Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 399

“Beauty’s Trouble”, to be precise, was released on the last Saturday and Sunday at the end of August. Soon the students will start school, and the heavy school work will begin again. , And although the white-collar workers at work have nothing to do with them, they all choose to watch movies on weekends to reduce stress, which is more conducive to physical and mental health.

“Beauty’s Worries” is naturally the best choice for them, relaxed and not tired.

“How many box office audiences are there?”

When I arrived at the company early in the morning, Park Guangxian couldn’t wait to ask.

The staff member with the folder in his hand glanced at the numbers on the report and then looked up to replied: “There are already 850,000, and the upward momentum is still obvious, and the movie layout of the theater is also There are more and more shows, and the rate of filming is gradually rising.”

Different from the high box office on Saturdays and Sundays, not only “Beauty’s Troubles” on weekdays, other movies also have a lot of box office numbers. There are different slips, which can be said to be cliff-like slips. In this regard, “Beauty’s Troubles” still performs well, with an average box office of more than 200,000 from three days on weekends, and an average of 70,000 in weekdays. According to this In terms of momentum, with the increase in publicity resources and film schedules in the second week, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the box office of “Beauty’s Trouble”.

“Huh…” When Park Guangxian heard this number from his mouth, his heart secretly relieved.

“Beauty’s Trouble” is not the kind of movie with a special deep meaning. It is not the same subject as his last year’s work “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, although it is also in “Welcome to Dongmakgol” The label of’comedy’, but the end of the film is actually a tragedy, but “Beauty’s Troubles” is different. The film can be regarded as an inspirational drama. Before the film was released, Park Kwang-hyun still had a lot of attention on this film that devoted his efforts to this movie. Worried, now he is relieved.

“President Zheng is here and tell me.” Park Guangxian said and returned to his office.


With the enthusiasm of “Beauty’s Troubles”, the major Film media and magazines have also begun to report film-related news, film critics’ film reviews, film magazines interviewing the audience’s impression news, and Lin Lin always dominates the audience’s sight.

The audience’s feelings are very simple. It is a good movie that can make them laugh. The setting of the movie is not careful? Does the color of the movie conform to the character’s setting? These ordinary audiences actually don’t care about what lens shooting methods are used in the movie. Their requirements are actually very simple. A movie that allows them to lay down their burdens and remove their masks outside of their busy work is a good movie.

Compared with ordinary viewers, filmmakers have more thoughts and thoughts after watching the movie queen. From the setting to the color to the lighting, these all are the focus of their attention, and here There is also a question that makes all filmmakers very puzzled, that is, why can such an old-fashioned plot be able to achieve such a sky-defying result?

As a former film critic, Huang Qiguang of the film channel Chief-In-Charge on this Ren website has written a film review that explains this issue well.

“When I choose a new film, I usually first check whether I know it before and whether I have been looking forward to it. If is not among them, I will see whether the poster and title of this movie are attractive enough.

However, “Beauty’s Troubles” does not meet my requirements on two conditions. The name is not attractive, and it seems to be a love movie at first glance, but on the poster it is one fatty and one thin I am also uninterested in comparing posters with one beautiful and one ugly heroine, but Ndo News pointed out that this film has the potential to break the box office record of comedy movies, and then I became curious. From the poster, it should be said that she is a fat girl. Lose weight and plastic surgery to get the hero’s love story. How could such an old-fashioned plot break the box office record of a comedy movie?

When I finished watching the movie, I finally understood that it makes sense to break the house. Because The director has two major killing moves: the beautiful heroine and musical elements.

The heroine really makes people feel amazing after plastic surgery. In fact, she can’t be regarded as the ultimate beauty, but the key plot is She is a changing character, whose changes have to make people speechless, and the director’s exaggerated expression of joy after transforming makes me feel that this girl is really beautiful.

Music What are the elements? First of all, to pay tribute to “Song in the Rain”, the behind-the-scenes role of the heroine before her transformation is obviously a copy of Cathy from “Song in the Rain”. It is this ingenious adaptation that enhances the heroine’s personality. Charm, otherwise the pure plastic surgery for the pursuit of beauty really can’t suspend the audience’s interest. Secondly, it is this kind of plot to create a singer that cleverly introduces music, and the film soundtrack is elevated to the position required by the plot. The heroine has a chance. The audience on and off the screen showed their voices. The song Maria really touched the hearts of many people. It is said that many people hum Mariah on the road after watching the movie queen. The addition of music elements makes the lens feel closer to the MTV style, fast and slow editing The large-scale stage swing arm and the unpredictable lighting decorate the star dream of a beautiful girl in a vivid and colorful manner…”

Because of the partnership with “Beauty’s Troubles”, although Huang Guangqi at the beginning of the film review draft In the film of “depreciation”, it’s actually just suppressing and then raising that’s all.

Huang Guangqi still has a certain status in the film critic circle. As soon as his manuscript came out, many filmmakers realized after reading it after a little thought, “The Troubles of Beauty” can achieve this. The results are definitely not an impossible miracle. It can only be said that “Beauty’s Troubles” caught the audience’s excitement at once. Jung Hyuk-jae is definitely an expert in this area in terms of research on the film market and audience needs.

In all reports, an interview with the audience of the professional film magazine “Filmmaker” deeply pointed out the key elements for the success of “Beauty’s Troubles”:

[The’details’ make the vulgar plot no longer mediocre]

“This film is adapted from the original work of Japan cartoonist Yumiko Suzuki. In the film, Hannah is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 95kg. After undergoing full-body plastic surgery and losing weight, a year later, he became “Jenny” who weighed only 48kg and had an angelic face, and his life has been completely renewed. This kind of “Cinderella” story is often staged, and the plot is not new, but it should be The film can capture so many hearts, because Screenwriter is very unique in handling details. “I think some parts of the film are very touching, such as the clumsiness of Hannah and Father dancing with arms around, and Hannah looking at her sweetheart when she sings. His affectionate eyes, and Hannah’s sad but optimistic attitude when telling her first love… I have tears in my eyes several times. “The audience Zhao Ying said…”

“”It’s so funny, I like to watch Hannah before she transforms. She is so cute, she makes a puppy-like cry when she embraces her sweetheart. And always look at others stupidly, in short, I want to laugh when I see her”.

[‘humor’ makes ordinary stories interpret the colorful]

Although the movie is very funny, But it made the audience laugh with tears. “When Hannah finally stood on the stage to reveal her true identity, the fans in the audience shouted it’s okay. I cried when I saw this. But as soon as the tears came out, I was amused by the funny plot of the supporting role. It was really crying and laughing. It was so happy to watch…” The audience Xiaolin said. The movie always catches her heart and makes her enjoy her laughter and tears. Express your emotions. “I think this movie is not blindly funny or sensational, but very humorous. The movie creates a series of jokes with a strong contrast between ugly women and beautiful women, but behind the jokes there are many sad things. “The audience believes that the reason why this movie can win a lot of audiences is precisely because it is not so superficial.”

[‘Music’ gives the whole movie a soul]

“The music is very nice, not only “Mariah” is full of tension, but the English songs and other music in it are very nice and catchy. “The audience Xiao Meng said that she likes the music of this movie the most.

In the movie “The Ugly Girl Turns Over”, there are constant scenes such as concerts and recording studios, and the heroine’s title song “Mariah “It was quite shocking and attracted the attention of many fans. After watching the movie, many viewers said that they would go to the Internet to download the songs in the movie to listen.”

………………… …

Jung Hyuk-jae put down “The Filmmaker” in his hands, a smile on his face could not help. “Beauty’s Troubles” can achieve current success, in fact, they have overlooked the most important one. The key point, and this key point is also the key to the success of many types of movies. “Every one of us is a nobody, and I hope that a nobody will succeed in the end. This is the reason why this kind of movie theme has endured.” This is actually The deepest audience needs.

“President, Director Park Guangxian is here!” The secretary called and explained on the phone.

Jung Hyuk-jae nodded expressed his understanding, “I know, let him in.”

The movie has been released for almost a week, and the box office score will have to break through the million mark, Park Kwanghyun The director pays more attention to the next publicity plan of the film. After all, in the signed contract, he has a little box office share in addition to the remuneration. It is no wonder that he is so concerned.

“Here?” Jung Hyuk-jae said when he saw Park Kwang-hyun walking in.

Park Guangxian was nodded, and then walked to the sofa and sat down and said: “Now the voice of the audience on the Internet is very high, when will a series of songs such as “Maria” and “Star” be on the shelves? Sales?”

“Does the audience have a high voice?” Jung Hyuk-jae is really unclear about this, after all, his focus has always been on the box office.

“Not only that, several major KTVsystems in China also want to launch these songs, I hope we can authorize them.”

“I see, I will arrange for someone to take charge of this. “Jung Hyuk-jae said suddenly, “Park Kwang-hyun-ssi, are you interested in directing TV dramas?”

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