Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 398

“Eh, did you watch “The Troubles of Beauty”?”

The school started, and the students gathered in groups to discuss the summer vacation after class It’s an interesting story, and as a recently released movie, “Beauty’s Trouble” has also become a topic of most concern to students. Who makes “Beauty’s Trouble” so hot at the box office.

“Watched, watched, the song “Maria” sung by Kim Ah-joong at the end of the movie is really good!” At this time, the short-haired girl joined the discussion. The face said excitedly.

While saying “Maria~Avemaria~”, the girl also tried to sing two climaxes of “Maria”, because the tune of the song was so high that her face was red I only sang it when I was hoarse, but the version sung by Kim Ah-joong in the film can’t mention on equal terms at all. The girlfriends on the side covered their ears one by one, and frowns watched her singing alone.

“What’s the matter with you?” After singing, she tossed off her hair feeling good and looked at everyone with puzzled expression.

“Nothing, nothing, you are happy!”

“Yes, yes, you are happy!”

As the theme song and promotional song of the movie , “Maria” has achieved a high degree of vocalization since the film was released. Both men, women and children can scream in a scream, regardless of whether the pronunciation is standard or not, whether it is out of tune or not, at least the courage is commendable.

“Maria” is not the original music of the movie, but the copyright of the song that I chose to purchase. This song originally came from a punk band Blondie in the United States. Blondie was founded in 1974. The starting point of retro and imitating the women’s orchestra of the 1960s, not only became one of the earliest pioneers of punk in New York, but also detonated the most brilliant page of American new wave punk. All this is due to the successful image and superb image of female lead singer Deborah Harry. show.

Blondie’s music presents a new wave with a sense of melody, as well as a punk style with a distinctive musical rhythm. In addition, the female lead singer is reminiscent of the sexy Goddess Marilyn Monroe. The image and singing voice, successfully brought their music and personal charm into play vividly and thoroughly, making them one of the most influential bands in New York in the late 70s and early 80s. It is also the representative of NewYorkPunkRock, and this song “Maria” is even more important. The representative of their songs, by virtue of this song, climbed to the top of the UK UK chart.

As more and more audiences enter the cinema, the song “Maria” is becoming more and more popular among people, and as a cover singer-Kim Ah-joong, One more identity, that is, a singer!

“Do you like this song?” From the very beginning, a girl who didn’t speak much lifts the head and looked at the big guy in front of her. She retorted, “Compared to this song, I really like the song “Star” sung by Kim Ah-joong. It is soft and powerful. The climax of the song is also very nice. The high pitch does not have that harsh feeling…”

Because it is music hobby, so she always talks about it.

Anyway, “Beauty’s Trouble” has been released at first so that people can’t ignore its box office results. Everyone shouted, “Wolf Fuck is here again”!


On the 2nd day after the movie was released, the first day’s box office was released, with 21 Wan’s premiere performance successfully reached the top. According to the box office statistics of the South Korea Film Promotion Committee, the premiere of “Beauty’s Trouble” was screened on 563 screens, mobilizing a total of 214,021 movie viewers, ranking first in the single-day box office with a box office share of 35.6%. A few of the same period are dimmed under “Beauty’s Troubles”. After all, it has been in theaters for more than two weeks. If it is not near the end of the summer vacation, if there are really no good movies, they may have been painted long ago.

The box office is so good. Naturally, the number of shows and screens will increase accordingly. It can be expected that the box office results of “Beauty’s Trouble” will definitely become the last dark horse in the summer file. After all, the dark horse signs are already Revealed, the next step is to see how far these dark horses can run.

The film’s box office momentum is so good, and naturally a lot of discussions have arisen. Most of everyone’s concerns are on the topic of’plastic surgery’, although we know that plastic surgery is a social aspect in South Korea. Topic, but just like’only state officials are allowed to set fires, and the people are not allowed to light lamps’, some netizens on the Internet have completely practiced the creed of’being lenient to oneself and treating others strictly’, standing on the commanding heights of’pseudo-morality’ Satirize the’plastic surgery monsters’ in the society.

There are also many comments on the film “Beauty’s Trouble”, which is different from other movies. Good is good, and bad is bad. “Beauty’s Trouble” is obviously polarized in the ratings of the audience. The split is particularly serious. If it was not the Internet that prevented them from meeting, the two waves of people on the Internet would have already started to fight.

“The movie has been in theaters for a few days, although I don’t know why so many people will kill everyone when they see the’plastic surgery’, but what I saw in this movie is not entirely “Plastic surgery”, I went to the cinema twice during the weekend. Although I already knew what would happen next in the plot, I still couldn’t help crying every time I saw the last paragraph.

At the beginning, I can tell you clearly that this is a very clichéd story. It is too common in some romantic movies, but it contains a life that many people have not experienced.

The story is like this. A girl with very innate talent is engaged in the life of singing behind the scenes. Because she has reached the weight of a sumo wrestler, even if she has a perfect voice, she can’t stand on the stage and sing. She can stand in the corner of the small stage and sing her own song on behalf of others. She has someone she likes. That handsome agent who has been taking care of her tenderly. He gave her a lot of beautiful illusions. Let her sink in. Now. At the birthday PARTY of the handsome actor, sitting on the toilet, she heard the truth that she least wanted to hear. She was just a tool used by others, just for her voice.

This is the beginning of the story. It is the story itself. The life experience of a fat girl.

I am the fat girl in everyone’s mouth. She’s so fat”. Most girls said politely: Well, fat is actually pretty cute, and boys simply don’t say anything nice to you so politely. They will give you a bad nickname and end the class. I deliberately bullied you when I didn’t like it, but simply wanted to bully the dull-looking fatty girl. I seemed to see myself in the movie.

After growing up, Hannah finally realized herself. She not only gained beauty, but also did not lose her inner truth. She bleeds to the producer Jun who discovered the truth about cosmetic surgery and said that the most painful injury is not the body. , And Producer Jun smashed a cup in front of Big Boss for her concert, and then smiled and told her that the cut was really painful.

The climax of the film came, At the vast crowd concert, she jumped off the stage and embraced her father, and made a declaration: I am not Jenny, I am Kang Hannah, I have had a facelift, but I am still Kang Hanna! On the stand, the brilliant light sticks like Star Sea waved for her, people Weeping and crying “good”; on the stage, her loyal sister sang the most beautiful harmony for her again; in the monitoring room, Producer Jun watched his beloved Jenny come back to the Hannah he loved; And on the big screen, the fat Hannah used the most sincere and beautiful singing to tell everyone that the inner beauty is the most shocking power.

That is the beautiful person that the eyes can see, bursting out the talent of the soul The beautiful singing of perception.

The ending of the movie is very touching, when the fat girl lost her friend, father, and feelings because of plastic surgery, because she was too unexpected. Although she can stand on the stage with a glorious posture, she cried and said that she couldn’t do it! She doesn’t know who she is now. She missed that chubby herself.

This movie really shocked me a lot. Let me see my heart clearly through my appearance. Although there is still a sense of inferiority, everything around me proves to me that I have been working hard. Because of my fatness, I learned to show my most courageous smile when I was in the lower part of my life. Let yourself be satisfied when you get it.

People who have not really been fat will not understand the world of fat people, nor will they understand the mood of coming to you to play only when others are bored…”

This is the film review with the highest number of likes in the film forum. The subtle aspects of the film review reveal some other things. People can choose’beauty’, but they can’t lose themselves.

In the comment area. There are also many people who oppose this film review. I don’t know how many of these people are netizens and how many are naval forces.

“The beauty pageant is on TV again, and the judges are really preoccupied with their glasses. Locally entertain the public, they always throw a routine question to the act coquettishly players on the stage: Do you think appearance is the most important thing? Which one do you think is important, external beauty or internal beauty?

This is really interesting, especially when looking at these girls who can stand on the stage because of the three words of appearance beauty, they keep slandering appearance beauty and use various arguments to compare appearance beauty. Make a clear line, and can’t wait to announce that she is a good girl who pays attention to the beauty of the soul first and has connotations.

And the good girls with connotation sit in front of the TV, ticking their saliva and staring at their white and slender bodies with admiration, chewing on peculiar beans, This is the beautiful truth! “

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