Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 400

Chapter 406: The Rise of Cable TV Station

There are three major wireless TV stations in South Korea, including the state-owned KBSTV Station. Although it is state-owned, it has specialized agencies to operate but is not controlled by the government, similar to Japan NHK and British BBC.

The public TV Station is MBCTV Station, which is also the most complicated of the three TV Stations, while SBSTV Station is the private TV Station.

In terms of scale, KBSTV Station (international level)&&&;MBCTV Station (national level)&&&;SBSTV Station (most regional level), and the audience is facing the most mainstream of the three TV Stations The impression is that KBSTV Station often bans MVs, MBCTV Station often strikes, and SBSTV Station is the most dynamic.

In terms of TV dramas and variety shows, SBSTV Station’s Water-Wood Drama dominates Wulin, KBS’s weekend dramas dominate the rivers and lakes, and MBC’s historical dramas have the highest quality. This is the most intuitive impression of the audience of these three TV Stations. .

Compared to the TV Station with large investment, large production, low income, and even loss, the investment of the wireless TV Station is much smaller, and the income is effective quickly. South Korea, which has the same population and population as Zhejiang Province, now has about 12 million cable TV subscribers, the penetration rate has been maintained at around 75%, and the annual revenue can reach a trillion Korean Won. I have to say that this is A miracle.

South Korea’s cable television system began to be built in the 1970s and officially opened in 1995. Since 2002, it has provided paid services and then fully realized digitalization. It has gradually moved towards with the encouragement of relevant policies issued by the government. Diversified, professional development path, and has always been at the forefront of the TV industry in the Asia-Pacific region with applied technology as the main advantage. In recent years, due to the limited terrestrial digital TV, more and more users are willing to choose cable TV providers with more channels.

According to what Jung Hyuk-jae has learned, the sales of MBCTV Station in 2005 were more than 400 billion Korean Won. At the beginning, there were more than 420 billion Korean Won. The operating profit is even more A negative number, thanks to the supplement of non-operating profits such as advertising endorsements, etc., the pre-tax profit reached 12.4 billion Korean Won, which is not even as good as the profit of some companies for a year.

For some units and organizations, the establishment of Cable TV Station is easier and much simpler.

Different from the three-legged wireless TV Station, the cable TV stations are more like Hundred Schools of Thought Contend. EBS (South Korea Educational Broadcasting Corporation) was originally a specialization of South Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS). The TV channel (KBS3TV) and radio frequency (KBS3FM) that broadcast the educational program was established in February 1981. Later, due to the reform of the broadcasting and television industry, the education channel was separated from KBS. On December 27, 1990, South Korea Educational Broadcasting Corporation established and took over KBS3TV and KBS3FM to broadcast the original education program.

YTN is a 24-hour South Korea news channel. It was established on September 14, 1993 and started broadcasting on March 1, 1995. It is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

MBNTV Station was established in September 1993 and broadcast on cable TV on March 1, 1995. MBN is the South Korea Economic Television Network, and MBN (Maeil Business Network) is the South Korea 24-hour news channel Daily Economic TV. The English abbreviation of, broadcasts daily economic news, provides various economic growth, economic trend analysis, market, industry, corporate, financial, and real estate news services. At the same time, popular idol TV dramas will be played on weekends…

and so on. Cable TV Station and wireless TV Station for different audiences have enriched South Korea’s TV sets. Cable TV Station is generally a paid TV station. Although the coverage and popularity are not as good as those of the three wireless TV Stations, they are aimed at a specific group of people, so it is interesting to be able to live under the fierce TV ratings competition. Of course, this interesting is also relative. .

In South Korea, more and more organizations have joined the competition of cable TV Station. Among them, CJ-EM’s move is the most eye-catching. In early September, CJ-EM, a subsidiary of CJ Group It is officially announced that a cable TV Station will be established. The integrated entertainment channel will provide audiences with the latest and coolest entertainment programs such as drama, music, travel, and fashion, and bring audiences a brand-new entertainment experience.

As an aircraft carrier-level company in the entertainment industry, CJ-EM’s every move can be said to fall into the eyes of the interested people. The cable TV Station is already in the muddy water pool. , It’s scary!

As soon as the news of CJ-EM’s establishment of a cable TV Station spread, Jung Hyuk-jae already knew it. Compared with the historical move by CJ-EM to establish a cable TV Station, it was a few months earlier. I don’t know if this effect is good or bad.

But for Jung Hyuk-jae, there is no need to worry about the results, just look at the way to deal with it, such as getting into this muddy water…


OCNTV Station was originally founded by Daewoo Media under the Dawoo Group. It was formally established in 1995 and named “DCN” (DaewooCinemaNetwork). In 1999, due to the bankruptcy of Daewoo Media, it was taken over by On-Media under Orion Confectionery. The OCN cable TV channel mainly broadcasts movies and albums. More than 3,000 movies are broadcast every year. It is the largest TV channel in South Korea that has the rights to broadcast movies.

At the beginning of this century, OCN became the most watched South Korea cable station, so the slogan of OCN was “South Korea No. 1 Channel”. With the popularity and status of cable TV in South Korea, OCN has become a popular movie screening channel. OCN mainly screens movies from a few years ago or earlier during the day, and recent hot movies at night at golden time. At the same time, various popular Young-mi dramas will be shown.

One of the problems that cable TV Station faces is the narrow audience. Most of the predecessors of these stations mainly played Blu-ray movies. For example, ocn still retains many imported films.

Because of the narrow audience, the cable TV Station is far less popular than the wireless TV Station, although the slogan of OCN Wireless TV Station’s’South Korea NO.1 Channel’ was shouted during the early promotion. However, with the development of time and the diversion of audiences from many emerging cable TV Stations, the life of OCN cable TV Station is not so easy. As the owner of OCN cable TV Station, On-Media is facing the ever-elapsed OCN. The audience crowd has no good way to recover this part of the lost audience. Even if they try to attract new audiences with movie and TV series, to a certain extent, the types of detective films and police films have not been able to gather hobbyists in this area. For the audience, the effect is not obvious for a while.

On-Media is a more traditional media and entertainment production company. Before taking over OCN Cable TV Station, it mainly took a fancy to the copyrights of many imported films held by OCNTV Station. As until now, I want to wire it again. For On-Media, which is in full swing in the TV industry, OCN is their best choice. However, with the mergers and acquisitions and subsequent promotion services, the performance of OCN channels is far worse than On-Media imagined. To put it simply, it means “compared with the superior, more than with the lower”. For On-Media, after owning the copyright and talents of these imported films, the cable channel of OCN is regarded as a “chicken rib” for them, plus CJ-EM will join the cable TV station industry, which makes them sucked in a cold breath. The otherwise calm water of cable TV will soon be broken by CJ-EM.

Perhaps to counter CJ-EM’s upcoming cable TV Station, On-Media announced in mid-September that its new channel CatchOn will be officially launched at the end of September. As a paid channel, CatchO will To provide paying users with the latest entertainment and leisure programs and movies and TV shows. As a comprehensive entertainment channel under On-Media, the upcoming CatchOn will immediately take away the aura of the OCN cable channel. If it’s just broadcasting entertainment and leisure programs, it’s fine, after all, in the program There is no conflict in content. CatchOn can only say that On-Media has a cable channel, but with the addition of movies and TV series, this makes OCN’s position a bit embarrassing, just as pitiful as a child abandoned by a stepmother.


Jung Hyuk-jae leans comfortably on the Boss chair, hugging him in his hands Looking at a lot of information verbatim, most of it is about OCN cable channels. As a cable channel under the original Dawoo Group, Fate of OCN cable channel can be said to have a long life. If there are not many movies hobby With the support of the readers, it is estimated that On-Media would have abandoned it a long time ago.

“President Zheng, you have arranged to meet On-MediaChief-In-Charge Zhang Shijie in the afternoon.” The secretary tapped on the office door and walked in and said.

Jung Hyuk-jae put down the data nodded in his hand and said that he already knew, “Okay, I know.”

“Then I will retire first.” The afternoon was finished. The secretary bowed slightly, then said.

At this moment, Jung Hyuk-jae suddenly stopped him, and then asked: “Do you usually watch TV?”

The female secretary frowned I don’t know what Jung Hyuk-jae’s sentence really means, and I don’t know how to answer it. I am a little flustered in the words, “Yes… I have read it!”

“Have you seen the cable TV Station program?”

Female secretary slightly nodded, with long hair floating, “I have seen it!”

“Then my favorite cable TV Station Which one is it?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked again.

Jung Hyuk-jae’s remarks made Dee Hsu ecretary tense in front of him. The fingers were entangled together, and it seemed a bit embarrassing. His mouth opened slightly before blushing again. replied: “AnioneTV…”

Jung Hyuk-jae froze for a moment when he heard the answer from his subordinates, and then realized that AnioneTV’s reputation is not as good as that of a series of cable channels such as OCN. , But as an anime hobbyist, AnioneTV is definitely their best choice, no wonder the female secretary feels a little embarrassed.

“AnioneTV, the Japanese anime on it is pretty good.” Jung Hyuk-jae explained.

The female secretary was also sighed in relief when she heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words. It seemed that Jung Hyuk-jae’s complexion hadn’t changed, so she put her heart back in her stomach.

After the female secretary walked out, Jung Hyuk-jae’s gaze was projected onto the thick pile of materials on the table, only to hear his fingers tap the tabletop rhythmically, a face It is full of thoughts, “Is it the best time for cable TV?”

History has changed because of itself. Who knows what will happen in the future? I also hesitate to think of Jung Hyuk-jae…

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