Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 407

When evaluating many young actors and young actors, one of the most commonly used words in reports and the media is “aura”. What is aura?

The term’spiritual energy’ was originally used to give people a very mysterious feeling, just like an actor can have such a name, but carefully appreciate the meaning of this word. More than these.

When Park Shin-hye starred in the corner of Xiao Jingshu in “Stairway To Heaven”, the first impression he gave was’this is a little girl with aura’, that smile, that coincidence Laughing Qianxi, beautiful eyes Panxi, left a very deep impression on people, so that after she became famous, when everyone saw her on the street, they called her “Jing Shu” instead of her real name.

In Japan across the sea, one day in June 2004, a little girl named Aina Ashida was born. Although no one has discovered this good seedling yet, she is a genius The title of’Zi Yi’ is definitely tailored for her, and this is also a girl with aura.

“PD Park, an interviewer has arrived.”

The secretary led the mother and daughter to the office. The little girl seemed a little shy when she first arrived in a strange environment, but The curiosity on his face couldn’t be concealed. A pair of big flickering eyes kept looking at the surrounding environment and the two strange men. Although shy, they stood openly in front, even though they were not practicing ballet. Dancing, but a small body is straight, it looks like Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and it gives a good first impression.

Park Guangxian looked at the little girl in front of him, his eyes lit up in vain, as if someone who was about to die of thirst had seen a long-lost oasis, if it’s not someone’s mother is there, and he’s afraid that he will be taken away If’Lolicon’ said, he would have long waited to pounce on it directly.

“Are you here for the interview?” Park Guangxian knelt down and looked directly at the little girl, making her feel respected.

“Yes!” The little girl replied crisply.

Park Guangxian stood up again and looked at the young woman in front of him. The woman stretched out her right hand and shook her lightly and immediately released it, “Are you her guardian?”

“Yes, I am her mother.”

“Hello Madam, I am the director of “Huang Zhenyi” this time, and this is our President Zheng of JHJ Entertainment.” After introducing himself, Park Guangxian introduced her to Jung Hyuk-jae who was standing by.

“Hello.” Jung Hyuk-jae was slightly nodded, and then his gaze fell on the little girl’s body. Compare the achievements of this little girl in front of him. Who can think of it? A young Baeksang movie queen from later generations is right in front of her.

“Hello!” The little girl noticed Jung Hyuk-jae’s eyes on her, lifts the head and greeted again.


After simply asking for basic personal information, the interview officially started. The interview process is not complicated. Park Guangxian chose two in the script. After the line, the little girl was told the setting of the scene and the relationship between the characters, and the interview started directly.

During the interview, there were two places where the lines were needed. Jung Hyuk-jae, who had nothing to do with him, took the job. After an interview, Park Kwang-hyun looked towards Jung Hyuk. -jae’s eyes were filled with joy, and finally found the Little Huang Jin Yi he had been looking for. When he saw Shim Eun-kyung for the first time, he thought so.

“Okay, I’ll leave if there is nothing wrong.”

Jung Hyuk-jae smiled and patted Park Guangxian and left. Before leaving, he told Park Guangxian specifically, “This It’s a good seedling.”

In fact, I don’t need to remind Jung Hyuk-jae. Park Kwang-hyun has already taken Shim Eun-kyung’s mother to talk about specific contracts. The breakdown of his childhood in “Huang Jin Yi” Quite a lot. In the first episode, Huang Jinyi, played by Ha Ji-won, has no chance to show his face. In the first episode, Shim Eun-kyung is the biggest protagonist.

Park Guangxian originally planned to leave, but when he saw Shim Eun-kyung’s mother who was negotiating a contract with Park Guangxian, the steps he had already taken changed one direction and then he sat on the sofa again. On his left is the little girl who seems unearthly. Jung Hyuk-jae said nothing, “Little Beauty girl, why is your mother coming with you? Where is your company’s manager?”

“hmph…” Without the parents, the little girl’s nature was exposed. She wrinkled her cute little jade nose and didn’t seem to want to talk to Jung Hyuk-jae, but after a few seconds, she seemed to remember this. The man’s identity seems to be the boss of the director named Park just now, thinking of his role in this TV series If, doesn’t it mean that the man in front of him is holding his own asshole?

When I thought of this little girl’s attitude, there was a big change of 360 degrees. I stared at Jung Hyuk-jae with wide eyes, and waved his hands again and again: “I’m not a Little Beauty girl. !”

“What’s that called you?” Jung Hyuk-jae felt amused. Although the acting of little girl is definitely a’genius’ among peers, it is still for Jung Hyuk-jae He was tender, and eccentric, he couldn’t escape the palm of his hand.

“Hello, my name is Shim Eun-kyung.” The little girl said respectfully.

“Then I will call you Eun Kyung’s Little Beauty girl.”

“I’ve said that I’m not a Little Beauty girl!” Shim Eun-kyung pouted and said, It seems a bit wronged, but also a bit sad.

Hearing that she kept emphasizing this point, Jung Hyuk-jae’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on her face. In his mind, the appearance of Shim Eun-kyung of the future generation has always appeared, but he did not observe carefully. Shim Eun-kyung, who is still a little girl in front of me, does not look pretty in a lot of serious Shim Eun-kyung. South Korea’s entertainment circle has always been dominated by various handsome men and women, even if it is a child (little actor) They all look pretty good. In this comparison, a small face that hasn’t opened yet plus some dark skin makes it seem that some people really can’t get a high score.

“Do you like the profession of actor?” Jung Hyuk-jae did not delve into the story behind it. It is probably inseparable from the things on the little girl campus. The school is a small society. There are some people who are unhappy, and it is estimated that little girl has encountered this kind of problem.

“en!” Jung Hyuk-jae silently changed the subject, the little girl was nodded after hearing the question, “Like it!”

“Have you Da-hee?”

“I like it anyway!” The little girl suddenly couldn’t answer this question. Such a question is really too difficult for an eleven-year-old little girl. Maybe she The in mind acting brings her more of a sense of freshness.

“Have you starred in a TV series before?”

Working indoors, Jung Hyuk-jae plays the reporter, Shim Eun-kyung is the guest for the interview, a special news interview Expand here.

“I have acted, but not many scenes.” At this point, the little girl seemed a little embarrassed. There were even a few TV shows she played in less than ten minutes combined. This kind of acting experience Speaking out always feels deceptive.

It’s like this working indoors, one big and one small, and the two people chat in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no difference in age at all. The unearthly little girl knows no less than Jung Hyuk-jae, and is always there. Jung Hyuk-jae can still be difficult for some problems. It is worthy of being a top student in the future, and his little brain is smart.

About half an hour later, Park Kwang-hyun, who had discussed the performance contract, walked out with Shim Eun-kyung’s mother. Park Kwang-hyun was a little surprised to see Jung Hyuk-jae who was still in the office. Long, do you have anything else?”

“I have something to discuss with Ms. Zheng.” Jung Hyuk-jae said with a smile, while his eyes fell on Shim Eun. -kyung mother’s body, “Hello, Ms. Zheng, speaking of which we really might be a family!”

At first Jung Hyuk-jae, the relationship started.

The reason why Jung Hyuk-jae stayed is actually very simple. The Shim Eun-kyung in front of him is not an ordinary person. This is a future movie queen. The only thing Jung Hyuk-jae wants to do at present is Sign this future star of hope to your own banner.

“Your daughter hasn’t signed a contract with a brokerage company yet?” This time Park Guangxian turned around and left after helping to pour two glasses of water. This is no longer within his scope.

Jung Hyuk-jae sits opposite Shim Eun-kyung, while the mother at Shim Eun-kyung, Ms. Zheng, fell next to her daughter, looking at Jung Hyuk-jae in front of her. Thinking about something, “Not yet.” Ms. Zheng truthfully replied.

“Why not, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a brokerage company based on her performance in TV series?”

“We don’t want her to spend a childhood without happiness.” Zheng Ms. replied.

The word actor sounds very glamorous, but behind this word is the unimaginable contribution of ordinary people. Every time a daughter takes a movie, she is a mother who is accompanied by the group. I’m afraid that Production crew can’t take care of my daughter.

It is good to sign a brokerage company, but then there is no freedom. Where can I find my daughter’s childhood? It is precisely because of these willingness that she did not plan to find a brokerage company for her daughter.

“In fact, you are worrying too much. After all, she is still an eleven-year-old child. No matter how hard she is, it is impossible to suffer as much as a child.” Jung Hyuk-jae said, there is nothing wrong with this, no matter what It’s the place on the world to film. In Production crew, children must be taken care of. South Korea has promulgated relevant laws to protect minors and strictly control the shooting time and content. At this point, even if the agency wants It won’t be possible to get some moths.

“This is still unnecessary.” Ms. Zheng shook the head again, she still wanted to give her child a happy childhood.

Finally, in the eyes of the little girl, the mother and daughter left JHJEntertainment. It is true that not all parents are the kind of bastards who don’t care about their children and only recognize money.

“How?” Park Guangxian returned to the office and asked when he saw Jung Hyuk-jae.

Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head, “It’s not so good. Her mother didn’t agree to sign the contract.”

“Why?” Park Guangxian felt a little puzzled, although his company’s agent The department is not as good as many well-known brokerage companies in the circle, but after all, the reputation of Lee Joon-ki and Yoon Eun-hye is here, and there are many popular TV shows and movies for promotion, which will definitely attract a lot of acting. People, but even Shim Eun-kyung’s mother didn’t agree. It seemed that she really wanted to give her daughter a happy childhood.


“Eun Kyung, what did the man tell you just now?” In the car back, Shim Eun-kyung pouted her mouth in a posture that she didn’t want to talk to anyone, which scared her by the side.


The little girl’s arrogant temper came up, and no one could stop it. Without hearing her mother’s words, the little girl tenderly snorted glanced at the car Outside the window, I quietly opened a slit, and decided no longer paid attention to my mother.

“Tell me, what the hell is going on?”

“Why don’t you get angry with me because I didn’t agree to the contract?” Mother Shen seems to understand What? After finishing talking, she stretched out her hand and gently stroked her daughter’s soft hair, “I knew you liked acting so much. When I was pregnant with you, I shouldn’t have watched that many TV series.”

Originally The little girl decided to keep going, but because of her mother’s sentence, she turned her head and asked curiously: “Why shouldn’t you watch that many TV series?”

“It’s because I watched that many TV series, isn’t this a little actor like you in our house!” Mother Shen said said with a smile.

“Mom…” The little girl was a little shy.


As the time stepped into October, the popularity of the movie “Beauty’s Troubles” finally fell. Under the attack of the introduction of a domestic Hollywood movie and a number of domestic movies, it finally surrendered the throne of the box office weekly chart for three consecutive weeks. However, despite this, the rate of “Beauty’s Trouble” is still the highest among many movies. The most frequent one, in a movie theater in Gangnam. District, there are as many as three games in the morning “Beauty’s Troubles” alone, and there are six games in the afternoon and evening. So, if you count, there are more than ten games. At least in the short term, “Beauty’s Troubles” can still be proud of the crowd.

Just when everyone’s eyes were drawn to “Beauty’s Troubles”, JHJ Entertainment and MBCTV Station, which have had no news except for the box office, announced their new Water-Wood Drama plan, which was created by Jung Hyuk- Jae’s adaptation of the TV series “Huang Jinyi” was revealed to be played by Ha Ji-won as the heroine. For a while, everyone’s eyes were attracted by the news.

As Goddess of many otaku in mind, they come into contact with and realize that most of Ha Ji-won’s first movies are the youth comedy “Lose is Empty”, played by Ha Ji-won in the movie The heroine is really an “Otaku Goddess”, long and straight, coupled with a charming smile, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is Goddess. And the girls know her mostly because of the two TV series “The Tea Mother” and “Something Happened In Bali”. After a year and a half, Ha Ji-won once again moved to the small screen. For a long time, there was no big news in the entertainment industry. Was shaken once.

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