Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 413

“Kwang-soo, I heard that you recently signed a contract with a company?”

In the bar, Lee Kwang-soo was sitting in the booth drinking beer, looking The beauties who wriggled their sexy waists did not fall on the dance floor. Instead, they fell on the wall not far away with an inexplicable smile at the corners of their mouths. At first glance, they knew that there were good things hidden in their hearts.

“Hey, what do you think? The smile is so sweet, is there something good to come?” My friend Li Juncai sat aside and bumped Lee Kwang-soo’s shoulder with a face. Staring straight at him stupidly, as if trying to get something out of his mouth.

When I noticed the movement beside him, Lee Kwang-soo came back to his senses. He heard Li Juncai’s laughed and shook his head and denied, “No, what can be good, but it happened to be with the company today Boss met and just talked a few words.”

“Then you laughed so happily? Don’t hide it, there must be something good coming…” The tall Li Juncai looked disbelief .

Lee Kwang-soo and Li Juncai both belonged to the same modeling agency. Because they got along well, they were still the same surname and the same age, so even though Lee Kwang-soo went to university for military service. , And then re-signed JHJ Entertainment after the termination of the contract with the original brokerage company. The relationship between the two is still very close.

Nevertheless, Lee Kwang-soo still didn’t tell Lee Juncai about the news that he signed a new company. It can be said that no one else knows except Lee Kwang-soo and his family. Which company did he look for next?

“Yeah! By the way, you haven’t told me which company you signed with?” Li Juncai, who came back to his senses, gave Lee Kwang-soo a glance and said.

“Isn’t this trying to surprise you?” Lee Kwang-soo said with a smile.

“Still surprised? I think it’s a shock. I have been in the original company well. Our Boss is also good to you. When the contract expires and the contract is renewed, I will definitely tell you that the share has been increased. ?” Li Juncai said while paying attention to Lee Kwang-soo’s expression.

Listening to Lee Juncai’s words, Lee Kwang-soo was stunned, and then he explained: “The company environment and atmosphere are very good, but I figured it out. You don’t know that I always have a Is an actor dream? In fact, I want to be an actor more.” Lee Kwang-soo seemed more serious than ever when he said this.

Hearing the words of his buddies, Li Juncai was stunned, because in his impression, Lee Kwang-soo was not as serious as today. Although his ambition is not in the actor’s side, he can still learn from Lee Kwang-soo’s words understand how serious this is, because only serious people can truly accomplish their careers.

“By the way, you haven’t told me which brokerage company is your newly signed Xindongan?” Li Juncai remembered the key.

“JHJEntertainment!” Lee Kwang-soo just said casually, but it was Lee Juncai’s next reaction that made him didn’t expect.

“What!!! Wow, it turned out to be JHJEntertainment?”

Li Juncai jumped up from his seat like a raped rooster. He was a bit motherly. The voice is even sharper now. Fortunately, the noise of the musicians in the bar suppressed his voice, otherwise I don’t know how many people are watching here.

Lee Kwang-soo hurriedly took him to sit down, “What are you doing, screaming so loudly?”

“Yeah! You brat can be hidden deep enough, this way You just hold back the good news and don’t tell me. If I don’t ask if you don’t tell me today? You have become a member of JHJ Entertainment, then I will look up at you next time!” Li Jun was holding Lee. Kwang-soo’s arm shook Nagging continuously.

“Also, today’s dinner for you!”

Although it is clear that JHJ Entertainment is currently the most eye-catching emerging entertainment agency in the entertainment industry, it is as excited as Li Juncai This is the first time he saw him, “Don’t be so exaggerated, but just joined JHJ Entertainment, besides, JHJ and I signed an ordinary artist contract, how can it be as tall as you think!”

“Ordinary artist contracts are because he values ​​you. No, no. I have two months before the contract expires. The company is also looking for me to re-sign the contract. If it doesn’t work, I have to go to JHJ Entertainment. Aspiration is not an actor, but with JHJ’s resources, it is okay to mix a supporting role! I quite like that Yoon Eun-hye, I heard that it is also in JHJ Entertainment, have you met her?” Li Juncai said excitedly .

“I don’t think you want to join JHJ but just want to meet Yoon Eun-hye, right?” Lee Kwang-soo saw through Lee Jun-jae’s inner thoughts at a glance, and looked at him with contempt.

Li Juncai laughed, slapped Lee Kwang-soo on the shoulder and said: “You can see this?”

“I just joined the company, then I haven’t seen a few famous actors. I only took two acting classes this morning. I heard that sometimes Yoon Eun-hye and Lee Joon-ki would come, but I didn’t meet them today.” Lee Kwang-soo said.

“Then you must introduce Yoon Eun-hye after you met Yoon Eun-hye!” Li Juncai hooked Lee Kwang-soo’s shoulder hehe said with a smile.

After speaking, the two of them started drinking again and chatted by the way…


This bar on the Bar Street in Jiang. South District is called Air Bar. Although the bar is not well-known among the general public, it is very well-known in the model circle, because the boss of this bar was originally also in the model circle. People who later quit the model circle and opened this bar, so they are very famous in the model circle, and everyone likes to come here, because they are all insiders, whether it is to accumulate resources or to accumulate contacts. Very good place.

Of course, except for those peripheral women.

“Isn’t this our Li Da actor?” Just as Lee Kwang-soo was chatting with Li Juncai, a particularly disturbing voice suddenly came from behind him.

Lee Kwang-soo turned his head, and when he saw the person, his brows wrinkled together, his mouth was pressed together tightly, without saying anything.

Li Juncai saw Lee Kwang-soo’s expression and turned his head to look at it. When he saw that the person was Sun Yuebin, his brows were also frowned. Obviously the same in his heart. It’s not too cold for people coming.

Lee Kwang-soo sat up straight without speaking, took a sip from the beer glass on the table.

There is a kind of person who is more like this, the less foresight, this kind of person can always meet so many top grades in life and work, just like today Lee Kwang-soo obviously does not want to talk to him , But he sat on the opposite side of Lee Kwang-soo with a familiar appearance. If someone who doesn’t know sees it, he thinks these three are old acquaintance!

Of course, speaking of old acquaintance can also be counted, but the relationship between Lee Kwang-soo and Sun Yuebin is not very good.

Sun Yuebin and Lee Kwang-soo used to be models of the same company. Compared with Lee Kwang-soo’s “ugly handsome”, Sun Yuebin’s appearance is more biased towards the music industry. Idol, who has a good height and good looks, has naturally become a cash cow in the company. Many advertisers even come to the door directly. Those who name and name will have to shoot with Sun Yuebin.

Lee Kwang-soo’s relationship with Sun Yuebin was pretty flat before, at least it was the kind of greeting nodded, but after Lee Kwang-soo got a few advertising contracts with his own advantages , The relationship between the two became much worse. Sun Yuebin thinks that those advertisements must be obtained by Lee Kwang-soo secretly trying to tell the company about his right and wrong. Originally, these advertisements should belong to him. Yes, because of this incident, the relationship between the two has deteriorated a lot. The meeting is also frigid irony and scorching satire. If it’s not because Sun Yuebin is two years older than Lee Kwang-soo, plus he joined the company earlier. One year, it is estimated that these disputes have started to fight.

For various reasons, Lee Kwang-soo’s relationship with him is getting worse and worse. Later, he didn’t even say hello. When meeting in the company, he also avoided him. After all, it caused disputes and caused the company. The high-level staff is always bad for themselves.

Today is also accidental. The Air Bar is open to everyone, especially many models in the model circle will choose here for leisure and entertainment. Today Sun Yuebin also happened to meet Lee Kwang-soo, so I didn’t think about it. Disgust him.

“I heard that you did not choose to renew the contract with the company? How about finding a new company?” Sun Yuebin said with a cold laugh, his eyes squinted, deserves a beating, “No Is it because there is no company to ask for it? Is it going to come back desperately in the end? Haha……”

Li Juncai on the side was already dissatisfied with this face, and his fist under the table was clenched tightly. We were together, but Lee Kwang-soo was pressing one hand when he was about to swing it, and his eyes told him to calm down.

“Let’s go, let’s check out!” Lee Kwang-soo stood up and said to Li Juncai.

Since Sun Yuebin on the side has not finished his nausea, he is naturally reluctant to leave Lee Kwang-soo in front of him. He hasn’t seen enough of the frustration on Lee Kwang-soo’s face. How can this be enough?

“At that time, I heard that you wanted to be an actor? How about the new company is to promote you as an actor?” Sun Yuebin said mockingly, “I told you a long time ago Such a face is enough to be a model, but you still want to be an actor? It’s a foolish dream, I don’t know what heaven is!”

“You!” Li Juncai was angry on the spot, his face flushed with anger. Pointing at Sun Yuebin, he said, “Why do you say it again?”

“Oh, isn’t this our Juncai-eonni? Why would you dare to hit me? Think about it. The consequences of your hitting me, will the company executives refrigerate you!” Shan Yuebin said mockingly.

as the saying goes’The clay figure still has a three-point temper’, not to mention the slapstick like Shan Yuebin, Li Juncai waved his fist and got ready to go up, but he was caught by the side Lee Kwang-soo stopped.

“Kwang-soo, what are you doing?”

“Afraid right?” Sun Yuebin was just taken aback and saw Lee Kwang-soo stop him , Sneered and mocked again.

“We are still in the same company, don’t do it!” Lee Kwang-soo suddenly picked up the large beer mug on the table and threw it on Sun Yuebin’s head. !”

For a while, the corner of the bar fell into chaos…

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