Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 405

Han Ga-in came out of the hospital and was fully armed again. Then he got into Jung Hyuk-jae’s car. This is a high-end four-person maternal and child hospital in Seoul, which serves most of the people For the rich, celebrities and social celebrities, it is still possible in terms of confidentiality. This is the preferred hospital for most pregnant women in the circle.

The reason why everyone chooses here is obvious. Naturally, the service and technology here are definitely the leading domestic hospital in terms of mothers and babies. In the afternoon, Ga-in and the parents-in-law are driven, plus Jung Min-joo. This little tag-a-long came here, don’t you want to go back after checking it.

“Hyun-joo, come in the back row!”

Han Ga-in came to the car and was about to sit in the passenger seat as usual. The golden mother in the back seat stopped her, “How can you be a pregnant woman sitting in the front, how dangerous is that!”

Han Ga-in’s brows can’t help but frown, it seems that she is pregnant. The parents in the family are far more concerned than themselves, “Mom, it’s okay!”

“It doesn’t matter, sit back!” Kim mother put on her majesty as a mother, her brows tightened. Han Ga-in couldn’t help but remember the scene when he was facing his mother when he was a child, and then changed seats with Dad Jin. There were three women in the family. In the back row, there were only two old men sitting on the main and co-pilot and looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what to say.

“I have been diagnosed right now. I am almost a month old. You can’t look like a girl like before.” Kim mother took Han Ga-in’s hand and sat in the back seat. On the top, Jung Min-joo on the other side has an unbelievable look, extend the hand to gently stroke Han Ga-in’s lower abdomen, I can’t believe that a new life is conceived under this flat lower abdomen. , It’s amazing!

“Mom, I know!”

Han Ga-in can’t wait to find a pair of cotton sleeves and put it in his ears at this moment. This is how much my mother doesn’t know. I told myself these precautions this time. I am not a child anymore. I am also a person who is about to be a mother, but the seriousness of my mother is always the same as that of a small child who is not growing up.

The meat that fell out of her belly, Han Ga-in’s small raised eyebrows, Jin mother knew what she was thinking in her heart, don’t look at her constantly nodded on the surface, but in fact, in her heart How can I say it?

“Missy, did you not listen to what I just said?” Jin mother eyebrow raised. Just now, Hana also made this action. The mother and daughter did exactly the same action.

Han Ga-in hurriedly waved his hands when he heard his mother’s words, “Mom, I’m listening.”

“I’m almost a mother, and I’m still with a child all day long. I’m the same in nature, not growing up!” Jin mother stretched out her hand and stroked Han Ga-in’s hair and said with emotion. The girl who was surrounded by her knees in her memory has grown up in a blink of an eye, and she hasn’t waited for her to comb her hair and take care of her. In the hands of her That Man, she is going to be a mother too. Time is such a magical thing.

“Hey…” Jin mother sighed softly. The voice was so soft that Han Ga-in had already misheard it.


If there is a pregnant woman in the family, the treatment will naturally be different.

Originally, Jin mother meant to let Han Ga-in go back to take care of him, but Jin Dad meant that the room in the villa here is enough, so I don’t want to run back and forth. The maternal and child hospital is also nearby. Whether it’s for physical checkups or emergencies, it is much better than our own.

For the two different views of Golden Dad and Golden Mom, Jung Hyuk-jae naturally agrees with Golden Dad. If you really ask Golden Mom to take his wife home, then I want to go. You can’t run back and forth when you meet. Although it is not convenient to live here with more prospective parents-in-law, you can get comfortable with anything if you have a wife.

“Then live here.” Kim’s father and Jung Hyuk-jae’s persistence also touched Kim’s mother. In fact, after hearing this explanation from her husband, Kim’s mother also thought it was good to live here, except for being able to take care of herself In addition to the daughters, you can also take a closer look at your prospective son-in-law by the way.

According to Jung Min-joo’s own statement, the current ranking in Kim’s mind at home is like this. As a pregnant woman, Han Ga-in’s position is naturally the highest, and the next step is After Jung Min-joo went shopping with Kim’s mother a few times, he was almost like the mother and daughter. Kim’s heart also hurts like the youngest daughter, and then naturally it is the son-in-law Jung Hyuk-jae and herself. Husband, the status of the two elders is almost the same. If you have to separate the order, Jung Hyuk-jae’s position is higher than that of Dad Kim. This makes Dad Kim a little bit upset. , Even the gaze looking towards Jung Hyuk-jae carried some’hostility’.

Fortunately, there are no cats and dogs at home, otherwise the status of himself and Dad Kim would have to decline, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but think.

There are advertisements on the TV in the living room. Han Ga-in doesn’t know what to watch. Anyway, it’s just a boring adjustment. After watching it for tens of seconds, I change another one, and then it’s over again. After ten seconds, the channel was tuned to the next one. Those love and love TV series did not appetite her very much. After repeating this action more than a dozen times, finally found a TV Station-OCN cable channel that matched her taste. What is being broadcasted here is a crime and criminal investigation TV series about a serial murderer. Han Ga-in sees these with keen interest pleasure.

“Yah!! Missy, how do you watch these TV shows?” Mother Kim washed a few apples and saw that the serial murderer was dismembering the victim on the TV screen. She couldn’t help but beat A shivering, then came to the table and picked up the remote control while deciding on her while tuned to other stations. The handsome male protagonist one-knee kneels confessed to the female protagonist to marry him.

“Look at how good these TV shows are. Those blood and murder are not good for pregnant women!”

Han Ga-in just watched with keen interest pleasure, and then Seeing the TV picture changed, I felt a little unhappy, “Mom, I have not been in this for less than a month, don’t worry about being so strict, besides, I am doing this now to boost my future son’s courage!”

Han Ga-in quietly took the remote control from under Jin mother’s nose while talking, and retuned it to the OCN cable channel. He watched it again with keen interest pleasure and watched it. While eating the apple, she seemed indifferent to the blood in the picture, so that the golden mother didn’t know what to say.

“No, change the channel!” Jin mother stretched out her hand to grab the remote control, and Han Ga-in swiftly avoided.

“Mom, I will finish reading this!”

“No!” Jin mother eyes wide staring angrily, Han Ga-in had to control the remote control The instrument turned in, the mouth was slightly pursed, it was obviously unhappy, but there was no way to vent the depression in my heart to the apple, and the apple was bitten with a “crack” sound.

After talking on the phone with his classmates, Jung Min-joo walked downstairs and saw Kim’s mother and Han Ga-in in the living room sitting on the sofa watching the TV series. There is a man in the picture. The affectionate scenes of the second heroine attracted her, and hurriedly ran over to say with a smile: “I almost forgot that there will be a rebroadcast of this TV series this afternoon, but luckily it hasn’t fallen yet!”

Seeing the lively Jung Min-joo, I was in a good mood. I greeted her to sit down next to her, but the smile on her mouth couldn’t stop. “Sit around and eat an apple if you like to watch it?”

Jung Min-joo didn’t feel thirsty. After thinking about it, he finally accepted it, “Thank you Aunt!”

“Thank you, let’s watch TV together.”

Women watch Snacks are indispensable on the TV. This is a must-have item. Jung Min-joo is no exception. Small cakes, small snacks, nuts, walnuts, melon seeds, potato chips are everything you need. Snacks are a lifetime for women. Hobby, this is no exception even for the golden mother. The two people are discussing the plot on the TV with Guazi. The atmosphere is unusually harmonious. If you ignore the words of Han Ga-in who can only watch drooling from the side.

“Mom, I want to eat potato chips.”

“No, puffed food is not good for you!” Jin mother refused righteously.

“Then you still eat, not only eat in front of my eyes, it makes me greedy!” Han Ga-in complained, this is simply inhuman treatment for her who always likes snacks!

“I am not the same, you are pregnant! This is not only good for you, but also good for my future grandson!”

The words of Mother Kim completely blocked Han Ga-in’s next plea, “You are a pregnant woman” is more useful than the imperial edict, and then I saw Han Ga-in sitting aside, greedying the candied fruit, walnuts, potato chips, jelly on the table…

Always eat snacks and naturally thirsty. At this time, Jung Hyuk-jae stood up and asked, “Mom, do you drink water?”

Gold mother nodded with a smile, “Okay, just give me a glass of water.”

Jung Min-joo on the side raised his hand after hearing what his big brother said, “Brother, I want an ice cream!”


At the end of September, the weather in Seoul was still hot. The light rain last night was not useful at all. Although it was already afternoon, the outdoor temperature was still It’s quite high. Although there is air conditioning in the room, eating a bite of cold ice cream is definitely a treat in such weather.

“Water!” Jung Hyuk-jae put the water in front of Kim mother, and then passed the ice cream in his hand to the younger sister.

“Thank you Oppa!” Jung Min-joo smiled sweetly.

Jung Hyuk-jae was just about to leave, and then he saw Han Ga-in looked towards his own eyes revealed disappointment, and then her eyes followed the ice cream in Jung Min-joo’s hands, Jung Hyuk-jae came to understand now, his feelings are greedy by seeing ice cream.

Han Ga-in eagerly approached Jung Min-joo, and whispered to her: “Min-joo~ah, give me some points.” She thought she didn’t have all this. When the mother on the side found out, who knew that as soon as she spoke, the mother of gold stared at her.

“What are you doing?”

Han Ga-in chuckled, “Mom, don’t I discuss the TV plot with Min-joo!”

“Don’t you want to eat ice cream?” Kim mother asked.

Han Ga-in hurriedly shook his head, “No!” That’s what she said, but her gaze told Mother Kim that it was not like that. She saw the ice cream and the fragrant wrapped in the outer layer. The chocolate also has a little bit of nuts on it, which is simply tempting.

“If you want to eat, just say…”

Han Ga-in was overjoyed when he heard, “Really?”

Who ever wanted gold? Mother still had something in her mouth, “I won’t let you eat if I want to eat it anyway.”

Han Ga-in’s head drooped again when he heard this, but soon So he regained his spirit, “Mom, I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that, what else can I eat? Even pregnant women don’t torture people like this, right?”

“I want to be pregnant with you at the beginning Sister’s time happened to be winter, and I didn’t even touch the cold water at that time.” Kim’s mother picked up her own experience and comforted her daughter. After all, it was the first time. If you don’t understand these precautions, you can forgive it. That’s why she is so prepared. The reason for following the daughter is that he is afraid of harming the child in his stomach if he doesn’t pay attention to it. “Okay, Mom will make you a good meal at night!”

“What to eat?”

“How about chicken soup?” Kim mother replied.

Han Ga-in just got a little bit of interest when I heard Han Ga-in here, and at the same time I temporarily left the ice cream behind me, “Okay, there is still a little bit of chicken soup delivered in the morning. I’ll take a moment. I drank it from the heat.”

“No!” Jin mother stopped again.

“Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Don’t drink those. Mom will make it for you again at night.”

Just do it, although time It was early in the evening, but the longer the chicken broth was simmered, the more delicious it became. Kim’s mother immediately got up and started preparing, and Jung Min-joo was also following Kim’s mother to learn something. Han Ga-in originally planned She also followed into the kitchen, but she was driven out by Kim mother before she could walk to the edge of the kitchen.

“Don’t come here. The oil and smoke in the kitchen are not good for your body. Besides, there are too many sharp horns like knives in the kitchen, don’t come in!”

Han Ga-in stopped outside the kitchen when he heard Kim’s mother. Looking at the busy figure in the kitchen, Han Ga-in suddenly felt very happy…


After five o’clock in the afternoon, the outdoor temperature finally became a little pleasant. Although it was still a bit hot, the refreshing wind blew away and took away. My mood improved a lot with the hotness.

The tree-lined path between the villas in the community is well greened. Jung Hyuk-jae took Han Ga-in’s hand and walked along the tree-lined path. I walked along the path and didn’t see who. It is quiet.

“Are you afraid?”

Han Ga-in gently shook the head when he heard, “Don’t be afraid!”

They all said the identity of a woman The first word I learned when I became a mother was’strong’. When talking about this, Han Ga-in’s face was full of maternal brilliance.

“My dad just talked to me about the wedding, do you think we set the wedding in December?”

Snuggle by Jung Hyuk-jae , Han Ga-in has never felt so at ease, “All are good, I listen to you!”

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