Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 394

In companies of almost a certain size, there is such a department. Its name is Public Relations Department. Everyone should have heard of the name, but their main job content may be I don’t quite understand it. Maybe some people are serious. The’PR’ here is connected with the’Female PR’ of the bar K song.

Public relations, simply to describe its content is public relations. It is a social relationship between a social organization and the part of the public that constitutes its living environment and affects its survival and development. A specific goal, the science of establishing a good relationship between internal and external employees and between organizations. Public relations is a management function: formulating policies and procedures to gain public understanding and acceptance.

The public relations department is just what the name implies-the public relations department mainly deals with the company’s external relations, whether it is company-to-company, company-to-government department, or company-to-public, and specializes in The personnel who organize the public information dissemination, relationship coordination and image affairs investigation, consultation, planning and implementation are the definition of the profession of public relations.

A concept, a short transition period, and successful companies have many brilliant strategies for crisis public relations. These strategies are the “conspiracy” of crisis public relations. The technical means of corporate crisis public relations cannot be measured by one or two days or money. It is a strategy, a planned concept. It is not important. What is important is that corporate crisis public relations have a certain ability to help companies complete the crisis.

To put it simply, public relations is the science and art of social organizations in order to survive and develop, through communication, shaping images, balancing interests, coordinating relationships, optimizing the social psychological environment, and influencing the public.

From company promotion to brand marketing, to disputes and crisis management, government relations and public policies, as well as corporate social responsibility, corporate communication and promotion, new product launches, brand strategy formulation, these all belong to public relations The scope of the company’s work.

As an entertainment industry company, the public relations department is naturally indispensable. A closer look at some of the scandals in the entertainment industry in recent years has the efforts of the public relations department behind it to divert the public’s attention and reduce the audience’s The degree of attention to this matter.

However, the public relations department cannot be imagined too magically. Sometimes scandals that happen can be covered by public relations, but some are not.

For example, the well-known singer Liu Chengjun, in 2001, when Liu Chengjun’s acting career like the sun at high noon, encountered a very difficult thing: because of the “911” incident, the US government It has become more difficult for foreigners to enter the country. At that time, Liu Chengjun’s parents and girlfriend were already in the United States. In the future, if he wants to meet with his family, he must immigrate to the United States as quickly as possible. At that time, it was at the stage when Liu Chengjun was facing military service in South Korea. He was full of contradictions and made it clear to his fans: “I want to be a soldier, not the United States.” However, due to pressure from his family and the brokerage company, he broke his promise and chose to become an American citizen and gave up his military service. This action angered South Korean Citizen, and the South Korean government issued a banning order not allowing him to enter South Korea.

Because of Liu Chengjun’s improper remarks, at the time his brokerage company often helped him whitewash in newspapers and the media, but this matter could not be solved by public relations, so that it has been more than ten years. Later in 2015, Liu Chengjun knelt down and apologized, but he still couldn’t get the people’s forgiveness.

Kim Ah-joong does not seem complicated. The hacker hacked into the computer of the plastic surgery hospital and stole the breast augmentation photos that looked like Kim Ah-joong, and then gradually spread on the Internet. The impact of this incident is also growing.

A new department composed of JHJ Entertainment and Lotte Film and Television, plus Kim Ah-joong’s management company Yitang Entertainment Company, and the public relations department of the three companies, is completely centered on Kim Ah-joong breast augmentation* ***This sudden occurance starts to work.

At this time, there is no need to worry about the girl in the photo who looks similar to Kim Ah-joong and who is she? Is she Kim Ah-joong? There is no need at all. Even if she is Kim Ah-joong in the photo, the public relations department will not open her mouth to admit that it is clear to them which is more important to the future of an artist.

Kim Ah-joong’s agency, Yitang Entertainment, immediately issued a statement to the public. The statement mainly talked about a few points. First, the photo is not a person in real life, but according to With the information in hand, the agency company Yitang Entertainment in the photo immediately declared that the photo was maliciously synthesized and reported to the police for help. The inquiry is being conducted in an orderly manner, and it is also reported to the South Korea Internet Police.

The public relations of Yitang Entertainment Company has just begun. On the other hand, the publicity activities for the movie “Beauty’s Troubles” have started in an orderly manner. JHJ Entertainment has also released the previews that audiences and fans are looking forward to. sheet.


“I heard that the new The movie has been hacked?” Lee Sung-in and Jung Hyuk-jae sat down at the dining table and asked concerned about the incident of’Kim Ah-joong ***’.

Jung Hyuk-jae was nodded after hearing what he said, and then said: “Although there is no evidence, there must be an accident behind this incident, and the outbreak of this incident is really fast.”

Jung Hyuk-jae was talking while thinking about the rumors of’Kim Ah-joong ***’ and plastic surgery. The rumors about’Kim Ah-joong ***’ and plastic surgery were first exposed on many forums, and then many With the help of the water army and tap water, it quickly spread to the Internet. After all, as one of the new generation actresses, Kim Ah-joong is still very topical and representative, especially the recent movie “Beauty “The Troubles” is about to be released, and naturally there are many media who pay attention to her. How can the media who see these pictures and gossip circulating on the forum let go? The interference of the navy and the promotion of the media are becoming more and more popular. This incident was pushed in an unpredictable direction.

As the starring actor of “Beauty’s Troubles”, Kim Ah-joong’s every move affects the entire production crew of “Beauty’s Troubles”. As a movie that has not yet been screened, Kim Ah-joong is entangled This kind of “scandal” has a big impact on the box office of the movie. Although it is said that there is a topical degree of attention, but at present, this kind of attention will do more harm than good to the movie’s box office in the future. .

After the’Kim Ah-joong *** plastic surgery’ incident, Jung Hyuk-jae once asked several subordinates of his company’s marketing department to conduct a survey with ordinary people in the square under the company building. The main content of the investigation is to show the respondents the latest trailer of “Beauty’s Troubles”, a version that has not yet been released on the Internet, and then ask them if they know they have heard of’Kim Ah-joong **** “Plastic surgery”, youngster accounted for 80% of the investigators, and 80% of them knew that Kim Ah-joong’s “scandal” accounted for 90%, which means that young audiences almost know about it.

The good news is that young audiences don’t have a lot of affection for Kim Ah-joong’s plastic surgery, but they are very interested in the movie, leaving Kim Ah-joong’s personal “scandal” aside to watch the movie. The trailer is good. But there are also bad news. Some viewers directly stated that they would not go to the cinema to watch the movie because they did not like Kim Ah-joong. As for the reasons, it can be foreseen that if the “scandal” is not eliminated in time for Kim. Ah-joong’s image troubles, the box office results of “Beauty’s Trouble” will definitely have a big dive.

Although some people dare to say that they must succeed in the movie, Jung Hyuk-jae hopes to avoid failure as much as possible. As a well-prepared comedy romance movie, “The Troubles of Beauty” is definitely a leisure for everyone. The best choice for entertainment.

Today, Lee Sung-in of CJ Entertainment personally came to invite Jung Hyuk-jae to have a meal. Naturally, there is something to talk about. The screening of “Old Thousand” is coming to an end. No matter how good-looking the wife can’t stand it every day?

The filming rate and the number of shows of “Old Thousand” are already very low. There may only be one show a day in a theater, and the screening time is still in the morning, which is enough to see “Old Thousand” to the audience. Attraction is no longer enough, and it is difficult to make the audience interested and rush to the cinema to see it.

Although the movie is nearing the end of its screening, there is still a lot of work to be done, such as box office statistics, the negotiation of the theater line and the distribution of the box office share, the film’s overseas plan, etc., as the beginning of this year’s South The premier work in the Korea film market, the overseas release plan of “Lao Qian” is also on the agenda.

For overseas distribution, the market is mainly the Asian market, and the film will be transferred to Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan. The main overseas market is Japan. If it is said that the Japan market in the Bae Yong-joon period was still open to South Korea movies, then after 2005, the Japan film market will not be so waiting for South Korea movies, all kinds of things are not hungry, all kinds of’contempt’ To put it simply, many South Korea movies did not have a good box office in Japan. Even “The King and The Clown” failed to escape the curse. After all, even the Japanese movies dismissed Hollywood movies, let alone. South Korea movie.

However, this strange phenomenon was broken by a movie called “Frozen” in 2013. The entertainment circle of Japan film industry is similar to the collective madman, all kinds of kicking dogs.

“Well, let’s not talk about the bad things, let’s drink!” Lee Sung-in on the side picked up the wine glass on the table.

Jung Hyuk-jae also picked up the glass and looked at Lee Sung-in and said, “Happy cooperation!”

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