Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 401

until now KBSTV Station’s historical dramas are more popular with audiences than MBCTV Station, ranging from “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin” to “Zhang Ximen” and “Taizu Wangjian” In terms of popularity and ratings, it is the number one TV series in the same period.

The change in the territory of historical dramas will start with the 2003 Dae Jang Geum. This historical drama produced by MBCTV Station in 2003 includes Lee Young-ae, Ji Jin-hee, Lin Starring Hu, Lina Hong, Mi-kyung Leung, etc., screenwriter Kim Young-hyun, directed by Lee Byung-hoon, is an inspirational historical drama of ancient costumes, a total of 54 episodes. The plot tells the story of how a generation of strange woman Xu Jang-geum became the first female doctor in the history of the Joseon Dynasty through her own efforts and was awarded the title of “Dae Jang Geum” by Zhongzong.

From September 15, 2003 to March 23, 2004, the ratings of “Dae Jang Geum” have been maintained at around 50%, with an average rating of 47.8% in 2004. The annual South Korea ratings champion, this TV series turned out to directly challenge the original status of the king of historical dramas dominated by KBSTV Station.

KBSTV Station, as a state-owned TV Station, can save money in historical dramas, and the revenue ratings are also good, but in the face of “Dae Jang Geum”’s 50% national ratings and KBSTV Station is also jealous when it comes to all aspects of income.

Historical dramas are different from modern urban-themed love stories such as Water-Wood Drama and weekend dramas. Historical dramas value the script more than ordinary urban love idol dramas. Without a good script, no matter how high the level of the director is There is not much room for Daebak to play, which is why KBSTV Station is jealous of MBCTV Station.

At the time, Screenwriter Kim Young-hyun wrote the “Dae Jang Geum” script based on the story of a female imperial doctor with only a few hundred words in historical data. This is the first historical script she wrote. In order to complete this feature-length drama, she began to collect various materials nearly two years in advance. She said that the script cannot be written casually, and the best one should be written, so she always spends a lot of time collecting information before she starts writing. When the script of “Dae Jang Geum” was written, KBSTV Station and MBCTV Station were the two most powerful suitors of the script. In the end, KBS was defeated by MBCTV Station, so it became the ratings of “Dae Jang Geum” When it came out, KBSTV Station was jealous.

Good historical scripts can be met but not sought. Now in addition to historical scripts created by Screenwriter, more and more TV Stations and film and television production companies are targeting published novels, from ancient costume love to orthodox Historical dramas are also good themes for adaptation.


“Hello, writer Hong Zhongxi, please sit down!” Quan Zhenghao sat on the deck of the cafe, I immediately stood up when I saw someone coming, “I’m Kwon Jeongho from the copyright affairs department of KBSTV Station, please take care of me when we meet for the first time!”

The middle-aged man who opened the door and walked into the cafe had a slight look on his head. Bald, with a chubby face and a shaggy beard, he smells like a down-and-out literary and art worker, and his identity fits well with his appearance.

“Hello!” Hong Zhongxi said slightly nodded, seeing the youngster in front of him without the slightest contempt.

As a grid-climbing writer, he is not pedantic. Apart from publishing a few novels with average sales, this is the first time he has received a call from TV Station, who claims to be in charge of KBSTV. Station copyright affairs youngster can be said to control his next Fate.

“Hong Zhongxi-ssi, please sit down, what would you like to drink?” Quan Zhenghao greeted him when he saw him sitting down.

“No, no need to be so troublesome.” Hong Zhongxi waved his hand hurriedly, a little uncomfortable. As a half-dead house writer, he does not have many opportunities to go out and talk to strangers, so It seems a little rusty in communication.

After hearing what Hong Zhongxi said, Quan Zhenghao still called the waiter for a cup of coffee and placed it in front of him, then put his hands together on the table, opened the mouth and said Out of the purpose of this time, “Hong Zhongxi-ssi, the purpose of my coming this time is for the TV series adaptation copyright of your novel.”

“Really?” I have guessed it, but when he got Quan Zhenghao’s personal acknowledgment, Hong Zhongxi was still very excited, rubbing the corners of his clothes with his fingers, staring at Quan Zhenghao with wide eyes, “However, what you said is Which novel?”

Kwon Jung-ho was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he didn’t know which of his novels had been selected, which made him feel a little puzzled. “Not Good means, didn’t the employees of our station department tell you when they contacted you?”

Hong Zhongxi was taken aback when he heard Quan Zhenghao’s, and he carefully recalled when he answered the phone. , The young female voice on the phone just told herself a contact method and talked about the copyright issue, specifically which of his novel copyrights, he has not really heard her talk about it.

The new recruits of the little girls who have just left school are really not good, their heads are probably on the chest, Quan Zhenghao silently ridicule said in his heart, can only trouble again, and then came back to his senses Asked Hong Zhongxi: “Hong Zhongxi-ssi, is the copyright of the “Huang Zhenyi” novel in your hand still in your hands?”

“Which one? What!…” Dang Hong Zhongxi was obviously taken aback when he heard Quan Zhenghao’s words, and then a pair of browse tightly frowns together, and his face was also rich in expression.

Hong Zhongxi never answered this question. Quan Zhenghao thought he had not heard clearly, so he had to ask again, “Not good means, Hong Zhongxi-ssi, may I ask the copyright of “Huang Zhenyi” Is it in your hands?”

Hong Zhongxi lifts the head again to show bitterness, “Not good, I have sold the copyright of this novel the year before last.”

“Sold it?” Hearing this answer, Quan Zhenghao was particularly surprised. First, the sales of this novel were not high, and second, the popularity of this book by readers was not high, and it was published. There are not many novels like this in the world. Kwon Jung-ho will definitely get something for himself this time, but no one didn’t expect that this will happen in the end, and he had already sold it the year before last. It made him even more confused.

Maybe it was the surprise on Quan Zhenghao’s face that made Hong Zhongxi feel a little embarrassed. In addition, I bought a house with my own savings, and I was a little tight on hand, and then someone came to me and wanted the copyright of “Huang Zhenyi” in my hands. After thinking about it, I decided to sell it to relieve the pressure on hand.”

“In fact, apart from “Huang Zhenyi”, I have published several novels, and their sales are quite good. Would you like to take a look?” Hong Zhongxi’s face showed a slight sneer, trying to do this The way to save the gold master in front of you.

“Then may I ask which company or individual bought the copyright of the novel?” Quan Zhenghao thought for a while and stopped struggling with this matter, what he wanted This is the copyright of this novel. If you can get the company or personal identity from him, then you only need to find the person.

Hearing that Quan Zhenghao deliberately changed the topic, Hong Zhongxi knew that he was not interested in the novel he had at hand, and his attitude was not as enthusiastic as before. He picked up the coffee on the table and drank it. After a sip, he said, “The person who bought the copyright is still quite famous… Gudong!” Then he took another sip of coffee.

‘Quite famous? ‘Kwon Zhenghao felt a little curious, is it a celebrity in the circle?

Hong Zhongxi drank a few sips of coffee in his cup and then said: “The director named Jung Hyuk-jae who has frequently appeared in newspapers and on TV recently, the copyright of “Huang Jinyi” is He bought it.”

When Kwon Jung-ho heard this familiar name, he remembered a rumor in the circle. It is said that MBCTV Station is “Princess Hours” directed by Jung Hyuk-jae. He also bought the copyright of the original comic book of “”. Although the two things are connected together, although there is not much connection, there are still a lot of rumors about JHJ in the circle. From novels to comics, it is said that JHJ is I have received a lot. Like the comics of Jung Hyuk-jae’s first film “Lao Qian”, JHJ Entertainment is firmly in his hand. According to rumors, there is a sequel. This is a mother who will lay golden eggs in his hand. Chicken, and the impact behind this incident far exceeded expectations. Could it be said that JHJ Entertainment under the leadership of Jung Hyuk-jae will be the next copyright giant?


“President, is this the focus of the company’s next TV series?” Putting the script of the first episode of “Hwang Jinyi” on the desktop, I was a little surprised. After all, from the previous scripts directed by Jung Hyuk-jae or Screenwriter, they are all modern urban dramas, like “Hwang Jinyi” “This is the first time this historical subject mattered.

“Is this an original script or an adaptation of a novel?”

Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head, “It is not an original script, this is a script adapted from a novel. “

“Huang Jinyi?” Park Guangxian glanced at the name of the script again. This name is also familiar. When he was in school, his historical scores were pretty good. Huang Jinyi was from South Korea’s Li Dynasty Zhongzong period. Poetess, famous prostitute of Kaesong, one of the three best in Songdo, alias Jinniang, Gyeonggi-do Kaesong, “Mingyue” is Huang Jinyi’s stage name.

“After reading the script, I suddenly want to see how this novel is!” Park Guangxian said with a smile.

Jung Hyuk-jae nodded after hearing his words, “The quality of the novel is still good, but the sales volume is not high.”

After listening to Jung Hyuk-jae’s words Park Guangxian couldn’t help but raised his head and glanced at the boss in front of him. Although he was younger than him, he was really inferior to him in terms of vision. From “Lao Qian” to “Princess Hours”… Maybe this is for the who family. Being a Boss, and your identity can only be the reason for the director, right?

Park Guangxian was slightly smiled in his heart, and he didn’t get entangled in his identity and thought of it like this.

“How about, are you interested in trying the role of a TV drama director?” Jung Hyuk-jae said with a smile.

For the TV series “Huang Jin Yi”, Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t have much interest in directing. Firstly, this is not his favorite theme. Secondly, the company must be more focused on the development of the company now. Regarding the company’s development direction, especially in terms of film and distribution, this time, if Kim Jae-yeol of MBCTV Station hadn’t come forward personally, he would not have responded to the theme of historical drama.

The script of “Huang Zhenyi” has been written to the third episode. The follow-up will be based on the feedback of the audience. After all, there are still certain differences between the novel and the TV script. When adapting You also need to be careful.

Park Guangxian thought about the movie script he had not yet written, and after a little thought, he agreed. Originally, he wanted to take a break after “The Troubles of Beauty”, but now it seems that it is estimated I can’t take a rest. MBCTV Station hopes that this TV series can be broadcast in October, and there is not much time left for him.

“Let’s try it.”

Park Kwang-hyun doesn’t want to be full. After all, he is experienced in the two movies from “Welcome to Dongmakgol” to “Beauty’s Troubles”. However, there is still a big difference in the specific shooting of TV series and movies. Before shooting a movie, he only had the shooting experience of commercial single MV. For directing TV series, this was his first attempt, and it was a challenge to himself. Right.

Park Kwang-hyun agreed, and the production crew of “Huang Jin Yi” will be formed soon. MBCTV Station is also rushed. After “Dae Jang Geum”, MBC has not been able to take it anymore. To produce historical dramas like “Dae Jang Geum” with high ratings and equally lively topics, after all, opportunities like this are all met but not desired.

MBCTV Station is eager to consolidate its position in historical dramas, and does not try to suppress KBSTV Station, at least not as passive as it is now. The weekend drama that has just ended, the historical drama produced by MBCTV Station is the historical drama of KBSTV Station It’s not just overwhelming, but fiercely torture, just like a college student fighting a kindergarten, which makes MBCTV Station feel a little bit of face.

“What about the contact with MBCTV Station?”

Jung Hyuk-jae said directly: “If you contact, don’t worry about it. I will communicate with them on TV Station. The production crew is ready, and then you can start the interview for the main role.” Jung Hyuk-jae began to arrange the next step.

After Park Kwang-hyun heard nodded, his eyes fell on the script on the desktop and talked about the main characters. Park Kwang Hyun-joong picked up the script and looked at the main characters in the early stage, from the heroine to After his first love and several important supporting roles, he knew it well.

“I don’t think too much about the male and female protagonists. The right to choose the actors is left to you, but you can choose the actors under our company as much as possible.” Jung Hyuk-jae warned repeatedly at the end, this is It’s time to open the back door for the artists under the company.

After all, there is no need to use it for nothing. As the only actors in JHJ’s agency, business performances, roadshows and endorsements alone will definitely not be able to support themselves, but they still have to rely on their works to continuously improve their talents. Okay, in this regard, both Lee Joon-ki and Yoon Eun-hye need to settle down, especially Lee Joon-ki may be because the initial starting point was too high. Recently, he was a little confused by the meaning of his manager’s words.

“Okay, I get it!” With that, Park Guangxian got up and pushed the door and went out…

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