Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 396

The screening of “Old Thousand” is over. Although there are still some small theaters showing, the box office results of this part will no longer be counted in the total box office.

Although “The King and The Clown” was a movie released at the end of December last year, when counting the box office, everyone still included it in the 2006 movies, which was more than 12 million. The number of viewers is definitely the leader in the 2006 film that opened, and the next second place is “Lao Qian”, although it is a pity that I did not become a member of the tens of millions of clubs, but in the 19 banned movies It is also a happy thing to break the original record set by “Friends”.

Next is “Head Master One 2” with 6.1 million viewers, and the fourth place is “Family Glory 3: The Resurrection of the Family” 3.4 million, which means three The total number of the four places can be worthy of the score of “Lao Qian”, enough to see how defying the sky is.

“Lao Qian” has been released. There is no such a wolf in the movie circle. Many small-produced movies are all sighed in relief. “Lao Qian” was very popular during its release. Regardless of whether it’s from the film arrangement to the stage arranged by the theater, the other domestic films are threw away a few blocks away, blatantly eccentric, but others have the confidence to do so, and even let out a word, the general meaning is Say, “As long as your movie can be like “Old Thousand”, one set will not miss you.”

As for the problem of “box office stealing” that once flooded everywhere, the past two years have been much better.

For filmmakers, being’stolen from the box office’ until now is a major pain for them. Earlier, due to statistical and calculation problems, almost every movie encountered the’steal’ Box office’ such a problem.

The theater reaches out to steal the box office of the movie. From the most typical case, you take the ticket of movie A to watch movie B, so that the box office of movie B is counted as movie A, and movie B is because of the audience. Small, so the split is also high, so that equivalent to steal part of the box office of the A movie. There is also a handwritten ticket. As long as you don’t use the machine, it will not be entered into the ticketing system. After you leave with the ticket, you can secretly get a ticket for the B movie.

At that time, there were even theaters that didn’t sell tickets, as long as they paid the money, they just came in.

Of course the issuer and the investor are not stupid. They will arrange for people to check or spot check the ticket sales of the theater on a regular or irregular basis, and then go to the theater that is showing according to the ticketing system to check whether the film and the number of people are Consistent with the ticketing system.

However, since 2004, the South Korea Film Promotion Committee has gradually established an online networked South Korea box office information system in various parts of South Korea, the integrated computer network, to conduct online sales of South Korea movie theaters. Real-time statistics ensure transparent and accurate statistical data, and this website is completely open to the public. You can check the daily box office data, number of movie viewers, number of screens and even regional distribution of each movie. Box office data can basically cover All theaters in South Korea.

Furthermore, South Korea’s movie box office statistics are not calculated by the amount, but by the head of the total box office. This is how “The King and The Clown” has more than 1,200 The box office performance of 10,000 person-times is also a kind of restraint for the “box office stealing”.

With the end of “Old Thousand”, the original summer school is drawing to a close. The students who should go to school can’t wait to extend the time for another month. Where would they be willing to start school if they haven’t had enough.

“Eh, I said we will start school the day after tomorrow. Let’s go crazy before school starts?”

In a pink bedroom, a girl with short hair The hand suggested.

“This idea is good, but where are we going?” The long-haired black and straight girl looked towards the other people.

“How about let’s go to Lotte Amusement Park? I heard that Lotte Amusement Park recently launched a light show at night. I heard that it is very beautiful. How about a few of us buy tickets and go together?”

“What kind of light show, it is clearly a laser show.”

“Yes, yes, I remember it wrong, it is a laser show, not a light show, anyway, it’s pretty beautiful. How about let’s go see it together?” A few girls were discussing on chirp chirp twitter twitter, but they didn’t discuss one reason for a while.

“Well, let’s go to the movies?” Seeing that everyone had been discussing for so long, they hadn’t come up with one, so a girl who was looking at her mobile phone said casually.

“Watching a movie? It’s okay, but it seems that there are no good movies recently. Haven’t all Hollywood blockbusters been watched? As soon as I look at the posters and trailers of the several domestic movies, I am not interested in going there. Look.” A girl shook her head and waved her hands as she spoke, as if she was disappointed with the recent domestically produced movies.

“Well, have you heard of “Beauty’s Troubles”?” At this moment, a girl is just like a salesperson, introduced to her friends.

“”Beauty’s Troubles”? It seems that I have heard of this name. Is it a new movie released recently?” Some girls thought about it and seemed to hear the name of this movie mentioned by others.

The little girl who just promoted the movie stood up and came to the computer, entered a line of URL skillfully and then entered a video website, clicked on a movie trailer on the homepage, and then said to everyone: “” “Beauty’s Trouble” has its premiere tonight, shall we go to see it?”

After hearing her say that, everyone thought about it in their hearts and decided to finish watching the movie trailer first.

At the beginning of the video, the exclamation of several girls in the bedroom never stopped.

“Wow, this turned out to be Kim Ah-joong?”

“No way, it’s all Kim Ah-joong, how do you do it, it turns out in the movie So fat?”

“I thought it was about weight loss. Didn’t expect was about plastic surgery…”

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like to watch plastic surgery subjects? “

“No, I just don’t want to watch it!” Some cold girls are so replied, but her gaze still glances at the computer screen from time to time, and it is obvious that her mouth is wrong.

The two-minute trailer soon ended. Several girls still felt a little uncomfortable after watching them. They began to look for other versions of the trailer. From the beginning of the promotion, “Beauty “The Troubles” released a total of three versions of trailers, each with different camera editing techniques, but they all convey a message to the audience that this is a good-looking and funny comedy movie.

Each movie has its own different audiences, and “The Troubles of Beauty” is aimed at students, white-collar workers and couples. Just like now, several girls are completely shown in the movie. The comedy elements and costumes attracted attention.

“By the way, did you mean tonight for the premiere ceremony?” a companion asked.

“Yes, the venue for the premiere ceremony is in Lotte Cinema, which is also very close to us. Don’t you want to go to see the stars live?”

Can be close Contact with celebrities is definitely a particularly attractive thing for young girls of this age group. Although they don’t have any fans of Kim Ah-joong or Zhu Zhenmo, it’s okay if they don’t go to the scene to be seductive, men look beautiful. It’s normal for women to look at handsome guys.


“Beauty’s Trouble” is about to be released, which can’t be considered for many film production companies that are almost suffering from the “Old Thousand” syndrome before. They also learned from their own channels. According to the comments of several film critics at the trial screening of this comedy love movie, although the film still has some shortcomings in terms of narrative structure and technique, the impact on the whole movie is not great. Generally speaking, this is a movie. Excellent comedy movie!

A good comedy movie?

Because there is a nineteen banned movie “Lao Qian” ahead, and a “Lao Qian” set the box office record of the nineteen banned movies, everyone is still more concerned about new types of movies, especially JHJFilm played this step of chess, and everyone speculated about the actions behind JHJFilm’s movie.

Most people stare at the “Beauty’s Troubles” in front of them, and smart people have already guessed the meaning behind this series of actions by JHJFilm.

From “The King and The Clown” at the beginning of the year to “Old Thousand”, with the end of “Old Thousand”, JHJFilm’s new work “Beauty’s Troubles” is shown in front of everyone, and then more “The Host”, which was produced with a large production of 12 billion yuan, be eager to have a try. It can be said that from the Spring Festival file at the beginning of the year to the summer file, and then to the Chuseok file following the current “Beauty’s Trouble”, JHJFilm can It is said that it dominates the South Korea movie circle in 2006, no matter it is the dominance in the schedule, even the box office results have not let go.

Seeing that if I haven’t understood JHJFilm’s intentions yet, then I’ve been in this circle for so many years.

Many film production companies have not paid much attention to small new companies like JHJFilm. Don’t watch JHJFilm come up with “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and “The King and The Clown”. For them, this is a fluke that’s all. From the bottom of their hearts, they still look down on JHJFilm. Who makes JHJFilm less senior, but when Jung Hyuk-jae makes JHJFilm show off his long-planned fangs, everything is It’s too late.

JHJFilm’s series of actions are like a young but experienced boxer. When he comes up, it is a left uppercut, followed by a right uppercut, without leaving it at all. Give them time to react, and then open the bow left and right, even more so that they have no temper. No one can suffer this kind of torture with such a combination of punches.

“How are the preparations for the premiere ceremony?” Jung Hyuk-jae called and asked.

“It’s ready.”

“That’s good…”

Jung Hyuk-jae and his subordinates ordered the premiere ceremony on the phone. Need attention Related matters, and just then younger sister Jung Min-joo jumped over to him and said, “Brother, I’m going to the premiere scene!”

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