reading a few more news, the man closed the webpage and clicked on a movie forum he often went to. But when he went in to read the latest posts, he found that the whole forum seemed to be taken by Kim. Ah-joong replied, “What’s wrong with this? What’s so good about this? It’s a waste of life.”

“It feels like she doesn’t look like her after the plastic surgery, or It looks better without plastic surgery.”

“It looks better without plastic surgery. When did your eyes go blind upstairs! It’s obvious that Kim Ah-joong looks better now, I feel upstairs Aesthetics can go to Africa.”

“They are all talking about her plastic surgery, plastic surgery, don’t you see that she never responds, it should be too lazy to respond, expecting to waste this time For boring things, it’s better to take a rest.”

“Plastic surgery is actually nothing, not only in the entertainment industry, but there are also many plastic surgery in real life…”

About’Kim Ah The news of “-joong plastic surgery” hasn’t gone down yet. Two Kim Ah-joong **** that were gradually circulating in a certain online discussion area flowed out of the sky, and cast a shadow over the originally slightly clearer situation.

The media are always the most sensitive. Before Kim Ah-joong’s brokerage company came forward, various media outlets sent the manuscripts they wrote together with a few photos to the Internet. “Today In a forum on the Internet, a few photos of suspected actress Kim Ah-joong **** plastic surgery came out, because Kim Ah-joong who was’plastic surgery suspected’ was once again involved in the dispute between right and wrong, and netizens have one after another. Guessing whether the woman in the photo is Kim Ah-joong has become the focus of attention of many netizens.”

“President, it’s not good!”

In the middle of the night, Jung Hyuk -jae received a call from the company, put on his clothes, went to his study room and turned on the computer. When he saw the headline’Kim Ah-joong ****’ on Naver News, Jung Hyuk-jae’s My brows couldn’t help being locked together, it seemed that things were moving towards a direction that I couldn’t control.

A female artist, plus her ****, no matter which word it is, netizens are excited. Jung Hyuk-jae clicked on a page and saw that one It is said that Kim Ah-joong **** plastic surgery ****, the woman in the photo is indeed similar to Kim Ah-joong, with a thin skeleton, an **** upper body, and important parts are marked With a thick layer of black mosaic, although nothing can be seen, it should be naked and unmistakable.

It is reported that the photo was discovered when hackers stole the computer data of the plastic surgery hospital. The woman in the photo looks exactly like Kim Ah-joong before her debut, but the **** is significantly smaller than it is now. In the photo of **, one is also marked with a black marker. However, the synthetic **** of the average actress usually wears makeup on her face, but Jin Yazhong’s synthetic **** above the sky, but the face and expression are empty. Some people think that this photo may really be her, not a composite photo. .

“Contact Yitang Entertainment Company and Lotte Film and Television immediately to discuss the next emergency public relations work!” Jung Hyuk-jae warned repeatedly.

Now this incident is not only a matter for Yetang Entertainment, but also includes Jung Hyuk-jae and JHJFilm, as well as Lotte Film and Television. Everyone knows the influence of the scandal. Artists If caught in a scandal, it can be said that her acting career has almost come to an end.

In the early morning, the night owls on the Internet have not slept yet, because Kim Ah-joong’s’naked photo storm’ has stimulated the lower body of these night owls.

All kinds of news on the Internet are flying, and there are also people who broke the news that these photos have flowed out a few years ago, but at that time because of the pressure of Yitang Entertainment, it was not as fast as today. It spread all over the network.

Because the matter is of great importance, Yitang Entertainment issued a statement in the early morning, claiming:’The photos that slandered our company’s artists are photos synthesized by malicious PS. Our company has already reported to the Internet police. Reporting the case, we will take legal weapons to fight back against netizens who slander and spread photos…’

At the same time, members of the public relations department of JHJFilm and Lotte Film and Television are also working overtime, in order to remove this The impact of the incident is minimized.

From Yitang Entertainment Company to JHJ Entertainment, to Lotte Film and Television, the public relations departments of the three companies are operating tensely and in an orderly manner, and an offensive and defensive battle about scandals is staged…


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