Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 410

“Saturday Night Live” (Saturday Night Live, abbreviated as SNL), also known as “Weekend Night Live”, is a comedy genre variety program that is broadcast live on Saturday night in the United States. The program was filmed in New York City and was first broadcast on the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on October 11, 1975. SNL is broadcast live in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone, North American Eastern Time Zone, and North American Central Time Zone. It is an American TV One of the longest-lived programs in history. Every week, different guest hosts and music guests join to perform with the fixed cast of the program.

The biggest feature of SNL is that it combines current hot topics and uses spoof sketches to inform current affairs, which can be regarded as a mirror of popular culture. Due to the late broadcast time of SNL, the scale is slightly larger than the average American TV series, and the spoof jokes are never lacking in topics.

Each episode of SNL will have a guest performer and a guest musician. The guest performer will participate in the performance of the sketch, which often allows people to see a different side of the guest, and such a comedy performance is also the touchstone of his acting skills. The music guests are usually popular singers at the moment and perform live performances.

As a comedy variety show program, the form and content of the program must be consistent, but it must not be copied and copied. It is necessary to localize the internal Yong-hwa laughter of the program. It’s time to test program’s behind-the-scenes writer PD.

For the first new program after the acquisition of OCN, this is like “three fires for a new official appointment”. Many people are watching this program, which is natural. Can’t be taken lightly.

“President, is the segment group of “SNLKorea” PD now?” After the meeting, Park Kwang-hyun, who didn’t know where to get the news, came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s office, “I have a Good candidate.”

“SNLKorea” is the official name after the introduction of “SNL”. At present, the segment group is still idle, and the pilot episode can be started after the selection of the segment group member and the host is determined. Recording.

“Someone chooses? Let’s listen!” Jung Hyuk-jae was also very interested when he heard Park Kwang-hyun say that. Let’s not talk about the level of the “suitable candidate” that Park Kwang-hyun said, just As Park Guangxian, Jung Hyuk-jae will also ask the “suitable candidate” he calls to come for an interview. As for whether it meets the requirements of the program, let’s talk about it for the time being.

“You know this person, too.” Park Guangxian continued to say in circles.

“Do I still know this person?” Hearing this, Park Kwang-hyun was a little confused. He and Park Kwang-hyun’s social circle is actually quite extensive, and they have to follow the requirements of program PD to guess people. I guess I won’t be able to guess until the year of the monkey. The main reason is that there are too many people. When I think of this, Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head and speaks of which with a smile, “Okay, don’t go in circles. Who is this person?”

“Jang Zhen!” Park Guangxian opened his mouth and gently said the name.

Hearing Park Kwang-hyun’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae also remembered that when he was filming “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, this Jang Jin seemed to be one of the screenwriters of “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and he was shooting I met two people at that time and never contacted him again. If it was not what Park Kwang-hyun talked about this person today, it is estimated that Jung Hyuk-jae has almost forgotten.

“Jang Jin-ssi, is that Screenwriter writer?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

Park Guangxian nodded and shook the head again, “His job is a Screenwriter, but in the past two years he has also started to write and direct movies by himself.” Park Guangxian said.

‘Movie director’? That’s not ordinary. Although film directors are just a title, the directors who can draw money and write and direct are certainly not ordinary people. Such a person will come to a brand new cable TV Station as a PD for a variety show program with unknown future? It’s impossible for Jung Hyuk-jae to come wherever he wants.

Park Guangxian saw the doubts in Jung Hyuk-jae’s heart, and immediately explained, “Last year to this year, he has invested in him and added his own investment and wrote and directed two things. One film, one “Please leave while applauding”, the other one is “If You Are Me 2”, and another film was released last week, called “The Great Genealogy”, and the results are all It’s not very good…”

Park Kwang-hyun did not finish what he said next, but Jung Hyuk-jae already knew what he wanted to express next. The movie “The Great Genealogy” is Jung Hyuk- Jae knows that it is a drama movie. When the movie was released last week, he watched a bit. It can only be said to be a movie that barely reached the passing line. As the screenwriter director of the movie, Zhang Zhen must thank himself “Beauty’s Trouble” did not hit “Beauty’s Trouble”. Four or five weeks after “Beauty’s Trouble” was released, it successfully avoided the film’s impact on its box office, but it also failed to win the box office champion next week. It is very difficult to break two million at the box office.

On a movie review site, a fan of Zhang Zhen illustrates this issue very well, “Dear Zhang Zhen, you should be your Screenwriter!”

“From my big love “Killer Company” to “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, Screenwriter Zhang Zhen’s label can be said to be a guarantee for the success of a movie.

After learning that Zhang Zhen was self-edited When the self-directed film “The Great Genealogy” was released, I also watched this film with a pilgrimage mentality, but it turned out to be a little disappointed. In my opinion, you still owe a little effort when you are a director. Although the small details that you are good at in this movie are vividly and thoroughly played, they are still very catchy. From the perspective of a good movie, you have a little grasp of the overall structure and are not detailed enough.

Some plots that pay too much attention to detail will cause the delay of the rhythm and lose some visual pleasure and impact. A good film director will grasp the rhythm of the film in order to firmly grasp the emotions of the audience. You may want to show your subtle design details and ignore the overall structure. For a spooky Screenwriter like you, what the director needs to do is not to add flowers to the film. On the contrary, you need to abandon some of yours. Fantastic.

I still look forward to your work, but if you want to be a director, you have to keep working hard!”

I have seen this movie queen, Jung Hyuk -jae also feels this way. For a film director, these little ideas in Zhang Zhen’s mind can be said to be a cumbersome, but it may not necessarily have a wonderful chemical reaction with “SNLKorea” in the variety program.

“Yes, since you recommend it, let him try it. There will be two pilot episodes of “SNLKorea” before it goes live. Let him try it.” Jung Hyuk- Jae nodded after a little thought and agreed.

Park Guangxian turned around and pushed the door to leave after receiving a satisfactory answer. The program’s PD is already done. Next is the recruitment of a series of 1segment group writers, photographers, coordinators, etc., but these trivial matters There is no need for Jung Hyuk-jae to worry about it. The subordinates will help him get all these things done. The only thing left is who will be the host of the program……

……………… ………………………………………………

“Jae-seok -hyeong, where are you now?”

Get out of the company, Jung Hyuk-jae called Yoo Jae-seok directly.

“Oh, Hyuk-jae~ah, I am eating right now, have you eaten yet? Do you want to come together?” Yoo Jae-seok said on the phone.

“Who is there?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“Kyung-eun and I are the only ones.”

When I heard this, Jung Hyuk-jae thought about it and let it go. They are a pair of beautiful wild beasts having a candlelight dinner , I don’t want to mix it up. It’s meaningless to be an 800-watt light bulb by myself. “That’s fine.”

“Don’t, we have just arrived in this restaurant. Your home is not far away. Call Ga-in and Min-joo together. It seems that we haven’t seen it in a long time!” Yoo Jae-seok directly invited him on the phone.

I believe it.

Just when the two were about to continue discussing this matter, the door of the private room was pushed open from the outside, and Jung Hyuk-jae pushed the door and walked in, “Jae-seok -hyeong , Kyung-eun!”

Han Ga-in and Jung Min-joo followed Jung Hyuk-jae’s house. Yoo Jae-seok and Na Kyung-eun got up and greeted them immediately.

“Hyuk-jae, are you here?”

“Hyuk-jae Oppa……”

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