Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 404

Everything about the two families is no small matter, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Jung Hyuk-jae did not intend to hide it from Han Ga-in’s parents. After all, Ga -in The child in the belly is not only the crystallization of their love, but also the granddaughter of Jin Dad and Jin Ma.

In the matter of pregnancy, if Han Ga-in, who had not calmed down, stopped him, he was so excited. It is estimated that he had picked up the phone and notified his hyeong friends, “Unmarried.” Pregnancy’ Although these things are no longer unusual in life, especially men and women in the entertainment industry, it is more common, but Han Ga-in is always a little embarrassed when it is said to the outside world.

“My parents don’t know, do you?” Jung Hyuk-jae calmed down and thought. When he thought of this, Jung Hyuk-jae got up immediately and was ready to call the future mother-in-law’s house to report the incident.

Just when Jung Hyuk-jae was about to pick up the phone in the living room, Han Ga-in suddenly blushed and stopped him, “Oppa, wait, don’t call!”

Jung Hyuk-jae is a little puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m a little scared!” Han Ga-in said while gently stroking his IDE lower abdomen with both hands, as if Some people can’t believe that a little life is being bred here now.

It is said that women will become extremely sensitive during pregnancy, Han Ga-in suddenly feels an inexplicable anxiety in his heart, no matter who he is, the thoughts in his head are complicated and he doesn’t know what he is. I was thinking about something, and even suddenly felt like crying.

Speaking of’crying’, Han Ga-in’s eyes have faintly slipped through the corners of her eyes. She hasn’t even felt it, but just let the tears run across the corners of her eyes, when the teardrops hit Jung Hyuk-jae’s arm When he got there, he reacted, “Hyun-joo, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”

“Cry? Did I cry?” Hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Han Ga-in still couldn’t believe it, and then he reached out and wiped the corners of his eyes. It turned out to be a splash of water, and then said with a smile: “Why are you crying? What a joy to be pregnant!”

There was a taste of joy in the words, but the tears flowed more and more, like a gate that could not be closed,’hua hua’ flowing straight out, even Han Ga-in couldn’t figure out how it was. Going on.

“I might be too happy, this is crying for joy!” Han Ga-in explained, taking out a tissue and wiping the corners of his eyes, Much better, but for a while Still can’t stop.

Jung Hyuk-jae got up and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of warm water for Han Ga-in. He was pregnant and could not wait any longer. Jung Hyuk-jae was very concerned about this. Taking advantage of the effort of pouring water, Jung Hyuk-jae took out his mobile phone and went online to check some of the psychological problems of pregnant women during pregnancy. Otherwise, the Internet age is good. Sure enough, there are many problems like this on the Internet. Jung Hyuk-jae combined several answers to come to the following conclusions.

More and more pregnant women feel anxious, disturbed, and even fear psychological problems during pregnancy, but why are they disturbed, even crying and fearful during pregnancy? Are you worried about the pressure of life after birth to baby, or are you uncomfortable with this sudden role change? What are they afraid of?

One of the most recognized answers on the Internet is the inability to adapt to the sudden change of roles.

For pregnant women who are about to become mothers, the biggest discomfort is that a baby is about to appear in their lives. TA will call you mother, and in the face of this sudden role, many pregnant women During pregnancy, I will sketch out my imagination countless times, and in this process, I will have a lot of negative attitudes and unconfident expressions of myself, such as fear that I will not be a good mother, or thinking about why I am in my life. Suddenly there is one more person?

In the last second, they might be women who would only hide themselves in the arms of their boyfriends or husbands, but in the next second her identity has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down, she no longer It is the coquettish woman, and there is a new identity that they need to adapt to, and that is mother.

As for other reasons, maybe I was too sensitive to the change in Jung Hyuk-jae’s attitude. Although I didn’t say it, Jung Hyuk-jae heard the news of pregnancy. When facing Han Ga-in, it is completely different from usual. If he said that his eyes were on Han Ga-in before, then his eyes are now on her stomach.

The impact of a child on a woman is huge.

After pouring a cup of water for five minutes, Jung Hyuk-jae walked out of the kitchen with a cup of warm water, and sat next to Han Ga-in and placed the cup in front of her. “How about it, is it better?”

Han Ga-in’s nose twitched, and another teardrop fell, but his mouth was replied: “Much better!”

Transparent teardrops rolled on her smooth and white skin. At the moment when it was about to slide down, Jung Hyuk-jae reached out to catch it, and then covered Han Ga-in’s full and warm fingertips. The corner of the eye, “Okay, stop crying!”

Maybe the warm fingertips gave Han Ga-in a different feeling, and soon the tears in the corner of Han Ga-in’s eyes have stopped. , But there is still redness around the eyes. People who don’t understand thought it was Jung Hyuk-jae who bullied her.

“Give our parents a call and tell them, don’t they know?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

Han Ga-in lay comfortably on the sofa, with his head resting on Jung Hyuk-jae’s thighs, and he stroked his abdomen with both hands, with a silly smile on his face, and he didn’t listen carefully. Jung Hyuk-jae said just now, “Oppa, what did you just say?”

Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head with a sense of speechlessness. Just now he cried like what he looked like, and now he laughs again. Like a “little fool”, I really don’t understand the psychology of a pregnant woman.

Jung Hyuk-jae repeated what he said just now. Only then did Hana react and laughed like a “little fool”. Nodded agreed, replied: “Okay!”

Good=Accurate, the words behind the Retired Emperor reveal.

For this call, Jung Hyuk-jae had already made a good plan before the call. Although he is the prospective son-in-law of Jin Family, he was pregnant when he was unmarried. What I did on Jung Hyuk-jae is still a bit innocent. I don’t even talk about my daughter’s sleep, and he has a big belly. It is estimated that any father in the world will not tolerate this kind of faction, so I’m making this call. Above, Jung Hyuk-jae was thinking that it was his future mother-in-law who answered the phone, not the straight-faced future father-in-law.


The phone rang twice and then heard someone answer the phone, “Hello?”

The voice of Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart hanging in the sky finally came back to its original position.

“Mom, I’m Hyuk-jae!” Originally Jung Hyuk-jae planned to call Aunt, but after thinking about it, I’d better call “Mom”, and there will be a more exciting news in a moment. Waiting for her Senior, so it’s better to give her a vaccination first.

“Oh… it’s Hyuk-jae~ah!” I just heard the male voice on the other end of the phone calling mom. Kim’s mother still didn’t respond. I thought it was my eldest son-in-law at the time, but The eldest son-in-law was introverted, but he was not like talking on the phone, and then when he heard his name reported, Mother Kim reacted.

“Where’s my dad?”

Jung Hyuk-jae’s “Mom” sounded a fright, but he accepted it with pleasure, but it was just a title. My daughter and him are also in the rhythm that good things are approaching, and it is not an exaggeration to call “Mom”.

“Isn’t this weekend, I went out to accompany them and the Old Brothers for a stroll.” Mother Kim replied on the phone.

Jung Hyuk-jae was relieved when he heard that Dad Kim was not at home. He was afraid that Dad Kim would come over and beat himself up, “Mom, I will tell you something.”

“Let’s talk, I’m listening!” Jin mother nodded.

“Hyun-joo, she is pregnant…”

After Jung Hyuk-jae finished speaking, he heard no movement on the other end of the phone, and then heard a vague call from mother Kim His voice seems to be making a phone call, “His dad, come back soon, something has happened! Hyun-joo is pregnant!”

I don’t know if it’s Jung Hyuk-jae’s illusion. Anyway, he It seems that I heard Dad Jin’s voice on the phone, and there was anger in his voice!


“Sit down!”

In the living room, Dad Jin is sitting on the sofa, Standing in front of him, Jung Hyuk-jae, who dared not sit down, made his daughter a sole proprietorship. When facing Dad Kim, Jung Hyuk-jae was a little afraid to look into his eyes.

Jung Hyuk-jae raised his head and quickly glanced at Dad Jin’s expression, without glaring at him, only a calm face, but anyone can think of what kind of stormy sea is bred under this calm. “Sit!”

This time is a very simple word. Jung Hyuk-jae sat down quietly after hearing it, his buttocks lightly on the sofa, his waist straight.

“When did you find out?” Dad Jin asked.

Jung Hyuk-jae replied, “This morning.”

“Is it accurate?”

Jung Hyuk-jae remembered that he checked it on the Internet with his mobile phone The information is nodded, “It should not be wrong. The accuracy rate of pregnancy test sticks is generally around 85%~95%, so it is quite accurate. In the afternoon, I am going to take Hyun-joo to the hospital for a check and confirm the diagnosis.”

“It’s okay to be diagnosed once, the province will be frightened all day long.” Jin Dad said nodded.

“Get up and go around with me!” Dad Jin said suddenly.

“Eh.” Jung Hyuk-jae hurriedly got up and followed father-in-law.

Han Ga-in looked at the backs of the two men in the house and couldn’t help but worry a little: “Mom, why did my dad ask Hyuk-jae to go out?”

“It’s okay, I can’t eat him anyway!” Kim mother said nonchalantly. If Jung Hyuk-jae had a bit of status in the mother-in-law’s mind before, then she had no status in front of the pregnant daughter. Kim mother said while talking. Dissatisfied with her daughter’s too caring attitude towards Jung Hyuk-jae, she couldn’t help but start talking, “Why, before I marry him, I started turning my elbows out?”

“Mom, What are you talking about!” Han Ga-in coquettishly threw himself into the arms of Jin’s mother. He looked like a youngest daughter, like a pregnant woman.


In the small garden outside the villa, two men circle the small garden one after the other While in the circle, Dad Jin did not speak, and Jung Hyuk-jae was silent without saying a word.

“Are you ready to enter the tomb of marriage?”

Papa Kim suddenly asked, Jung Hyuk-jae was really taken aback for this question, and then he was replied. : “To tell you the truth, it’s not.”

When I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Dad Kim didn’t get angry, but looked at Jung Hyuk-jae with interest, “Tell me.”


“Just like Hyun-joo is facing the change of identity from woman to mother, I am also facing the change of identity from boyfriend to husband to father, I dare not from the very beginning I promised me how I would be, but I will try my best to be a good husband and a good father!”

There is no unthinking cliché, but Jung Hyuk-jae’s remarks won the approval of Dad Kim. I saw him nodded and continued: “That’s right, in fact, men started to grow and mature during this brief moment.” As he said, he stretched out his hand and gently patted Jung Hyuk-jae on the shoulder, which seemed to be a recognition. His son-in-law.

Han Ga-in was sitting in the living room, looking through the window in the small garden at what the two most important men in his life were talking about. He was both happy and sad. He didn’t know what he thought of. Tears began to fall down the corners of the eyes again, which made people feel distressed.

“What’s the matter, what are you?” Jin mother also looked surprised.

“It’s nothing, just suddenly thought of something.” Han Ga-in took out a tissue and wiped the corners of his eyes. What he thought in his heart was that he was about to leave his parents and put him in That Man’s embrace. He was inexplicable. Feeling a little sad.

Mother Kim quickly understood what her daughter was worried about, but she said, “Stupid child, you are married, and you don’t want to see us again. Turn around. How about mom move the house next door to you? This is always okay?”

Pregnant women are always inaccurate, not just smiling, but now weeping beauty. Immediately cloudy to clear up.

“Mom, I don’t want to marry!” Han Ga-in said suddenly.

“Isn’t it silly again? How could a woman never marry forever? Besides, Hyuk-jae loves you so much. You can’t get confused about this matter!” Mother Kim said with a sincere voice.

The mother and daughter were chatting in the living room. Just then Jung Min-joo, who had run out to play wildly, ran back and looked at Han Ga-in in the living room. His eyes fell on him. On her flat belly, it seemed a little strange in her heart, but there was still a sense of joy in her words, “-eonni, am I going to be an aunt?”

For this little sister, Han Ga-in still likes it very much, smart and smart, and usually likes to stick to her side, so that she, the youngest in the family since childhood, also experienced the feeling of having a younger sister.

Seeing that Jung Min-joo is back, Han Ga-in beckoned her to call her to his side, and then took Jung Min-joo’s little hand and gently placed it on his belly,” Yes, you are going to be an aunt!”

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