Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 402

“Hello, welcome to JHJ Entertainment Company, who do you call?”

Seeing a group of people coming to me, the girl at the front desk of JHJ stood up slightly He bowed his mouth and asked, his attitude was nothing to say.

“I’m looking for your chairman Jung Hyuk-jae.” The middle-aged man in the lead said, and while speaking, his eyes fell behind the glass door behind the girl at the front desk, only to see The staff inside the door were bustling, a thriving scene.

Behind the middle-aged man, two subordinates leaned their heads together and discussed in a low voice, “I’ve only heard of the name of JHJ Entertainment before, and didn’t expect its company. It’s in the same building as Bae Yong-joon’s KEYEAST company.”

“However, the two companies still seem to be quite different and take different paths.”

Hearing what a colleague next to him said, this person slightly nodded agreed, “KEYEAST was formerly a personal studio BOF brokerage company created by Bae Yong-joon himself. It is said that the brokerage company is actually his own studio company. With the joint investment of SoftBank and IMX in February this year, it is not realistic for Bae Yong-joon to take over the management rights of KEYEAST’s predecessor, OTTOWINTECH.”

“This is the truth. KEYEAST’s investment involves brokers. Companies, newcomers discover training, film and television production, the first two words are still worth seeing, but for the latter film and television production, to be honest, KEYEAST still looks a bit too young in the film and television investment and production industry, after all, young people like JHJ Entertainment This is the only dynamic company…”

Hearing what these people were talking about, the front desk girl who had never experienced it was a little surprised, but she still focused on her own job.” Do you have an appointment?”

“Yes, I am Nan Tongguang, the representative of OCN Cable TV Station, and I have an appointment with your President Zheng.”

The receptionist girl slightly smiled “Okay, I get it! I’ll confirm it for you.” Then he picked up the phone at the front desk and called Jung Hyuk-jae secretary for a confirmation call, then said with a smile: “You Please, Chairman Zheng is already waiting for you in the Conference Hall.”

Under the leadership of the Young Lady at the front desk, Nan Tongguang entire group entered this claimed to be the youngest and most dynamic film and television company. Inside, everything is extremely attractive to them.

Nam Tongguang’s identity is the representative of OCN Cable TV Station. Today, he came to negotiate with Jung Hyuk-jae mainly for OCN Cable TV Station.

OCN, as a cable channel under On-media, has always been a winning general in the cable TV Station. As a premium channel for overseas movies and TV series, OCN’s revenue until now is also good Yes, but with the advent of the Internet era and the advent of p2p sharing, more and more viewers put down the remote control in their hands and chose free videos on the Internet. Everyone knows that this is illegal, but there are always people Greedy and unwilling to spend money.

The impact of the Internet era on OCN channels can be imagined, coupled with On-media’s announcement of the upcoming launch of Cathon’s new channel, this time OCN’s position becomes more and more embarrassing, and the two channels are about to merge. The news of On-media also spread frequently, but just as the staff of OCN Channel was waiting for the head office to issue the decision to “merge”, suddenly there was new news that On-media decided to sell OCN Cable TV Station?

This can’t be said to be a major earthquake for the until now flat cable TV industry. In addition, CJ Entertainment announced its entry into the cable TV industry some time ago. On-media’s new channel will be launched soon. It seems a major event. The pieces are all rushed together.

Nan Tongguang didn’t know why he wanted to sell the cable TV channel before he was good at it. It was only later that he heard such a rumor. In 1995, OCN Cable TV The channel was founded by Daewoo Media, a subsidiary of Dawoo Group. At that time, its name was still “DCN” (Daewoo Cinema Network). In 1999, because of the closure of Daewoo Media, the DCN channel was taken over by On-Media, a media company under Orion. , And renamed to’OCN’.

Almost every Korean has heard of the name Orion. It is Orion. This food company established in 1956 is one of the four major food companies in South Korea. Apart from this is Nongshim, CJ Sugar and Lotte too.

Although Orion Group and CJ Group are both representative stocks in the catering and food industry, they are not competing companies. CJ’s living food and Orion’s biscuit business do not conflict in the food industry, but with their respective The entry of new members of the group,’Orion’ VS’CJ’ seems to be an inevitable battle, especially in the media field.

Orion is definitely a new competitor in the stock market for CJ. Although there was no conflict between the two parties in the previous industries, with the development of the group’s business, the competitive relationship between enterprises is also quietly occurring. With the change, not to mention the company-to-companies, the group branch companies only see that there are not a few cases of market competition, and Orion is the same as CJ’s media field.

This is also one of the reasons why On-media, a subsidiary of Orion, decided to establish Cathon after CJ Entertainment announced its entry into the cable TV channel. As for why I chose to sell OCN at this time instead of integrating the two cable channels, it is estimated that Orion is also arguing internally. The biggest reason may be the sluggish performance of OCN channels and high expenses. It is estimated that after the integration, there will be no rapid improvement in the moment. In addition, when the new channel start-up Early-Stage should develop rapidly, if there is an error due to the merger, this is definitely not worth the gain. Orion Group can’t stand it either.

It’s better to say’long pain is worse than short pain’, and it is estimated that selling directly is the best choice.


“Chairman Zheng!”

Nan Tongguang entire group When I came to the Conference Hall, I saw Jung Hyuk-jae welcoming me in front of the door. As the most discussed director and boss in the movie circle recently, Jung Hyuk-jae’s age is one of the focuses they have been paying attention to. Now, Jung Hyuk -Jae’s body is far from the frivolity and eyes of a youngster of his age, and his attitude is very correct. You can see from the gestures when shaking hands, the palms are dry and concise and powerful, and the first impression he gives is full of confidence. image of.

“Representative Nan, I finally waited for you.”

“Let you wait a long time.” After Nan Tongguang shook hands with Jung Hyuk-jae, he sat down , The several main players he brought also found places to sit down separately, and everyone sat down one after another, and then began today’s agenda.

Before the meeting started, Nam Tongguang first handed the folder in his hand to Jung Hyuk-jae’s hands. Jung Hyuk-jae opened it and glanced lightly before lifting the head. , And then asked, “Is this?”

“This is the statistics on the share of cable TV channels last year. Please check it out.” Nam Tongguang handed the documents to Jung Hyuk-jae After receiving the hands of Jung Hyuk-jae, he asked again: “Here is another copy, which is a survey of viewers’ favorite cable TV channels.”

Jung Hyuk-jae looked around after the results. Once again, then I understood the meaning of Nan Tongguang’s move. According to the actual situation of the cable TV channel last year, OCN’s performance as the veteran of the TV and movie channel is still very good, and the market share can reach 15%. The audience’s favorite cable TV movie channel is also ranked very high, and it has even won the first place in the previous rankings.

Although the results on the report are good, Jung Hyuk-jae knows that you can’t take these things too seriously, and if Nam Tongguang did this, the purpose is definitely to mention the price of OCN again. After all, buy Only when the family sees the income effect is good, will they want to buy it at a high price.

“What do you plan to do with OCN? Do you want to pack all of it, or what do you plan to do?” Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help asking.

Nam Tongguang understands that Jung Hyuk-jae’s expression on his face has hardly changed, and he feels a little uncomfortable in his heart. Could it be that he has already seen through the reports he made? When he thought of this, Nam Tongguang was a little scared, but he replied seriously, “We decided to pack it up.”

“Pack up?” Jung Hyuk-jae was taken aback, and then immediately reacted. “Since it is packaged, what about the copyright of a movie and TV series purchased by the OCN channel?”

“This darkness, do you think this will work, we two will set up a copyright library for these film sources. It belongs to the common part?” Nan Tongguang proposed.

When Nan Tongguang mentioned this suggestion, he didn’t get other people’s prompts. This is also a strategy he came up with. After all, doing this is like putting the goods on the counter. What is needed? Whatever you choose, and this also closely links the two companies together. This is definitely a matter of greater advantages than disadvantages for the development of CJ Entertainment.

Thinking of this, Nam Tongguang thought that Jung Hyuk-jae would agree to his proposal immediately. What he didn’t expect was that Jung Hyuk-jae spoke directly and rejected his proposal. This suggestion.

“As for the copyright of movies and TV shows, there is no need to build a copyright library. We don’t need this.” Jung Hyuk-jae said directly.

OCN is a paid TV station that specializes in broadcasting movies and TV series. Movies and TV series are the foundation of OCN. Jung Hyuk-jae cut this part directly, not only It’s Nam Tongguang, and even the few subordinates that Jung Hyuk-jae brought behind are all looking like’Monk Jang’er can’t figure it out’.

In fact, the reason is very simple. If Jung Hyuk-jae can win OCN, OCN’s current positioning is definitely going to change. Most cable TV Stations started by broadcasting overseas movies and TV series. Now It is already 2006, and the cable TV industry must change from broadcast to original at this point. If OCN can be won, Jung Hyuk-jae’s next plan for OCN is a revision.

Nan Tongguang is slightly nodded, copyright is not the focus of this time, his focus this time is how to sell OCN at a good price, and then to alleviate the urgent need of the head office.


“OCN cable TV channel is about to be sold?”

“On-media media’s OCN was sold, it is reported that JHJ may enter OCN”

“”Beauty’s Trouble” broke the box office Two million viewers, comedy movies are about to usher in their own spring.”

“Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in suspected that the wedding date is approaching…”

Of course, finally This piece of news appears to be a tabloid report, and it does not have much credibility.

Except for the following news that deliberately gains attention, the other three news items can be said to be all news that cannot be separated from JHJ. As the production company of “Beauty’s Troubles”, JHJFilm has experienced the “Old After the production of films such as “Thousands” and “Beauty’s Troubles”, many insiders in the film industry have only admired JHJFilm in addition to admiration, admiring Jung Hyuk-jae’s vision, and also admiring Jung Hyuk-jae’s hard work. Dare to break.

You must know that as an extremely money-burning industry, film is highly profitable, but the relative risk is not small. A little carelessness is like a gambler, losing rompers. The one that is missing is like when Park Guangxian invested in making a movie, he bet all his fortune on this movie. One step wrong is the abyss of consigned to eternal damnation.

Judging from JHJFilm’s current investment behavior, it seems that it never invites capital investment, such as “Lao Qian” and “Beauty’s Trouble”. The full beneficiaries of these two works are all wet Jung Hyuk- Jae, it can be said that once the box office fails, it is no less than a disaster for Jung Hyuk-jae and his JHJ Entertainment.

Everyone wants to see this scene, but the reality is that JHJFilm operates energetic and bustling in film, and everyone is greedy.

The other two news is that JHJ is about to enter OCN.

As the most popular cable TV movie channel OCN in South Korea, many families have subscribed to this premium channel. However, in the face of the development of the Internet industry, the cable TV industry is inevitable Under the impact, OCN, which was originally ranked first in On-media’s performance, inevitably went to the sold-out Fate with the decline in performance, replaced by a brand new entertainment channel, which was originally given to On-media in the cable The TV media industry has made great contributions to the OCN, and this moment has been left behind by them.

Although the performance is poor, after all, the original foundation is still there. As the earliest domestic cable TV channel, OCN still has a lot of potential users and crowds, so although I talked about OCN companies with On-media There are many, but none of them can meet Nan Tongguang’s inner expectations.

Among them, JHJ’s sincerity is still the greatest, but the conditions given are still not enough.

Because the OCN involved is not a small company, Jung Hyuk-jae’s routine with Nam Tong Kwang lasted for a long time, nearly two weeks, regarding the final ownership of OCN. Still not sure, On-media is also anxious.

At the same time, there are reports that JHJ has obtained relevant certificates from the Cable Television Association. “As a former partner of CJ Entertainment, JHJ Entertainment is about to compete with CJ Entertainment on cable TV. I believe this must be very It looks good.”

Aside from telling the truth about the news, Nan Tongguang is a little panicked…

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