Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 395

“President Zheng, this is another big-selling movie. Congratulations!”

The Chief-In-Charge sent by Lotte Theater in the ” After the “Beauty’s Trouble” movie preview, he stood up and congratulated Jung Hyuk-jae.

Jung Hyuk-jae was modest while chatting with his partners and representatives of various theaters. The main content of the chat was the movie, the movie’s prospective market, and the forecast of market numbers, these all are the focus of everyone’s concern and discussion.

Huang Guangqi used to be a film critic for the entertainment special edition of Asia Daily. If you said a few years ago, film critics were still a very high profession. After all, the news source of the big patriarch was Newspapers and magazines, the paper-based media industry at that time supported a large number of film critics. In addition, film and television production companies and distribution companies stepped on their own rivals in order to favor their own movies. The price of each manuscript was not a few, they may For a movie for several days in the newspaper, why not do it?

However, when the era entered the Internet information age, due to the impact of online media, the market share of the traditional paper media industry fell to a certain extent, even with their group of film reviews. People’s lives have also been affected, and coupled with the rise of various film and television forums and websites, a more direct bridge has been built between audiences and fans, movies and audiences, without the need for a single point of view of film critics. You can know whether a movie is good or bad.

In the Internet age, it is convenient to transmit information, but then the life of their film critics has to be changed accordingly, just like Huang Guangqi who was once a full-time film critic of Asia Daily, now The identity is Chief-In-Charge of an emerging Internet media movie channel, which is also a new attempt and promotion.

“President Zheng, hello!”

Jung Hyuk-jae heard someone calling his name behind him, so he turned around, “Editor Huang?”

“It’s me, congratulations to your company for making another good movie!” Huang Guangqi stood in front of Jung Hyuk-jae and issued a kind invitation.

Jung Hyuk-jae convicted several people who had just spoken, and then he waved his hand and replied: “I don’t have the final say about good movies, and they will eventually be handed over to the market and the audience. Let’s evaluate.” Jung Hyuk-jae said modestly.

Who knew Huang Guangqi was shook the head, “President Zheng is too humble. As a film critic for so many years, like today’s movie, I can’t stop laughing. No, I still have this kind of vision. A good movie is a good movie!”

Huang Guangqi said that, Jung Hyuk-jae made a sudden realization and reached out and patted his forehead, “I I almost forgot that the editor-in-chief Huang was the chief film critic of Asia Daily. After the editor-in-chief said that, I suddenly felt relieved. Originally, I was worried about the box office after the movie was released, so I borrowed the words of the editor-in-chief. That’s it!”

Although he knew it was a polite remark, the smile on Huang Guangqi’s face was true, and the hearty laughter couldn’t deceive anyone.

“Is editor Huang still in “Asia Daily” now?”

Jung Hyuk-jae is connected with Huang Guangqi because of the original “The King and The Clown”, after all, the reputation of the movie Many times, when a movie is released, it needs to be supported by praise. Just like the saying, “Good wine is also afraid of deep alleys.” At that time, what Jung Hyuk-jae did was two-handed preparation, while cooperating with the distribution company to promote the movie. Contacting the media for word-of-mouth publicity is that “The King and The Clown” will become his own Waterloo. Fortunately, it has withstood the test of the market.

“I have been passed away long ago, and now I am Chief-In-Charge of a website’s movie channel.” Huang Guangqi said as he took out a business card from his pocket, and Jung Hyuk-jae picked it up. A sincere smile appeared on his face after looking at it.

“Congratulations to Editor-in-chief Huang Gaosheng!”

“Same joy and joy!” Huang Guangqi said with a smile hehe.

Jung Hyuk-jae chatted with Huang Guangqi, and at the same time, he was receiving goodwill from him. He learned from his mouth that he was dug out by the website to become the Chief-In-Charge of the movie channel. Right now The most important thing is to create some results, and the purpose of his trip is also obvious, in order to catch the Jung Hyuk-jae line, it is said that publicity and distribution are not divided into families, publicity and distribution are originally Taking two steps at the same time, after the trial screening of “Beauty’s Troubles”, the screening will be arranged immediately. When the time comes, the publicity characters are even more burdensome.

The two chatted endlessly for a while, and it turned out that Huang Guangqi could not bear to express his purpose first…

After more than ten minutes of discussion, the two The matter was finally settled. After the release of “Beauty’s Trouble”, Huang Guangqi will conduct a series of publicity reports. At the same time, the film creator of “Beauty’s Trouble” accepted a special interview on his website, and as the Chief- of JHJFilm In-Charge, Jung Hyuk-jae, who did not often do interviews, was also “pitted” by Huang Guangqi.

However, this matter is generally a mutually beneficial thing. The website where Huang Guangqi is located is also a well-known comprehensive website for later generations. In short, Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart is to form a good relationship. The company’s distribution work has really started, and the media is definitely indispensable. Whether it is the traditional media industry or the Internet emerging media industry, this is unavoidable.


“President Zheng!”

Jung Hyuk-jae stopped and looked at the tall woman in front of him. The simple black dress cleverly revealed round and smooth shoulders, with a hint of sensuality in the playfulness, and the curled hair combed behind his head. Like a poppy in full bloom, showing a smooth forehead.

At 1.68 meters, she is not low among women. With a pair of high hate on her feet, her legs are more slender, and she is not short when standing next to Jung Hyuk-jae. And because he has been a model, his body and posture are all styled, which naturally attracted the attention of many men in the hall.

“Kim Ah-joong -ssi.” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, his eyes fell on her face and laughed politely.

Kim Ah-joong saw the perfunctory tone of Jung Hyuk-jae, but she did not show it, still said with a smile: “Thank you Jung PD for pointing me during the filming. “When talking about this, Kim Ah-joong deliberately changed his title. After all, the title of’President Zheng’ is far less intimate than’Jung PD’. In addition, Jung Hyuk-jae has also been to the set to instruct during the previous shooting. Filming, so it’s not surprising to say this from her mouth.

“Nothing.” Jung Hyuk-jae laughed.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae is smiling, Kim Ah-joong can really understand the alienation in his words. The words that he was going to say can no longer be said when she reaches her lips, but when she sees her When Jung Hyuk-jae of Jung Hyuk-jae opened his mouth, he still expressed his purpose: “Jung PD, you have time tonight. I would like to invite you to have a meal to show my thanks.”

Thanks? invite to a meal?

These two words sound to Jung Hyuk-jae with a little bit of’temptation’. He has only been to their studio once, and has not had much contact with her,’thanks’ Surely not, then the’inviting guests to dinner’ is naturally not so.

“Not good means, I don’t have time today.” Jung Hyuk-jae waved his hand and politely refused. He understood but he did not show contempt.

The entertainment industry was originally a big dyeing tank. There are all kinds of people, and there are that many opportunities for promotion. Everyone naturally wants to seize this hard-won opportunity. Even if I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard a lot about it. Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t criticize anything, and naturally doesn’t despise anything.

Jung Hyuk-jae’s polite refusal did not make Kim Ah-joong give up. Although she ruined her image in this movie, she knew it was her own after watching the film effect. There are good opportunities to fly into the sky, but there are not many opportunities like this. How could an opportunity like heaven knows hit him? The creator of all this is the man in front of him.

In the entertainment industry, Kim Ah-joong naturally knows the meaning of Jung Hyuk-jae’s series of titles. From variety shows to TV dramas to movies, Jung Hyuk-jae’s Road is the most suitable one for him, and no one does not lament his success.

Once, Kim Ah-joong thought he could meet a “Prince” of his own in mind, but obviously this one was discovered in advance by Han Ga-in, like a piece of Unpolished jade, no one knows its value at first, and then someone sees it through and takes it as one’s own.

Kim Ah-joong doesn’t think she is any worse than Han Ga-in, so today she mustered up the courage to invite Jung Hyuk-jae, what made her didn’t expect , Jung Hyuk-jae did not intend to accept it at all.

“What about tomorrow?” Kim Ah-joong was a little unconvinced.

“Not good means, I don’t have time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The movie will be released soon. I hope Kim Ah-joong Young Lady can concentrate on the next movie promotion work and also pay attention to myself. After the promotion begins, there may not be much time to rest.” Jung Hyuk-jae cared before leaving.

Kim Ah-joong looked at Jung Hyuk-jae who was talking with others, and a wry smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Thinking of the news that she was suppressed recently, she hated her for the first time in the entertainment industry. Mistakes made at the time.

Leave aside the authenticity of the photos, this incident has never been a good thing for female artists. Although the news is suppressed, the audience who should know still know, Kim Ah-joong’s original image of innocence has disappeared. This is a restriction on her future acting career, and it is also impossible to guarantee which company or person wants to disgust her in the future, so that the news will make trouble again. This is also one of the main reasons why she looked at Jung Hyuk-jae.

Looking at Jung Hyuk-jae’s back, Kim Ah-joong turned around unwillingly…

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