Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 409

“OCN changes ownership, JHJ Entertainment officially enters the cable channel”

“The birth of entertainment overlord? From writer to boss, the impact of identity changes”

“What does JHJ’s future look like?”

For news such as the change of ownership of the OCN cable channel, the ordinary person may be watching the excitement after seeing it. In their opinion, it is nothing more than The owner of the TV channel has changed, but from the perspective of insiders or those with a heart, the background behind all this is far from simple.

Let’s take a closer look at the fields that JHJ Entertainment has entered, from TV series to movie production before and after the stage. It is said that now it has also launched a distribution business, and then its artist agency has signed a lot of new actors. The owner behind a model agency that was revealed some time ago is said to be JHJ. There is also a JHJ ​​theater line composed of three JHJ theaters that have already opened before the curtain. As many as 30 theaters have been attracted to join, plus recent acquisitions. It can be said that JHJ has been at the forefront of many entertainment companies in Seoul.

Other film production companies and entertainment companies, they also find it strange. JHJ Entertainment is like a strange army. Before many people have reacted, they have already reached the entertainment cake. Distribute the forefront of the battlefield, but also occupy an excellent position.

In South Korea, generally speaking, there are a few entertainment companies. CJ Entertainment must be mentioned. CJ Entertainment is an aircraft carrier company in the entertainment industry, whether it is TV dramas, movies or variety shows. program, artist agents are very good at it.

CJ Entertainment can be regarded as a comprehensive entertainment company. In the field of music, a series of companies such as SM, JYP, YG, and DSP are divided up, and in the field of film, there are many films such as Lotte Film and Television and ShowBox Film and Television. Production and distribution companies, so many established entertainment companies outside the former entertainment cake are like building a wall outside the cake out of thin air, intercepting most of the small and medium-sized companies that want to take a bite from it.

The birth of JHJ Entertainment is like a charge of Knight. He initiated a small company to fight the big boss and launched a fearless charge. It seems that it really gave this seemingly solid wall to A seam was made, and it also gave those small companies hope to survive.

When people talked about JHJ Entertainment, facing the expansion of JHJ’s business, many people in the circle always shouted with a mocking look, “It’s easy to get caught up in your steps.” Now youngster I really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth’and so on, but along with JHJ Entertainment’s acquisition of OCN, CJ Entertainment launched its own cable TV business.

‘Little CJ’, I don’t know who came up with such a title, and it has been widely recognized under the word of mouth. At first glance, JHJ Entertainment and CJ Entertainment are not so similar. , But each step of JHJ Entertainment’s subsequent development seems to be repeating the path of CJ Entertainment, and it has taken a lot of complaints less than CJ Entertainment originally.

If this development continues, it is not impossible for JHJ Entertainment to become the next CJ entertainment. After all, it is now on the same starting line as CJ Entertainment, which is the cable TV Station.

Acquisition of OCN cable channel is only the 1st step for Jung Hyuk-jae. Next, we want to make OCN cable channel the most popular entertainment channel in South Korea. OCN still needs a lot of ways. To go, this is not a simple matter, nor can it be successful overnight.

“Director Lee Joon-ik, please sit down!”

After such a long time since “The King and The Clown”, Jung Hyuk-jae once again met Lee Joon-ik sat together.

“President Zheng, long time no see!” Lee Joon-ik said with a smile after shaking hands with Jung Hyuk-jae.

Jung Hyuk-jae also stretched out his right hand and replied: “I haven’t seen you for a long time. I heard that you are busy making a new movie now?”

After hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Lee Joon-ik nodded then said, “Isn’t it nearly half a year since the end of “The King and The Clown”? I came up with a book, don’t you just want to take it while I have time!”

Lee Joon-ik said with a smile, and then cracking a joke’s speaking of which , “Speaking of which, the scheduled release date of my film is June next year, you first give me a thorough understanding, do you have any plans for your JHJFilm next June?”

As JHJFilm ever Lee Joon-ik’s partner, Lee Joon-ik, is naturally aware of the quality of films produced by JHJFilm. As for the quality, audiences and the market have also tested the quality. That is exactly what the saying “JHJ produced, it must be a boutique”!

Although one of the producers and producers of “The King and The Clown” is himself, many people in the movie circle are not even as good as the youngster in front of him, Jung Hyuk-jae’s. “Golden Eye” also has other screenings this year. None of the works of “Old Thousand” and “Beauty’s Troubles” have aroused widespread discussion among the audience. The success of high-grossing and high-profile films has destined JHJFilm’s status, even if it hasn’t even been released yet. “The Host” has not been broadcast first, so Lee Joon-ik does not want his movie to hit JHJFilm’s movie next year.

Jung Hyuk-jae is sitting with Lee Joon-ik this time. Naturally, it is not only for chatting, but also for the director. Although people say that sometimes talents are It cannot be measured by money, but in fact it is just that the money offensive is not in place.

Lee Joon-ik is a successful director, but he is not a successful Boss. If he did not succeed in attracting the audience’s attention with the help of “Mount Huang’s Fall”, he set himself The company on the edge of the cliff was pulled back. It is estimated that Lee Joon-ik is not sitting with Jung Hyuk-jae as a director and film production company Boss.

CineworldEntertainment film production company successfully turned over with “Mount Huang”, and with “The King and The Clown” successfully counterattack, it is simply a model in the entertainment industry, but in Lee Joon-ik’s In my heart, I want to get out of company affairs from time to time. After all, he is more suitable as a director than being a Boss. Today, Jung Hyuk-jae wants to talk to him about this issue.

CineworldEntertainment and JHJEntertainment combined? A long time ago, Jung Hyuk-jae has been thinking about something in his heart. This is not an acquisition in a simple sense, but more like a strong alliance. Although JHJ Entertainment is currently developing very strongly, it is not enough in its foundation. Cineworld Entertainment, which can also be regarded as an established film production company in the film industry, is stronger than JHJ Entertainment in terms of contacts and channels. As the Boss of Cineworld Entertainment, Lee Joon-ik is Jung Hyuk-jae who has always wanted to dig. Director talents here.

What is the most important thing in the 21st world? Talent!

In the mind of Jung Hyuk-jae, Lee Joon-ik can’t be called a successful businessman, but his achievements as a director are not comparable to the current Jung Hyuk-jae On…


“Section Head Li, are you here? The director is already waiting in the office You are here.”

At the headquarters of CJ Entertainment, the girl at the front desk saw Lee Sung-in walk in calmly and immediately got up to greet her.

“Okay, I get it.” Lee Sung-in slightly nodded, then took out a report from his handbag and took it in his hand, led by the sister at the front desk to an office , And on the sign of this door is the words’Director’.

The composition of CJ Entertainment is actually quite complicated. The top leaders of the company can’t see it very much. Normally, it’s the director who presides over the company-related matters. Call yourself over this time, Lee Sung -in felt a little nervous in his heart inexplicably. He also met the director on both sides when he was promoted, and then he never saw it again.

“Director, Section Head Li has arrived.”

The two walked into the office, and the girl at the front desk said crisply.

“Okay, I see.” Behind the desk in front was a middle-aged man, who was immersed in the papers on the desk. He waved his hand to the front desk sister to Lee Sung. -in Pour a glass of water, and then you can go out. After that, he greeted Lee Sung-in, “Section Head Li, sit down first, and wait for me to sign this document.”

“Director Han You are busy, I’m not in a hurry!” Lee Sung-in said immediately after hearing it. Seeing the girl at the front desk poured herself a glass of water and put it in front of her, Lee Sung-in also said, “Thank you!”

A few minutes later, the middle-aged man of surnamed Han lifts the head, took off his glasses, and rubbed his painful temples. Then he got up and came to Lee Sung-in’s face and spoke. Asked: “Section Head Li, are you waiting in a hurry?”

“No, no!” Lee Sung-in hurriedly got up and replied. When the subordinates are waiting for leaders, it should be as it should be by rights. .

“Sit down, don’t be restrained here. The last time we met was during the meeting, right?”

Lee Sung-in nodded replied:” Yes, you talked to me personally at that time.”

“Yes, yes, Section Head Li’s results were really good at that time, and several movies have achieved good results!” Director Han remembered these things It is clear that Lee Sung-in has forgotten some details, but he didn’t expect he still remembered.

After briefly saying a few trivial things, Director Han turned the topic to the formal, “How much do you know about Jung Hyuk-jae?”

Lee Sung-in secretly said in one’s heart, it really ends here, “Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi, because of the distribution business of many movies before, so he has a lot of cooperation with him. Although he is young, he is one People who are very forward-looking, have a lot of innate talents in business and directors, and I admire him very much.”

After listening to Lee Sung-in’s evaluation of Jung Hyuk-jae, In Director Han’s mind, a youngster’s image gradually emerged, “Do you know the news that his company JHJ Entertainment acquired OCN cable channels?”

“Yes!” Lee Sung-in said nodded on the other side. Speaking, secretly said in one’s heart, it really ends here.

Before coming, Lee Sung-in realized that what might happen today is definitely not related to Jung Hyuk-jae. CJ Entertainment dominated the headlines of the website for two days with the TVN cable channel, and then the front page The headline was taken away by the news that JHJ Entertainment had acquired OCN. It seemed like a provocation by JHJ Entertainment to CJ Entertainment.

As the entertainment aircraft carrier of South Korea, CJ Entertainment is currently in the entertainment industry until now. It is a leader in any field. There has never been a provocator like JHJ Entertainment, JHJ’s move. It’s like pulling the beard of CJ Entertainment, naturally attracting the attention of Director Han.

“The OCN cable channel used to be a movie and TV drama channel. I don’t know what their positioning is after being acquired by JHJ!” Lee Sung-in said.

Listening to Lee Sung-in’s words, Director Han is also constantly nodded, which is exactly what he has been paying attention to.

According to the truth, JHJ Entertainment’s actions do not require too much attention, just like an elephant does not follow an ant lower oneself to somebody’s level, the cable channel changes ownership in the entertainment circle In fact, it is nothing new. It is common for this company to join the company and exit, but all of this has become a little confusing because of the addition of JHJ Entertainment.

Because of Jung Hyuk-jae’s participation, all of this can’t be taken lightly. At the beginning, many film production companies in the film industry didn’t take this small company in their eyes. But now ?

Even in terms of entertainment brokerage companies and cinema chains, JHJ Entertainment is very impressive. This is why CJ Entertainment can’t help but deal with it with great spirit.


While people in the entertainment industry were still thinking about JHJ’s acquisition of OCN cable channels, another shocking news broke out in the circle. Lee Joon-ik, the director of the successful production of “Mount Huang” and “The King and The Clown” officially joined JHJ Entertainment, and Cineworld Entertainment, a company founded by Lee Joon-ik, has officially joined the JHJ family as the affiliated film studio of JHJ Entertainment and changed its name to Cineworld Studios.

The amazing news is not only that, but JHJ also announced that Lee Joon-ik’s identity is now in addition to the director, and now also the identity of Chief-In-Charge, the content of the OCN cable channel.

‘Content Responsibility’ is a new term. In newspapers and magazines and other media, what needs to be done is to control and supervise the report content of its own media, and formulate the development direction of its own media. It’s like the positioning of the media. These require the content Chief-In-Charge to formulate and control. In the field of cable channels, this term is quite new, but it should be similar.

‘Future entertainment, content is king’!

This is a core content that Jung Hyuk-jae talked about during meetings with many subordinates of OCN cable channels. Cable channels are paid channels. What makes users willing to spend money with them? Is it just an excellent program content? The scope of the program is naturally very wide, ranging from TV dramas to variety shows to music entertainment programs and so on.

In addition to Lee Joon-ik, Jung Hyuk-jae has also set his sights on the many program PDs of the three TV Stations: MBC, SBS, and KBS. In the wireless TV Station, the competition is fierce. Jung Hyuk-jae is very clear. There are many PD directors who are very thoughtful, but for various reasons, they are not able to come out. They are the targets of Jung Hyuk-jae.

Looking at the eight characters on the blackboard, the many producers PD in the audience were extremely shocked. These eight characters seemed to open up the two veins of Ren Du within the body. Although these eight characters Simple, but very good summary.

“Let me talk about our next plan and goals.”

Scanning the subordinates under the stage, Jung Hyuk-jae said: “I have been with the United States” “SaturdayNightLive” has negotiated an agreement, and the copyright of the program has been purchased. Your next goal is to make “SaturdayNightLive” that meets the local requirements!”

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